My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Kim Kardashian West on Caitlyn Jenner


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    In this clip of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, Kim Kardashian West recalls learning about Caitlyn Jenner. This season, Dave also sits down with Robert Downey Jr., Dave Chappelle and Lizzo for in-depth conversations, combining humor and curiosity. All four episodes of the Netflix talk show series will be streaming on Netflix beginning October 21, 2020.
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    My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Kim Kardashian West on Caitlyn Jenner
    Dave returns with a set of intimate, in-depth interviews featuring megastars Dave Chappelle, Kim Kardashian West, Lizzo and Robert Downey Jr.

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      ESPN ON

    2. Georgiana G

      her dress is super

    3. SH4R 3

      He kept interrupting her in the interview

    4. Jaqui Betancourth

      What’s it’s called on Netflix

    5. Juan Julio

      What education? Self mutilation is suddenly something we promote?

    6. Khn ls


    7. S1T / S74Y


    8. Lale Sukurova

      Kim Kardashian kids killer! QARABAĞ IS AZERBAİJAN!

    9. Mrs. Slot machine

      Most of this comment section is just women saying she's beautiful inside and out.

    10. Jolyon Petch

      Who cares about this vacuous person who is married to a loony toon.

    11. Curtis Nolin

      She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe

    12. ☆Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ☆

      Bro everyone is sitting so packed there not scared too get covid19

      1. S1T / S74Y

        the kardashians are trump supporters so..

    13. Rosa Alvarado

      I would love to see Drew Barrymore

      1. Khn ls

        Same I would like too

    14. Aisha

      Alright poor Bruce but what about Kris???? Who was lied to for 22 years????? What’d she do to deserve that

      1. Aisha

        @S1T / S74Y are u commenting without watching this interview?? Kim says that she said “I’ve been feeling these feelings since I was a kid, since 4 years old”. We all feel for her. It sucks to have to hide that but she didn’t have to involve another person, lie to them about their identity, have kids with them and take up years of their (Kris’) life! Kris could have spent those years with someone else. Nobody is giving Kris any praise for dealing with this so gracefully when it wasn’t her fault at all.

      2. Aisha

        @S1T / S74Y I used Bruce bcz Kim herself in this episode used Bruce otherwise I usually use Caitlin.

      3. S1T / S74Y

        caitlyn didn’t know she was trans, kris wasn’t lied to. and PLEASE don’t use her deadname, it’s disrespectful.

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      1. Khn ls


      2. Gregory Vierra

        Haha so stupid

    16. Mem van As


      1. Khn ls


    17. 1bassman2007

      Ok Kim is pretty dope

    18. thandeka masango

      I just love kim♥️

    19. Happy Couple

      She's so much wiser than he is. He doesn't get it. He showed how much of a asshat he is in this interview.

    20. Roberto Jr

      Is this season 1 or 3

    21. Brett Millar

      I have lost all respect for David Letterman. What a joke!

      1. Khn ls


      2. Tristan Mulhall

        Why? What did he do wrong?

    22. Ana Orlović

      She is so beautiful!

    23. Prashamsha Karki

      Kim is the most talented Kardashian who agrees?

      1. Manvi Singh

        tALenT okay lol

    24. Mondè

      Your mom knew bruce was gay when she married him. His ex wives knew, your mom knew but needed his fame

    25. Bam 15

      its bad that they even teach kids this stuff they put it in there minds and will make some become this im sorry but im against this god made u a male or female u are not meant to be anythjng else its like god made a bird it cant go amd be a eagle it doesnt work that way but at the end of the day media and everything we see even as kids really gets into our mind brainwashing us but them teaching kids thisnshit is unreal to me why put this im a childs head ?? just corrupt the world now is un real

    26. Nancy Lopez


    27. Laila Fayyaz

      Kim is looking beautiful... That make up n dress n color of it is ON POINT

    28. Flashy Flash


    29. Sara6 Sarora6

      How all this people is there we have something called corona guys

      1. Coworking Coliving

        You better watch omfg

      2. Chanelle

        yeah uh this was filmed prior to Corona sooo....

