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    Class is back in session, and love is in the air! New episodes of Mr. Iglesias stream December 8, only on Netflix.
    Watch Mr. Iglesias, Only on Netflix:
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    Mr. Iglesias Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Gabe teaches his students to dream big, face their fears and believe in themselves - lessons that come in handy when he falls for a new co-worker.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Sasha Smith

      i have watched both parts 10 times each and memorized about half of the script. i know marisols, mikeys, and lorenzos lines.

    2. Issac Morales

      No one : Coach : BINGO BANGO

    3. KevinheGaming

      0:26 WAAAAIIIIITT. marisol and mikey are not sitting together?!?!?!? maybe they fought? hmmmmm.

    4. Aidet Po

      When I tell you my heart DROPPED when I heard Mikey and Marisol are going on a date. I was in tears because it's coming on December 8!!!

    5. Temuujin Abeyta

      I’ve got tickets to see one of his shows but then pandemic delayed it to April next year but I can wait because I have this

    6. Alyssa hardin

      Grace and lorenzo scenes are much needed

    7. Mert Güzel

      Yeaaaaah coming !!

    8. Daniel Velker

      So I’m confused. Is this “Season 3” or the second half of season 2? The trailer is calling it part 3 but does that mean it’s the third season? When I read the article about it on google it said it was renewed for a third season and this is the trailer for that but season 2 was only 6 episodes and originally I thought that that was just the first half of season 2 and that we would be getting the other 6 episodes later which would have totaled season 2 to 12 episodes. But now they seem to be claiming that this is season 3. So if that’s the case what happened to season 2?

    9. PlasticStraw

      I love how Walt ONLY thinks about drugs

    10. beautiful all day

      I'm guessing this show is not pg I'f yhe comments are on.

    11. Fernando Aguado

      Franco Escamilla and Grabriel iglesias, the best comedians of two languages together for a masterpiece 🙌🏼

    12. Kiersten Gusler

      I love marisol just turned around towards the door when she saw her dad like marisol: guess I'm not going to school today or back home i go

    13. Manjunath Saukar

      Its the fastest releasing Netflix original Two seasons in 1 year

    14. Sadie Lynn

      I’m so excited to see the Mikey and Marisol storyline!!!

    15. DJ_Gamer

      I just realized on Maggie “Abby” Geha instagram page she leaeked part 3 six months ago. Just look at what Sherri Shepard it’s wearing in the trailer on and Maggie’s page

    16. Big OZ

      That BINGO BANGO is right on time!! I almost choked myself.

    17. Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi

      Mark my calendar for December 8th

    18. Sami Zidan


    19. Abbas Majed

      U can NOT leave us on a cliff hanger common Marisol and Jackie brings us a great season 3 .. we are counting you to make Gabe and Mikey happy 😊😊

    20. Sergio Robles

      0:33 "eso mamona" 😂😂😂

    21. Drewmor Has It

      Needs 10 seasons. So it will end after this part.

    22. African Girl

      hm. passing on this lol

    23. Sugar The Nightfury

      YES PART 3

    24. Quadir Dow

      OMG YESS!!!!

    25. Polare Music

      oye franco, franco, se puede una foto?

    26. Jay 3D

      How many episodes are there hopefully 10 or more I hope they won’t have 6 like season 2

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    28. María Fernanda Ruvalcaba Gutierrez

      Necesito que marysol le presente a su padre (que es interpretado por franco esacamilla) a mike eso seria genial nada mas chido que eso, me gustaria ver que tan nervioso se pone mike.

    29. María Fernanda Ruvalcaba Gutierrez


    30. Olivia Peacock

      I’m gonna cry this is so soon and I’m so happy this will save our year everybody. I’m dying to find out what happens between marisol and Mikey

    31. tincho vulta

      Que capo franco

    32. tahsin999999999

      what happent to season 2 part 2

    33. F1 News & Stats

      Yes!!! Finally P3 We aren’t stuck on the cliffhanger anymore

    34. Melsans

      netflix were is godzilla 2014 wen i go to netflix is not there

    35. Pedro Acosta

      Just here because of franco escamilla

    36. jony Escamilla

      Vine aquí porque Franco Escamilla me lo ordenó. I came here just because Franco Escamilla ordered me to.

    37. Bilgehan Borucuoğlu

      Finally, I missed so much Mr. Iglesias. Now, I'll wait to The Big Big Show. Both i think to much funny series. I watch laughed first time seasons. Hurry up i can't wait they, i look forward to the time...!

    38. DJ_Gamer


    39. Ovie105


    40. Martin A.

      Yes Franco Escamilla that’s awesome can’t wait to see that episode

    41. RMCF

      not sure how fluffy one of the funniest comedian has a tv show with no comedy

    42. Spencer Brackett

      Seriously hope this show keeps going for another more parts. It’s the funniest sitcom I have ever watch.

    43. Main Character

      Cree Cicchino!!! Can’t wait🤯💃🏾

    44. Luciano Facundo Cata


    45. Prime au courant

      Hell yea!!!🤩🤩 Gabe's back!!!

