My New Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Unboxing (Retail Unit)


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    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone Unboxing & First looks Impressions which I plan to use as my primary smartphone, this has larger 6.23" front cover screen and when unfolded has a 7.6" Dynamic AMOLED screen with 120hz refresh rate, it's powered by Snapdragon 865+ SOC comes with 12GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage and 4500 mAh battery.
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 via Amazon India
    My earlier video on Galaxy Fold 2 and compared with Galaxy Fold 1
    My review of the first gen Samsung Galaxy Fold 1

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    1. Zafar Hasan

      Kindly suggest good case for Z fold 2 and link plz ?? Any idea about Spigen thin armor pro availability in India???

    2. HS Gaming

      Sir c geeky Ranjit in a funny voice wo bhut desi hai Carryminati 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. D20MCC030 JERIN JOSHY

      Is it comfortable to keep in pocket

    4. Colin Ward

      Would you like to give away your old smart phones? I shall use it to a good cause!!

    5. Raju Gupta

      Bhai sachi me hai

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    7. Rajdeep Singh

      Samsung no one asked for this

    8. Shane Horne

      Love this phone

    9. Vadivelan Dushyanthan

      Is it a good phone to buy or is this sometimes break?

    10. madhavaneni Madhavi

      Sir when u will post review of z fold 5G

    11. VanshMalik17

      If samsung can give snapdragon in this one then why not in s20 series amd note series. 😤

    12. venkatesh bala

      You seems to be a Samsung guy not a iPhone guy

    13. Arundhati Madkaikar

      How many phones does he have

    14. ashish mhatre


    15. mohinder kumar

      Price ???

    16. Vikhyat Sharma

      At 5:08, Samsung S10 Lite: Was I having SnipDragon Processor?

    17. Arjun Prasad

      What a crisp and clear review. No unnecessary drama or techno babbling or too much promotion or whitewashing. Just straight to the point and facts. Wonderful presentation. You have earned my respect and subscription. Keep it up sir, looking forward for more such reviews. 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👍👍👍

    18. Deepak Mukate

      Wast of 1.5lakhs

    19. s b

      If you pronounce z as g then how do you pronounce g

    20. Suravi Misra

      Tooo expensive

    21. amit Shah

      Sir , what's your veiw on fold 2 . Whether to buy or not ?

    22. Zerah Marchon

      I have to sell my kidney to buy this 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

    23. Tushar Koirala

      Apple = We make the most expensive phone Samsung = Hold My Fold

    24. Enoch Gilbert

      Lovely explanation ranjith ji

    25. Arvind Tipradi

      What is e-SIM

    26. log in

      What is the price of mobile

    27. Rahul Kejriwal

      Give details about its warranty coverage

    28. Gautam Barman

      Great review as always..but I have a general you have reviewed tons of products, is there any option where I can buy ur review units,, eg..from headphones to smartphone a price dat luks good to you, directly 4m you??

    29. Adarsh Dan

      Can u explain about its gaming performance

    30. Shekhar Mine

      Play Brawl Stars once for me

    31. Prathap Panuganti

      Bla bla bla ...That's a good word to skip the unnecessary papers

    32. Pras Hanth

      Is iPhone is best r Samsung is best plz reply ne

    33. Abhishek Naik

      Can anyone confirm, if i can use samsung note 20 ultra in india, which is bought in usa ? if yes, what complications maybe faced ?

    34. DIBYA DEY

      "We don't sell things separately" - Samsung

    35. GOKU Dictionary

      Dream phone

    36. Tarun Gopi

      Will the price reduce after 6-8 months from release date or after a year? Or will the Samsung stop producing Fold 2 if it releases next version of fold?

