OnlyJayus Answers Every Space Question You Had After Away | KNOW IT ALL | Netflix


29 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼23

    Inspired by Away starring Hillary Swank, OnlyJayus heads back up to space to tell us everything we need to know about Mars, from the surface conditions to the travel plan.
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    OnlyJayus Answers Every Space Question You Had After Away | KNOW IT ALL | Netflix
    Commander Emma Green leaves behind her husband and daughter to lead an international crew of astronauts on a perilous three-year mission to Mars.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. FixStar Number 1


    2. 千卂丂ㄒKillakyi123

      Y’all are actually trash, you cancel Everything sucks, you cancel, I am not okay with this, you cancel all these other good show for what you leave them on a cliff hanger and don’t finish them like that makes no sense I spent a year thinking Everything suck was gonna come back but it never did then after I finished watching I am not okay with this a few months back I heard you guys canceled it...... What a joke

    3. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder that netflix endorses pedophilia

    4. j dragons kalemina

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    5. Bahnasy - بهنسي

      Is she the girl from american vandal?

    6. Linus Padkjær


    7. Emma Meaney

      Away is my favourite show, I'm so sad they cancelled it. One of the few shows with a real message :(

    8. iDiverged

      I been loving space vids and movies since i was 6😭💀

    9. Nobbejo

      Renew Dark Crystal!

    10. Suhel El Ahmed

      Only jayus ans every question of space in Netflix department

    11. Carlos Gonzalez

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    13. ralfjouhanpaul glino

      Why the f**k did you guys cancelled teenage bounty hunter

    14. *Callie*

      Wait im confused, why do people hate this?

      1. XL B

        The PApromr did something the people are upset over.

    15. Serenity

      Bella!! Her voice is perfect for a podcast ♡

    16. Music AfterOldAge

      She should have said, “But ever since I watched the already canceled series Away”...

    17. Braulio Rivera

      My netflix prediction movies. Scooby doo and the goblin king remake (november 20,2021),scooby doo and the samurai sword remake(february 20,2022),and scooby doo meets the boo brothers remake(may 1,2023) with 3d animations, without fred and velma,and it will just have scrappy(voice by tom kenny), daphne(voice by jill talley),shaggy(voice by ian james corlett),and scooby(voice by frank welker) in those 3 remake versions. The penguins of madagascar and the cheetah ninja: the movie(july 15,2021), Michael afton: the fnaf movie(december 15,2023), spies and agents(april 15,2024), and patriots day remake ( april 15,2026). Stuff on patriots day remake it will include dennis simmonds death and it will be rated pg 13.

    18. Ardika Ananta Fajrien

      Jayus should work together with the kurzsgesagt team

    19. f e n n e c

      renew anne with an e ;(

    20. Qui-Gon Jinn

      You mean the cancelled show? Lmao

    21. babydoll

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    22. DaniellePetner

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    26. PUFF

      Why do I remember watching Lilo and stitch but it’s not there when I want to watch it.

    27. Zahane Anderson

      new and improve bright side

    28. Jeremiah Jeno

      Europa, it's not a planet but a moon and to me it seems like the most plausible place for life in the form of sea creatures capable of surviving under the ice.

    29. The cutie And panda fam

      I wish I could be a actor there but I could if I want

    30. David Robertson

      Her voice is so assuring

    31. LazeySnakey 616

      Love how all the comments are completely unrelated to the video. Anyway, this is so cool. I love Bella's youtube videos, and for her to have her own podcast is amazing!

    32. Juan Ignacio Rodriguez


    33. Jim 99

      “ We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of America politics.” - Joe Biden

    34. Asif sultan mehar

      🇻 🇪 🇷 🇾 (🅝🅘🅒🅔 🅥🅘🅓🅔🅞).

    35. CaptainCashew 89

      How come the legend of korra isn't on Netflix in ireland

    36. MegaSpike85

      Pointless watching this when you don’t get to see what happens. I’m starting to think it’s a wast of time watching Netflix tv show as they don’t finish them. At least do one more season to finish the show.

