My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Kim Kardashian West on OJ Simpson


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    In this clip of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, Kim Kardashian West discusses growing up during the OJ Simpson trial. This season, Dave also sits down with Robert Downey Jr., Dave Chappelle and Lizzo for in-depth conversations, combining humor and curiosity. All four episodes of the Netflix talk show series will be streaming on Netflix beginning October 21, 2020.
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    My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Kim Kardashian West on OJ Simpson
    Dave returns with a set of intimate, in-depth interviews featuring megastars Dave Chappelle, Kim Kardashian West, Lizzo and Robert Downey Jr.

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    1. Kem j

      She looks less Armenian as the days go by

    2. Explodingtraps

      Like omg!...shame on you dave

    3. siham nazih

      lests be honest , u knw she's exaggerating , and u are just sitting their listening and excited ..

      1. Misba Abdul

        You should know 😂💀

    4. Miss Vee

      People talk so much crap on her but she’s so well spoken lol

    5. Larney K

      Love u kim! Love all your family has done!

    6. loubna loubna

      Kim was always a beauty but she mess it up by having botox and nose job and botox eyebrow lifter

      1. Casually Me


    7. Happy Couple

      She's so much wiser than he is. He doesn't get it. He showed how much of a asshat he is in this interview.

    8. Brett Millar

      I have lost all respect for David Letterman. What a joke!

    9. chanel princess

      She tells the same stories every time...

      1. Explodingtraps

        Ya she has no talent and nothing interesting has happened to her

    10. Zeli Ralte

      Kim looks like princess jasmine here, so pretty!

    11. N G

      Tbh her (and all of their) life is full of just crazy stories : their moms best friend being murdered by OJ, Kim's sex tape, Kim being held at gun point and robbed, Kim's husband being a trump supporter and just all around an extreme person, their dad transitioning to a woman, Kim being married for 72 days, Khloe's ex almost dying in a brothel... I mean some of this things are horrible but damn they have a lot of crazy stories to tell lol.

    12. Kate Quinn

      Why does everything she says sound like a question

    13. Crookedboy Foong

      I thought Dave was supposed to be interviewing people who matter; people who have something to say. People who are pushing their respective field of work to new heights, not the account of what happened with OJ in the perspective of an onlooker. Cuz that's what this whole segment was... What did you see, who said what and how did you feel. It's someone else's story told second hand.

    14. Akio Aslan

      And she loved all that since that moment

    15. adiaedel

      Are you kidding me?? Kadarshian?? What exactly has she done in her life to be worthy of being a guest here?? She and her family advertise for products detrimental to teengaers and misguide youngsters on what beauty should be and have the most shameful, pointless reality show that appeals to the lowest common denominator in humanity!! I am all for freedom and choice to do what she wants but inviting her on a stage that had barack obama legitimizes her in a way that is unacceptable. People like Letterman have a responsibility to have a higher bar for their guests cos this is not just any late night show!!! Disappointed and will not watch any more of this series. People have to stand for something. Just because something is popular does not make it worthy of respect! Disappointed.

    16. Lavendera k

      She's gorgeous😍

    17. Maria S

      Sorry I still think this family is shady as f*** ...she was mad at Caitlyn for writing a book saying that robert kardashian knew that OJ had murdered nicole and said that was a lie that her dad so believed he was innocent. Cut the shit! He believed in MONEY. Just like the rest of the entire family. This family is SKILLED at lying and their obsessed with money and fame.

    18. No name

      I know she comes from privilige and all so "making it" has been easier for her but I just admire people who always push to do more. Like she could retire but just chooses to work harder and harder and now changing lanes and becoming a lawyer. No matter what we think about her she does have a strong work ethic. It is inspirational and admirable for me because I will never have such drive

    19. Flickan Rimsky

      I've heard these stories already but I still wanna hear it

    20. nishant gupta

      A good for nothing woman interviewed by a 80 year old fool.

    21. Rebecca Maloney

      I find this family so uninteresting as a whole but they are quite interesting as individuals. I would like to see their followers take heed of what they do to improve themselves and help in the world than for their style or their clothes or makeup etc Really they have ENOUGH money! Don't really need a bit more! Yet they persist in the material world encouraging their followers to buy whatever product they produce.

