💜 New Purple iPhone 12!


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    Check out this new color of the iPhone 12 in Purple!
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    1. Steampunk Starraisin

      How about a camera test for the new purple iphone? Purple iphone 12 vs. non purple iphone 12.

    2. XenonKey

      iPhone doesn’t have 3 cameras on the back. Not worth it.

    3. Kelly Short

      Getting the purple 12 next month after having my 7 for a few years! Really excited to upgrade!

    4. Only Teardrops

      Purple is my favorite. I need a purple magsafe wallet😭

    5. Samadhi Jayasri

      Can I have your iPhone 12

    6. Ojaswin Jha

      My Favourite Iphone 12 color was Blue, it is just so cool and soothing, it seriously invokes a calming effect in me, i just LOVE it!!!!!

    7. Maren K

      this purple color look incredible I want to have this phone so bad

    8. Kamogelo

      Please donate one iPhone to me



    10. sarah elisabeth

      i currently have the iphone 12 in blue but this is so pretty

    11. Aayush

      why did u have to confirm that it was an iphone 11 ,,, its obvious duh...

    12. Caden Souvannasane

      M M M M P U R P L E

    13. mohamedsaeid

      They are basically the same phone in my opinion.. people make such a big deal like really people.. I used to work for apple so they sent me one but I wouldn’t get the latest phone I would’ve have just kept my iPhone 8 frfr


      The day I own my first iPhone will be the best day of my life

    15. Ava G

      Wait was that you on The vampire diaries???

    16. DarklyBeastLeaf

      That’s aphlaw

    17. Seed

      The iPhone 11 purple looks so dim compared to the 12


      Есть ли русские?

    19. iBandeeto

      them removing the charger heads are truly a scam of the century... needing to purchase a new set of wall chargers and earphones completely.. just them greenwashing things to lower their costs and heighten their profits when them coming out with new products every year is a bigger e-waste than anything

    20. Ruth

      Are they doing the MAX ?

    21. Jade Giuriati

      I was waiting for this video Justine

    22. FusionTechCinema

      Imagine being so rich you have every iPhone

    23. Paige K

      Is she in season 3 of vampire diaries ? Ep 10 at the bar ? I swear that’s her

    24. faith cross

      And I got it!! ♥️♥️♥️

    25. Rhodah Ng'uni

      Wow all those phones are yours have always wanted an iphone please share one with me those phones are very expensive here in zambia 😂😂

    26. JustNikka

      You have so many phone. Why don’t you give some of them to me. 😂

    27. Mefoo ♡︎

      Fact : this wasn't on your home page you searched for it 💔💔

      1. Mefoo ♡︎

        @pulptarantino okay 🙂🙂

      2. pulptarantino

        No, it was on my homepage.

    28. Beyza Yüksel

      Omg they are really looks beautiful I just want to I phone doesn’t matter which one 🤤

    29. 能本

      Is it a pro?

    30. Samia Alsaka

      I wish i could have new phone, my phon's screen broken since 8 months and still can't bring new one 😪

    31. Katherine Elizabeth

      Am I sitting over here crying over a purple iPhone? Yes yes I am.

    32. Hope Meadows

      My mom just got the iPhone 12. She love it. And I got the white one

    33. Michelle Thomas

      I got Tha iphone12 pro max in pacific blue & now I’m looking at the purple one & I want it💜💜💜💜

    34. Jorge Galioto

      2:02 comparision yas

    35. rockonmadonna

      Purple 👍🏻 iPhone 12 👎🏻

    36. Com Praveen Praveen

      Can you give me this phone plz

    37. hey im james

      Justine must be crazyyyyyy rich to own 6 iphones, meanwhile my aunt can only afford ONE😅

    38. LimleyLimez

      I got the purple iPhone ad.

    39. Jessee Jean

      It's so beautiful!!

    40. Makgetla Olefeng

      "We've got the usual suspects" 😂imagine a cop saying that

    41. Everything with Pinkiess

      Why they don’t release a pink color, i been waiting all my life for a pink iphone😞

    42. Shelby

      imagine being as rich as her

    43. Ryan Nguyen

      Purple 💜

    44. Tekin Kılıç


    45. Lisa Cagle

      She smelled it 😂

    46. CheckerBoard Chick

      Purple is my color I’m up at 3 in the morning trying to upgrade I am pathetic 😒

    47. Jello Purigay

      Can i have

    48. Sherina Simpson

      I can’t wait to get a Job so I can save up for an IPhone 12

    49. Vikram vij

      This must be around 2000$. Coz this is purple. 😄 and its iphone.😐

    50. Letícia Maria

      i hate complaining about anything but it makes me sad not being able to afford an iphone in my country, ive been dreaming about getting my first one for like four years. plus my phone is almost stopping.

