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Motorola India

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    Put the slow-paced life behind and #BlazeOn with the latest #motog40fusion that comes with India's most affordable Snapdragon™ 732G processor, magnificent 120Hz 6.8" HDR10 Display & more. Starting at just ₹13,999 with an instant discount of ₹1000 on ICICI bank Credit cards & Debit/Credit EMI transactions. Sale begins 1st May, 12 PM on @Flipkart! bit.ly/3dE81HT

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 20 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Anees khan Anees khan

      Mohammad Hafeez

    2. Sheyamlal Ahriwer


    3. Manish kumar Maurya

      Phone is good but I have one suggestion for Motorola India people of India looking for 5G phone not 4G please think about it

      1. Bala Murugan



      Vai moto kohi mat kharido

      1. Monir Khan

        Kyun Na kharido

    5. Tech4life

      when will g100 launch .. excited

    6. Suman Kumari


    7. KCSP Gaming

      Iam old Moto fan fan fan

      1. kuljinder singh


    8. Sachin Jamre


    9. Krushna Kisan


    10. Alam Sefi


    11. Vikash Thamilselvi

      Please refresh my birthday and we will have a good day I am a very nice of her

    12. BHARAT saa

      Don't buy long time use moto phone

    13. BHARAT saa

      Tati phone

    14. Priya chaudhary


    15. Mosahid Raza

      Motorola is back with a band. 🔥🔥🔥

    16. Ankur Saikia

      5G or not ?

    17. Nikhil Sharma

      120hz amoled + android 12 plss at ₹13999 moto

      1. Lus Cious

        No amoled No android 12

      2. King Khan

        In future

      3. Nikhil Sharma

        @ABHIJAY SINGH KHEHRA. 10 A yes I don't want miui


        You have to compromise something . Either softare or hardware

      5. Nikhil Sharma

        @Royal Clasher amoled to dila d



    19. Deba Das

      Is it has dolby?


      5.7 million views 664 like 😂😂

      1. Nityarani Das



      5g ?????

      1. King Khan

        13k 5g will arrive in future

    22. vijay chavda

      Bakawas Moto company service center bi

    23. vijay chavda

      Moto Ka koy bi phone Lena Nahi mene Moto g4plus liya tha JB kharab hua tb KHI bi repair Nahi hua Iski audio Ic KHI bi Nahi Milti

    24. fact the reality

      Nice very nice

    25. Pawan Kumar

      SG ..

      1. Vasugibasker Vasugibasker


      2. Vasugibasker Vasugibasker

        Taylor a Week Day slow in his

      3. Vasugibasker Vasugibasker

        No rayapelaidisen

    26. Azhar Mondal

      Sir blessings to you

    27. Praveenkumar Panneerselvam

      Hello Moto♥️

    28. 18-417 Bharath



      Moto makes good phone but plz give amoled display

    30. Sujoy Bera

      Is it a sony (good) or samsung (bad) 64 mp main camera

      1. Lus Cious


    31. Uwy Cool

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    32. D K

      how about screen protection like Gorilla glass or dragontrail glass

      1. MANJUNATH dodamani

        @Motorola IndiaRg

      2. Motorola India

        Hi, it has hardened scratch-resistant glass. -Sandip

    33. Anurag Jivani

      We wants lightweight and slimmer versions of G40 And G60 with amoled panels and atleast side mounted fp scanner

      1. Anurag Jivani

        @Seema Verma 👏

      2. Seema Verma

        Good Ft vv

    34. Shanu Akter

      Please Launch in Bangladesh

    35. Abhishek Verma

      moto please build compact phones with around 6.2 inch amoled screen with 4500 mah battery, processor 720g, fast charing 25 watts and price maximum 14000

    36. probin Das

      Every thing is good on this mobile camera , processer & battery as well But moto needs to phone slick rather than a plump phone , I know this have 6000 mah battery I think moto should work on design & wait of the phone Moto needs to design as the side of the phone is flat rather than corved, If moto will work and improve on it than moto India really beat Xiaomi , realme, appo , Samsung and OnePlus as well I hope they are worked and improve , Thank by Probin , a mobile seller

      1. Dipak Talukdar

        @probin Das 😴

      2. probin Das

        @Anurag Jivani I from assam bhai

      3. Anurag Jivani

        Absolutely right bro, Where r u from

    37. D K

      Unable to see any screen protection ???? is there is Gorilla glass or any asahi dragontail... or nothing.... no information.

