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    To the working moms in Hollywood, the moms who direct and act and produce and shoot, the moms who bring unforgettable stories to our screens: We see you. Keep leading like a mother, hustling like a mother, and showing everyone what a mother can do.
    Senda Bonnet
    Rachel Bloom
    Saudia Butler
    Lindsey Meyer Clough
    Kat Coiro
    Bridget Savage Cole
    Marta Cross
    Lara Everly
    Melissa Fumero
    Kanya Iwana
    Marie Jamora
    Kara Kaplan
    Danielle Krudy
    Jaika Lara-Quirt
    Princess McKinney-Kirk
    Layla Mettistane
    Rachel Morrison
    Whitney Saxton
    Meena Singh
    Kristin Slaysman
    Destinee Stewart
    Siyou Tan
    Nicole Whitaker
    Director - Lara Everly
    Producer - Jessica Stamen
    Co-Producer - Virginia Melin
    Writer - Eliza Arnold
    DP - Senda Bonnet
    Editor - Libby Cuenin
    Assistant Editor - Alyssa Carroll
    Music - Chad Fischer
    About Netflix:
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    Motherhood in Focus | Netflix Family

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    1. ae16weirdo

      I only cried a lot.

    2. anything else

      "How did you enjoy your time off?" This hit me. Cause it's TRUE.

    3. Leah Connor

      ❤❤❤ Wow! I Love it

    4. Milena Ryzhkova

      Some of these parenting related difficulties could fall on fathers' shoulders too. After all, they are parents too. And they sacrifice much less career wise which is so unfair.

    5. Manisha Mishra


    6. Hera S

      The video seems to be romanticizing the idea of mothers constantly making sacrifices because there aren't enough resources for them in society rather than promoting policies that would actually support and uplift them -- thus taking away some of the burdens of motherhood.

    7. sTOPzTARING Alright

      now this is worth watching, to Mothers

    8. julius fmr

      This is so wrong. Where are the fathers?

    9. Abi's Journal

      Take up s - p - a - c - e

    10. Abigail Mary Taugwalder

      Take up s - p - a - c - e -

    11. Folarin Osibodu

      Very important to talk about. Beautiful trailer.

    12. A. D.

      Does anyone know the name of the actress 0:24? I can’t remember and it bugs me!

      1. A. D.

        @Cameron Plunkett yes I meant the director .. she was an actress before, that’s how I recognize her :)

      2. Cameron Plunkett

        I don’t see an actress at :24? Just a director.

    13. dancerfruit2

      Is this a real thing cuz I would legit watch this

    14. Angelo Camba

      151 have problems with Motherhood? What's wrong with you people?

    15. Sunny Thuy Tien

      as a commercial producer and also a mom to-be this means alot.

    16. Broken Bridge

      Hey Netflix---Please bring back The Dark Crystal and GLOW. You people made a huge mistake cancelling those shows.

    17. Glenda Wray

      What a terrible "ad". Hey Netflix how about daycare, maternity leave, flex schedules instead of empty platitudes throwing the responsibility back on the moms. Also, dads? Did every one of those kids come from a sperm bank? Again the male capitalist system putting all the free work of the reproduction of labour on women. So old

    18. Bel Armenteros

      I need it in spanish! Love it

    19. Mishka Attempting to be a Hijabi

      This video is amazing!!!!!!

    20. Lolja Nordic

      And how do you ACTUALLY help working mothers in your projects as a company? "We see you" - well thank you but what are you DOING right now to make the workspace and contracts and conditions mother-friendly? It would be great for you to focus on these issues and show us in the video how you do or going to actually support mothers in your company

      1. Venkatavaradhan Krishnan

        "But we just gave you exposure"

      2. John Madden

        Cant imagine this being healthy in the long run. For a man to focus on work alone, that's enough. Having a child with you and stil be able to focus 100% on your duties. Ouch

      3. Jenna Wycoff

        Absolutely! As a mom in the entertainment business I spend a lot of time drawing boundaries and advocating for my family and my mental health, "even if it breaks you" should not be a condition of employment.

      4. Olga Popova

        Agree 100%

    21. christelle fedgie nerval

      Yes yes yes I’m here for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. Slimey Simon

      "Selfish women with children".

    23. Anthony Tang

      3 hours ago.

