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    We have always focused on bringing the best of trendsetting tech.
    Aiming to be #LeaderOf5G, realme has further democratized 5G technology to make everyone future-ready with realme 8 5G.
    Introducing the #realme8 5G featuring unmatched speed along with super slim design:
    👉India’s First MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G Processor
    👉8.5mm Super Slim
    👉90Hz Ultra Smooth Display
    👉5000mAh Massive Battery with Smart 5G Power Saving
    Starting from ₹14,999.
    Know more:

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    1. realme India

      How we are leading in 5G: India’s First 5G Smartphone - realme X50 Pro Ultimate 5G flagship - realme X7 & X7 Pro 5G Midranger with Segment Leading Processor - Narzo 30 Pro The Most Affordable 5G Smartphone - realme 8 5G

      1. Muni Kumar Annam

        Releme x7 smoothness slow

      2. Mazhar Raja

        Sir realme ka original panel kaha se milega

      3. Kuldeep Deep


      4. Md Sajimuddin

        @NGS Studio Official "

      5. Jyoti Devi

        @NGS Studio Official oi in this message me on this

    2. Krishna gamerz

      Please give me realme band update

    3. S.K.S. Sahoo

      But when shall we get android updated on realme 7 😭

    4. Ratish das

      2 din phele me realme 7 liya tha abi fast charging show nehi korrahahe kiya koru abi please

    5. Reels Record

      realme 8 pro 5G launch date

    6. ninja

      Why not give android 11 in realme 5i

    7. Prathvith Prathvi


    8. Arish khan


    9. Pratham Tote

      Not 5g

    10. Md Sajimuddin


    11. Japheth Anasco

      8.5mm are super slim really

    12. Noor Salman

      Good 👍

    13. Ishaan Bakshi

      Another awesome addition to the affordable 5G segment from Realme and Mediatek

    14. Fathima Thelhath

      Please decrese the money of realme x50pro in india🙏

    15. Binod Das

      222 tyyhyhm opppl lppp

    16. Manoj Nandi

    17. Shubham Kumar

      Nikal ♥️de

    18. yadav pawnesh

      When was realme gt launched in India

    19. LeBron James

      Does this phone has power button other than side fingerprint sensor

      1. LeBron James

        @Suresh pal huh

      2. Suresh pal


    20. gaurav nikumbh

      Super amoled display chahiyetha ye price par

    21. kaushlesh vishwakarma

      10k 5g phone is monster phon

    22. Mohd Rehan

      Sabse bekaar phone

    23. Rashid fact1

      1000 subscrib pure kar ne ke liye Dil ❤️ se dhannebad

    24. Ritesh sinha

      Boycott Chinese products

    25. Ritesh sinha

      Madarchod chaina sala sab ko barbad kar diya.our Sala chaina mobile bech rha

    26. Mehar Pal

      Launch your mobile in aggressive price we are not fools

      1. Meera Yadav

        Bilkul sahi kha


      *Bhai thanks For 450 subscriber next target 500 subscriber 😘😘😘 . Love you all youtubers ❤️❤️❤️*

      1. DILIP BORKAR (FC Khandwa)


    28. Abhi Biswas

      Realme q3 pro or under 20 k koi filagship processor laoo plz🙏🙏🙏😭

    29. Rahul Kanagaraj

      oh sir can u please release realme ui 2.0 for realme narzo 20A too please please

    30. Suradip nath's Music Tv

      Worst products

    31. Saleem Mansuri

      Cheap processar

    32. Profzz Gaming

      This phone is better for gaming

    33. Jyotirath Mitra

      future proof phone at a budget price

      1. ARUN KUMAR

        . As l q Po ढ डॊ ॉ७ग९,

    34. Prashant Hiwarkar

      heating issue

    35. Vivek Tiwari

      Reality Check:-The Only thing that matters is that it is made in the country which spread Wuhan Virus. Xiaomi just didn't KILLED Samsung there owners killed many people and are taking life of many innocents. If u really have the guts to say the truth then try to make a review of the one and the only product that china gifted to the world for free "WUHAN VIRUS"

    36. joydev jana

      13999 is the justified price for realme 8 5g

    37. shivam gawande

      Best mobile sir

    38. Tech Dracula

      Realme 8 5g is a great Phone for legends.

    39. Xmäřť

      Super phone I love ReAlme Dare to leap......❤️❣️💞 ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    40. Tech RAJ Brand

      Super ph⚡

    41. king news

      5G 10,000 tk hona chahiye

    42. Sandeep m

      Real champion 👍

    43. Kalyan ray121

      Osam ❤️❤️❤️👍😘 nice mobail ❤️

    44. vibe Maker

      8pro 5g when

    45. Abhijith PR

      First Sale on 28th April , 12PM

    46. Nayaz Ahmed

      Amazing price

    47. Pintu Roy



      Hello sir

    49. Pooja kumari offline

      Any school and college student here 🖤💜🧡🖤

      1. Bala Kumar

        @Anshu kumar 😂🤣😂🤣😎🙏🙏🙏🙏

      2. Anshu kumar

        @Ajay Kumar chutiya

      3. Ajay Kumar

        Hii jaan

    50. Rohit Rai officially

      So very mstt

    51. Shreeram kumar

      I like it

    52. pramod gawande

      Superb Phone ❤️

      1. Syedcustomer22 Ayed



        %\; %\;

    53. Blue x som

      Chipset 5g nice 🙂 work Realme ❤️😘

    54. Ashish Paswan

      Wow Realme wow

    55. EXAM FIGHT


    56. Bharathi Ganesan