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    My First live mix on FUSER!
    FUSER is out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC! rebrand.ly/vjsy7
    It’s also playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for the next generation of music games. Try your hand at being a DJ before you purchase - the free demo is out now.
    This livestream is #sponsored by Harmonix
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    1. Jovani Padilla

      To Tommy he did nothing

    2. Jovani Padilla

      I still know what you did vikkstar

    3. Kaiden Noble

      You made Tommy cry and the mimicked him


      Vik you are awesome 😎

    5. Laxix Lixix

      Why where you so mean to tommy god dude

    6. Olivert MNS

      I miss Bo1 montage vik

    7. some dude

      im on switch

    8. some dude

      i ant watching live but im downloading the demo

    9. Stay Puft

      Watched the whole thing while studying ! Loved it

    10. Bryan Villacorta

      Vikstar how could you bully tommy innit you were his idol

    11. Jared Lundquest

      No one likes you bro you just another person who only acts nice on stream and your not nice in person


      I fucking I hate you so much because you bully tommyinit

    13. Lilianna Huynh-Hughes

      you are actually so rude why would you say those things to tommy

      1. Johnnyplayz

        be quiet 8 year old

    14. Yessa Blessa

      If vik ever passes away while I’m alive believe Ima start sobbing tears out my face

    15. Trippy Aquaz

      Why you making fun of tommy

    16. Dek Kessler

      Vikkstar what the f*** is wrong with you you made Tommy cry 😡

      1. Johnnyplayz

        boo hoo sush

      2. I am Crazy

        Who cares about tommy lmao hes irrelevent. Vik is the king

    17. imy123

      paprom.info/block/v/nJ-oqtViznh1r3Y.html smg with broken pad

    18. Elizabeth Meza

      😐 why did you mack tommyinnit cry

    19. UltraBox

      9:04 ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

    20. HunTEd NinjaZ

      Bring back titanfall2

    21. Moitriish Kundu

      Vik... Please make some more reddit and IRL videos.... I really miss them.... u never see our posts on reddit 🙁☹

    22. Dan K

      masskks pleAse

    23. Dukeyy

      Jesus is king

    24. Gunners _news_1

      The annoying thing with that game is you have to buy all of the songs

    25. Ellie Mae

      Ayyy vis a DJ now 😂😂

    26. WILLDABEAST Gaming

      Rose's🌹are red violet's💐are blue i liked my own comment💬 cause no one wanted to🥺

    27. LiGhT Clan

      Vik is one of those people who you can’t bear to see hurt


      Hi sir . Its very cool . Performing in the front of digital audience is really fantastic.


        For beginner's , its vey useful

    29. Dude Mcdude

      1:03:41 is my fav bit, it’s such a sick drop ngl

    30. duck


    31. OP_ JACOB

      1:14:07 chilllll broooo

    32. Max Clifford

      Your terrible to tommyinnit

    33. Louie Culham - _-


      1. imy123

        paprom.info/block/v/nJ-oqtViznh1r3Y.html vikk smg playing with smg mw2

    34. CZ Texan

      Really refreshing watching a PApromr that actually enjoys what they’re doing. Do more if you enjoy it vikk

    35. Sum ting Wong


    36. D'Mak Games

      Vik in the vibe!!! Should’ve been a DJ part time yo!! 🤗🤗

    37. Arosh Ahmed

      Vik were is harry

    38. Iamloverii TM


    39. Emma Adu

      This was soooo good!! Such a vibe, you should do more!

    40. Faleeq Rohaizat

      vikk making bAngerS


      shoulda done medusa down sick song

    42. Josh Fussey

      The smile he gives you can tell he actually loves doing this, woudlnt mind him dipping his food into this in future

    43. Louis Harvey

      Yo vik hello

    44. Daniel Stuart

      That’s actually quality 🤣

    45. Try12


    46. Deepesh Kumar Pandey

      I got rickrolled in 2021

    47. Pranay Pradhan

      copy strike go BBBrrrrrrrrrrr

    48. Pranay Pradhan

      i would pay to hear this live : )

    49. I am Crazy

      Vik's a fire dj. He should compete with dr dre.

    50. OllyBPlayz

      What is vikk doing making PAprom videos he needs to get out and make mashup this is insane what he managed to do.

    51. Bezah

      This was wholesome

    52. Shayne Thomas

      Vikk u should do this so much more

    53. Erik Kehl

      I love you Vik

    54. henry hatton

      I thought he was actually going to mix in real life lol

    55. Justin McMillan

      Banging it m8 and can see your enjoying yourself. Can you put in some avicii in your next video

    56. shaker mahdi

      This game is so so fun especially with vik😂

    57. Shmuel Wind ➊

      Hey Vikk

    58. becca hurst

      ok i want this on spotify ngl

    59. Memes Is my shite

      1:00:40 this is the best bit of the whole stream 🔥🔥

    60. Mitchell McGregor

      Vik is such a multi-talented gamer

    61. microwave man

      Legendry vikkkk

    62. TShock12 Gaming

      Who else came here thinking rob was gonna be in the stream/video

    63. A -

      DJ Vikkstar

    64. Wisnu Bete

      Vikk could u play some valorant games?

    65. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá

      Sempre que você lê os comentário eu estarei lá

    66. Alan Thampi

      I actually really enjoyed this 🤩❤️ was head bopping the whole time

    67. Goosey 26

      this is just a vibe while playing fifa big up vikk

    68. Eric du Plessis

      as usual NOT available in SOUTH Africa ..

    69. An average World

      I regret missing this stream, I hope he does another one of these 🙏

    70. Fadly Again

      blud the thumbnail's cursed

    71. Sebas Harris

      Book you gotta hop on here with KSI it would be lit!

    72. tomonious wood

      Need the music louder in game

    73. Emma Lamb

      This moment was the best head boppin moment imo 1:00:43. that drop was siiiîîiiik!

    74. Ori Kyuro

      havent seen anyone saying DJ Star

    75. Grace

      0:54 my top favourite things missing :)

    76. Sam Coxhead

      When’s the Spotify dropping

    77. Saskiyahhh V

      This is the sponsor Talia did on her gaming channel?!

    78. Cleggz147

      DJ mixy

    79. jake sacker

      so fun to watch

    80. Jelle Klomp

      I think this kind of takes away the YOU from PAprom, since you’re not talking much. But i see you’re enjoying it so by all means.

    81. siyaram siyaram

      Who wants vikk to do this more

    82. siyaram siyaram

      Vikk is doing what he likes And people also like it..

    83. siyaram siyaram

      When do we expect a VIK x KSI collab?

    84. Harkirat Singh

      New channel coming soon "DJ Vikkstar123"

    85. Ayman Kumar

      Little KSHMR 🔥🔥🔥

    86. grace tb

      djvikkstar123 it is!!!

    87. dylannn

      copyright strike OP must of got alot from fuser

    88. Pratham Shah

      Dj vikk

    89. Faze liesky

      Can u plz say aleena in next vis

    90. A

      This was so wholesome

    91. Grace Chan

      yo Alan Walker in the stream wtfff

    92. Grace Chan


    93. Suh

      Vikk being proud of his mix is the most wholesome thing haha

    94. BlakeDoesStuff

      If you watched this without bopping your head your a bit different

    95. LucAlonso

      The bit around 55 minutes is sick Vik

    96. Josh Martel

      Vikk watch “Big Booty Mix 13-18 for inspiration

    97. Joseph Romero

      Vik glitches 13:02 😂😂😂

    98. R Sya


    99. NightRider 1245

      He watching a steam a he getting paid for just watching it

    100. Mr Claw4

      I'm getting this game this sounds fire!