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    Presenting to you my life unfiltered through my vlogs.

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    1. Rajat khanna

      Congratulations and very nice house 👌👌👌

    2. anchal pandey

      Tasteless house.


      Sirf apne bare me sochte hai ye log. Mumy ka to khyal hi nhi hai inko cheee💔

    4. bano bano

      Beautiful home

    5. tanmay joshi


    6. Riya Ahuja

      this house is totally goals and this is sooo soo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    7. UK-09 aman_saklani

      Di and nikhil bhai ye gas floor mounted acha lgta h hilta nhi h U just have to cut according to its length n bro seriously bht acha lgta h I'll show u mine Will send you pic N u'll love it

    8. art123arathi

      You could add a console table at the back of the the sofa too..

    9. Burhan Tahir

      Mai bhi 6ft ka hu

    10. Sweedal Dcosta

      Nice video.. the the camera shakes soo much.. can’t watch after 2mins

    11. Keval Kadam

      Kis interior artist se ghar ka kaam karvaya hai? Please share the contact number of arkitectur aur kamgar ka number dedo hume bhi same karvana hai

    12. barbie's world

      Beautiful home

    13. Kiran Chanda

      Nikhil is a mumbiker.

    14. Aarzoo Arora

      Camera stable rkho yr chkkr aa re h itna move ho ra

    15. kavita singh

      Balcony ????

    16. Ishit Mathur

      is this hiranandani ????

    17. Tiyasha Debnath

      Sofa come bed hota too good thaa😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    18. FCI Tejus Kumar

      Apko jo color acha lagta hai Eska mtlb ye ni ki sab ko acha lage..... 😂

    19. Arnab Bose

      Fantastic and Fabulous Job done by Both of You.....

    20. Kanchan Mahadeshwar

      "Favorite place of a woman in a home, the Kitchen!"?????? Really??? Which century are you from to make such a statement? Hearing this from a Millenial like you makes me feel disgusted!

    21. julie banerjee

      Kitna pyara ghar hai

    22. CrypticL

      Nice accent wall looks Gud👍🏻 I have the same kind

    23. Md Sam

      Be happy in this house guys that’s very important

    24. Md Sam

      Your choice is like me great 👍🏻

    25. sharmin mim

      Plz don't move your camera a lot while you guys talking..... It's so irritating.... Otherwise your home is toooooo beautiful..... Loved it

    26. Preeti Bhardwaj

      You need to learn how to hold the camera stable

    27. Sahaj Roasting

      Nikhil momm is not living with you two why

    28. Milind Pathak

      Tum logo ne galat kiya wooden floor laga ke

    29. millionaire girl

      Are you nepali?

    30. priya kumari

      Where's the sofa from?

    31. Team MM

      Shanice didi I love this music can you please tell me background music name ? I love all your videos everyday. IT makes my day so awesome..

    32. shabnam mulla

      Shanice....pls keep ur mother in law with u both...just think after some years u at her place and ur son doing the same things with u...😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

    33. Shubhangi Singh

      Beautifullll house ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Shanice Shrestha Vlogs


    34. Aman deep

      Too Good

    35. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    36. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    37. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    38. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    39. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    40. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    41. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    42. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    43. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    44. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    45. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    46. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    47. Team MM

      Background music name please 😭😪😪

    48. Mighty MaxOp

      Can anyone tell me the background music ?

    49. Dr. Chetan

      Congrats....for the new home. Bedside lamps are attached upside down, maybe your liking but just noticed.

    50. Surendra Singh

      This house is very nice

    51. Poonam Bajaj

      Sorry but both ensured to spoiled it with possibly all wrong idea. Omg. And it is ‘photogenic’ not photo-gent

    52. skk k

      Plz chnge curtains of master bedroom they are not matching put blue or white color


      I dint like when u put up bump beds for guest especially ur parents as u mentioned. I mean how can parents who are ofcourse aged climb up the bed. Its risky. Its a big NO!

    54. Atharv Sarkar

      Nikhil's almira

    55. Neise'U'

      Nikhil tokin to much

    56. Neise'U'

      Belcony 😭

    57. Basant kumar Dugar

      The house is wonderful ...