    30. rio verde

      So sad to watch Letterman throwing softballs at this bimbo.

    31. A A

      After watching this interview, you can tell Kim is a very intelligent speaker, she knows how to answer questions and she's really become mature.

    32. Donna David

      Shame on Letterman for going there in regards to asking about the administration - talking about politics as if prison reform is not important! Go Kim for answering correctly to him and yes Letterman you should be smarter but clearly you are not!

    33. ELLA .Q

      i will always love kim.

    34. Becca

      Love the girls that learn. Brought up with money but no knowledge. Brought up with knowledge and no money. Seek what you do not know.

    35. Mady gomes

      Madonna should come to the show!!

    36. Joel Garcia

      Mother Kim Kardashian face 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️!

    37. Joel Garcia

      She explain diferent same history and she tell somewhere the family do alot crazy things!

    38. Akio Aslan

      Caitlyn transition helped so much to put that situation on the mainstream

    39. James Anderson

      This gave me cancer.

    40. Deenah Dianah

      I see her tears in her face cos of her own kids .

    41. loveiseverything003

      kanye is hiding the way im hiding from the teacher in class

    42. adiaedel

      Are you kidding me?? Kadarshian?? What exactly has she done in her life to be worthy of being a guest here?? She and her family advertise for products detrimental to teengaers and misguide youngsters on what beauty should be and have the most shameful, pointless reality show that appeals to the lowest common denominator in humanity!! I am all for freedom and choice to do what she wants but inviting her on a stage that had barack obama legitimizes her in a way that is unacceptable. People like Letterman have a responsibility to have a higher bar for their guests cos this is not just any late night show!!! Disappointed and will not watch any more of this series. People have to stand for something. Just because something is popular does not make it worthy of respect! Disappointed.

    43. Jen

      Was kanye on his phone the whole time??n

    44. Suryadattan K B

      Sad kanye 🥺

    45. Suyosha Acharya

      He told her not to tell that to a single soul. 🤧

    46. mskr

      I absolutely loved this episode. Kim is today's generation strong and courageous woman, entertainment , loyal, loving mother and wife, caring ❤ for family.she is absolutely role model for millions of people.

    47. Jessica Mia

      I think she’s beautiful, inside and out. I don’t care what anyone says. Seems like a genuine person all around. Best of luck in law school Kim!

      1. Fantastic Croissant

        She’s better than Kylie

      2. Ana Orlović

        Me to! She is beautiful!!

    48. Laura White

      I’m not scared of you

    49. joanna Jade

      Kris her face when she was talking about bruce I do not blame her at all I would be pissed too..

    50. Athena Tran

      Transitioning affects those immediately involved besides the trans person, yes, but still the transition will always be hardest on the trans individual for more reasons than I can count. So, to say that the suffering is equal, just simply is not true. Everyone needs support in the situation, yes, but to put things into perspective, most would not commit suicide because their father transitioned to female or vice versa, but said father may very well indeed commit suicide if they're unable to transition themselves.

      1. Berakah Aidoo

        @L N That's the reality too! When someone transitions, the people around have to transition to relate to the outcome!

      2. L N

        The trauma the struggle all that is valid for Caitlin. The betrayal, the lies the deciet Kris must have felt is valid too. Being supportive as you say supposes that you were not harmed. Living you're truth is 💯. The fallout also exists.

      3. Athena Tran

        @Laura Gomez I mean I feel like, when speaking about trans people in past tense, it's understandable for close family or friends, but anyone else not so much. I would let my mother refer to me as my dead name if she were referring to a time prior to transitioning, but that's just me.

      4. Laura Gomez

        Couldn't been said better. I also think that the language Kim's using is a little revictimizing by saying Caitlyns dead name, it's hurtful thst this way to address trans people is being read as an example.