    51. Lamar World

      Yall white is the best color just because u know what its gonna look like and u just put a case and the camera area is white and matches every color btw just my opinion so dont come at me

    52. Nella Thompson

      🙏🏽 amen 🙏🏽

    53. Nella Thompson


    54. TekTex 69

      wow it's purple that is so exciting I'm going to spend another $1000 dollars on a duplicate phone painted differently from previous ones instead of getting a phone case that is purple.........

    55. TropiShorts

      my dream phone! she is super lucky she has all those phones I can't afford one sadly

    56. zi feng tan

      I don’t get why everyone is so surprised that she has a lot of phones..she IS A TECH PApromR IMAO. of course she will have a lot of tech products! Why isn’t anyone else complaining in other male tech PApromrs videos? Is it simply due to the fact that most of her reviews are on the aesthetic side and not as technical like marques ?

    57. Sejal Nandre

      What do you do about your old phone?

    58. suki lee

      This color is so vivid, apple is devil.

    59. Noah Lau

      The purple is incredible!!! The color is just right and versatile.

    60. Khai rqkai

      Nice 👍🏿

    61. Rayat Haque

      My dad has the black iPhone 12 and my mom has the space grey iPhone 12 pro

    62. Jaxs Lec

      Where is the apple logo on the 12 pro

    63. Mathna Alrajhy

      Ok can you give me one phone please 😂😂im hella broke

    64. Amrean Bushra

      I personally like the previous purple colour more cuz it's a lot more subtle and closer to lavender which is my favourite colour

    65. X Finity

      It’s literally the same as the 11 lavender and Apple is marketing it like it’s a whole new thing… they could at least have made the sticker purple or something so it’s more exciting 😭🤚🏼

    66. Aadya Singh

      Confused between purple and black colour kind off want both.

      1. Bri A


    67. Lady Aphrael

      Hi! Is that the deep violet casing?

    68. starzblue 80

      What is a cool IPhone 12 the color purple 💜

    69. John Wade

      The commercial that Apple has made about the purple iPhone is ridiculous. They make it like it is a brand NEW color with its Willy wonka song commercial?!?! So wrong!!

    70. Rebecca Wemyss

      I strongly prefer the rounded edges - but we just put cases on our phones anyways Love the colour!

    71. Kid flash 2001

      Nice video

    72. Ismail Kasperkino

      I want one please 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭

    73. Caiden Fuentes

      The fact that you ripped the scratch protect fast makes me mad

    74. Green gallery

      Suuuuuuper ‼👍

    75. c a t h y

      if there’s a pink iphone we all know she finna freak out

    76. Steven Neal

      Apple should do the color ways in the pro and pro max that be dope

    77. Marianna Edits

      purple is my all time fav color but they didnt have it in the iphone 12 so i got the white and they decided a few months after it came out to add a cool color when most people already have one like gurll

    78. 2kDezz 111

      So it comes out as soon as I buy the blue iPhone 12

    79. hellooo luvu

      i’m so excited i’m watching this because i’m getting the iphone 12 in black today

    80. Gary Martinez

      MCALLISTER. all the same

    81. carlos sousa

      Entendi tudo

    82. YFS

      My first youtube love is still a hot 8/10

    83. DD

      Same shitt with purple flav, ahhhhhh so tasty.

    84. Saumya Dubey

      Hey it's Justina doing Justin bieber iphone.

    85. AmanDeep

      So making a purple iPhone is revolutionary?

    86. beanyleeboops

      iphone 13 has leaked

    87. 00taehyung _kim

      Why can’t they have purple on iPhone 12 Pro Max 😫😫😫

    88. tonaytsu

      Apple x Barney the purple dinosaur collaboration phone

    89. Stina P

      I have a 12 pro max but I love the purple tho lol

    90. 是塞莉喔

      so many apple phones !!you are really big fan of it🤪

    91. hiba zoubiri

      Ommg can i have one 😂😂😂 here i am still stuck with my iphone 7

    92. NataliaMake-up&livestyle

      you probably won't feel the difference between 11 and 12 I also have 12 is great. I invite you to me. I would be glad to take any directions

    93. Samantha Spence

      are they ever going to make it in the 12 pro max????

    94. SLITI SAAD

      She's really cute!!!

    95. Ishitta Verma

      Bts army’s here 💜 👇🏻

      1. YFS

        No >:(

    96. Jennifer Rodriques

      Can you please do a side by side of the two green phones iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12

    97. Lia

      I am kinda upset with apple cause I bought my 11 purple then a week they released the purple and I love the saturated look but I love pastel yk

    98. All Things

      Wow beautiful iphone

    99. Pao Perez Vlogz

      Lol i watched it without opening the video 😂