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    Here's Beagle's first-ever walking experience on the road. Our Beagle is a cute puppy, and his name is Cherry. Meet Anitha Sampath and Prabha going for a morning walk with Cherry.
    Now, watch the first-walking moments on Anitha Sampath Vlogs.
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    1. Limau Gajah

      Beagles may be very naughty but they’re very lovable. Just make sure that you understand that once you own a dog, you are their world, you’re their mom and dad. Never simply give it away to a new owner. Treat them like your own child and remember to make them live as many years as possible. Also, here’s my advice. More than buying outside food products, cook for them. They will live much much longer. 20 years or more. Don’t trust any canned food be it pedigree or any brand. If you as a human don’t eat canned food because it’s not good for health, it’s the same for animals as well. Canned and processed food are not the best food for them. If possible, make a balanced diet for them with meat and vegetables. You can get good recipes from the internet. Make sure they get their green and red vegetables together with meat. Do not ever give fish bones. Be careful with chicken bones as well. These treats you are showing are fine as they are treats. No sugar and no salt and no baked bread as the yeast can bloat up their stomach and it’s dangerous. Your puppy looks absolutely beautiful. Wish you both many happiness and memories as you live your life with your fur baby. Much love.❤️❤️

    2. Prem Bagavan

      However he is first six months only the training Period of the dog and later on it will not obey you please make him trained well by your own comments you should take him to the walking he should not move front first make it confirmed everyday first 6 months only whatever The Breed can understand you otherwise it will not obey you in future sometimes we need to be strict and at the same time we need to give them a treat for their best obedience make sure that first six months please give Royal Canin for their best health Cherry should obey you you should not obey him this is the main and important things thank you Akka

    3. krishna kumar

      Beagle is cute and so naughty...... prabha bro reading sema fun🤣🤣🤣

    4. Deepika

      Beagle romba naughty andnromba stubborn so time aagum andha patient zone varadhuku. Enoda beagle shero avanku one year Achu enga control kondu vara 😂. So all the best 😂 and also they're the most adorable puppy. Follow my page @shero.thebeagle on instagram to know more.

    5. vijaykanthan bhuvana

      Hi akka ❤❤

    6. three naughty boys

      Bro beagle Ku pedigree kuduka venam drools kudukalam bro

    7. Maya's Kuzhine

      As she is still very young... now she wil b teething so she will start to bite get more chew toys sis

    8. Maya's Kuzhine

      Whenever bring dogs out for walk.. always put on leash... mainly give Milk now very good for their bone as she is still young

    9. Maya's Kuzhine

      Dont bring out for a walking outdoor... before finish all 3 Vaccine... also no such thing as u cant let on the tiles is all fine no any prob most important things for dogs is a proper diet specially dont feed human food which containts startch n salt wil lead to severe skin prob in long run

    10. Rahul Surendran

      super active dog so cute

    11. Freelance Journalist TV

      Check Milkybokitan channel

    12. Creators lifestyle

      Akka this is your 100th video😍😍😍

    13. The Outlook series

      I started seeing Bigboss 4 now... completed 40 episodes and found you were so genuine and sensitive ❤️❤️all you needed was clarification and love 😘 nothing was portrayed wrong dear!! You were so good in and out😘😘 hope our Kannukutty is doing good now😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    14. Naan Asainthal

      Indha Akka Mari content potta kooda paravalle💕...Sila Paithiyangal poduthu par..Content Fridge tour uh,Bathroom tour uh nu chaii.🥵

    15. Sangeetha Kannan

      How did u potty train??? Most useful.wpuld be that pleaseeee

    16. Leela Gowri

      You can still clean your house with anti bacterial agent, slowly the day will get adopted to your house practice. Once you have your own child you still have to protect your child and pets from cross Infection Or else provide some cushion for your dog to sleep rather sleeping on the floor.


      Vacation podama walking eadukkathega

    18. Instinct Gamer

      I too have a beagle

    19. Vivek Kannan

      Chicken boil panni kudunga Namma sapudra chicken kudutha antha masala ella dog ku set aavathu waste hospital poga vendiyathu varum

    20. Vivek Kannan

      Curd rice Boiled egg with rice Sambar lighta potu rice ella kudukala puppy ku

    21. Ahamad Musharraff

      Its called as corporate

    22. Jayanthi Margret

      அனிதாவ நான் வெறுக்கிறேன்

    23. Feros Khan

      Anga ithu cross breed

    24. poornima ranganathan

      Hi Give him royal canin starter for 5 month u wil see the different grou

    25. Angelina joshi

      I"m also dog lover akka🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️ beagle ah safe pathuko ga❤️❣️

    26. swetha swetha

      Super ❤️👍😀

    27. Cassandra Mary

      Akka can do day in life with my dog pls❤️

    28. Pavithra velayudham

      Akka...we are growing dogs since 14 (or more than) yrs ....when it comes to a puppy after you complete its vaccination you may start with some dog food , don't take pedigree if it's not suiting it pup and go with n and d or royal canin they are good dog foods...when you give dog food to a puppy u may grind it into powder mix it with hot water and give him ...because sometimes it might get chocked if you give them directly ...after they turn one year old you may give him as it is ....being a beagle he would be so naughty you may start training him by giving treats as a reward if he do what you say ...dogs like beagle pick up faster and moreover when u start training a dog right from its childhood it would never leave his mind ...

