New on Netflix | November 2020


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    Here's what's coming to Netflix in the US this November!
    Here For The Holidays - 0:05
    Drama - 2:50
    Nonfiction - 4:39
    Family - 5:25
    And More - 6:25
    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.
    New on Netflix | November 2020

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    1. Avery Brown

      Aunty Donna is literally the only good thing here

    2. alec bradley

      Sonic X Season 3?

    3. Masterblender32 Uchiha

      Wow that’s boring but hey I can’t wait for big mouth coming next month on the 4

    4. Elijah_9987 Kingz

      You guys better find something better to replace the OFFICE because if u don’t we’re going to Hulu

    5. Max Playzminecraft

      The first one was better

    6. Epic Gamer

      My dad got rid of netflix bc of something that was going around and i cant watch my favorite show which is "Spirit Rding Free" and yes im a kid and i only got hulu and other stuff which netflix is better then hulu cause netflix got better shows then hulu so plz get rid of that thing so my dad can get netflix back plz

    7. Dani Mother of Dragons

      I'll sum it up....Hillbilly elegy is good, the rest are not. Do better Netlix

    8. Julian Greer

      We’re shooting a film.

    9. Mrs Rachel Overton

      Dear Netflix that Coffey Anderson mini series was amazing!! That family has something special, makes you wanna keep watch them. When I saw their struggles and battles I cried so much, it made me grateful and gave me hope to see how far they've come. Thank you Netflix!!

    10. Naomi The Sherlock

      im just waiting for stranger things four-

    11. Darth Maul


    12. Kevin Malone

      *November Starts Netflix: CHRISTMAS! 🎄🎅🏼🤶🔥⛄️

    13. OceanGirl


    14. Motauto Motauto

      Bring back altered carbon 😫

    15. Maylin Kim

      I heard “Love Hard” is coming out too. Do you know when it’s coming out?

    16. Daniel Beaman


    17. Edwin N

      What's that Dolly Parton song?

    18. kevin merila

      Where is new on Netflix December 2020 video?

    19. biriani khabo

      I love how you are overloading November with Christmas movies. But October you gave us like 1 good horror movie? Come on Netflix. Give us quality horror content!!!

    20. Tala Hashem

      just add harry potter plsss

    21. Gloria thomas

      pagan pagan pagan holiday

    22. Lendsxy 。

      Omg can you please put greys anatomy season 17 on Netflix? If not then it’s fine =)

    23. Yoshinova Productions

      Santa likes this, but deep down he's tired of everybody disrespecting the turkey

    24. Jostinplayz

      Your forgot stranger things

    25. • Izuku •

      Can you add My Hero Academia please? I really want to watch it.

    26. Luna Moto

      The crown is my fav

    27. Ari N

      I watched jingle jangle

      1. XL B

        Is it good?

    28. Mack

      Cmon where's SpongeBob on Netflix

      1. Sam Mbah

        Go to the Netflix Request website online and request Spongbeob Squarepants nonstop until it comes to Netflix.

    29. double x

      Netflix please put in the. Spongebob squarepants show PLEASE

      1. double x

        @Sam Mbah ok thank you so much

      2. Sam Mbah

        Go to the Netflix Request website online and request Spongebob Squarepants nonstop until it comes to Netflix.

    30. GoldenGamer_TV


    31. toster

      UwU i love netflix

    32. Toxic

      Who agrees with me when I say that All Christmas movies are the same example Christmas is ruin and kids need to help Santa

    33. Camilo Vera Ruiz

      Pongan bleyblade burst surge?

    34. Fnafjade.animations

      Wait where’s the spongebob movie and the others? I don’t get it


      Thanksgiving here like 🦃💧👄💧🦃

    36. Eni Molina

      how about insted to make 30 christmas movies make a serires worth watching

    37. Harsh Joshi

      Make more trippy shiZzz ya know what I'm sayin (like queens gambit)

    38. Ashley Santos

      Can y’all add Haikyuu!! Season 3 and 4 like please? Many people are probably waiting for it and being inpatient.

    39. Pettie Bloop 69

      trying to read all the captions u miss half the show!

    40. Pettie Bloop 69


    41. akilah1595

      Wow this is so straight 🥴

    42. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder that netflix endorses pedophilia

    43. ice scream

      0:06 where is teddy?

    44. Chicago Gucci

      I really hope you but this crap in English

    45. Armand Heshmat

      I want to see Naruto Shippuden come onto netflix in america

    46. Amanda


    47. Dr. Gainzzz

      Where is the last kingdom season 3? Only reason I still have netflix

    48. Waseem Shahzada

      Are you ever going to release naruto shippuden

      1. Sam Mbah

        Go to the Netflix Request website online and request Naruto Shippuden.