      1. Rebecca Maloney

        I also find it very obnoxious that they enter the audience as a whole just as the interview begins. They would have shown more respect for Kim if they had stated in “the green room “ and watched on a monitor! Letterman is dumb for allowing that bit of marketing to invade his interview ; I don’t care if the studio audience is thrilled by this gesture!

    22. Guillaume L.

      Lesson learned, media lies lies lies. It’s not about reporting the news anymore, it’s about propaganda.

    23. creon potier

      Omg thats so not watermelon.

    24. teddy ambachew

      this lady has donle literally nothing

    25. HibzzyJ

      This is soo sad

    26. Harshaan Gill

      Smart woman with a dumb accent.

    27. Never Filtered Always Fabulous

      Please pick up Venture Brothers!!!!! Just for 1 more season at least!!

    28. PrettyBoy Ken

      U look perfect wish u was mine

    29. Michael Udeze

      Porn Star Life Matter, too.

    30. 2 Weird

      I’d sell my new kitten for a dollar to be Kim’s chair for a minute.

    31. Sunny Sunny

      Kim booty look ridiculous. Looks like a diaper

    32. Celeste Powell

      Wow I didn’t Now your on PAprom

    33. Sagisli

      I took a serious look at Kim after she successfully negotiated the pardon for Alice Johnson. I've never seen anyone "evolve" the way she has. I think Letterman saw the same thing and probably regretted all the jokes he made about her in the past.

      1. Flickan Rimsky

        what jokes he made

    34. Nicola Stilwell

      It’s all a joke. He has zero respect for her and we all know why. She has no clue how the judicial system works she’s only ever used her star power to get ahead. Look at who she procreated with, for Chrissakes!

      1. Nicola Stilwell

        @Lisa Lima No Lisa, but my son’s father is and so is his stepmom, and my family are doctors and engineers and I have a degree from U.B.C. which is more than this woman with her fake hair can claim.

      2. Lisa Lima

        so....are u a lawyer or...

    35. Roxy Reyes

      I dont know why but I find these stories from her very interesting.

      1. Nikiwe Ngcobo

        Great storyteller!!

      2. YANFRET

        She’s a good story teller.

      3. Paris P.

        Same here!

      4. Ananya Murlidharan S

        @Nick Young yes she makes it so intriguing the way that she speaks in situations

      5. Nick Young

        she's always been a great story teller. her pacing and expressions and stuff really lure you into whatever story she is telling.

    36. bee dee

      I don't care what people think or say abt her, I LOVE HER.

      1. Elif T

        Well, do you know that she's proud of donating 1 million dollars to armania for attacking another Turkish country and killing people there?

    37. lamp post

      Oh my god she was 13!! She looks so good, I looked like an egg at 13 wtf

      1. Melissa McDonald

        “an egg” 😂😂😂

    38. A A

      Kim will be a great lawyer just like her dad 😊

    39. Cup Oftea

      I like kim

    40. Darkshadow

      I swear she's aging backwards. Her face looks like how it did in the late 2000's.

      1. Jan P

        @Kaya Nurshiya armenian are middle eastern they are not caucasian.

      2. Kaya Nurshiya

        @angela t yes Armenians are white however I have seen plenty who are naturally brown like her dad . And some that look like they made the wrong turn in Sweden. 😂

      3. angela t

        @hen her mother is white and her late father is armenian. she is white and eastern european. but she tans herself to the extent of looking like a racially ambiguous black or black biracial woman.

      4. Moon Child

        People will say it's plastic surgery etc to make themselves feel better when really Kim has just taken VERY good care of her appearance, obviously money and access to the best anti-aging tools plays a part too!

      5. Gingo Yalho

        It’s called a billion dollar. Great moisturizer I hear. 😂

    41. dev sapkota

      0:48 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    42. Leaky Pussy

      is Kim wearing nc43 or nc 45 in the cvs skit? cuz shit cheeto

    43. Sonia M. E. H.


    44. Knox Knoxx

      David letter man looking like ariels dad from little mermaid ..she anoying af

    45. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    46. Belletaina

      WHO CARES! Kim is just playing the victim and crying rape again.

