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    1. Suruti qun


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    2. Zaid Mansuri

      Caary bola ke uske channel ko shuru huwe 6 saal hogaye par uski first video toh 5 saal pehle hi dali thi

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      Finally, Very happy to see you back.

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    4. DDDSHBZ

      Search = CarryMinati Aur KBC - Funny Roasted Video

    5. MrBeast Shorts

      I don't know hindi..... 😅😅😅

    6. Aliya Rani

      he looks like munna bhayya in mirzapur 😁hit like if you agree 👍

    7. Goutam Das

      5:12 is clip ko 12, 13 baar dekhne ke baad samaj mein aaya ki carry ka chasma tut gaya hai🤣🤣🤣

    8. Barnali Adhikary

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    9. JINNOp


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    10. Sluts Maker

      I don't understand indian and I'm not from India , I'm just here to like the video .

    11. Noor BHAi

      Pehle se ye video thora bhiki par gaya😐 par best of luck my bbboooi

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      2. yasir xpert

        New comment

    12. Poor Gamer01

      Wrong turn 7 the forest 2021 trailer

    13. Dhrubo Chakarborty

      So fanny man 😂😂

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    14. Dhrubo Chakarborty

      So fanny man😂😂

    15. DP World


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        @DP world

    16. Status Status

      Bhai.. Ese soni mishra ke upaar ak video bnaa do yeah kuch jya hi bakchodi kare rahi h

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        @Status status

    17. Rahul Jha

      Ye kya chotiyapa hai be


      Carry bhai app free ho kal? Mei ghar aja on

    19. be hit

      Bhai log Naya channel shuru Kiya hai ap logo Ka mohabbt ki zrurt Plz subscribe

    20. Samsul Quadir

      Kya hogaya है logon ko is chutye ko itna like karte hai aur itne follower hai

    21. be hit

      Bhai log Naya channel shuru Kiya hai ap logo Ka mohabbt ki zrurt Plz subscribe

    22. be hit

      Bhai log Naya channel shuru Kiya hai ap logo Ka mohabbt ki zrurt Plz subscribe

    23. I AM LEO

      Hahahaha Salman Khan 🤣

    24. dee 'Evil

      1.4 million to go we can do it come on

    25. Ritwik Mukherjee Bhai yeh video me roasting Karo sab video fail ho jaega ho Sakta hai agar tune banya to age restrict aa Jae lekin yeh video bhot hard hai aur bhai love ur content voh Bhi Bina Kisi backchodi ke

    26. najmussakib akash

      paprom.infosPqu-CuQsVA @carryminati bro he is trying to roasting you please tell something about it love for you bro😍😍

    27. Tech Trending

      KGF-2 का ट्रेलर हुआ रिलीज़, इस बार यश ने मचा दिया तहलका.देखें ट्रेलर.. 👇👇

    28. Rehan Minati

      Good luck man

    29. Rehan Minati

      Bro say bad words in Hindi to you say if you want you say well all will see what this you tuble will do to you ☺️☺️

    30. Aniruddh 2553

      Kya baat hai carryminati bhau zakkas video banata hai bhai tu kya enthusiasm hai bhai tera tu kabhi nahi rukta bhai.bahut badhiya yar bemisal bhai.🥰🥰🥰💗



      1. Miss.Anonymous ;

        But why is not showing in trending list?🤔

    32. Harsh Garg

      Same beef part is the best😂😂

    33. Tech Trending

      स्नैक वीडियो बैन होने पर फूट फूट कर रोई राशि शिंदे

    34. Eye notice

      So much respect for carry bcoz he covered the girl face 👏👏👏

    35. Dilshad Hasan

      Ajay bhai aapki video ka notification q nahi aata bell icon b open h🙄🙄

    36. Technical Zia Farooqui

      اگر آپ کو پشتو کے نعتیں . نظمیں . ترانے سننا پسند ہے تو آئے سوشل میڈیا پہ واحد آفیشل چینل ہے نعتو نظمو اور ترانو کا نیچے لنک پر کلک کریں اور سنتے رہے .👇👇👇👇👇👇🌹