    51. Jason Smith

      Can’t believe how much Letterman has sold out!

    52. bishygim

      if you watch this documentary you WILL know that she is not intelligent but she is malleable, which means she is a follower without an interesting personality but can be used well by for ex kanye or kris jenner

    53. Maria Palladino

      I’ll be honest I couldn’t stand the Kardashians for a LONG TIME. I felt they were horrible influences on young girls and while they’re family is not mine or how I would handle things, none of them are stupid. They are all highly intelligent and all business. I can’t imagine having my life portrayed for the world to see and be criticized but then again they wanted this. I respect them in a different way. Hard to explain but if they’re happy, more power to them.

      1. Coworking Coliving

        Did you know that Kim nowadays is very powerful, she has a billion dollars business, law school, justice crime project, black lives matter, anything. It's really unfair when nowadays there's also a celebrities who actually really give bad influence, while the Kardashians nowadays trying to give you an example how to be boss lady which is great for us in the future.

      2. Lateshia Childs

        That is true I can’t stand them either but like you said they do know how to make that money

    54. Colin Poole

      Kim has no self-worth. Does any single person think Beyonce would still be with Kanye right now if they had been a couple? Kim gets walked on constantly and just takes it. I thought the funny line in there about her like not being a fighter unless someone comes for her or her family - followed by applause - yay act like you're tough - then tells the story about when it REALLY got tough for her...did she fight? Nope - she "prepared herself to be raped" - THAT is what she does when someone comes for her, not some stupid celebrity or Instagram feud, that's not "coming for you" that's playtime. This is the weakest overprivileged family on Earth.

      1. Daniela Garcia

        You can't be serious. She was completely outnumbered in the Paris robbery, alone, the robbers had a GUN, what was she supposed to do?? Fight it off when it's her against multiple men??? She meant she mentally prepared herself, like accepting what was about to happen because she was helpless in that situation.

    55. ivy ash

      Screw her and the family

    56. Lasha's Coloring

      Tell everybody what you do to children at night threw television on the disney channel?????????? Rituals on children with black magic so they can sacrifice YOUR children blindly without you even knowing! It's called BLACK MAGIC and Kim Kardashian and her ENTIRE FAMILY practices it! How do I know?? They did it to my 6 yr old Niece and I seen EVERYTHING! She's a REAL WITCH! Karma is about to get Real! 🤷‍♀️ EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HEAR THE TRUTH ABOUT U AND YOUR FAMILY

      1. A H

        @Lasha's Coloring you sound triggered.

      2. Lasha's Coloring

        @A H ? What's the matter? My truth hurts you? Hope not! Its not yours! Don't take it personal! Just gotta let others know wassup with these witches

      3. A H


      4. Miraslava

        oh come on now the only ritual they do is botox as a family sis

    57. Renuka S

      Sorry who is Bruce? I don't know much about Kardashians

      1. Taylor B

        Her stepfather. Bruce Jenner.

    58. Naya Mun

      I love kimmy and her voice☺️💕💕

    59. Joel Garcia

      She are big fuckin lier she lie lie lie l dont believe nothing she fuckin lie !

    60. Madina Khan

      Kim looks like a normal human here but her IG pics are fake a.f

      1. Miraslava

        ig pics are fake af period lmao

    61. Anna Kcmb

      I find Kim to be very positive and intelligent in all her interviews. I don't care what anybody that sits on the couch says about her on their computer. I think she is lovely.

      1. Fantastic Croissant

        She’s 10 times better than Kylie, Kylies a brat

      2. Aaleyah Adebayo

        @Roshill You think the robbery was a publicity stunt? What a miserable person you must be. Why would anybody do something like that?

      3. Moon Child

        Me too. She is very intelligent, anyone who disagrees clearly can't see behind the original money-making façade!