    37. Lonely Wolf

      My question is could there be life on Mars

      1. iDiverged

        Yes but its most likely the species is bacteria or parasites

    38. BBnuthouse

      She really got a show for literally googling things, she isn’t smart she just knows how to type thing in

    39. Spike

      no WAY they gave her a "show" on netflix '_'

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME go buy it yourself instead of begging for it

      2. YAsS4GaME

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    40. Supernatural Mil Grau (Sobrenatural)

      I would like to visit Jupiter but it's most impossible than mars

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME lol. Thats not how it works by the way. People spend there own money to get netflix by the way. Go work for it.

      2. XL B

        @YAsS4GaME I see...

      3. YAsS4GaME

        @XL B I think all who in the ferst world and have Netflix and ps4 rich I have ps3 hhhh and I am from algeria

      4. XL B

        I would like to visit Neptune one day Supernatural Mil Grau (Sobrenatural)

      5. XL B

        @YAsS4GaME How do you know he/she's rich?

    41. That one kid

      Yeeeee I love her

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME shut up and stop asking

      2. YAsS4GaME

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    42. Melina Onal

      Does anyone know the name of the organ music in 4:40 ?

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME shut up

      2. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    43. Habalanche

      Away is another great show cancelled too early. Netflix is turning into Fox in that regard.

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    44. PandyPanda

      This girl from tiktok

    45. Dima Fed

      "Just drop thermonuclear weapons on the poles" Elon

    46. Hello there

      I'm a kid and I like this mars documentary

    47. Ruben Nielpha

      As a good scify fanboy I saw Away from start to ... More start... it was close to unbearable.

    48. The Cord Cutters

      I will rather watch The Expanse again.

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    50. Wilma Santos

      Im from Brazil love Netflix 🇺🇸♥️

    51. Slade CODM

      This is lame give us our money worth

    52. RiceWithRamen

      Geez she's gorgeous.

    53. Slade CODM

      This is boring give us some marvel and dc movies and S2 for outer banks, more Gotham episodes etc

    54. Will Marlo

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    55. Slade CODM

      Whose waiting for S2 for outer banks

    56. Sudipta Nayak

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    57. Rob Van Godamn

      Water in mars=underground aquatic life forms?

    58. Fun Family House

      this si realy cool

    59. anime kid101

      This is awesome good job

    60. americle semingsen

      I'm still waiting on stranger things 4

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @XL B facts. He was spamming for it.

      2. XL B

        @YAsS4GaME Your going to have to find a way to raise money, this begging isn't helping anyone...not even yourself...

      3. YAsS4GaME

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      4. XL B

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      5. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME can you stop

    61. garcia adrian

      Netflix they should make a new 50 foot woman movie

    62. Thomas Jean

      Why Netflix upload videos on away on ytb which said is a great show whereas they cancelled it. 😡😡 I want a season 2, this show derserve it.


      Who's in Netflix because of LUCIFER?

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @YAsS4GaME just get a life and quit begging on PAprom

      2. Chad Falardeau

        @EZHON DAVE BARLIZO LABANZA actually yes


        @Chad Falardeau in FOX? right?

      4. YAsS4GaME

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      5. Chad Falardeau

        I watched it before Netflix rescued it

    64. جعفوري محمد

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    65. Sherrl Smith

      Human have been on Mars for many years . Mars isn't red, its tint that NASA puts on the photos. People live under ground , they have to they had wars and messed up everything.....

    66. Swervinbishh

      “Hey know it alls”

    67. Jomb 1

      hate her

      1. Reaperguy 67

        We also hate you as well

    68. 벽돌맛TV in NY

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      2. XL B

        @Hizkiyas Kiflu Do you know what language this is?

      3. Hizkiyas Kiflu

        Not realy an ideal place for advert

    70. Meena singh

      Who is waiting for stranger things season 4

      1. Nadira Stipp


      2. XL B


      3. julio cornejo

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      5. Emilien Granados

        @YAsS4GaME i can't i do not actually have netflix but i will soon, sorry

    71. Michael Klein

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      1. MotionMadness 2

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      1. Lili G

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