    37. Krunal official

      Finally video agya hai 🔥🔥🔥 Use eyerphon ♨️♨️♨️

    38. JesterFTW

      The funniest part is when this guy gets a girl but you don't 🥺

    39. Mihi love

      Tho kese he aap log😁😁😁😁

    40. 3 Dogs

    41. AP status

    42. Himanshu Tawra

      gareebo ka munna bhaiya


      Video acha tha , feel ho rha he bc 1 din me banai he

    44. amit dayaramani

      Bakwas video👎

    45. harsh sharma


    46. Shubham baraskar R.N 004

      #munnabhaiya 😂

    47. Abhinav Gupta

      Carry bhai app un logo pr video banate ho jo apka kuch bigad nhi sakte Gand me dum honga tho politiciaons ko roast kro na vo bhi chutiya panti krte hai

    48. Nitesh Yadav


    49. Dawn Gamer

      Love you from Karachi,Pakistan

    50. something new

      Kauser khan ke video ke upar ek video banaiye..hame oo videos fake lagta ko keya lagta hai

    51. Dubai 7 Dubai 7

      Super. support my chanel

    52. Rao Sahab

      Who knows him asim barber the killer



    54. Vishal Gaming

      Your favourite PApromr 1: carryminati 2: Ashish chanchlani 3: Amit Bhadana Amit bhadana sir like Ashish chanchlani sir Comment Carryminati sir Subscribe

    55. Rupam Nath

      Bhai maine isbaar phataka nahi phordha hai diwali mai 😅😅😅

    56. Non Judgemental

      Moosewala song 👌👌👌👌

    57. Sushmita Phani

      Pls aap 'pewdiepie' ko roast karo...... Pls pls pls pls pls

      1. Hetvary Rajyaguru

        True ❤💯

    58. Total gaming 2

      Bhai ap face reaval kab karoge please ap face reaval karo Love from India ❤️

    59. Sudhansu Sahu

      Tauji ka kya haal hai lockdown me??


      Abe gandu acche college me ja kr graduation kr le ye kafi der tak nahi chalega tera channel Education give imagination and inspiration remember.

    61. 1k without video challenge

      1k without video challenge

    62. Alisha Limbu

      I love you 😘 caryminati

    63. Manoj gs gowda


    64. deep Bose


    65. ZAINUL Sk

      carry ka goggles 😂😂😂

    66. Itramo Buzz

      vai a bandi keya bol@ rahahy

    67. Connecting. Sumit

      Bhot hi mast hai

    68. Cracked Baba

      Carry kind of fumbled at 6:50 when he said that shah rukh khan line

    69. Sami Ullah

      Carry is love 💞 from Pakistan

    70. Connecting. Sumit

      Massage Videos @Thailand

    71. Swaggers _Ka_Thikana

      Ek juta amitabh bacchan ko 1like=1juta

    72. Tuhin Mondal


    73. Earpit

      Video good Comment section : like do bkl

    74. Suman Pandey

      Bhai baar baar dekh raha yrr mann nhi bharr raha 😂😂😂

    75. PRO GAMER


    76. disturbed loon

      Ye baat to Mani padi gi desh mai bhot chutiye hai

    77. bunty singh

      Bhai kuch bhi bana rhe ho

    78. AnuJ Soni

      Inki wajah se balatkar badh rahe h neela land

    79. Rortex Gaming

      Carry bhai 🥺 🙏 Please Disha Sikdar ko roast karo wo snack video banati h .. I request you please🙏 Who want hit like 👇 please

    80. Md Javed

      Carry bhai big boss part 3 banaao please 🙏🏼

    81. scammer ._.;

      is sai achi roasting to duckybhai ki hoti hai

    82. Rajat Misra

      Lal phool nila phool carry bhaiya beautiful

    83. AS - TV

      abey loude lassan ..... pata b ha sala scripted video ha. per b os pe roasting kar raha ha, j se ham C hain, hame kuj nahi pata...:PPPPPP

    84. Rajat Misra

      Bachpan ki photo dikhadu gand faat jayegi .... Hehehehehehejeheeh

    85. Shaikh Sahid

      Please reply dena bade bhai

    86. secret superstar 619

      I watch this video after 5days because there was no balance in my phone.

    87. Shaikh Sahid

      Op bro 🤘😎 Pubg ke video kab ayege

    88. BeBa Munda

      Kuch Din Phly I Search Prank Video On PAprom Than PAprom Provide Massag Prank Bs LoL😂😂

    89. Alex John

      Girls Atttitude Videos

    90. Akrot King yt

      Like Indian people

    91. Kaka Ranjha

      KING ka ganna 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪

    92. DankSuri

    93. Kaka Ranjha

      Waa bhai Sidhu Moose wala ka Gaana 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    94. DankSuri

    95. DankSuri

    96. DankSuri

    97. DankSuri

    98. DankSuri

    99. DankSuri