    24. Raph Crn

      0:07 Noman Hosni ❤️

    25. Lily Poon

      Hollywood loves hollywood

    26. Amna Nishat


    27. ExpressingMotherhood


    28. RecklesGRL

      Netflix! I love you for this

    29. Marti D

      I'm sorry but I have never and will never pump in a bathroom stall or breastfeed in a bathroom stall that is very unsanitary if anybody has a problem with me pumping or feeding in public that's their problem stop sexualize my child eating

    30. Sveneezy

      I can't find this title on Netflix (Europe, Tje Netherlands). What am I doing wrong guys?

    31. relaxed69electr

      STOP VICTIMIZING MOTHERS !! They don't need to be told to do things that they are already doing!!!

    32. Mike Montgomery

      maybe just...give them paid parental leave.

    33. Roberto Rodriguez

      Not me watching this when I haven’t seen my mom for a year bc of corona 😕

      1. netwolfe

        I do not think they are promoting a movie or a television show. I think this just Netflix giving a sault to working mothers everywhere.

    34. domi

      I am not sure but i think this video is about mothers

      1. domi

        You can say whatever you want but my positive crap made you laugh. or did you prefer negative crap? XD😂😂

    35. A Bailey

      Looks dumb!

      1. domi

        so moms are dumb? Ö-ö

    36. Silver Surfer

      Not all mothers are video editors. Wtf!

      1. domi

        no? oh, now i am dissapointed

    37. Lu Moynihan

      Was motherhood out of focus?

    38. im_ Ansar

      such a nice video celebrating moms and there are no views - Sad sad world !!!

    39. Mikey Sheridan

      Lol come on is this for real? Imagine the same thing but about father’s lol it would be canceled in a second,

      1. 1721lee

        @domi you are dumb fr fr you must be inbred to be thins much of an idiot 🤣🤣🤣

      2. domi

        @1721lee What do you mean, that Eve is a man? really? damn, She fooled me all this time then, but wait, she got pregnant, it means men can be pregnant?😱

      3. 1721lee

        @domi wow you really are that stupid I've been saying you been married to a man this whole time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are really that lost huh re read all my comments n then study them closely 👀 🤣🤣🤣

      4. domi

        @1721lee Are you sure it wasn't Adam and Eve? 🤔

      5. 1721lee

        @domi no one got anything you were saying Adam n Steve 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Edith Tvede

      Oh you cannot imagine how nice this was to see. Thanks for doing it. XX from a filmmaking mother.

      1. domi

        I am a man and a Father and this video made my day and made me realize how beautiful life can be

    41. haha ha

      Why can't men bring children? Why are men bad guys?

    42. _Der_Andi

      Such a strong video!! 👍🏻👍🏻

    43. Johanna Karlsson

      I hate kids.

      1. Johanna Karlsson

        @domi Haha! Stop the cringe!

      2. domi

        @Johanna Karlsson Of course, your mind is very powerful and you can control it, you can choose to allow happiness in your life or prefer a darker side. I helped people how to change their way of thinking and they feel much better now. Of course many are pleased with their darker side, and basically nothing wrong as long they don't harm other people or themselves in anyways.

      3. Johanna Karlsson

        @domi Haha! Sure...

      4. domi

        @Johanna Karlsson wasting time is to give bad comments, that add nothing and only show your bad side, that nobody wants. However, giving a positive and supporting comment works in a positive way. it's sad that you miss this little hidden skill in you to understand or even try to be free in your mind. Maybe with years, you will develop this extraordinary and awesome way of thinking. I never give up on people, and most of the time it works.

      5. Johanna Karlsson

        ​@domi Can't believe that you waste your time on this crappy troll comment.

    44. Swarali Apte

      Is that mellisa fumero??

    45. Memou

      Please follow my channel completely free. ❤️😊

    46. Mandalorian Roby

      The hell is this garbage dammm bruh


      Netflix at it again

    48. Bacon Fellow


    49. Axi Syr


      1. NereideTriton

        Ya. She is also doing the voiceover.

    50. Prue Halliwell

      Oh God no! Not another pro breeding show. How about some of these women adopting kids that already exist. Now that is challenging, selfless and would be far more worthy of some air time.

      1. domi

        everything ok otherwise?

    51. Princess


    52. Larry Wolf

      What is with this needless ass-kissing of mothers and women? They exist. Yes, so what. We get it. It's not a remarkable thing. People have been squeezing out children forever. Maybe things wouldn't be so hard for most of these women if they had better judgement and picked better men to open their legs for. Fathers are just as important, yet no one lauds them, but we're supposed to ass-kiss women who got drunk and screwed the guy in the leather jacket with a face tattoo who now has to work with five children from 3 men? Bitch, please. You're not special because you have bad judgement.

