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    Unlucky at cards - and then also unlucky in love. For Basti (Luke Mockridge) things get really tough in the festive season: his career as a musician is not crowned with success and the prospect of having to celebrate a rather depressing Christmas after separating from his girlfriend Fine (Cristina do Rego) pulls the general mood down even more. A visit over the holidays to meet his family promises a welcome distraction - but when his brother Niklas (Lucas Reiber) suddenly appears with ex Fine at his side, Basti even loses the last bit of hope for a happy future.
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    Over Christmas | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Down-and-out musician Bastian battles the holiday blues as he returns home for Christmas - and encounters a series of not-so-cheery surprises.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 26 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Ophelia artemmys

      Bastion and brigitte are overwatch heros winky face

    2. João Oliveira

      What's the music's name the actor sing?

    3. Alan Orth


    4. crownxoxo

      omg lol how can the brother and the ex think it was okay

    5. caty moonlight

      Luke ♡ 🤣🥰

    6. 91clarie

      "F*ck" wird also mit "crap" übersetzt. Diese Logik

      1. 000jimbojones000

        one F word and the rating goes nuts... ;-)

    7. African Girl

      😂🤣 damn on his X leavening him for his brother

    8. jojojojo

      I'd never think that I would see Luke on Netflix

    9. Tessa VerMilyea

      Yeah you're brother and girlfriend went behind your back and cheated on you but get over it. Why is in movies and in real life is it the person who is hurt the most has to be the one to get over it and move on?

    10. Almas Fakhrana

      German be like : you're 4 minutes late

    11. vogelmeister

      me: hears a foreign language "mmm ok" me, two seconds later: GERMAN?????

    12. Nobbejo

      Renew Dark Crystal!

    13. Kagome Momo

      Dude i whould hate that girl if she came in between my sons also I whould not be cool with one son doing that to the other

    14. Janice Grant

      Entire movie in 2:38. Thumbs up.

    15. Der Master

      den typen kann ich net mehr sehen ! sollte man verbannen

    16. Roya Yassai

      I don't speak German, and if I wanted to read I would pick up a book...This video was sent to my account. Please remove

      1. o laul


    17. Chloe Frise

      where was this filmed? soooo beautiful!

      1. MsJamieNY

        In Germany. We have tons of little villages (or even cities) like that :)

    18. crackspotting

      American Remake starring CHRIS O'DOWD in 3...2...1...

    19. Ritchie Besas

      it's sad when youre replaced by a bestfriend but it's just pathetic being replaced by a brother and be ok (or, have to be ok) with it.

    20. Lone Note

      Him running after his brother with the chainsaw was gold & the grandparents too

    21. Lone Note

      This looks fun I'll check it out

    22. fana406

      Why did he have to kiss that girl?????

    23. Ms.gshunw

      This looks hilarious.

    24. SoCalFreelance

      German version of Meet the Parents + Young Adult

    25. hey chuchu

      Alta, auch wenn ihr in englisch schreibt, weiss ich, dass hier eh alle deutsch sind.

    26. it's A

      Die Oma 😂

    27. Seth Skullsberg

      Man.....I clicked on this because i thought it was lil dicky in a christmas movie.

    28. Pia Mager

      Der ganze Film ist im Trailer😕

      1. 000jimbojones000

        Es ist ne Serie...

    29. Robin Clark

      Hilarious! Can't wait to watch ☺

    30. 나는엉덩이가좋다

      Netflix ad makers get shot and die

      1. Lone Note


    31. Jonathan Pielmayer

      Weiß jemand, in welchem netten Städtchen das spielt?

    32. Fernando Angon

      A little German Gem. I love that Netflix is bringing all of these multicultural movies that otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of. The premise looks entertaining, comedy that transcends language. Overall very good!