    37. Mŕ Şáűķý íş śő şţýĺįśh

      Abe Hindi Me Bhi Kabhi explain Kar Diya Kr..Kam se Kam Tera BhaLa Ho JaYega SubscRiber Me

    38. Mobarak Hossain

      it's look like women wallet

    39. QuintSsentialNihlist

      Imagine dropping this🙈

    40. Samyak Sonwane

      My current smartphone costs 8.3% of this phone's price

    41. बाजीगर

      thoda hindi bol do sir 😅😂

    42. Sannidhya Singh

      Sir, I am facing some problem with my Realme 7, whenever I use my Google lense to scan some text after selecting text the camera suddenly stops I am facing this issue for the past few days. Earlier there was another issue the Instagram real was not opening Instagram trends to suddenly stops but now that issue is solved but this google lense issue is still there please help me.

    43. thiruvetti

      2 kidneys or 2 screens? Thats the big question.

    44. Abhishek 999

      You have wasted money

    45. H Haokip

      Sir geeky can I buy second hand phone from you. Hope you have unused phones.😉😉😉😉

    46. omkar saraf

      After looking at this phone, Somehow I just remember the style of the Nokia communicator 9300 days... )

    47. saurabh gupta

      Definetly some stupid people will shove 1.5 lakh INR on this device. iPad Pro will always be the 1st choice for Tablet experience. .and a iPhone12 mini will go along with that with all better qualities considering a combo of small and large screen. Why would someone will carry that much load (this Samsung fold2) always in the pocket?

    48. Ankush Gupta

      I bought the leather case from Samsung online store

    49. Abhishek Das

      Hey Ranjit, Can you please tell me how to transfer the whatsapp chat history from android to ios.

    50. Anmol Kala

      Sir please do full review on Samsung galaxy M51

    51. Venu Vishnu Gowda

      Sir can u do the unboxing of Samsung Galaxy m31s

    52. Sanjay Sarvaiya


    53. Sanveer Khanuja

      2:54 Apple: huh🥴

    54. Atharva Kulkarni

      I just think Samsung doesn't consider fingerprint for lefty people. For phones like M51 they are pretty big and it is difficult for left handed people to use the scanner which on right side. They should go with indisplay fingerprint scanner. 🙄🙄

    55. Manoj Sir English World

      How many such phones will Samsung be able to sell in India?

    56. M W

      When will you gonna do iPhone 12 series review

    57. Dhairya Arora

      Sir please do a price segment wise smartphone recommendation video.

    58. A K

      Fold 2 not worth it.

    59. Ankit Paul

      Samsung M40 also has snapdragon processor

    60. rohan bhoir

      Ranjit Sir : They should have given case with this phone, its difficult to find for this phone... Samsung : Yeah, That's difficult to build for this phone :/

    61. Mr Arfaj ali

      Unboxing to realme 7i

    62. Mr Arfaj ali

      Hii sir please realme 7i unboxing

    63. Nagarjuna Pavan Kumar G

      What are the benefits of a foldable phone like this? Especially when it opens up to a square screen like that..?

    64. kavita Dad

      Sir please review iPhone 12

    65. Niraj NJ

      Hi sir which smart watch ur wearing?

    66. Asfar Rizvi

      Dude you are getting far too much in India... There is no headphone in the US and only a one time screen replacement for $ one year Samsung plus!! Comparing with iPhone 12 Pro which is $999 here in the US and about 1.2lacs in India, Samsung priced it at steal in India as its still $2000 in US and with taxes about $2150...

    67. Edith T

      Someone needs a haircut 😀

    68. Times of Entertainment

      Samsung is giving a folding phone with all the high end specs, a charger in the box a headphone at the same price iPhone is giving a Iphone 12pro and pro max that too without any charger and headphone.

    69. tanuj handa

      What about cover of this phone?

    70. akshay shudharshan

      Sir thank you. You give a fair review

    71. Kintu Shah

      Shud I go for iphone 12pro max or fold 2 ???