    29. Monish S

      Sir my advice pls don't give pedegree it's not good for health

    30. Nithi NithiyanandanB133

      Akka use compulsory dog food for six month growth will be nice use royal canon food

    31. Rajiv Mike

      Anit&Prab, Please don’t take you pup out for a walk unless completing 15 days post 3rd vaccination.. there is Parvo outbreak .. Parvo is highly contagious and this could spread from the other dogs pee and poop in the streets .. stay safe and happy per parenting !! Please discuss with your vets for any further information..

    32. SUREKA S

      Anna give curd rice to dog without salt to the dog it is the best and super food to dog because we have same dog in our house so it is good

    33. shajas planet channel

      Now itself Start cherry training him

    34. Shobha Sukumar

      Wow so cute 🤗🤗😍

    35. Kavitha Guru

      Get calcium bones and give him for bone strength

    36. Kavitha Guru

      Anitha sis u can use leather shoes inside house,. So that the legs won't be damaged while walking in tiles.

    37. YaGoKa

      Actually its not safe to take dogs for walk until they are vaccinated for certain courses ..which gets completed when the puppy is around 4 or 5 months ...they may get affected if taken before let him move around the compound for now


      நண்பா நான் மிகவும் கடின உழைப்பு போடுகிறேன் ஆனால் ஆதரவு இல்லை என் சேனலுக்கு ஆதரவு தாருங்கள் நீங்கள்தான் என் ஒரே அதரவு.....

    39. selvaraj Selvam

      Yaruku cherry pitikumo like podunga plzzz

    40. Krishnan Santhanalakshmi

      Akka u must not add salt in any food akka so that also dog will get itching prblm

    41. shirly's blossom

      Anna akka beagle vantha best dog and safety dog and romba naughty easy ha family kuda friend adidum

    42. Bharath A

      Avoid citrus fruits, nuts. You can give carrots.


      Bro and akka remove the collor for cherry put it after 6 moth and use the collor when you are taking for walking and you harness dog use collor

    44. Jayyanth JS

      Anna puppy ❤️ name sollunga please

      1. selvaraj Selvam


    45. Pattu lodhiya

      Narya cherry pathina video poduga

    46. Mr.Raj Sagay

      akka neck belt podadinge boby belt podinge illana choke aido

    47. Pooja Shree

      100th video

    48. Manjula Pugalenthi

      Beagle should not keep as single

    49. prajetha baranitharan

      Pedigeeri pota sori pudikum u can use royal.canan

    50. Sneha Sashi

      Lovley breed ! Very human friendly ! Remember to be strict!

    51. Mohana Nanthini

      Hai Anita, I’m Monisha from Malaysia , the sticks that u give to ur puppy should not give more than 1 everyday because the sticks is sweet which can cause tape worm in stomach. So don’t give too much stick yaa , I tell u because I had experience giving my puppies sticks like this and they got tape worm but now we already give them tape worm medicine , so better not to give more than 1 sticks everyday.

    52. renganatan radika

      Next victim of simply waste 😀

    53. kanaka thara

      i want home tour akka

    54. suni raj

      Cherry is very cute 😍 a good addition to the family. Since he is only 60 days old, hope he is fed 4-5 times a day, slowly you can reduce to 3 times a day. If you are starting to give him home food, please avoid masala, oily food or anything we humans eat. You can give him plain boiled chicken and rice with veggies, safe for him. You can also try Domex floor cleaner, it was recommended by our vet. Please share more of puppy videos :)

    55. R Balakrishnan

      Orijen food is good

    56. Roshni S

      Vinyl flooring sheets is good for dogs......akkaa❤️

    57. Sumitha Ranindren

      Im from Malaysia...we have a 4 year old male Beagle..we adopted him when he was 6 months old. Very cute, loving, playful, a child like breed, a great companion. Please start training him now itself with simple commands, they pick up very fast. Advise to keep him on leash when u take him out for walk as Beagles always sniff and they work on their nose 😂 this breed are bred for tracking and hunting. Beagles always need a companion as they are pack dogs. If you leave him/her alone, they might have seperatiom anxiety. Best to have another dog as a partner if you have a Beagle. Be careful of what you feed them as they can be sensitive to some food. Please avoid Pedigree. Try other healthier options. Always bring your Beagle for a regular vet check. Enjoy being a BeagleParent❤


      If the dog is biting too much have to tie it. Whatever breed also..

