Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 first look: OLED for $999

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    Samsung has unveiled two new members of its Galaxy Book line. There’s the Galaxy Book Pro, a clamshell, and the Galaxy Book Pro 360, a 2-in-1 convertible. Both devices come in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, and all four configurations include gorgeous AMOLED screens. They’ll be some of the lightest and most portable PCs you can buy, and they’re powered by Intel’s latest 11th-Gen processors.
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    1. The Verge

      What’s the next high-end feature you would like to see in more affordable laptops?

      1. Allyson Arrigo

        @Legend Matias Yup, been using flixzone for years myself :)

      2. Legend Matias

        a tip: watch movies on flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

      3. Mohammed Shafei

        How much is Epic Games paying the Verge to spread news against Apple? Mercenaries for cash?

      4. M A H PRINCE

        is the pro 360 have sim card support???

      5. sheldon white

        L☠️ L I burst out laughing she said 15 in

    2. theklrdude oo

      Bull , the pro 360 does not come with 16 GIG . of Ram . they say that in the specs. but you can only buy it with 8GIG.

      1. PurpleRupees

        I can't speak for your region, but on the US website you absolutely can get it with 16GB of memory.

    3. igrvks

      The presentation style is really nervous for some reason.

    4. Sergei Garcia

      Ok, I'll bite. Am I the only one not feeling this presenter's presentation? And I'm not even talking about appearance (that's the least of my concerns). It's almost like everyone is so afraid of criticizing her in any way out of fear of being labeled non-inclusive.

    5. M A H PRINCE

      is the pro 360 have sim card support???

    6. mrwellington4

      Hi, i saw in another video that the chassis is very soft and bends, can you confirm this please?

    7. Bohdan Trotsenko

      1:38 you can actually spot the pixelation of the FHD panel via camera's eye

    8. The Confused Llama

      At least they didn't try building one

    9. Daniel Ng

      One major flaw is the chip brand of choice.

    10. Kristo Potter

      This review was so bad :(

    11. Jordan Garcia

      Just preordered the Pro 360 I'm treating myself now that I have a real job and finished school 😸

    12. Bohdan Trotsenko

      why only FullHD (((

    13. Stanley

      Where's The other guy

    14. Vladimir Andrushchenko

      Ah, yes, finally I can write “Hello World” with a pen in Paint. Such long awaited feature

    15. Casual Tech Reviewer

      'the pro name is a bit misleading, it's not targeting high power users...' neither is the Surface Pro compared to Surface Book and Studio.


      I hate how you type and the screen part is wobbling

    17. Zayda Nuñez Soto


    18. 75ur15

      @2:12 Just to be clear, a touch screen is NOT required for the s-pen to work. It uses a special extra layer which both powers the pen and gets location information....the "touch" happens with a sensor inside the pen itself that detects when the nib is pushed in....which is why it can be used (on water resistant phones) underwater even if the touch-screen is getting bombarded by constant full screen would still work as long as that special field is still functional, even if the touch layer was completely broken (or absent)

    19. 85 Electric Hearts

      I JUST bought a Galaxy Book Flex, and then this comes out 🙄😥😭

    20. rruyre

      Hey whats the pen delay in 360

    21. Muhammad Khan

      I am eager to know the S-pen performance in terms of latency, whether this fairs similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus if not better. This really matters to me

    22. Dan Chowdhury

      No webcam test? Sigh

    23. Sofiane Ach

      Does Microsoft Office workes on this book? Would like to use it as a tablet for the uni. I study a lot with mc notes. Is it good for that purpose?

    24. Ojus Singhal

      Please tell weights in Kgs too. You see, there are people from other countries too. :)

    25. Frida Vargas

      Damm. First samsung comes out with a bomb tablet and they take my money, then the phantom purple galaxy stole my heart and my money, and now this beauty of laptop comes out and they're going to make me go broke 🙃

    26. Tamos A

      Nobody cares about Samsung Go get your macbooks guys

      1. PurpleRupees

        what if I want to run windows software?

    27. Cecil Harwell

      I can tell you, the larger pen helps preven hand-cramping.

    28. Machinshin

      Bought myself a galaxy book s, some months ago. I hope that it wasnt a complete fail now when they have released theese new models. How would you say the base model 360 pro compare to the book s apart from the stylus and 360 thingie ?

    29. N00dl3 G0d

      Galaxy book 360 is $1500

    30. CVArts

      what's the screen aspect ratio?


      the screen looks "weak" though

    32. Trey’s Email

      Intel inside... very unfortunate

    33. r3drift

      oled and 20 hr battery??? WHAAAT? im very intrigued. plus samsung uses afterpay and i have allot of credit witht them hehehe

      1. Cameron Allison

        Manufacturer claimed 20 hours = 9 hours Real battery life. That's an estimate based on a traditional non-touch IPS display, an OLED Touchscreen will get even less battery life, probably around 8hrs for the 13" (63Wh battery), 7hrs on the 15" (68Wh battery).


