New on Netflix Canada | November 2020


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    Here's what's coming to Netflix Canada this November!
    Here For the Holidays - 0:05
    Drama - 2:50
    Nonfiction - 4:18
    Family - 4:53
    And More - 5:52
    About Netflix:
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    New on Netflix Canada | November 2020

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    1. Kayla Stendel

      Could you guys add one upon a time back to netflix i didnt get to finish it and its such a good show :(

    2. andremani2010

      Rising dion s2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Gypcian

      are you serious. cancel subscription

    4. Harambe

      Can you plz put legend of Korea because when I go to my cousins house in Canada we can’t watch it

    5. All four one 6ix

      6:32 FINALLY!!!!!

      1. zevox

        Yeah man

    6. Among us Guy

      I accept theres no pokemon in this

    7. m

      Can’t wait not to watch any of these Christmas movies

    8. Colten’s corner Vlogs

      you need to add AHS to canadian netflix!!!!!

    9. Araathana Rasaratnam

      What about greys anatomy

      1. Tracey No Matter What

        Yup!! Tomorrow, the 12th. Woo hoo!

    10. NickToysReview


    11. Ali Baba

      Why are y'all complaining about Netflix releasing Christmas movies in November? Some people like to start watching them in November. If you don't like it, don't watch them.

    12. Rayne Muir

      Of course this happens after I bought all seasons of Dawson's Creek on iTunes in October... :/

    13. Knute

      Dude wtf, pretty much nothing for Halloween but we now get a million things for Christmas in November!

    14. mentally retarded girgha

      yet again, i care about like one thing

    15. Alan craft2

      Bring back boruto next generation please

    16. humairaa793

      so nothing

    17. TheReccher

      Spider-verse is the only one I care about.

    18. sebastian fess

      Didn’t think trap music would make sense next to The Crown llmao

    19. magerageful

      Björn Ironside! Noooooooo!

    20. Macartney Fazakas

      Isn't clueless already on Netflix?

    21. Shucks

      Says every Canadian: "OH! That show looks amazing!" ' its only available on the American version- but, check...just in case' "Darn! Youre right. N A in Canada". NETFLIX SUCKS.

      1. andremani2010

        Bad boy you 😡

    22. Gabriel Mérette

      Where's season 16 of grey's anatomy?

      1. Tracey No Matter What

        Can’t wait for tomorrow! Just rewatching Season 15 so I remember who is where!

    23. Kyle Serdan

      Clueless is already on Netlfix Canada?

    24. ProudtobeaCanuck

      I guess I can watch the Christmas stuff while I decorate the house 😂

    25. Quinn V.

      "If anything happens I love you" looks sick. Really excited for that one. Cool to get spiderverse and great pretender s2 too. I just wish there was more lmao.

    26. Superhero Fan77

      Spiderman into the Verse and The Libertor is that only ones I'm interested in for this month

    27. Linda Blue


    28. Greg Hay

      Why is over half the stuff that is coming out in November has to do with Christmas. You do realize it’s not December yet right?

      1. Tracey No Matter What

        @Greg Hay yeah... been that way for at least a couple of decades, I think. As soon as October is over, the focus for tv content is Christmas. Thankfully there’s more than just Christmas shows or it would be a long 2 months! The fine print at the end says dates and titles are subject to chance, so if you did have access to watch Aquaman on Netflix, and not just ask for your notification when it’s available on the 5th, then guess you lucked out and it was released early!

      2. Greg Hay

        Also just realized Aquaman is already on Netflix in Canada. Did they make a mistake?

    29. Shai

      Pleaase add the big K-dramas such as Goblin and Hotel Del Luna to Netflix Canada.

    30. Adrian

      Keep up with the Netflix boycott! New US users down 1.3 million from their projected forecast.

    31. Kingj0444

      spiderverse!!!! LETS GOOO

    32. ZappaBlues

      Almost disappointing

    33. Aaramlias

      No Walking Dead season 10 or Supergirl season 5 this month? I was so waiting to those too.

      1. Newt Jorden

        Regarding The Walking Dead, i doubt it will be on Netflix anytime soon. Season 10 just ended on October 4, and 6 additional episode are to air in early 2021. So its most likely season 10 will be on Netflix sometime next year.