      1. Tera Baap

        @Devil Playz but samsung has a fragile where as iphones has new ceramic shield is 4x drop resistance and iPhone has best camera out their and A14 bionic chip is 2x powerful than 865 5g

      2. Devil Playz

        @Tera Baap but Samsung Galaxy z fold 2 is more inovative

      3. Tera Baap

        12 pro max bcoz processor and brand value matters

      4. Devil Playz

        Fold 2

    72. iVader

      Congratulations bro 👌🏻 Please update how delicate is it IP68, dust proof,can u take it to the beach on a Hike, etc 😊😉 Time 2:25 wish they gave a 6000mAh battery, dont mind slow charging, need 10hrs+ of Screen on time Time 2:50 Correct, they should have given, Abroad if you buy Usa, Europe, Dubai it comes with it & Better deal on pre-orders also Time 3:35 Very bad I did not know that 😏 Time 4:55 Thanks, good to know Time 5:15 How good is the UFS 3.1 on it? Do some Transfer speed test please Time 6:05 Yes Very Important Hope they will make it little shorter & make it wider like S series phone size Time 8:45 Thanks good to know

    73. Samar's Gadgets World

      It sucks, impractical design. Samsung is trying to be like apple lol, but apple is unbeatable..!

    74. Luqman S

      I like your hair sir

    75. mini jolly

      I need your help bro. I want a laptop for daily hours of usage. mostly for watching movies. Under RS 40,000. By watching your videos I'm more than satisfied and I would give you a 10/10. Rating. Plz reccommend a laptop for me.

    76. Nitikesh

      Which glasses you use while watching phone screen !!? Please reply ....

    77. Madhu Krishna Vallabhajosyula

      Please review the Micromax india phone once it releases

    78. Atharva Kumbalwar

      Just a second away from knowing his wifi password 😅

    79. Himanshu Gehlot

      Samsung Devices with Snapdragon in India 2020 Smartphones: 1. Z fold 2 2. Z flip 3. A71 4. M51 5. M11 Tabs: 1. S7+ 2. S7 3. A7

      1. Devil Playz

        @adityagivesPDF see in read more there are tabs also

      2. adityagivesPDF

        @Devil Playz not tab. Only phones

      3. Devil Playz

        Tabs Samsung Galaxy tab a

      4. Devil Playz


      5. adityagivesPDF

        S10 lite

    80. Vishv Vardhan

      you need a haircut

    81. Syed Abdul Haseeb

      Also S10Lite got with Snapdragon 855... Not to forget the beast...

    82. mayank panchal

      When it could be broken easily, I dont get it why is it even in mass production

    83. Vineeth V

      S10 lite has Snapdragon chip

    84. Avii Tinku

      Why no one talking about the fold line in center of the display which is very annoying

    85. Prajjwal Pawar

      "Geekyranjit reviews" brought you by Faizal communications official channel partner 😎

    86. Gopi Krishnan

      For 1.5L , 1. We can buy 30 grams of gold, 2. Royal Enfield bike, 3. High end laptops, 4. Mutual funds, 5. Shares, And what else, think wise guys, dont waste your money.

    87. Saloni Chopra

      I've just one question 😅 how do you afford such expensive phones?

    88. Alen Thomas

      Did'nt did an after review of poco m2 pro

    89. A. Jain

      Super laggy, better 19k lg fold


      Feature proof phone!

    91. Chandrashekhar Prabhu

      You told us not to invest more than 30K in a smartphone and here you're buying this super expensive phone 🤔

      1. Atharva Naik

        He is a youtube reviewer and tech enthusiast ! He has to buy one himself u cant blame it on him !! Besides, if u can afford it, the phone is actually pretty dope. The concept is refreshing and overall experience is also fascinating. Almost all youtubers outside india have reviewed it, its better if he does it too !!

    92. Yash Kungar

      Waiting for new LG OLED TV

    93. Harsh Dalal

      Time to unfold once more 😂👍🏻👌🏻

    94. GESL - South


    95. Subrata Ghosh

      Galaxy A80 has also Snapdragon730g processor

    96. Shubham Anand

      Question for review : After using the inner 120hz display, does it feel uncomfortable going back to 60hz outer one ?

    97. Abhilash Kumar

      Is it really feasible to have two screen phone.

    98. GyanTechie


    99. Alok Kumar

      Jerry destroy this delicate phone like a pack of cards though it is better than the Razr

    100. Three45

      Lg fold phone is just 20k and this guy has bought for wrong price