Roman Reigns breaks down over brutality to Jey Uso: WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)


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    Jimmy Uso snaps The Tribal Chief from his rage, as Roman Reigns looks at the damage he’s inflicted on Jey Uso. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. benjamin y tiago crack

      muy artista

    2. Marek Benak

      What’s is wrong with you fighting ur own cousin what’s wrong😢😢😢


      Roman is so bad when hi is kind i love him but now hi is so bad

    4. Nikhal Manhas

      Roman is not my favorite anymore If anyone is with me reply yes

    5. Brenda Torres

      This is emotional

    6. indonie berrie

      Ever since Roman reigns let that Lunatic walk him to the ring hes changed I think he possessed him 😡😡😕I hate Paul everything he touches get rotten 😏😏😏😏

    7. Fahim Islam

      I am Roman's big fan but this was unexpected

    8. The asmr person

      It goes from happy to sad and then beast mode omg Roman you are a beast

    9. It's Your Boy K E R B S

      Roman reigns and the uso's twins are cousins

    10. tinka beel

      thanks for exploding my speakers at the end WWE

    11. One Man Army

      *Acting* 😂

    12. murugan venugopal

      I love roman

    13. Silu Nayak

      I love Roman reigns

    14. Pooja mishra

      I am crying only😭😭😭

    15. Jailan Mercado

      What a scam

    16. R.R. x.

      It was very sad moment

    17. Nitesh Ronal

      Roman reigns crying first time



    19. Dipak Teron

      Dipak vlog

    20. Mamata Dubey


    21. The phenomenal One

      Roman: I don’t know who I am anymore Me: Roman you turned into a monster

    22. Nico Maya


    23. Craig B


    24. Brian Benfield

      Rikishi had to be watching this.

    25. Charles Lotara

      Aw, this is touchy. The family feud may not continue anymore...

    26. Layla G

      Bruh jey needs to fight back he needs to be stronger and better and learn to think outside the box I know it's like turning your back on family but I think you should do what's best and right.💕love u jey uso

    27. Madiha Salman

      This is a new Roman🥺 I love him so damn muchhhhhh ITS SO CUTE THAT HE IS A HEEL AND STILL CARES ABOUT HIS FAMILY 🤧😩

      1. Tony Lin

        He gullottined jimmy right after this and made hey quit

    28. Trey Carrillo

      Roman reigns destroyed jey usos his own custin inside of that hell in a cell stretcher he dinfly cross the line that you don't wanna cross

    29. Young Durk


    30. Drxms

      first time i see roman cry

    31. Abha Mahant

      My hero looks like a 😈 now I don't know why WWE is showing a negative character of my hero. Roman you are always a hero

    32. G A M I N G S P Y

      Romen Rings Your All brothers Don't Fighting against The Usos 🙏🙏🙏🙏You Are Legend Romen Rings

    33. Abha Mahant

      I know that it's scripted but I also know that those marks on Jey's back are not fake. It's so brutal 😭 I don't know why WWE is showing a negative character of our hero ROMAN

    34. Mahfuz Khan

      Why the full show is not uploaded on youtube???

    35. mohibbur rahman


    36. Yesenia Diaz

      Roman is trash

    37. ted gamer 2005

      Thats sad roman reigns crying 😭😭😭😭

    38. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Hahha good drama . Roman should have kicked jey uso and Jimmy out of the anoi family

    39. Rameshwar

      Awesome acting from Roman

    40. Oscar Saucedo

      so pretty much roman reigns turned his back on his own cousins

    41. Tufial Alam

      Roman Reigns super bro ❤️

    42. soniye viwesh

      Only roman reigns

    43. Brian Gan

      What's the name of the song at the end?

    44. Ayaan Rana.55


    45. Series channel

      Hi I am from Morocco 🇲🇦 I love you people of America 🇺🇸 and I want support from you and subscribe to enlarge my channel. Thank you ❤️ 🙏❤️

    46. Blake Zamora


    47. Jayden FC

      I already loved Reigns as a face,But this heel character is different,He is so badass and still shows emotions,Best storyline without a doubt right now

    48. kmayo05

      And the Oscar goes to Roman Freaking Reigns! This man had me sold...