    34. fry xavi

      Netflix and sleep, yawn

    35. Owen: SuperBot


    36. Stef King

      Wow all this and I will only watch Aquaman 🤷‍♂️

    37. Stef King

      Christmas movie 🤢🤮

      1. andremani2010

        You hate Christmas!?!?!?

    38. Jonathan

      Kinda weak for the 20 bucks yall charging...

    39. Ceylan189

      Wow! Earlier today I was wondering if Dawson’s Creek would be available on Netflix someday! 😳😅

    40. Gabriel Martin

      Great ! Still wait for Dark Crystal Season 2 .... /s

    41. clutch powers

      You put Dawson's Creek up, now how about you put back up Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

    42. McBash

      this is a trash line up why am I paying for this?

    43. David Hamid

      Christmas 2 months of the year!

    44. Dominus Pegas

      Aquaman Nov 5th and Spiderman Nov 26. The only two things that I want to watch this next month.

      1. Stef King

        Same for me

    45. John Bosco Chinakwe

      Boss Baby:Back in Business Season 4, Night School & Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. And why are you adding Christmas movies already? Can't you wait till December?

    46. Twd S11 The final season

      I love Netflix but they should add Christmas movies in December

    47. EspressoDepresso x

      Increases subscription prices, still gives us trash.

    48. Orchidilia

      so spiderverse (which I already have on bluray) and aquaman.... thank god Mandalorian season 2 is on Disney plus in November.

    49. Saiyan Prince

      Great Pretender s2 lets gooooo

    50. Dr Eamus


    51. DaBAZzMan

      @netflix when is Netflix Canada getting shameless season 10?? It's already out for a month or so now in the US

    52. Aidan Corcoran

      Still waiting on big mouth season 4😤

      1. zevox


      2. Luard Plays


    53. Jaymixfit

      Yes sir great pretender🔥

    54. Danny Eh

      you guys realize xmas is in December not November?

      1. Robbie J.

        It would be even weirder if they don't add any Christmas themed movies/specials for the month of December.

    55. Jaafar R

      Ok some interesting things to watch next month: The crown Hillbilly elegy The liberator Jingle jangle Spiderman into the spiderverse

      1. JD Bond

        Gangs of New York

    56. GoogleYoutubeName

      6:49 for the full list

    57. Hasan Al-Taie

      Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse... as if to coincide with Spider-Man: Miles Morales also releasing in November. Nice!

      1. Shadowy figure

        into the spider verse is somethin I'm gonna watch the hell out of

    58. Jamie Sucie

      That’s a lot of Xmas shows in November

      1. Jamie Sucie

        @Nicholas M don’t upvote your own reply

      2. Nicholas M


    59. SuperBollywoodboy

      Where’s greys anatomy season 16??

    60. EJ

      lol still no disenchantment

    61. PizzaDan167

      Some shows that should be on Netflix Canada: Always Sunny Criminal Minds Chuck American Crime Story Beauty and the Beast CW DC’s Stargirl Pokemon Journeys NCIS Miami Vice Cheers I’m tired of them adding the same ass movies over and over

      1. nour

        legend of korra

      2. Holly L


      3. Bryden Penney

        last month or maybe a bit before they said pokémon journeys season two was coming to canada and i was like we don’t even have the first season how is that going to work

    62. joolsca

      sophia loren! wow!

    63. Lil Phantom

      None of this looks good 👎🏻

    64. Ryan Bushie

      Nothing good smh

      1. Maul

        King Kong

    65. John Penyk

      Someone should tell Netflix that christmas is in December

      1. andremani2010


      2. Charles’ channel of awesomeness

        I think Halmark needs to know that more then Netflix

      3. Aaramlias

        Some people start watching their Christmas movies and specials in November so they have time to watch everything before Christmas.

      4. Robbie J.

        Yeah I know. Some of these titles could and should wait until December.

      5. Mike Wood

        If that means 2020 ends quicker, I am OK with it. Won't watch any of it. But still bring on 2021.

    66. Daniella

      why am i so early???? 9 seconds ago??