    49. Shawn Rankin

      this month sucked...

    50. thereisnocarolinHR

      I mean what is December even for at this point

    51. 501st clone Trooper

      Can you put the clone wars and Star Wars movies into Netflix please?

    52. Alice Bentley

      Me looking for stranger things season 4

    53. Axaa

      Dash and Lilly was pretty good tho

    54. Moo moo

      the great pretender, paranormal, and the libarator are the only good things on this list. the libarator is super entertaining to watch.

    55. The True Patriot

      watching this video I'm already sick of Christmas..

    56. paola garcia

      nier automata ost

    57. Lucas Sinclair

      I just want STRANGER THINGS

    58. Paul Chall-Hutchinson

      Love Kurt Rusell as Santa

    59. BH Redo

      i can’t find sponge on the run >:(

      1. Queen Mal

        Cause its only UK and other countries

    60. Mr. Panda

      i want jojo part 4 and 5

    61. Nyonna Green

      Okay but lily and dash was the besttt I cried a little tho🤭😭

    62. kayla

      awh man nothing good to watch ill come back next month


      No nut November

    64. Remaz Mahmoud

      thanks for this vid i am gonna go watch the christmiss thing thanks

    65. Eugene Ortiz


    66. Alejandro Flores

      Why can't we watch the spongebob movie why only in the UK what's that

    67. Ora Ergaaa

      Netflix got soft... we need a Narcos Mexico season three to rival El Señor De Los Cielos

    68. Eddie Gonzalez

      Reasons to keep netflix Stranger things Umbrella academy That series about chest isn’t bad After stranger things and umbrella I’m out

    69. Linda Lin

      i miss aunt dolly

    70. Arijeet xyz

      They also cancelled insatiable, and bring some stupid shows in November

    71. Shiny ZygardeGamez

      Netflix is going to be beaten by just Disney’s marvel movies

    72. The Conductor Esplin

      So nothing interesting coming out this month "The words Hulu softly rang through my ear"

    73. Chomp Chomp

      Coming November : CUTIES 2 (Christmas Special)

    74. plucymae1

      In Ninjago Season 12, Antonia retired.

    75. Abraham Mejia

      Netflix pls put corpse bride back and the little rascals

    76. Boosted Billy

      What a bunch of junk

    77. DurableProductions

      So they still haven’t removed Cuties, *ight imma head out tell me when they do*

    78. Mike Campbell

      These all look absolutely terrible......

    79. Sanjana Khan

      dammn the coming soon for supernatrual

    80. Jenn Carroll

      Blah. Christmas movies and we ain't even got to eat a turkey yet.

    81. Thefemalearrow

      We couldn’t even get a I’m Not Ok with This season 2, but Boss Baby is getting a season 4

    82. Jeremiah Gilbert

      Yep. Definitely not renewing my subscription anytime soon

    83. Jesus Morales

      Spongebob squarepants on the run

    84. Bob Bob

      I wish they would add modern family

    85. Griffin Dow

      Sponge on the run

    86. Ethan Ginett

      No... anime😫😭 Except for the great pretender

      1. Sam Mbah

        @Ethan Ginett Go to the Netflix request website online and request Naruto Shippuden and other anime’s as much as you can. Also, tell your friends and family to request Naruto Shippuden and other anime’s as much as they can.

    87. Gordo 7777


    88. Owen West


    89. barry b. benson

      Where’s big mouth????

    90. Tarynn Lowe

      I don’t understand all of the good shows they cancelled we don’t wanna watch all of these Christmas shows

    91. Myah

      yawn...same mediocre Christmas movies with recycled plots. Very Hallmark of you Netflix

    92. nikki&mariela

      Can you please start talking about the new season of on my block

    93. Emma Jane101

      Me: *Skipping through to see if they're adding Haikyuu season 3*

      1. Ashley Santos

        Same 😭

    94. Immunity_Unity


    95. olyartrockguy

      Goofy cheezy christmas crap month

    96. Cam Sandman

      So are we getting a season two of the promised neverland or not?

    97. aesthetic stxrs

      Is the last kids on earth book 4 coming to Netflix?

    98. Alyssa Ire

      Mrs. Netflix what if we don't want to watch Christmas movies for the whole month of November

    99. Juaben Rodriguez

      No spongebob movie?

    100. gacha power kid

      where is raising dion and stranger things