      1. Abhishek Verma

        Same as Gorilla glass5, moto generally don't mention

    38. Royal Clasher

      Please use amoled display 🙏🏻🙏🏻 We don't want 5G but please amoled display with 120 fps and HDR 10

      1. Nikhil Sharma

        Oh yeah moto

    39. Tulendra Singh

      When we get android 11 update on Motorola one fusion plus 🙄

      1. Tulendra Singh

        @Motorola India okay i will be waiting and I think I got update as soon as possible.

      2. Motorola India

        Hi, I would like to inform you that while we never share the timeline, yes, Motorola One Fusion Plus is expected to receive Android 11. You will receive an alert on your phone if an upgrade is available. Thanks- Brahma

    40. Polen Ib

      We want moto edge S

    41. Abhijit Behera

      Motorola Is Back In The Indian Smartphone Market To Compete Other Smartphone Brands & I Always Love Motorola Brand And Their Stock Android Experience With The My Ux ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

      1. Abhijit Behera

        @Pinki Kumari What

      2. Pinki Kumari


    42. Joker

      Tomuch price rip moto in india

    43. AROMAL F

      Motorola....... Mother of mobiles...❤️

      1. Sanket Dive


      2. IBRAHIM Diggi


      3. Shyamvir Singh

        @Akash Pammus bbhjh

      4. Akash Pammus


      5. Dara Nadipi baludu


    44. Wasim Tikki

      Sir when moto g100 launch in india??

    45. 404 Error

      I want to buy moto one zoom... Plz motorola help me.

      1. Abhishek Verma

        @404 Error yeah that's true

      2. 404 Error

        @Abhishek Verma yes but i like so much... Because of the back logo notification light

      3. Abhishek Verma

        this is way better than moto zoom

    46. Arjun Kunnath


    47. Hardik Nandaniya

      Waiting for this phone❣️. May be this will be the my 3rd moto phone🤩✌🏻.then from Android 7 to Android 11🤟🏻.

    48. Good Soul

      Shame on you for not including basic Magnetometer..!!

      1. Good Soul

        @marathi shorthand outline May be not a problem for you. I've had a moto device without compass..the struggle is real.

      2. marathi shorthand outline

        It's not a huge problem, that is work properly if your speed is more than 5 k.m. per hour, only the direction problem on the google map when you are walking slowly.

    49. Shibil Shan Hyder

      Nokia should learn from this


      Love you moto. Moto edge s/moto g100 ko hamari jarurat he jaldi lunch kijiye plz.

      1. Sonu Gautam


      2. Rittika gupta


    51. Sanchit Goyal

      Chinese brand 🙄

      1. King Khan

        20% is owned by lenovochina not much 80% america its head quatersis in america motorola is an american company

      2. Ayub Node

        LK youz×19

      3. Abhijit Behera

        @King Khan Yes

      4. King Khan

        No bro lenovo owns only 20% majority

      5. Abhijit Behera

        Motorola Is An American Smartphone Brand. Headquarter In Chicago,USA & Lenovo Only 20% Share Holder Of Motorola Mobility

    52. Karan Vishwakarma


    53. Paplu Roy

      I love Motorola...

    54. AJ VIRALS

      Is display frizzd

    55. karthik M

      When Moto will bring amoled display

    56. Hemant Patel

      Hello Moto

    57. DEVIL FF

      Price definitely worth

    58. Namepalli Vivek

      Motorola is back 🔥🔥

    59. Motorola's Pankaj

      Love you Motorola.

    60. a̶d̶u̶'s̶ v̶e̶n̶c̶e̶d̶

      I am interested in Motorola phones