    33. cris

      i didnt realize it was german until the end bc i was focusing on the subtitles so hard but then i was listening like ??? i guess my one semester of german paid off a bit.. i understood some when i started listening lol

    34. Shivendrasinh Gohil

      So its german

    35. Luke Nick Archie

      I really wish Netflix put out as much Halloween content each year as they do Christmas content:(

    36. Behy

      wish this movie was longer than 2 min..


      I hate netflix

    38. oOGeekITOo

      I've watched the whole movie, haven't i?

    39. Kessina1989

      Luke Mockridge!

    40. Niki91-HR

      Endlich ist mal Luke in einem Film/Serie. 😁😁 wurde auch Zeit.

    41. Gustavo Woltmann

      it's christmas time! so excited

    42. R J

      Lil dicky?

    43. Logicat

      lmao, the trailer spoiled it all...

    44. Olivia Cooley

      Granny is the best character and she only had two lines in the trailer.

    45. gheorghe raileanu

      Full movie in one trailer

    46. V

      Thanks, I've just watched the whole movie.

    47. Classic_ Jakob

      Bei diesen skaterrampen wohn ich

    48. 나는엉덩이가좋다


    49. Jakhi Lodgson-McCray

      Thought it was lil dicky

    50. nawal10

      He looks like Lil Dicky

    51. Saabriinii

      Oha das is ja ne Serie und kein Film 😱

    52. Adyfilk

      Another day. Another new 'Netflix' trailer launched. Wow!

    53. Matt The King

      This feels like the Christmas TV show the Moody's from last year...

    54. Angela Silvester

      I feel like I just watched the whole show. Looks good!

    55. Diki Sulaeman

      Where is Home for Christmas season 2 ?!?

    56. Rodney Baker

      Will it be dubbed?

      1. Der Serienfreund

        This Miniseries have a English Dubbing. You can find the English Trailer directly on Netflix.

    57. chlem arcelo

      That basti guy looks very hot and sexy.

    58. Ben Ruckus

      So its basically Love Actually...In German.

    59. chris murphy

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      1. o laul


    60. XxThePhantom Gold

      Deutsche Filme sind einfach schlecht

    61. fridawriter

      I am German but I still read the subtitles

    62. W

      Ewwww. Reading

      1. Der Serienfreund

        This Miniseries have a English Dubbing. You can find the English Trailer directly on Netflix.

    63. GeNiSsA

      Bring back The Society!!!

    64. AJ Walker

      Nice to know by the end of the film everyone will find their one true love and have a wonderful life _as shown in the trailer_. 🙄

    65. TheZzZzZzZzZzA

      Neeein, lasst den Mist doch für ZDF übrig und verseucht Netflix nicht damit!

      1. TheZzZzZzZzZzA

        @Der Serienfreund Das stimmt natürlich, es passt komplett in Netflix' Strategie. Leider. Mein erster Gedanke ging in die Richtung des internationalen Publikums, das die "großen" deutschen Netflix-Serien feiert und mit entsprechenden Erwartungen bei deutschem Netflix-Content hier größtenteils vermutlich in ein großes Enttäuschungsloch fallen wird... auf den Boden der traurigen Tatsachen.

      2. Der Serienfreund

        Selbst ARD/ZDF-artigtes Programm hat auf Netflix seine Daseinsberechtigung. Netflix spricht nicht nur Leute an, die gerne teils "überhypte" Serien/Teenserien aus den USA sehen oder Anime-Fans sind, sondern jede Altersklasse/Zielgruppe mit Produktionen aus aller Welt mit den verschiedensten Genres. Man muss immer Bedenken, dass Netflix die breite Massen Alters- und Interessenüberfreifend ansprechen will. Und Netflix würde z.b. auch keine Reality-Shows produzieren, wenn diese nicht gesehen werden würden. Da doch dahingehend auch oft in den Kommentaren gemeckert wird. Lustigerweise sind mancher dieser Shows gelegentlich auch in den Top Ten vertreten sind.

    66. Alice Pothron

      This looks awesome ! Gonna watch it for sure.