    53. Lennie Godber

      There are more than 7 billion people on this planet and women still think the ability to breed somehow makes them special Truly amazing

      1. domi

        @AA BB well I am very happy and full of positive-minded ideas, this gives me freedom and happiness. If this labels me as beta or whatever you want to box me into sone category, well fine. What counts in life is happiness. To achieve this you should learn to change negative thoughts that keep you locked into positive thoughts and you will feel free and happy

      2. AA BB

        @domi you’re a beta

      3. domi

        it is, I am a father of two and these moments they give birth is... you can't describe how powerful this is, also the pregnancy if my wife was an extraordinary feeling for both of us. Then you realize your life has a meaning.

    54. African Girl

      Wow. I'm not a mom but I appreciate good moms n dads.

    55. TheDavan619

      Imagine being so fragile in ur male ego that u dislike this trailer lol (im male too just for the record)

      1. Liudmyla Masliuk

        @domi I dislike like a mother. Parental leave? Kindergarden? No, just give the women more duties at the same time.

      2. AA BB


      3. domi

        who can dislike a video about mothers and babies and happiness, really? I wonder what went wrong in people their lives to dislike such thing

    56. Bahaa Blast

      I'm sure Netflix has wronged many mothers.

      1. Patrick Rothlisberger

        Divorce court

      2. IJ Williams

        Actually Netflix is one of the few American companies that offer a lot of time off for mother’s (a year plus? I don’t remember the exact but it’s nice)

      3. relaxed69electr

        Dude I do live production and I could not agree with you anymore!!!!!

      4. Patrick Rothlisberger

        tell me more or stay silent.

      5. African Girl


    57. Game Film HUB

      FATHERS, the most underappreciated Humans on the planet !!! It's all about Mother's these days eh, just s one sided story.

      1. domi

        well, the father spends 5 minutes on making a baby, mothers 9 months and it's very painful. Then they have to raise them also while the father is out working or whatever.

    58. Kemal Rujović

      Ye, this is cringe

      1. Kemal Rujović

        @Mika K aha k

      2. Mika K

        Ok incel

    59. kageyama tobio


    60. Jen Whyte

      Such a nice thing to see while battling a teenage boy. My son of 13 drives me nuts. I do it all alone as a single parent.

      1. Jerry

        Dont forget to always make some space for yourself, take some time just for you!

    61. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

      1. Mika K

        Great movie

    62. k1k16

      They deserve all love and appreciation l🌹❤️

    63. Jenny Sunshine

      Melissa Fumero?

    64. Afroqueef

      Can't wait for the sequel Fatherhood. Where we see all the father's that are living in their cars or have committed suicide because their wives divorced them, took everything because these men weren't providing emotional support.

    65. Rohan Gupta

      Great concept but seriously, how long is it going to be till Netflix runs out of documentary ideas and makes a documentary on making documentaries 😂

      1. Angelo Camba

        Do your thing.

      2. Berto Andon

        Is it weird that I might actually watch that?

      3. CE34 saurabh Damor

        Netflix, what i say to you....Just why ??? -netflix and chill but Netflix need to chill.

    66. Jete B

      It's been hard being an editor at home (especially when you're married to another editor), with a new baby, and this made my day. THANK YOU!

      1. Edith Tvede

        Mine too, this was amazing :)

    67. Younes Ten

      I need iPhone 12 and Blonde Wife 💛😍👍

      1. XL B


    68. Angel Leal

      Tío Netflix que viene bueno para esta navidad dime

    69. vcdrny

      I'm a man and this video hit me in feels.

      1. Marti D

        well if it makes you feel any better my family is filled with men who know how to cook so break their little girl's hair and do all the other rugged manly things like bring home the bacon and change the oil of the car dads are very important 😁

    70. gjssjg

      What is this garbage?? Its like something out of the 1960's Soviet era....."Comrade Mother".

      1. domi

        To be a mother is garbage? I feel sorry for your parents that you find them garbage


      What happened to warning signs before a video "we r cutting onions in this video" 😭😭☺☺☺

    72. Adam Weaver

      Kathleen Follbigg...was a it!!

    73. Somaliatheist #

      What about a father in focus

      1. Somaliatheist #

        @Princess not all fathers are like that.