    47. Yiğit Yağcı

      she support terrorism ermania

    48. Megan menchaca

      Still calling kaitlyn her dad :/

      1. peter rogers-davidson

        no she's talking abt robert kardashian her actual father who was oj's lawyer

    49. Tito Pullo

      What a load of shit thumbs down this crap

    50. Jeanine Shiman

      Kim, you are just a good person with a great heart, an that will take thru life in difficult or happy times, besides your a cool mom

      1. Joel Garcia

        You think are good person and no really are the person you say look here on you tube alot videos show ebrething how this family Kardashian really are !

    51. A

      Netflix please realise lucifer s5b

    52. wolky.


    53. Captain BP&J

      She has a great face for facials .

    54. dreamtby

      like ohmygosh i totally broke a nail and i cried for 2 days

      1. Jasmeen Dhaliwal


    55. Rhyma Upadhyay

      Why is she here again?

      1. Montgomery Cam Jr

        SHE'S being interviewed because YOU were too busy, right?????? :)

      2. Jasmeen Dhaliwal

        Cuz she is a business woman who frees wrongful people from jail. What are you doing here again?

    56. Jacky Mo

      *Kim Africashian* 😍

    57. kayla rasy

      i beg u

    58. kayla rasy

      pls continue demon slayer once it is realeased pls

    59. Akira Ackerman

      Can you put all seasons from my hero academia and attack on titan?

    60. Ginger Rogers

      No sorry who is she 😂

    61. diego kasady


    62. BeeTTituS

      So much plastic in one scene

    63. Klark Griswold

      I can't believe you idiots made this useless waste of space famous.

    64. MrBeful

      booo hooo fuking human trash


      Dream about having something great as Netflix keep making us help with this kind of show

    66. Prawal De

      How do I unview a PAprom video

    67. Edward Yeung


    68. Abdellah Ibrahim

      Her dad must be rolling in his grave seeing what his family became, idiots for a living.

    69. G Lover

      Who is she?

      1. Montgomery Cam Jr

        Your MOM!!!!!!

    70. ThankYouPain09

      Imagine driving to your dads place and being called his mistress

      1. Melissa McDonald

        Someone once asked my Dad how he “got [me]” 🤢😬😒

      2. TheBeastRoasting

        @The Mango Hey I made some song videos on popular Netflix web series starting with crossover between Lucifer and Damon Salvatore pls do check it out.....

      3. The Mango

        I think i would mentally vomit

      4. loveGG3

        I was actually eating dinner at a restaurant with my dad one time, just me and him (my mom and siblings didn't happen to be there but had been with us to that restaurant before) and the waiter referred to me as my dad's wife. It's was WEIRD, lol.

      5. TheBeastRoasting

        Hey I made some song videos on popular Netflix web series starting with crossover between Lucifer and Damon Salvatore pls do check it out.....

    71. Phantom Thieves

      Hey I think it's that one lady famous for her ass?

    72. Lindsey Carribean

      This platform is so much more interesting than his previous popular talk-show. It’s more serious, intimate and it goes deeper with the guest.

      1. Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil

        because this isn't a show to sell movies and books

      2. Lindsey Carribean

        @Melinda Johnson yep indeed.

      3. Melinda Johnson

        I couldn't agree more!! Back in the days, I thought David Letterman was so BOOOORING!! Indeed, he really showed us, as an audience, that he can deeper and serious as a talk-show host.

    73. Robbie Jurca

      why do we need this?

    74. burgundybaby

      Okay but...why is she even taken seriously?

      1. Lebo Mmatjie

        Why are you even watching 😂why did you click if you don't take her seriously

    75. Joseph Cerski

      Who is she?

      1. Montgomery Cam Jr

        Your MOM!!¡

      2. Lindsey Carribean

        A business woman.

    76. D D

      Oj def did it and it’s so sad that he “got away” with it.

