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    When his dreams crash into reality, a young Joshua needs to make a decision, one that will rewrite his wrongs or prove his fate right. Starring Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Charles Mnene. #RidingWithSugar arrives November 27
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    Riding with Sugar | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As painful memories spin in his head, a young refugee pedals toward a new future under a charitable mentor when fate challenges his BMX racing hopes.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 19 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Mac Robinson

      November 28th and still not available in Canada. Is it showing up anywhere for anyone else?

    2. Alexander Perez Alegria

      What’s the name of the song in the trailer? Anyone?

    3. Mel

      i remember this actor from Fallout in 08! so talented


      1:15 Who are you? Err.... I AM BATMAN

    5. Kamilah Alias

      will it be on netflix asia? please.

    6. Gabe Martin

      Can't wait to bootleg this movie 👍🏻

    7. African Girl

      definitely watching this

    8. Syed Akbar

      this guys looks exactly similar to "Kagiso Rabada"

    9. Switch TV

      This guy sounds like black Panther

    10. Lerato Kgosietsile


    11. Carla Sidhom

      Odd. I tried to search for it on Netflix and it's not there. I like to add reminders so I don't miss something.

    12. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder that netflix endorses pedophilia

      1. XL B

        You're everywhere...Are you going to do this all the time?

    13. GotoThe Moon

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    14. H. C

      00:01 tenet.🧐

      1. RidingDunes

        I see it 🧐

    15. Danai Chivhere

      I'm lost

    16. Richard Hall

      0:58 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    17. Abdo Osama

      He look like City of god meet Unbroken

    18. Stephanie Logan

      I saw this and clicked really faster than you say boom ☺️

    19. black lifes matter 123

      Is it me or is all these Netflix movies boring asf to me

    20. julio cesar romero

      Yes, November 27. We have a date.

    21. Stephanie C. Stevenson

      0:10 I stopped my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    22. bimblor navet

      Ridin with biden

    23. Yin degoede

      My brother is in this movie

    24. Md Rony

      0:27 I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    25. Kelvin Perez

      netlflix how many new movies you have in your arsenal, because it is something that has no comparison or competition and not only movies, but also series, netfliz must be huge, wow I'm impressed.

    26. Valente Bosch

      Well done Sunu and team. Sulute!

    27. Наталья Гутовская

      Русские субтитры включите пожалуйста.

    28. Hamilton collections

      Don't cancel Jeopardy please.

    29. foxer

      сплошные негры

    30. Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi

      Looks like s great movie

    31. shrinidhi kulkarni

      Kagiso rabada

    32. Dean J

      Looks facansting

    33. billybrooks1

      No need for English subtitles on an English speaking movie trailer

      1. billybrooks1

        @bmibesp dang it. True

      2. bmibesp

        Deaf and hearing impaired people does not agree.

    34. Reden Heist

      One word- *"DAMN"*



    36. Electro Spider

      I'm just a 7 year old kids

    37. Electro Spider

      Please put more episodes on the loud house I beg of you

      1. XL B

        Netflix isn't Nick property so...

    38. Shabbir Basit

      Riverdale heloooooo

    39. Becka Lyon


    40. Manu Janardhanan

      Netflix, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

    41. Barnabas Kathindi

      "Tell me where in the world it is safe for a young black refugee"....That line. Damn

      1. anonymous raccoon

        no where. Even in Argentina, the dark skin marks you.

      2. En Skeez

        @eL nUb wdym it’s safe for a young black refugee in Argentina? 🤔

      3. eL nUb

        At my country, Argentina.

    42. Fantasy warriors

      Rabada ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🤗🤗

    43. MatJustChillin

      These movies names are getting wild RIDING WITH SUGAR🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. NaijaCINE

        @William That's my name What's the source material ? Is it a book from a country not in English?

      2. William That's my name

        I imagine it was as close translation they could get from the source material 🤣

    44. Miguel Rosado

      This is the way: bring more diverse and inclusive films to the screen, not make films themselves more diverse. People want authentic stories, not mainstream stories with fake and bs castings trying to tick boxes so they can include everyone and make a lot of money for being "diverse".

      1. bmibesp

        I guess Netflix doesn't need your advice.

    45. Surajit Mondal

      Great cinematography

    46. monynice89

      0:46 " savages " song from Pocahontas 😂

    47. GunsandGlamour

      Adding this to the list for sure.

    48. Damon242

      Hmmmm maybe he should try out for Static Shock, seems like a promising actor

      1. En Skeez

        I don’t know why but for some reason I always felt a Haitian would have the perfect look of a Static shock for some reason 🤷🏾‍♂️

    49. Critic4ACritic

      Okay 👌🏾, I see aspiring dreams, what looks like voodoo priest n priestesses, 🤔was that civil unrest, I can dig it. This looks good 😌, good job Netflix.

    50. BAYJUNDE

      Rabada are you going to get time to practice for matches with the promotions of this film?