      2. domi

        @Princess so? they have the freedom to live as they want to, same as you choose your freedom to live as you want. Freedom isn't dumb or idiotic, freedom is the greatest feeling in the world. You should enjoy life more and lesser try to bring down other people for no reason. This only will make yourself more bitter Have fun, enjoy your freedom go go hop, now ...cmon stop reading, go out and enjoy nature

      3. Princess

        The CLEAR FACT is father's are NOT in Focus‼ That's why there so many single mums idiot 💅🏻 So you see your kid once a Fortnightly thats NOT a father, just a s*** stirrer 💯

      4. Game Film HUB

        Exactly, well said.

    74. Squigie Ninja

      This is stupid. Who tf is saying otherwise. Pointless video

      1. domi

        so your birth was pointless? your mother is pointless? Why don't you allow Mothers to have a video that says good things about them? What went wrong in your lfie? you an tell us so we can try to udnerstand

    75. FireBomberBassist

      Mommys! 😔

    76. haha ha

      Incite discrimination against men

      1. domi

        lol, feeling hurt? When men have movies that promote their muscles and ego stuff, is this discriminating for women? No.. so why would a video about pregnant women be discriminating against men at all? So every video that doesn't talk about a man is discriminating? You should be proud of your wife or gf she carries your child. instead of spreading negative acusations

      2. Game Film HUB

        Totally agree

    77. AA BB

      I’m manspreading right now. Feels good.

    78. Elighttice

      Free moms from abusive husbands. Free childerns from abusive mothers.

      1. AA BB

        Free men from abusive women

    79. Iryn Tony

      this was so cute

    80. المخلص فقط JESUS


    81. Otaku‘s Monkei

      The Jojo pose (Jotaro) 1:34

    82. miasdancer Hello People I’m Gary

      They are strong! Even when they are pregnant they carry on :)

    83. Борис Неважно

      Strong and independent

    84. Elvis Elton

      "Mother like a mother" i felt that

    85. Rashad Evans

      Happy Mohers Day to all moms overseas ... love from indonesia I love my momma

    86. Patrick Rothlisberger

      while fatherhood is being shamed and dismissed.

      1. Patrick Rothlisberger

        @Abi's Journal no. I done with that. But with the courts help and single mother programs from organization that support them denying visitation rights of the father has definitely given mother free range to do as they please without any shame or consequences.

      2. Abi's Journal

        nope - just mothers stepping up to their rightful place - watch this space if you feel intimidated or attacked

      3. Patrick Rothlisberger

        @Victorious Sage Yes, it is their silhouette that we still enjoy, (when they still have one left after sixteen or their first born).

      4. Patrick Rothlisberger

        @Nicheheaven AJ Look at any sit com these days and who is at the end of the joke. Who save s the day again.

      5. Patrick Rothlisberger

        @Ikajo You got no better return than that ? no wonder you can't grasp what I convey

    87. asher

      pregnant women shouldn't be working hard ugh

      1. asher

        @domiand put the babies at risk this is nothing but another stupid western feminist agenda

      2. domi

        Why not? if this is their own choice and freedom.

    88. S1L3NT G4M3R

      :) for all the moms

    89. Jeannie Tuomala

      Like my commute plz😜

    90. asher

      pregnant woman: PARKOUR

      1. Dizi Editleri

        ı habe good videos. please lool

    91. Mark Vasquez


    92. Adi Menon

      Bring back daredevil

    93. Claire Oshima

      CAN YOU NETFLIX'S MAKE SEASON TWO OF SEVEN DEADLY SINS? if you think so too, like this comment, and let's make Netflix make season 2 !

    94. garcia adrian

      Netflix they should make a new movie of giant girl

      1. garcia adrian

        @Squigie Ninja screw you

      2. Squigie Ninja

        Sorry to break it to you but Netflix isn't going to make a fetish video for u

      3. garcia adrian

        @Jayde Louise wrong

      4. Jayde Louise

        You mean tall girl?

    95. garcia adrian

      November 16 is birthday actress Kimberly j.brown she from Disney channel movies Halloween town

    96. Marcus Junior


    97. Faiza Nfr


    98. Amanda Spirit


    99. Puja Sharma

      The eyes that are reading this comment… May God fulfill all his dreams in front of this eyes and give them happiness.

      1. Nelson Nwela

        @domi hey

      2. domi

        @Nelson Nwela Beautiful and very wise words :)

      3. Nelson Nwela

        Hello puja

    100. Trey