    46. atlehang mohono

      Yesssssss!!! On my birthday

    47. Sophia

      i love walt

    48. Angry Nostalgia Nerd

      Awante Franco Escamilla!🤟

    49. dimond Queen

      I love marcol and mikey

    50. Emily May

      It’s only just the trailer and I’m already laughing

    51. super razor

      Yes finally he is back

    52. Rawan Alhamwi

      Can the stranger things kids make a recap about season 1 2 and 3 please

    53. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder netflix endorses pedophilia

    54. k dude 205L

      Can you plzz put last kids on earth s2 and dragonballz broly😆

    55. Isabella Maleno

      What happened to the second season of green eggs and ham?😥😢

    56. Sofie Hansson

      OMG!!!!! LOL


      I spend most of my time in "Recording","","editing","uploading"," but no one support me💔. I need all my brothers and sisters support 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😗

    58. Insane_Mage14

      Finally I can’t wait it looks like it’s going to be even more funny

    59. Draga


    60. Electro Spider  YT

      I said upgrade the loud house

    61. Anna Andreyeva

      It’s fantastic

    62. ZAK

      How to sell movies to netflix? is there any link for seller signup ?

    63. King Smokez


    64. Rhian ross Madrona

      This nice but I've been waiting love alarm season 2♥🥺


      Hi. How are you? + Since Corona, ordinary daily life is more precious than ever. Now that it's winter, I hope there's no more damage.

    66. Lil Dime

      so no one talking about MIKEY AND MARISOL🥺😭

      1. p996 II_lazer_II

        @Caleb Mayfield yes it does they just sitting in class together no akwardness

      2. Caleb Mayfield

        @p996 II_lazer_II That's not what it looks like

      3. p996 II_lazer_II

        They just gonna act like it never happend

      4. Sadie Lynn

        Caleb Mayfield she finally realized that she has feelings for him

      5. Caleb Mayfield

        They kissed in the S2 finale so what the heck is there to talk about?

    67. Aaliyah Naomi Sylvester

      Omg finally I've been waiting 😁

    68. Angel Quintana

      are you making xxxtentacion anime.

    69. Nathália Amorim Espíndola

      I LOVEE IT!!!!!

    70. Marcus W

      "Aw, i thought u were gonna say Adderall" HAHAHAHHHHHHHHH WTF

    71. Marcus W


    72. isabella saucedo

      Ahh can't waittttttttttt

    73. Deepak Bansal

      No one: Literally no one: Literally literally no one: -Likhar kya bakchodi krte ho🤔😂

    74. V W

      Bingo bango...Finally!!!

    75. Nicolás Betancourt

      Yes!!! it seems Shooter Mc Gavin is Back!!!

    76. Marshall Bertoluzzi

      I always love this show!

    77. Akil Spalding


      1. Darren Neal

        Exactly the way they left it off last episode was insane

      2. Akil Spalding

        @TylerPlayz same

      3. TylerPlayz

        I was mad when I finished the last episode and didn’t found out what happened next

      4. Jose Roman

        My compliment to Marisol and Mikey.. YEAH BABY YEAH!!! 😃 😄

      5. Aryaa Nadkarni

        Chill bruh

    78. Alseiari _711

      I saw the season 1 and 2 in 5 days only it’s really fun and season 3 is coming yes actually I saw only season 1 because season 2 wasn’t there

      1. Alseiari _711


      2. KevinheGaming

        pppppffffffffffftttttttttt. I watches season 1 and 2 in 10 hours

    79. Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

      2020 is so bad Netflix had to give us a double dose of Mr. Iglesias this year.

      1. Drewmor Has It

        @HOT FIRE SOUNDS Not even. they've done it a lot. and these aren't seasons. they are parts. this is still season 2. Parts 2 and 3 are actually all season 2.


        This show is good but this is the first time they release 2 season in 1 year

    80. RunV5

      I love this show so glad it came back so quick and honestly happy it's not an online class themed season

    81. Koolkid-gm

      Isn’t that manny from modern family?

    82. Chump G

      i got my Christmas present with mr. Iglesias bring on the fluffy jingle bells

    83. Carolina Malfettano

      Finally!!!! One of the best shows on Netflix. And Gabe is right, teaching history is just one part of the job!!! The rest is to teach your children that they can make history

    84. Seeraenthen Muruka Nathan


    85. mico putra


    86. Juan Carlos Lopez

      I won’t sluggers back on Netflix

    87. Anthony Floyd

      i’ve been waiting for this

    88. eC-Stremo 04

      Vengo porque franco me lo ordeno!!!

    89. NEW DELIRIOUS GAME games

      Fredy vs jason ponganla puto netflix mierdero.

    90. Matias Ramos

      a esperar

    91. War00 00Child

      Does Marisol still get butt hurt if you cook a food that is not of your heritage? I.E. A Filipino cooking tacos, just trying to make a living.....

    92. Kaia

      How about yall promote Julie and the Phantoms some more? Nobody's even heard of it

      1. Kelly-Ann Duke

        Lol weren't they number one on iTunes?

      2. ʚRøżıə Đüçkɞ

        O m g yesss I watched the whole season the day it came out in like three hours I couldn't take my eyes off the TV its so good and I may have watched it 10 times-

      3. Kaia

        @Seeraenthen Muruka Nathan same!! I just wish they weren't only promoting it as a kids show

      4. Seeraenthen Muruka Nathan

        YESSSSS!!! It's such a good show that deserves more recognition. I've seen it 3 times already..

    93. Banksy

      This looks terrible

    94. Nathália Amorim Espíndola


    95. Adit Mukherjee


      1. Aqsa Saleem

        no that comes out in january

    96. MandysTravels

      Is this Manny from modern family in the future?

    97. The Bite of 87

      Let’s gooooo

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    99. superfly_jay10

      i love this show so much

    100. Nersco

      I am so happy right now