      4. Anna Kcmb

        @Roshill I don't think Ellen is sweet at all. I haven't seen any interview or show of hers where she has shown sweetness.

      5. Roshill

        We all thought Ellen was sweet too. Not me really she just seemed like an odd ball. Kanye and Kim both seem like people with agendas. The amount of stunts she has pulled just to stay in the limelight is pretty dishonest. Specially the robbery in France. But, hey who knows. I really don't trust or care about socialites. The fakeness is too much for me. Just hope you kids find better role models there are tons out there.

    62. Laughing Gravy

      Why would David Letterman waste his time and talent interviewing this fatuous media creature? I'm really not interested in any of the other three people he's having on this season, but at least they fall into the category of "talented entertainers." Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. She represents everything that's wrong with modern American popular culture. She should be ignored, not celebrated. This is an especially disappointing choice by Letterman, and it looks like this will be a sadly underwhelming season.

    63. Lil Jay

      Kim looks like a transgender woman

    64. Rizos

      Should bring Johnny depp as a guest

      1. cookie_dough_hangover


    65. DEBBO8080

      Say what you will, Kim fine as hell and a smart business mind.

      1. Burt S

        It's not hard getting richer when you are born rich. None of the kardashians have ever had to take risks.

      2. Deenah Dianah

        They are not fine behind doors at all .

      3. Zinhle Malinga

        Definitely ❤

    66. JodyNanci

      I can watch Kim speak all day. She’s gorgeous

      1. Ms.Bubs4fun

        @Anna Kcmb 🤣

      2. Anna Kcmb

        Shes very easy to listen to. Intelligent

    67. Leo Rod


    68. CaptainPlanet

      All I'm gonna say is, this Dave Letterman guy sounds like a real jerk for not having Norm on yet

    69. FAITH

      I am sorry but was that Kanye in a sweater tapping on his phone. His wife is literally on stage and he can't even be supportive for just a day.

    70. skudaaron1986

      The fact that Kim addressed Bruce who was dressed up as a woman "Her" shows how brainwashed the world has really gotten. Born a male is a male.

    71. Coco Hale

      Kris knew! He was going through change when they met!!!!! She knew!

    72. Nubian Kushite

      She looks like Beyoncé

      1. Taylor B

        LOL NO

    73. nawal10

      She looks just like her mom here

      1. stressedgurl

        they share the same plastic surgeon

    74. Christopher Lee

      Bitcoin gives the people the power we’ve needed to change the system. Change is coming

    75. Sadhitra Biswas

      Height of Fakeness. Ugh

    76. mojo

      wow she looks weird now.

      1. Aditya Mathur

        always has.

    77. Kenyce

      I'm here for the comments

    78. أفلام آمنة الشاميه hbo

      a movies for 2020 it's on now on my channel

    79. Eduardo Sanchez

      Why is David wasting his time speaking with her. You really couldn’t find anyone else????

    80. Филипп Колобов

      Who is she?

    81. Adrian

      Keep up with the Netflix boycott! New US users down 1.3 million from their projected forecast.

      1. Ishani Chakrabarty

        @Jess G They refuse to take down the movie ‘Cuties’ that sexualises very young girls despite it being child pornography

      2. Laughing Gravy

        Netflix boycott?

      3. Jess G


    82. Michelle Lawless

      Such a positive representation of trans and how a family should handle this stuff

    83. Lena Berg

      Even though I don't particularly like that family or what they stand for, I know they do something for trans visibility even though Catlyn (spelling?) is someone I don't stand behind.

      1. Roshill

        I still think there has to be a line drawn at kids. They shouldn't be allowed to watch anything related to it till they are 18+ then could decide what to do. There are soo many kids who grew up regretting their decision. It's sad what social media and peer pressure is doing to them. Still think It is gender dysphoria. But, I won't tell anyone what to do to their bodies. They own it.

