OnePlus 8T Stress Test


1.2 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼612

    No #OnePlus8T's were harmed in the making of this video.
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    1. Good Guy

      Comment Section :- 0% Praise 😭😭😭 25% Disagree 25% JerryRig 50% Meme's

    2. Good Guy

      Comment Section :- 0% Praise 😭😭😭 25% Disagree 25% JerryRig 50% Meme's

    3. shaikh namira

      😆😆😆nice comedy

    4. samir mallick

      But I still prefer nokia

    5. Ahmed afaq Wani

      Shut up this fake i have tried it my one plus 8's display was broken

    6. chinmay ingale

      Give it to me i will check 😃😅

    7. Happy Ynah

      Bulletproof phone

    8. Dante

      Give that to me me instead of wasting it plz

    9. M K

      Sir please don't destroy mobile please send me I am poor

    10. Monojeet Roy

      Pure torcher to that mobile 😢

    11. LGD-hanzo

      You guys breaking a cell phone and I want one, I'm from Brazil and the cell phones here and very expensive 4 thousand reais here at 799 dollars!

    12. Saheb Mondal

      I tried this with my wife's phone. The court has given us a time of 6 months. After that I'll have a new wife.😷😷😷

    13. Samrat Arvind

      Give it to an Indian mother😏

    14. AAA 123

      i thing... Does the water scratch it at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?

    15. DEIMOS

      The whole ad was shot in iphone😂😂😂

    16. Савелий Крист

      Me when get killed in minecraft by zombi

    17. Савелий Крист

      Shot on iPhone, or wait, what?

    18. Chethan Chethu

      Don't believe this... This is absolutely wrong .. after I'm using OnePlus Nord and 8t phone worst ever phone in market

    19. Abhira.m_r

      It really hurts when ppl walk over it

    20. Pubudu Chathuranga

      Please give me 😭😭

    21. TileBurnet

      Выглядит обнадёживающе, но откуда мне знать что это не супер про плюс версия специально для тестировщиков?

    22. SURYA FF

      Oh my god



    24. Shaurya Chopra

      Finally a sensible drop test.... Not flinging the phone out a seventeen story building!!! 😏😏😏

    25. tamilgaming gamers

      Fake everyone

    26. Usha Balnad

      0:52 it bends😂

    27. Blessen Daniel

      Yeah we buy phone for these purposes 😌. Tested and proven worth a buy lol

    28. shivam singhal

      Give this phone to Indian kids 😂

    29. IMMORTAL 2k17009

      East or west little nokia phone is best😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    30. Rahul K V

      Idh polikkan ariyilla keralathile pillerodd chodhikkandey paranjatoole English fury

    31. Folskyfied

      okay but who'll buy phone to do this stuff?

    32. current affairs and gk all in one amazing facts

      try Nokia it will take only one phone for whole adddd

    33. Aditya Tejas

      Can I try to break the phone 📱😂😂😂

    34. Hetansh vyas

      Others:brother of nokia Me:nice edited by cuts

    35. Cybernetics

      0:48 This test is better perform technical guruji than you. 😁😁😂

    36. LIFE LONG


    37. FACT OF RAJ.

      Please don't waste phones give it to me I need it

    38. D1S0B3Y_

      Verified by JerryRigEverything

    39. ChengXiao


    40. GO乡 IND

      If you try it at home it will broke.

    41. KMM

      Perfect smart phone for HowToBasic!

    42. Diggi Creations

      And the Oscar for virtuality and best animation goes to........

    43. Diggi Creations

      Disclaimer - No Smartphone Was Injured During The Making Of This Film.

    44. Rudolph Stephen

      Just saying...the Only Haters in this comment section are Apple playboys who refuse to accept that OnePlus is more durable than seriously, Iphones are the most fragile shit ever.

    45. Tejash Trivedi

      I am sure my cousin brothers would break it easily

    46. Wasim Sk_

      Bichara phone

    47. The Legend

      We will get all the prof in "Jerr Rig Everything" 's video....

    48. Md Maruf


    49. Jairam Jai

      Dei atha enta kudunga da na odachu katran da 😂

    50. Lyrics Home

      Try this in your home in your risk

    51. Pranab Saha

      No way that phone survived the drop from 1 storey building!!!!

    52. L3G3ND

      0:30 OnePlus be like: Why u booly me?!

    53. manish kulkarni

      Fake model all china brand

    54. Riki Rakesh

      aise todte fodte ho. yaar. ak de do mujhe

    55. Uchiha Itachi

      He :phone tests Shows no mercy Phone: hell! I wanna go in box again🤕🤕😵

    56. Ulyses Sotto

      Nokia 3310 its time

    57. Entertainment TV

      Ek to idhar milta nai he aur ye tod rahe he😭😭

    58. __ Raghul__

      1:04 *yeet*

    59. Adithya Murali

      Are u serious !

    60. Methum Hettiarachchi

      For iPad killer Ferg😂

    61. Himanshu Himanshu

      Plz.....give me as a gift

    62. L I K A N YT

      I need your phone

    63. L I K A N YT

      mujhe dedo

    64. Mig L

      selola do demonho

    65. kunal yadav

      This phone is not tougher than Nokia 3310 😎

    66. Abdullah Abdullah

      Can I test it

    67. sarvesh more

      Technical Guruji can break it.

    68. diksha shekhawat

      OK now, it has passed all the tests now you can gift it to me...I'll accept it with no doubt... 😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Pickle Rick


    70. Ms video vlogs

      😂 Don't waste u r engry. Just keep under the train wheel. That tme v know how much u r mobial 💪 😂

    71. Chousy

      Find a cactus then press q

    72. CM MANISH

      Well if you give this phone to a dumb 5 year old *all the tests will fail*

    73. Spartan PlayZ

      We all know behind the scenes😗

    74. arsky

      You stupid

    75. juicy pair2 pare

      Can u give one to me so i can test it for sure Lol.

    76. Mobile Gamer

      The new Nokia

    77. Joshua

      They didn't show us the screen after they stepped on it

    78. hakai purnama

      every cut scene .. you change to real phone amiezing


      gift me 1 please... i use redmi 5 and the screen not responsif,

    80. Danial aiman

      Btw you can give me that phone

    81. SwT_

      I thought it's was 'that' stress test

    82. Ashwin Verma

      Plot twist:: This was only ad don't try it....

    83. A06 Aditya Pandey



      Kuch he lode

    85. Depish Hidet

      No one can defeat nokia

    86. Siddhartha Saxena

      If anyone beats you Throw this phone at him/her

    87. ZAX 999

      i can break it

    88. Pranav

      Still not stronger than nokia 3310

    89. Appel

      If HowToBasic tests this, I will buy a OnePlus smartphone

    90. samridh anand

      Ok so ill be gentle as much as possible

    91. John Parker

      Well its like naaptol ad. Do you agree?


      Dude perfect in parallel universe

    93. Maulana Gonarkar

      Are bc oh phone h kisi ki g sorry maf karna gusse me idhar udhar nikal ja ta hu 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜


      If jerry rigs says its good then only we would believe

    95. BLUDxYT

      NOKIA 3310 - so are you challenging me you lil oneplus


      So they are trying to challenge the legend NOKIA

    97. Denis James 5021

      *throws the phone into a bush... Calls it durable*

    98. Kim Jong - Bean

      After all tests... Me : Well, that's a lot of damage

    99. Aslam joker


    100. Keshav Om

      Can i win one mobile of them???