      1. TheBeastRoasting

        Hey I made some song videos on popular Netflix web series starting with crossover between Lucifer and Damon Salvatore pls do check it out.....

    77. Hash

      Remember when she was super famous

    78. Miranda Summerset


    79. Hermela Afewerki

      Kim is so beautiful. I love her so much ❤ god bless her and her family and children.

      1. Elif T

        Turkish people never commited any genocide.

      2. Elif T

        She's like if she was born to attack Turkish people. By her lies...

      3. Elif T

        I think you all should go search about her.

      4. Danny bling

        @Elif T how

      5. Elif T

        It doesn't change the reality of her being a liar.

    80. Shubham Singh

      Kim Kardashian who are they what talent they have Filth

    81. z9944x -

      Who are they??

      1. Lindsey Carribean

        Entrepreneur, business woman.

      2. z9944x -

        Singer? Actress?

    82. Parakal Gurung

      STRANGERS THING S4 I WANT WE WANT 😭😭😭😭😭😭please please

      1. Magnificent Me

        Not here please

      2. dragosto

        @Already Bannedprobably some kind of pajeet virgin.

    83. Motown Fresh

      I love hearing Kim telling past stories, she’s so intelligent and you know she’s not over exaggerating and telling us every detail! 😍

      1. Lord Of Arkham


    84. roger awkward

      beautiful small applications of strong makeup shapes - awesomeeee work 🤍 so cool so 2020

    85. sobhia kohli

      Why is Kourtney so serious?

      1. Phoenix Gem

        @Iced Coffee Child trafficking, pedophilia, etc

      2. Iced Coffee

        @Phoenix Gem why are they going to prison ?

      3. Ann Diasmbolongwe

        @Zara M 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Phoenix Gem

        @헤더 Why wouldn't I be ok?

      5. 헤더

        @Phoenix Gem lol what. You okay?

    86. Doug styles

      WHY DAVID????? Shes dumb as a box of rocks.

    87. Christopher Ebuka

      Everyone tells David Letterman things they wouldn't say in another interview. Maybe just Oprah.

    88. Queen of Stories

      Fact" : People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze,your heart stops for a mili-second.❤❤

    89. Mason K

      Bitch, control your psychotic husband first.

    90. samara kiely

      You can have your judgments on this woman, but nobody can say she has had an easy life just because she was born to money, she has had a lot of very real very extreme traumatic experiences and holds herself with a lot of grace, can’t say I’m necessarily a fan of her show or products but I have a lot of respect for her as a person.

      1. samara kiely

        Thankfully people meant to say, thankful for my like and people in it.

      2. samara kiely

        Plus thankful people but still grew up under middle class my parents worked hard but we had plenty of time we had to make do or go without, I got most of my clothes when I was a teen from the charity and op shops, and am still happily not rich and having to scrape enough up to get some bread at the end of the week, but my parents did do one thing that obviously some other struggling people did, that’s teaching me compassion for all other humans, appreciating what you have and not stewing or envying others who seem to have more, and that money makes your life easier and fun on a superficial level but real true happiness come from love , people and the free stuff like the beauty of nature, that being rich doesn’t make a happy family, that having a loving dad makes me a thousand times more wealthy then a rich person with an abusive father, that a poor person or a rich person who is raped feel the same trauma and pain and effects there life forever regardless of money for therapy because that’s a tool not a cure or solution, it’s sad that you think rich people don’t experience life altering problems, you got it backwards, the petty problems are easier for them to solve but real human problems effect them the same as anyone

      3. samara kiely

        I plus don’t be so rude and condescending, people have different perspectives on issues with no right and wrong, what makes you so righteous to help me understand (eye roll)

      4. samara kiely

        Yes that’s the privilege of money but money doesn’t stop or help real tragedies like the death or murder of a loved one or physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse like manipulation or abandonment, money also adds a lot of problems, people who make above the high wage often face mental issues the average person dose not, there is a high suicide and drug addiction in those demographics also and unfortunately tho they have more resources they often live in community’s where speaking out and seeking help for serious family problems or other are for risk of being excommunicated and losing everything. I think good and bad come with every situation and if look at someone with money make you lose the humanity and compassion for their real human struggles then your no better better then the rich who are blind to the underprivileged, when we stop seeing humans and just see what they have and where there from and judge on stereotypes, if people have no compassion cause someone is rich then they are look at the grass being greener on the other side and not seeing the good in there lives