    84. ShakespearesBruv

      Why are these people a thing

    85. Godly Dellort

      Make dont starve into a animated series, and dont make it as bad as cuties, and dont make it your own spin off we all know it's going to be terrible if you guys make a adaptation, just make it with the normal art style.

    86. isaac jimenez

      Starbeam Thanksgiving Hero Trailer On Netflix JR

    87. Queen of Stories

      “Fun Facts”: You Can’t Breathe While Smiling. Joking , Just Wanted To Make You Smile :)))❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. AlbertWayne28

        I love this!!! I tried it and continued reading and liked what I read... Thank you!!!

      2. Aditya Mathur

        cringe af

      3. Nick Young

        lol this such a cute comment

      4. C G

        THANK YOU!

    88. BenGrimm

      You couldn't find a real person as a guest?

    89. Lana Del Slay

      I think it's not nice at all to marry someone and hide a huge secret like being trans or being cross dresser or things like that, it's the ultimate betrayal. Kris didn't want to marry a trans woman, she never asked for it, and now wasted 20 years of her life to someone she thought was a man

      1. A H

        @Anna Kcmb god is not rreal

      2. Jessica Spano

        @Anna Kcmb also not everyone believes in God. You can’t use logical reason by using God and “righteousness” as your example. Science is science.

      3. Jessica Spano

        @Anna Kcmb that’s just not how it works. Transgender stems from childhood

      4. Anna Kcmb

        @Andjulia I'm not saying this in a bad way. There are spirits attacking everyone. No one is excluded. Not one. But some are protected and reject them

      5. Andjulia

        @Anna Kcmb I don’t think an evil spirit has taken over Bruce Jenners mind and body. You should try understanding this from the professionals who have studied this rather from your religious beliefs. A true Christian would be kind, loving and accepting of all fellow humans.

    90. Ally McDonald’

      There was Mardi Gras way before Caitlin came out as transgender. Dame Edna/B Humpheries there have been a lot more. How did Caitlin get the schools to change the teachings? She didn’t society as a whole did!

    91. Landslide

      Renew THE SOCIETY

    92. fatma haji

      Why is there an audience isn’t it corona 😏but love Kim 💕

      1. fatma haji

        @jashwant Chowdhary ah ok 🙂

      2. jashwant Chowdhary

        Was shot before the pandemic

      3. Lizzy Pelosof

        In America corona is a conspiracy

    93. Pieter Balk

      Letterman?! Catweazle you mean!!!

    94. Faisal Khan

      The flash all season hindi dubbed plez...the boys all season hindi dubbed......plez......The Haunting of Hill House series hindi dubbed plez..

    95. my curls don't stay

      Is it just me or she actually looks weirdly different in this video?🤔

      1. Anna Jones

        Why would you assume that's why I made an account.🤔🐐 I think and hope that emoji's a jackass.

      2. my curls don't stay

        @Anna Jones you made an account today just to reply on comments critical of kim? U seem like a really ardent follower of her👏🏽

      3. Anna Jones

        It's just you.

      4. swanlilly100

        She looks great and never needed any botox. Makes her look older, in fact.

      5. my curls don't stay

        @Madina Khan yeah....bad contour i guess

    96. Alireza Doroudi

      I would honestly rather spend my hour reading this comment section

      1. Aditya Mathur

        Rather than doing what ?

    97. WoRRioR46

      Honesty level %1000😂

    98. Banana bunches


      1. Deviant

        what a baby 😂😂

    99. Miranda Summerset

      Was kanye texting during this?! Rude

      1. Nicky

        omg it does look like it, but you can see his thumb position is just brushing his phone to the sides but his face is at attention to Kim & Dave.

      2. mrówa

        looks like he's looking at his fingers/hands. Doesn't look like texting, who holds a phone like that lol

    100. pbaros8191

      Overated and way over paid two bit tramps. All of them whether kardashians or Jenner's. And for your information NONE of them are attractive or pretty in anyway.