      Cool ! now waiting for the real review from dave 2d

    35. Gokul Sharma

      Laptop should be min .15.6 inch

    36. César González

      Not really feeling this host. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    37. Amit Ac

      I want to this laptop How to oder this laptop

    38. Google Account

      If samsung create their own os and own chip it would probably make the macbook useless not to offend anyone with a macbook just saying

    39. Nidhal Rizwan

      I expected them to talk about how well these devices work with Samsung phones and compare it to the apple ecosystem

    40. Eugene Elkin

      NICE AWES0ME 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

    41. Ju naid

      Can it support Auto Cad , Solid works Anyone please

    42. JA

      Debating between these or M1. 😌

    43. Nikos / Nipponia

      4k screen resolution?

    44. Álvaro A. Lorite

      The screen wobble: OOF

    45. pharaohosam

      The bronze looks more on the pinkish side in this video than others. Hmm. Was hoping for a more golden or brownish bronze. Can't decide between it and the silver.

    46. Saya

      Is it possible to upgrade the RAM on the Book Pro 360? Here in Canada they are only offering the 8GB model and it costs $2000 with tax

      1. Hybrid InfoDesk

        The product manual say they are expandable but I am thinking SSD not ram. But you can download the product manual on Samsung too confirm.

    47. Sandy

      1:38 Apple Airtags: is that intentional?

    48. CV Q

      I know it sounds weird but am I the only that gets bothered with the trackpad not being centered? My OCD said nah🥵 Whats the purpose of that? Why it isn’t centered?

    49. Jonathan Lopez

      What's the Operating system?

    50. Lucas McLean

      That's one wobbly screen

    51. Green gallery


    52. Avaya The no 99

      You are beautiful 😍❤. Thanks for the review

    53. Laka La


    54. Rodolfo Dauz

      It is unfortunate that these devices won't be available in Australia.

    55. ionut Comedy

      UXIN 🚀😎 will explode like GAME STOP, invest now in UXIN 🚀😎 ..... it will be history 🚀😎 as with GAME STOP, history will now repeat with UXIN STOCK 😎🚀BOOM.....

    56. Mark Hunter

      Macbook Air with M1! Bam! Just like a snap!

    57. Hitesh Sharma

      I saw a deck flex there, you didn't mention it.

    58. Arav Bansal

      Galaxy book pro 360 vs macbook air m1

    59. Ion Portraits

      It's a bit funny. I watched so many videos about those Apple new products without deciding which one to get (their Macbook Air is thin like these ones here but it has no touchscreen, their iPad Pro which has a touchscreen also has a "crippled" iOS that holds the user back in so many ways plus no keyboard, their magic keyboard which solves the problem is expensive and once you attach it on that iPad the whole thing weighs more than the Samsung book Pro 360 which also comes with a full desktop OS and a free pen, etc...etc...etc.. I know that this M1 processor is a marvel but honestly, here we have a company which tries to give you a complete solution, as opposed to another one which does the exact opposite..! Which one would you support? Ps. it is not pronounced "a-e-on" but "eon". :)

    60. qun lin

      bad resolution, bad aspect ratio

    61. Dayana Yaser

      Hello , regarding GPU part ,screen part and spin : as a fashion designer , is it better to use ipad pro or Samsung galaxy pro 360?

    62. sam kez

      Wow wow

    63. M_Jade

      Why is she talking about amoled and super amoled as if people dont know? Those have been on Samsung phones from a long time

    64. TNTFragz

      whats the difference with the galaxy book flex2

    65. Saurav Kumar

      This video was more like product advertisement than proper review

    66. Zhi Z.

      Seem very mediocre

    67. Khalil Hamwi

      The 1000$ market is crowded at the moment and with the blazing fast MacBook Air it's kind of the best buck for your money

    68. Joe Mehawk

      But that chin !!!!!! Are we just going to ignore it ? It’s like an elephant in a small room 🙃

    69. Frank Feng

      Wish it had an M1 chip.

    70. Herd Ware

      Hard pass!

    71. Travel Trove

      Does it open with one hand?

