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Dhanashree Verma

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    Wishing everyone a very Happy Navratri
    I have stepped out of my comfort zone to present this beautiful dance for you guys
    Hope you guys enjoy watching this video and do leave your comments below
    Featuring: Vaishali Sagar
    Amazing mashup brought to you by: Acoustique Productions
    Hair by: strands hair, Juhu
    Outfits by: Deepika and Priti & Kalki Fashion
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    1. Nimesh Bakraniya

      Nagin dance please

    2. Anamika Soni 7

      Dhanashree looks like Ragini Khanna

    3. Karishma Ajitsaria

      Too fast...u dance is not matching with beat...u use too much energy...not gracefull

    4. Shadab b boy flipper

      Aap editing kese karte ho ji

    5. Raman Awal

      Another wonderful kamariya dance by this 7 year old girl. Unbelievable acting skills. She surprised me. Just wow.

    6. Sühasî

      Diii ab naach meri raani pe video daalo please

    7. Yuzvendra Chahal


    8. Rajasi Naik

      I have seen Vaishali somewhere on TV!🤔

    9. Amitoj Singh

      Your hit ''afghan jalebi cover''........LOL engaged to INDIAN cricketer Chahal but RASHID KHAN ke gaane par dance. hit the like for #chahal #rcb #rashid #srh #dance #dhanashree.

    10. BPN Nithin naik

      I had didn't know who is Dhanshree .V but when i know she is G.F of Chahal ...i subscribed this channel 😂😂😑😎😎😎😎😀😀

    11. monosheel Ravi

      Mam aap chahal ke kuchh lgte ho kya

    12. Vanita Bhogle

      Dance with yuzi chahal😂😂 When RCB will won in IPL

    13. Kalpesh Sarvaiya

      I love my yuzi

    14. shambhavi Singh

      Upload the video of laila song and mujhase shadi karogi dance video which u have in your Instagram plz

    15. Areena Tasnim

      Very nice 👍👍👌😊😊 di

    16. Saurav Raj

      Congrats on hitting 2 million.... Love your dance....❤️❤️

    17. Jay Suthar

      Wonderful Dance 💃 Dhanashree Verma & I'm Big Fan Of Dhanashree Verma

    18. Songs by Mona

      My favourite song❤️

    19. Riya Sharma

      Me who think the other girl is way better than dhanshree she realized what kind of energy required for types of songs

    20. abhishek negi

      Yuvi bhai ki vajhe se subscribe kr rha hu vo mere idol h or fav spiner

    21. Babu Dolasiya

      Nice song 🎧🖤😊


      Dhanushree dii you are looking so cute in the first song and beautifull in both

    23. Mohit Bhamare

      Big fan of Dhanu mam 👌✌️

    24. Haritha Sirigiri

      So pretty 💙


      Your body is not flexible you steps seems like you are forcing your body just want to make step harldy not softly. And always steps seems like same.


        One more thing you always in hurry enjoy the song and try to be relax.

    26. Shriya Dave

      Want u to make a dance video with chahal someday one some song.... Really willing to see that...🤩🤩😍😍😄😄♥️♥️

    27. ritu bhanji

      1st dance: i love the way your hair dance with you. ❣️

    28. Rupa Raushni

      Dhanashree kaafi hadd tak surbhi chandna ( bani sharma ) from nagin 5 se resemble karti hai look wise...who else agree ?

    29. Ansuman Sahoo

      slow down ur dance is too fast😅

    30. enif pegasus

      Pity for the other girl who is ignored by everyone.

    31. Rathore Family

      सुपर डांस दीदी 😘😘👍

    32. Vihu Munde


    33. google_was_my_idea 1990

      Comments padhne cahal sir bhi aaye h kya hmmmm

    34. Barkha Das

      Dhanashree u somewhat look like surbhi chandana who played role as anika in ishqbaaz

    35. Faiz Mulani

      Cutie pie 😘😘😘😘

    36. Shreya Kumari

      Wow i was not knowing that she is engaged with cricketer chahal....she is soooo much talented and hardworking amd her moves are just wow.....god bless her and yeah whatever she is ....on her own....get that inside your head....and stop ✋ relating her success with him....

    37. The beauty of Nature

      Dance with chahal

    38. learning by doing

      1. learning by doing

        Aapka video chocolate

    39. learning by doing

      And chocolate video bhi

    40. learning by doing

      Super dance

    41. Aditya Chaturvedi


    42. Vartha Subbarayudu

      Aww😍 so, cute nd very happy to see dhana shree dancing 😘

    43. sumit anand

      Such a beautiful long hair u have dhanshree 😍😍😍😍

    44. Kundan Garg

      Chahal ab to six marega . Pr or kisi ki ko marne nahi dega .

    45. Vaishali Patel


    46. Dance with Jiya

    47. Dance with Jiya

    48. Bhagyajyoti Thatoi

      Can anyone tell me where is mam's dance academy

    49. Bhagyajyoti Thatoi

      I only wish that mam should dance after marriage also. Just wish you will continue. And also upload the video.