    58. Khushi Roongta

      From where did you get that NIKHIL+SHANICE led light ? It’s fascinating ❤️


      Kiya bolti ha public Kya bolti Kya cheez hai Paisa Kya bolate kya chij hai paisa

    60. jyoti kathuria

      Amazing Congratulations guys

    61. Evneet kaur


    62. Shubh i am sharma

      Lots of love to both of u😘😘😘 God bless 🤟🏻 Great interior

    63. Aman Rawat

      me 6.1 ka hu ?

    64. Ambika's World

      Mammi papa bunker mai kaise soyenge yar?? Unlogo ki age bhi ho rahi....achi nehi lagi yeh baat. Then ghar pe koi mandir nehi..

    65. kuch naya

      What is the cost of your flat it's very beautiful 😊😊

    66. Hema

      So many grey, not my taste

    67. AJ Techno Gyan

      Can anyone please tell me what's exact colour of the walls?

    68. Akansha Yadav

      Hotel vali feel 😂😂😂😂

    69. MK INDIA

      Congratulations to both of you You look beautiful & more young with new haircut 👍

    70. Khushboo Ranka

      from where you have buy these side 3 set table..pls give link in description

    71. pawan keswani

      Fuddu taste!

    72. Rachana Navadiya

      Guys your home was but camera itna hil raha hai dukh hi nhi raha

    73. Shantanu Vartak

      Hey Nikhil congratulations for new house, it's just so beautiful the way you and wife designed it / decorated it however one suggestion that you can put or hang some Lord ganesha's frame which comes with small light at backside of it (in your living or dining area) will also enhance the look of that place when all lights of that area are off. Congratulations once again

    74. KD KD

      You tube is really amazing.. you can fulfill your dreams here

    75. Arising Clouds

      Kitchen is not just for women please dont keep that patriarchy mentality. Even in 2021 women themselves says n believe this is so absurd

      1. Kanchan Mahadeshwar

        Absolutely agree with you, am glad atleast somebody else thought of this and pointed it out! It is extremely irresponsible and irrational for somebody to say this when the entire world is striving to make it an equal society for everybody!

    76. ramya shannu

      This looks very similar @aanam c living room

    77. Nimanshi Sinha


    78. Anwesha Misra

      Everything is fine in the foyer except that ugly door. Please change the color in green or blue.

    79. Priyanka Das

      Vlogging can't provide so much for such lavish decoration. Guess you are some rich father's girl with businessman husband

    80. Manjusha Kandulna

      Congratulations to both of you guys and may God bless you

    81. Manjusha Kandulna

      U guys are showing incomplete house tour like in all Vidio yaha ye aayega and aayega in all video. First u have to arrange na all the things

    82. Manjusha Kandulna

      House is good

    83. Manjusha Kandulna

      U guys are over excited to do house tour nd that's why this vidio goes very poor way

    84. Nisha Sehrawat

      Hi from where you got that bunk bed?

    85. mamtagada

      The video is soo shaky 🙄

    86. Rohit Chaudhari

      Sabse bakwas Cameraman hai.... Kitana overconfidence me camera Hilata hai... Khud ke video me jo karna hai wo kar... Lekin dusro ke video me experiment kyun karna hai isko...?

    87. Anushri chandrika

      Yarr camera Ko stable rakho ankh me drd ho gya ... By the way congratulations ...

    88. Siva Kancharla

      Accent chair's placement is not going well ,better place it opposite to your two seater with slightly angles towards the TV unit

    89. M 57

      Nikhil ke sath shadi karke bahut galat kiya.

    90. Sheetal Agarwal

      I am feeling dizzy

    91. Rukhsana Khan

      Please don’t zoom in zoom out so much.. little strenuous on eyes... the house is beautiful 🤩

    92. Travel Together with KUMAR’s

      Love your Jodi guys ..👌💐 God bless the family

    93. spirit in me

      R u pregnent di🥰

    94. S R

      She is soo happy 😊

    95. Oniya Tania

      Their house style and color is similar to kangana ranaut 's house. Congratulations 💞👌

    96. geeta singh

      Wow.... amazing👍 yours 🏠 house This is dream house 👍👍👍👍 all things very unick and set properly.... So lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    97. Priyanka jadhao

      Ye vedio mai camera hilane ka kam jayada kiya hai ani dikhane ka kam kam

    98. Safiya Suman

      Suggestion: The glass door might be better for the bathing area to avoid the water from splashing out.

    99. Golu Saran

      Real main apke hair look bhut bura hain neck se 🥴😬

    100. Chinmay singh

      In the end it was promotion of IKEA