    51. Mira A.


    52. Tekashi 6ix9ine

      Very cool

    53. BUKER tube

      ሽሀሩክ የሚሰራበት ምርጥ የህንድ ፊልም በHD ትርጉም ፊልም በአማረኛ አዘጋጅተን መጥተናል ቻናሌን ሰብስክራይብ

    54. Vood jin

      Riding with Sugar - a story about a black kid from Africa who gets shit from everyone riding a bike, cuse he keeps crushing the cars. Where is the sugar in it? I didn't see any?!

    55. marken the goat


    56. iKutie

      Really good

    57. Jaxxy 1990

      Thought this was a Top boy spin off at first ?

      1. Romeontjuh

        Yh bro me2 when I saw sugar

    58. smokey 55

      Like mad max met black live matter

    59. Keiji Johnson

      What’s the point of putting subtitles here? We can understand what they’re saying just fine!

      1. naywilliams

        Because people at like they can't understand accents

      2. Lord Chronodox

        There are deaf people too you know. And even if that wasn't the case, some of us don't mind subtitles.

    60. arghedon


    61. ds crimzee

      Why he look like little rabada ..the cricketer 😂😂😂

    62. Sanat kumar Dash

      Will it available in India??

      1. En Skeez

        @Reaperguy 67 yes it will be Netflix originals are available on Netflix platforms worldwide

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @Sanat kumar Dash my comment was a guess by the way.

      3. Sanat kumar Dash

        @Reaperguy 67 😔thats why I cancelled my Netflix subscription and took Amazon prime membership instead

      4. Reaperguy 67


    63. KingTane

      Definitely will be checking this out

    64. Olivia Noelle

      what is the song in the background

      1. Laércio Freitas

        Did you manage to find the name of the song ??

    65. elDho Benny

      Even being such a successful cricketer we need to appreciate his acting skills KAGISO RABADA

      1. Pranav Patel

        @super man search on the internet you'll find what I'm talking about

      2. super man

        @Pranav Patel what do u mean whooosh

      3. Pranav Patel

        @super man r/whooosh

      4. super man

        he is not rabada

      5. Surya pratap Singh

        😂😂😂😂. Nice one

    66. Gucci Jackson


    67. aira backup

      i want haikyuu season 3

    68. aira backup

      i want haikyuu season 3

    69. Ritik Jalgaonkar

      Wow looks like sports/drama...maybe I'm wrong??

    70. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    71. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    72. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    73. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    74. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    75. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    76. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    77. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    78. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    79. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming?

    80. paballo koza


    81. Gaurav Kumar

      When stranger things is coming

    82. Evany Martinez

      Wow looks pretty good!!

    83. Edson wate13

      now this looks promising... we want stranger things lol and kengan ashura

      1. No

        Stranger things Will come out next year

      2. Ozmo


      3. A.G0901

        We don’t need kengan lol the animation is trash

      4. Edson wate13

        @Dizi Editleri i also do, check mine too...I've subbed

      5. Dizi Editleri

        ı have good videos . please look

    84. Anonymous Content

      Idk looks scary..... Jk



    86. Laércio Mabota

      Looks very intense

    87. kk shake

      Netflix another suspicious trailer Great work

    88. عبد العزيز الشكيلي

      Someone know song name ?

      1. عبد العزيز الشكيلي

        @Laércio Freitas not yet bro

      2. Laércio Freitas

        have you managed to find the name of the song?

    89. PunishedCranky

      Not on my watchlist you're not

    90. المخلص فقط JESUS


    91. Laura Gomes


    92. Sahil Soni

      He is looking like kagiso rabada from south africa...

      1. datdirtyfool

        He is KAGISO RABADA

    93. FitGeek

      Me quite la suscripción por la cantidad de porquería ideológica que estaban metiendo y sé de mucha más gente que lo irá haciendo también. Suerte por ese camino!

    94. Onelli Karunaratne

      s&b trailerrrrr

    95. Aviral jaiswal

      Stranger things plz🥺

    96. Aviral jaiswal

      Love from india💕😍

      1. Reaperguy 67

        Did anyone ask about where you are from

    97. PK

      is this good?

    98. Husayn

      When will stranger things come?

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @Husayn you are welcome for that

      2. Husayn

        @Reaperguy 67 oh I did it for the first time not doing it again

      3. Reaperguy 67

        @Husayn it's a bad way to get hate comments by the way. Plus you can get dislikes as well

      4. Husayn

        @Reaperguy 67 I was just asking. It hurts to be a poor PApromr 😭

      5. Husayn

        @Reaperguy 67 OK bro

    99. Sade Grant

      Yasssss in def watching this 🤎😭

    100. Invader Zim

      PLEASE put Invader Zim on Netflix!

      1. Reaperguy 67

        I remember that show. It's been a long time since I watched it.

      2. Kairyuu Cruz

        Thank you Invader Zim.