    72. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

      Wow I Will Buy the 360 Version, I Need New 2in1 Convertible Laptop, I Love Laptop that could Change into Tablet Yay!!! 😍😍😍

    73. TheShadow

      It hurts when you really want to buy a product but because of its OLED display you can't 💀

    74. Gerydome

      Samsung: why can't laptops be like smartphones? Also Samsung: puts intel cpu

    75. Zeco

      I soooooo wish it had *no chin*

    76. Igor Dimitrijević

      03:33, maybe we should wait for a Galaxy Book Ultra. 😜😂

      1. Igor Dimitrijević

        @misfortune architect, woah, I wasn't aware that there is a 3rd model, all I saw everywhere were the Pro and Pro 360 models, thanks for the info. 🤗

      2. misfortune architect

        i think that is the galaxy book odyssey

    77. Igor Dimitrijević

      Imagine buying a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, you show it to your friend and he assumes it's a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 and... Snap! 😆😂

    78. Kotey Nikoi

      am I the only one offended at being referred to as "an average Joe" in such demeaning tone?

    79. Bhargava S N

      That thick chin though is such a missed opportunity in 2021... 🤷‍♂️

    80. Sara Santos

      appreciate the thought and effort behind this video! hopefully the speaker isn’t being bullied bc she’s so precious and amazing! thank you so much for this :>

    81. Max Weinbach

      Help me understand why it’s important to show the noise it makes when typing?

    82. Kay Aerie

      This is so helpful, thank you! It's a bummer that in Canada, no 16gb option is available. Only 8gb, I confirmed with Samsung Canada this morning. Can you recommend a comparable device to the 16GB model for us Canadians?

    83. Toorero

      OPAL supporting SSDs? Linux drivers for fingerprint sensor? And why no one is talking about pricing in reviews? Every damn time I have to research them myself.

    84. Andreas

      Could you not scream into the camera? Could you? Thaaaanks...

    85. C S

      You were able to run a couple of videos at a time without significant issues… not a resounding achievement really is it?

    86. Alvar Lagerlöf

      8gb ram om the smaller one is such a dealbreaker

    87. Boxing Therapy

      So is it worth trading in my tab s7+ for this?

      1. Boxing Therapy

        @Gerydome not really so I guess I answered my question

      2. Gerydome

        Do you need windows?

    88. Ditarf

      So there are no standards anymore whatsoever for the presenters at the Verge?

    89. Max Barillas

      Have you considered that there might be PROS that are not multimedia professionals 🤔

    90. jamreal18

      Oled Display? Why can't Asus...

    91. Su7 FT9

      iPad Pro XDR vs this please

    92. SeferzoN

      “…they unbelievably light” me looking at wiggling screen while shes typing on the keyboard

    93. Ruither Borba

      Why does the lady sounds angry?

    94. RamboLambo

      Why would anyone want a laptop with touch screen? Useless.

      1. RamboLambo

        @Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang understandable have a nice day

      2. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

        @RamboLambo First, I don't like apple things, I Love Android & Windows & Chrome Os Ecosystems. Second I always Buy Widescreen Rectangle Devices with 16 : 9 or 16 : 10 Ratio (I don't like 4 : 3 Ratio of ipad, it's not Comfortable for Me). Third I Need Big Screen Tablet, I will Buy 15inch Version although I have S7+ but it's not Enough for Me because just about 12.4inch. After They Make 2in1 Laptop, the Convertible & Touchscreen Era Happens, I'm so Happy & it Becomes My Standart til Now, Could Change into Laptop & Tablet then Has Touchscreen is Very Satisfying Yay 🥳🥳🥳

      3. RamboLambo

        @Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang why not buy an iPad with a keyboard then? Windows isn’t really made for touch control :/

      4. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

        I Want it, I will Pre Order it. I Need New 2in1 Laptop that could Change into Big Screen Tablet, I Never Buy Convensional Laptop Again since 5 Years a Go Yay 😍😍😍

      5. Nia

        @RamboLambo lol idk I feel like it's honestly just a personal preference thing bc it's just normal to me at this point. Like I don't think I'd get a laptop if it's not touchscreen now

    95. 4 P

      Laptops are obsolete

      1. Gerydome

        I want laptop so badly more than a phone

    96. Dom Larry

      Intel chips average

    97. Khairul Khai

      I love that she seems really passionate when she talks but at the same time her expressions are really intense lol

      1. Khairul Khai

        @MISTER AGB people have different preferences.

      2. Khairul Khai

        @Arren Hidalgo the pace was fast but passionately.

      3. Arren Hidalgo

        I thought she was cold and rushing on explaining things.

      4. MISTER AGB

        A bit too much for my liking, I think she should be a bit calmer

    98. SP

      There is a lot of screen-wobble on the Pro

    99. Draic Kin

      why is she screaming the whole video?

    100. Mike Carl

      Convert 1.9 pounds to metric... please?