    67. lugo jenkins

      Das ist doch hier die eeeeeh Kim, die würd ich nicht Mal mit der Kneifzange anfassen.

    68. Taumata

      hear foreign language click next

      1. Der Serienfreund

        This Miniseries have a English Dubbing. You can find the English Trailer directly on Netflix.

    69. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    70. Maria John

      What kind of asshole doesn't warn his brother that, "Hey, I'm coming with your ex and oh - we're together now."

    71. Jaseem Shan

      Germany is sooo beautiful ❤️❤️

    72. cfb1

      Glad to see the son of Chuck Norris in the Thumbnail.

    73. Mars

      This has a "feel-good" vibe written all over it.

      1. freshly painted

        right! and it's doesn't seem cringy!

    74. Erika B.

      Is he like the German Ryan Reynolds? Coz I dig it. Will be watching this.

    75. Allen Trice

      I never seen that comedy... I mean funniest Christmas in Germany before! That's crazy! 🇩🇪🎄

      1. caty moonlight

        Its a new movie

    76. Noiz

      English please... you know for the visually impaired.

      1. Noiz

        @Der Serienfreund thank you

      2. Der Serienfreund

        This Miniseries have a English Dubbing. You can find the English Trailer directly on Netflix.

    77. PhoenixFire

      Halloween was literally two days ago ...

    78. Jakob Otten

      Erika aus stromberg ist dabei kann nur gut werden

    79. mariokart MADMAN

      Is this gonna get a dub????

      1. Der Serienfreund

        Yes. The Miniseries have a English Dubbing.

    80. house wife

      English kapoor and sons

    81. sam

      What happened to you Sebastian Vettel

    82. Asad Khan

      We want dragon ball super Hindi please

    83. Escepticus

      Looks funny! And good it's not an american christmas history! (for the sake of variety, nothing else)

    84. Adam Wrocław


    85. GBecks

      The first problem already his ex starting dating his brother! What the hell did she think was going to happen at Christmas! I would have kicked her ass out

    86. TorAdinWodo

      full movie in the trailer again.nice.

      1. Der Serienfreund

        The plot still has some plot twists. The novel on which this miniseries is based has a few twists and turns. Which have not yet been shown in the trailer.

    87. Ilker Bartinli74

      Noch so ne cringige deutsche Produktion

      1. caty moonlight

        Aber ami cringe scheiße den schaust wa

    88. Solinel Gonzalez

      Wow! Basti's bro is an asshole. Naaah you don't date my ex, wtf?

    89. Negative Oreo

      German Lil Dicky in a romantic comedy

    90. Harambe’s Step Brother

      Well that’s was the quickest movie ever.

      1. Der Serienfreund

        The plot still has some plot twists. The novel on which this miniseries is based has a few twists and turns. Which have not yet been shown in the trailer.

    91. animesh upreti

      Didn't realise lil dicky was german

    92. zerochii

      why is the title in english xd

      1. Melissa Apoka

        Maybe because it's the English trailer...?


      Здравствуйте! Кто может оценить мой канал? По 10 бальной оценке. Спасибо 🙏


        Я очень хочу развить канал чтобы люди узнали обо мне! ♥️

    94. Wavy Damon

      This movie ass 😭💀


      I don't know about you guys but this seems like a good movie to watch this Christmas.

    96. Water_proof

      Ok Germany putting out good stuff

    97. Speckled Trim

      @Netflix, the broadcaster in South Africa wants us to pay a TV license when using Netflix. If this happens I will be canceling my subscription and so will others. Either you fight against it or stand to lose a lot of customers.

    98. Fiona

      Mag Deutsche Filme eigentlich nicht so, aber das sieht ganz süß aus

    99. Jimin Armyyy

      This looks good 😂

    100. David Scholler

      Bevor ich mir Luke Mockridge anschaue, seh ich mir lieber Far Cry mit Til Schweiger an 😂