      5. I

        @samara kiely yes BUT - Rich people have endless resources to handle their problems. Poor people don’t. Depressed? The rich can afford to see therapists, doctors, their nice schools are equipped with guidance counselors, they can afford medication if needed, they can afford transportation to and from appointments, doctors sometimes come to THEM, they have a social network of other rich people and their resources etc. So for the rich, there’s always the OPPORTUNITY to make their problems better. That’s the key difference. If a poor family can’t afford food or healthcare they can’t invent it out of the sky, they just stay hungry or sick until they can qualify for assistance and then receive substandard food/medical care if lucky. No one is claiming rich people don’t have ANY problems - just that they don’t have the major, life altering problems that shape the rest of your entire lives like the poor do. It’s honestly no comparison. Rich people don’t wake up itching all over from the bedbugs in their mattress they got from the side of the street because they couldn’t afford to buy one.. they don’t wake up sick from the lead-painted walls in their section 8 apartment. They don’t wake up exhausted from hearing their neighbors scream and fight through the thin walls of the apartment their slumlord landlord refuses to perform maintenance on. The first thought on their mind is - how am I gonna pay these bills (inducing anxiety), I gotta rush to work, I hope I make the bus (rich people tend to make their own hours whereas the poor are typically stuck in hourly less forgiving jobs) Hopefully this is enough to help you understand the massive difference between rich and poor problems.

    91. kevin

      lot of haters here. lol she is a billionaire and you re hating behind a broke ass laptop lol GTFO

    92. Official Lanisa

      Plz subscribe to me!, I'm a 16 year old Native American. Im a singer :)) appericate it. Love youu and stay safeee

    93. Gunay Resulzade

      Şerefsiz kadın! Bu savaşda bile terroristlere ermenilere destek oldun. Allahından bul!

    94. bella lel

      Renew teenage bounty hunters

    95. bigdog12088


    96. 925Warbot


    97. Fire fly

      What is this nonsense? Anyway, I’m still waiting for season 4 of Anne with an E

      1. Linda Lam


      2. Fire fly

        @David Arjon Nooooooooo!!!

      3. David Arjon

        cancelled as hell

    98. Creamy Pie

      Damn, who dis?

      1. TheBeastRoasting

        Hey I made some song videos on popular Netflix web series starting with crossover between Lucifer and Damon Salvatore pls do check it out.....

    99. Sumesh Shikhrakar

      Done? Ok then listen, we want stranger things 4.

      1. Sumesh Shikhrakar

        @MackyOzzy nahh man. We just want quality shows. Instead we get plastic people crying over their makeup.

      2. MackyOzzy

        @Sumesh Shikhrakar you didn’t sweetie but it looks like you’re the one who’s hurt because you want Stranger Things instead

      3. Sumesh Shikhrakar

        @harry elliott we means millions of fan

      4. Sumesh Shikhrakar

        @MackyOzzy oh sorry did i hurt your feelings? Please dont cry and go to mama.

      5. MackyOzzy

        I’m sorry but you must be watching on the wrong side, you should’ve been in PAprom Kids or tell your mom to write a letter to Netflix about Stranger Things Season 4 because you’re throwing a tantrum

    100. Erick Giovanni Escobar Arevalo

      Maybe there are most important people to interview... a man living in the streets can give us a powerful history and life lesson than somebody who is most interested in the size of her fake plastic body... come on man!!!

      1. Erick Giovanni Escobar Arevalo

        @Mario U. 😂😂😂yes, unfortunely she is... that's why general culture is lossing our kids and breaking society... sorry for us... but she can keep on his millionaire empty bussines... i think i'V SHOULDNT LOSS MY TIME IN THIS 😂😂😂

      2. Mario U.

        ? whether u like it or not she has a huge impact on society she's a cultural icon and an industry boss in beauty