    49. Jayden Holgate

      you did dis Roman raings cousins

    50. Assassin Rage

      Wwe is becoming 1 family acting

    51. Bikash Tripura


    52. Bikash Tripura

      Romance superstar

    53. Vishnu Sarthi

      Roman Reigns you are very very bad boy


      It took a Pandemic to turn Roman a Monster👹 Heel.. 💯💯💯💯


      He had a hernia surgery in stomach in 2015 so he had to put his vest on ad the luekemia has delayed it otherwise we would seen heel a lot sooner

    56. Sherlock Cheems Gamer

      roman reigns did not necessarily do so to their cousins

    57. Wesley C

      Roman is a great actor from Hobbs and Shaw.

    58. Troll Troll pages

      Oscar: I want to meet u guys

    59. Koliza bomping Koliza


    60. Hilee Ferdimae Gapusan

      I never saw roman reigns cry

    61. Orbxtalwyd

      Best scripts letssss goooooo 😂😂😂

    62. Filim World

      Acting Mai 100/100

    63. Travelling with Matt

      The reason this is working so well is because it’s personal it’s a family affair those and best friends tend to make the best stories kinda like zayn/owens Sasha/bayley jey is carrying Roman.Roman is good in spurts like this scene or how he delivers his lines sometimes seeming cold

    64. Art By Záyn

      Common Uce

    65. Sajjad Ahmed

      I love you roman raings



    67. Rhoni Knight

      It's over roman you chaged

    68. Sky Walker

      I love how Reigns tricked poor Jimmy Uso, as he went back into his rage! Like, wow. Even Paul Heyman was in shock.


      John Cena...The man with no heels...Who entertained is the most..for 15+ consecutive years..John is the best...And Roman Reings can never be in the level of John Cena..

      1. Habib gilgit Baltistani

        Roman reigns is best heel in wwe and father of John cena

    70. JAVIXcr

      Where men cry

    71. YBN CJ

      I have never seen roman reigns Cry ever

    72. Onur Carcur

      Love from my heart

    73. Flakito Marcelo

      La lucha libre paso a ser un show de actuación que pena.

    74. Cedric Franklin

      Wow Roman reigns switched up on his own cousins

    75. Tapon Saha

      Roman reigns best best

    76. THE AMAZING josh

      Good acting on romans part. Impressed 👏 👏 👏

    77. Sri Murthy

      Why roman reigns is

    78. Romeo Aboagye

      Seeing Roman Reigns cry was like seeing Rey Mysterio body slam Great Khali and Andre the Giant simultaneously.

    79. SeanAndrei Sorca

      Fun Fact: Jey Uso was the First to ever pin Roman Reigns

    80. Falastin Hassan

      When I grow up I will beat roman reigns hell in a cell

    81. Anita Hazrati

      They are acting guys, everything in that ring is acting

    82. g guru

      I'm crying

    83. maclord one

      Over acted. Always over confident the Brock did everything right to him

    84. salmane video

      Roman kapde pahankar aao

    85. Unknown Human

      Just Imagine At Wrestlemania Handicap Match The Usos Against Roman Reigns Then The Rock Returns

    86. Unknown Human

      The Bloodline Continues


      . Oo

    88. Souvik Beats

      Roman is an awesome actor


      " I don't know what exactly to say":(

    90. Caesar Chaves

      What's wrong with you man! We can fix this man! We were Family man! What have you done to him man

    91. tigerbiterhater

      Was hoping he also lay out the other brother. Will make him even more of a heel.

    92. Vinay Shukla


    93. Medalith Tarazona



      Anybody got a Ric Flair Skittles commercial?

    95. IO GAMING

      I felt sorry for Roman . Great storylines

    96. Jay Avila

      Anna oop

    97. David Allen

      It's called acting, they broke through the emotional barrier, carry on

    98. iRegr3t

      Wow. Its like WWE writers saw an emotional storyline about betrayal and self change in another company and the impact and buzz it made. Then they went hmm 😆.

    99. Unknown Bro

      Why do all of you believe all this nonsense this use to happen all the time back then in the “WWF”

    100. roblox33 33

      fr it wasn't fair but hey said I quit to save his brother