    50. Golu Sharma

      Hii dhana shree my sister iam fig fan

    51. jessica gopalka

      Can anyone tell me is the song paree hun main remix one??

    52. Naved Pasha

      LOVE YOU💓💓💓💓💓💓💓👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕😀😀😀😀


      Imagine how beautiful she will loook dancing in her bridal lehangaa❤💕

    54. Music World

    55. Music World

    56. soumya mallick

      I came to know about yuzi when I came to know that had engaged with Miss beautiful dhanashree My morning gets fresh and well when I see her face and dance How Beautiful her smile and her hair is Kisi Ki Nazar NA lage Love you dhanashree

    57. Tootery

      #Love #from #Tobchi

    58. kiran manoj

      Di congratulations for 2 million subscribers ❤️❤️❤️🥰🤗🙋

    59. Sàrvesh 2021

      Congratulations dhanashree di

    60. Karimunnisa Shaik

      Awesome choreography ❤️❤️ amazing

    61. pooja mishra

      Dhanashree you are dammnnnn cute ❣️

    62. Nawal Aggrawal

      I want to tell you this that you look just like Surbhi chandna😍

    63. Samsung Store Rahim Yar Khan

    64. Samsung Store Rahim Yar Khan

    65. Samsung Store Rahim Yar Khan

    66. Shivani Patil

      Make a video on nach meri rani with guru randhawa

    67. Komal Saini

      Mam amazing 💃💃dance... Please make it's tutorial.. We want to learn it. 🙏🙏

    68. pankaj kumar

      Chahal bhaiya ka comments nhi aaya " ye my kr leta hu aap tb tk dream 11 pr team banao😂🙏

    69. suparna Koley

      Dhanashree: pori hui mai. Pori: Dhanashree hui mai 👍💝

    70. Sunder__ सारण__ बिश्नोई

      Superb 👍

    71. Shi Sinha

      She can call herself a dancer but choreographer??? No man! She doesn't complete her steps properly, puts too much energy, doesn't have grace...she can't be teaching/directing others without doing her basics right.

    72. Sushant kumar

      Congrats for 2M subscribers


      Everyone want heart from Dhanashree but i don't because she is in my heart ❤️

    74. KKNH Sharma

      Dance in dubai

    75. K M Hossain Minar

      Teri aankhon mein Darshan Ravel Divya Dance Song Upload karo pliz

    76. Anjali Shah

      Make video on teri ankhoon mein or nach meri rani

    77. nasir uddin

      Congratulations for 2M subscribers

    78. Sonu Choudhary

      Wow 👌💃❤️

    79. Sachin Singh


    80. HipHop Toddlers

      Fans of danashree di's dance and expression like here👇👇👇👇 Waiting for your responses .....Let's show our love to Danashree di 👇👇👇like👇👇👇 #hiphoptoddlers

    81. shambhavi Singh

      Hi di please make a video on teri ankho me and sawan me lag gayi aag plz

    82. Anil Kumar

      Dance for second song is awesome. Beautiful dance 💃🏽 💃🏽

    83. Sampa Sarkar're just "WOW" rock every song with your expression, beauty and smile❤❤❤❤❤❤

    84. Blossom Bhavya

      Who all started watching their channel randomly and now watch them regularly??😂❤

    85. neo neo

      Just imagine Him being normal guy..bloody golddgigger

    86. Ambika Sunil meena

      Plzzz make a easy dance learning video on Gucci

    87. Rutvi Bhakhar

      Congratulations for 2 million dhanashree verma

    88. Nikhil Pathak

      Arey khatam bhi ho gaya..

    89. Aditi Singh

      congratsss hurray😍😍2 million subscribers

    90. Harshit

      Congratulations for 2 million

    91. gunjan singh

      Congratulations for completing 2M subscriber God bless you and you achieved 10M subscriber soon

    92. prabhjot kaur

      Dhana is dancing but her hair is dancing even more gracefully

    93. Sonali Rajput

      ree osm

    94. Anju Rao


    95. Dhwani Gajjar

      What i have noticed after seeing her few videos that She has 4-5 common dance moves and huge mismatch between pace of song and her pace of dancing! Way too fast which is not required i think! She may improve to this.

      1. Riya Sharma

        I feel same😀I was about to write this .may be dhanshree will notice it soon.i understand in some energy it needs lot of energy but In some songs u just have to focus and feel the music rather than energy

    96. Khushi Goyal

      Wooow... Dance steps😱😱OMG🤩🤩🤩😍

    97. Vedant Padmakar Ambwad

      Congratulations for 2 million just now

    98. LEo STeAlthFeArZz

      Really, what a lucky person yuz sir?

    99. Josnara Begum

      Dhanashree...just look like @Bani...nagin5😘😘😘😘

    100. Shalini Pandey

      Your hair and your face every thing is sooo beautiful and according to me you are the best dance in world and Nora also