    59. Swetha.m.v.

      Adhukula cherry kutty konjo valandhuruchu akka❤️

    60. Deepika S

      Instead of using Nymle please use kennel wash

    61. Gaaya's Samayal Arai

      You can serve our food, but should be without salt otherwise his fur started drops, will cause some other diseases too.Just sharing

    62. Gaaya's Samayal Arai

      I have 3 shitszu's and I have rescued stray dog's about 5 of them. Last year September my 8th years old Male shit szu died after sending him for Castrate procedures..it is simple procedure I really don't know what went wrong he was return to my arms lifeless Such and healthy baby boy died suddenly made me stayed in traumatic for a while, now his wife and daughter are my healing strength.

    63. Gaaya's Samayal Arai

      I love it....

    64. Thangiah Kogilan

      Akka en payar kaveesha naan 5th standeth padikkiren naan ungaloda pariya fan Sanam akka also

    65. Thilagam Thilagam

      Anitha Congress

    66. Kousalya Vadivelan

      Anna carrot and green 🍏 kodunga ethu ozhunga walk panna vaikum

    67. Ajithkumar

      Dog how much akka

    68. Vaishu's Paradise

      My native is Rajapalayam akka

    69. Insta updates007

      Crct tha namba pet ku nalla aagaram vangi podanum. Pet ozhunga valara nalla healthy food venum.👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍🤗😉👍🏻



    71. Roshan Rajendran

      dog is carrying another dog paavam sampath

    72. Raj Kumar

      Psyco anitha.. Vijay tv lam unaku set agathu only priyanka akka than... Avunga luku aprm evlo serial actress cuteness ah irukanga un monnji only sun TV.. Nd anitha purushanukku venanah papan😂🤣

    73. Sara Siva

      ❌❌ Don’t bring him for a walk until he gets his full vaccine.. it’s high risk.. Parvovirus is a deadly one and easily spread by snipping ❌❌❌

    74. Bhuvana Amma

      Akka please send some simple make up video Akka dog video nice

    75. Sanjai Gowsick

      Dog mask Mask dog ku podunga Really corana Be safe

    76. Sweety P

      Prabhu ok but ithu mental 🤦

    77. Swetha Srinivasan

      Saree kamichapave cherry naughty a irunthaan..

    78. Arunaachalam Alagappan


    79. maali vijay

      I also have BEAGLE his name is Tobler

    80. Soosai Antony

      Ungala epdiyachu pakanum ka 😔😔😔😔enga family ke ungala romba pudikum lv u so much ka ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    81. Spirit Of life

      Vetkam illadeve you have good husband Praba But kothadichifying for money with shariq

    82. Geo Jeffrin

      Akka bb jodigal la samma ah dance panninga 👏👏❤️❤️

    83. Soosai Antony

      Akka unga bb jodi dance patha ka semmaya dance aaduniga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️mass........... Ka lv u so much 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

    84. harshitha K

      Anitha and Shariq awesome tell ur experience as video soon

    85. Priya Darsini

      Akka cherry a athunu solathiga

    86. Udaya A _Ananya_

      Hi Akka lock down bridal makeup podunga 🙏

    87. ilayaraja ilayaraja

      This beagle is looking like the miniature version of my beagle 🤩

    88. Saranya Bala

      Guys ur dog is cute but try to avoid give twister to dog bcz that made of plastic which damage dog stomach Try to give boiled carrots milk paste that’s give energy healthy food

    89. Rama Krishnan

      Safety staying of periods part 2 please

    90. Priyanka B

      Dont go for pedigree....go for royal canin, they have dog foods based on breeds ... Its a complete nutrition coverage for these sweet hearts...🐶

    91. viji k

      Ada pavigala evlo sambarichalum ungalukellam pathatha? Indha video podradhala yarukku Enna prayojanam? Viewers ellarum konjam think pannunga avanga indha video pottu lakhs la earn panranga Nama dhan urupadama porom. Poi Nalla job poi family ah parunga. We have to work hard to get settled in our life. Ivangala madhri namalam illa .

    92. Manisasi Manisasi

      Pappi name Milana


      One heart pls

    94. Joseph Panneerselvam

      Beagle is a good guard dog

    95. Bha Ran

      First thanks for daily makeup 🙂 we want Teenage skincare and makeup

    96. Sathyaseelan K

      Our doging name aslo cherry

    97. Kaviya Ravi


    98. Gaming kaipulla K.r

      Bro give training for dog like treat and say the work

    99. D K

      Yen ungala Sun Tv Sun news la kaanom. Election news kaga varuvinga nu wait pannitu irukom. Neenga varanum !!!!

    100. Thirugnanaponni Ponni

      Sister ungala enakku romba romba romba pudikkum 💐💐💐