Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

12 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼1 504

    Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Kyle Munro

      so uhhh...does he have powers orrr

    2. Sad -

      Let’s gooo

    3. Kalgi

      that is DEFINETELY @jacksonwang in the track " i woke up the dragon" line just is so identifiable, so proud to be his and marvel's fan.

    4. Jin Wayne

      Movie no one asked for...

    5. Sad -


    6. Sunil Singh

      The background is op!

    7. RexorRage

      The only thing bothering me in this trailer is seeing the lady driver destroying so many BMW i8 while driving the bus

    8. Joshua Julian Santos

      Is this connected in the MCU or entirely different?

    9. mannyfestoINS

      The sounds track is absolutely perfect. Asian inspired, new and fresh, ominous and foreboding. Literally the perfect soundtrack for a trailer to a movie most people know nothing about.

    10. Evelyn Xiong

      Chinese stereotypes all around

    11. K̶A̶N̶I̶S̶H̶K̶

      Sick 🥵🔥🔥 This gone a Boom ❤️

    12. K D

      They should mke the fight scene like ca2

    13. Makhi L

      *movie trailer start* *punches tree* me: OMG MINECRAFT

    14. Erica

      BMW product placement in a movie about Asians? Epic

    15. Xy Neqanon

      Yay! All I love in chinese dramas but here with a western twing. And there is a wink to "Speed" with Akafina at the wheel 😁. Looks like a winner to me

    16. Capture bad guys

      How come the main role is that ugly😱 there are so many handsome Asian faces.

    17. Foxden

      its that nails on a chalkboard? Or aquafina talking?

    18. Ольга Сергеева

      I'm starting to feel like Marvel has a thing for fighting in public transport.

    19. Busta Nut

      i wish they got someone who looked like bruce lee

    20. Rawbeard

      Iron Fist 2.0

    21. Track Gripper

      “You can’t outrun, who you really are....” this got my attention 🔥

    22. RapperGeek

      Ok but can we get the full version of this song though?

    23. Beast Gordon

      Stop Asian hate

    24. Captain G

      Who else got shadow fight vibes from this trailer?

    25. lowkey_fla

      Gotta see this

    26. Yash Tandan

      1:16 this place reminds me of Shadow Fight 2

    27. Literally Your Mom

      More diversity sucks. This movie will be the shittiest in marvel history.

    28. Marvel studios

      I saw it 39 times to see all details

      1. TheEpicGuy

        OMG 😲

    29. BillA Muthusamy

      The Chinese have the fake goods. Even in marvel the Chinese have infiltrated. Lol. Never beats captain America or any other marvel movie. Sure to be a flop.

    30. Rohit Budha Magar

      Nice one 👍🤠 I love awkwafina

    31. 2-EK

      Literally when he defeats an enemy: “You stooopaad, don’t know how do drow. FAAAAIWYAR


      Mmmmmmm smells good

    33. Cypher's Hat

      This looks so freaking good. I can't wait to watch it.

    34. Burst

      That person: who are you Shang Chi: *uses the force to make her forget*

    35. TheiPhonePianist

      that mid air knife grab is reminiscent of the fight between Cap and WInter Soldier

    36. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

      Yes! Back in San Francisco baby! 🏙🌉🇨🇳🇺🇸

    37. Ninie Iky


    38. seynpurrp

      shang chi: brutally kills two people girl in buss: wHo ArE yOu? shang chi: brutally does a low budget naruto finger sheeling, and then kills her unemotionaly jk that didnt happen lol

    39. mohamed haider

      This trailer makes me wanting more to see live action lady Shiva and Richard dragon movie

    40. seynpurrp

      yes the movie looks good, but those voice lines made it awful to sit through and watch it.

    41. Speedfreak HCR2!

      This trailer gets me high everytime i watch it.

    42. asaplyc

      The backsound is🔥🔥🔥

    43. Ramtej Duvvuri

      100time watching over did you?

    44. Kunwar Samradh Singh

      Power Rangers Jungle Fury 2.0

    45. ukhuwah harapan


    46. Tweed Penguin

      Looked badass up until the unnecessary cheesy comedy.

    47. Hardstyle 4 Life

      1:30 the famous Uchiha kick

    48. Jai bhandari

      Khatarnaak 🔥

    49. Omar Onn

      I wondered where Jung went and why he was missing at the car rental in Toronto. It turns out he had gone under the radar to be a kung fu superhero fighting powerful supervillians. Anyway, this looks like an awesome trailer, and I hope the movie will be better. I'm keeping my expectations up for you, and thank you for having more Asian representation in Hollywood. :)

    50. Brian Inglis

      0.29 seconds - Ronny Chieng

    51. bObbyw


    52. 挑戰無影片100,00訂閱


    53. Omar Onn

      "We make a good team" Right... that's only because you get a much stronger man than you to help you.

    54. Muntasir Hasnain Niloy

      We just want Tobey to return as Spider-man. 🥺 Is that too much to ask for?

    55. s p

      Lame.... waiting on Matrix 4

    56. Paul Edward

      Who are you? I am Shancai from Meteor Garden...just a tank build

    57. QueenCoCoaMocha

      Marvel got me over here twerking to this beat 😭 I wanna see this - might take my anime daughter

    58. Omar Onn

      Hi Marvel Entertainment, I hope you don't mind me posting Malay subtitles on my comment. It's for your trailer. I was hoping it would help you capture more audience, particularly from Southeast Asia. 00:01 [Ribut petir, hujan turun] 00:11 ♪♪ 00:16 ♪♪ 00:18 WENWU Saya memberi awak sepuluh tahun untuk menjalani hidup awak. 00:21 ♪♪ 00:26 WENWU Dan ke mana itu berakhir untuk awak? 00:31 ♪♪ 00:36 WENWU Awak berjalan dalam bayangan saya. 00:38 ♪♪ 00:45 WENWU Saya melatih awak... 00:48 ...jadi orang yang paling berbahaya di dunia ... 00:52 ...tidak dapat membunuh awak. 00:54 ♪♪ 00:56 Anak WENWU ... 00:59 ... sudah tiba masanya awak mengambil tempat di sisi saya. 01:02 ♪♪ 01:07 SHANG-CHI Itu tidak akan berlaku. 01:12 ♪♪ 01:20 WENWU Awak tidak boleh mengatasi... 01:23 ...siapa awak sebenarnya. 01:26 ♪♪ 01:33 KATY Siapa awak? 01:37 ♪♪ 01:45 [Tanduk bas menyala] 01:47 SHANG-CHI Ya Tuhan. 01:48 KATY Tunggu, semua! 01:49 PENUMPANG [Menjerit] 01:54 KATY [Menjerit] 01:58 KATY Kami membuat pasukan yang bagus!

    59. Deepa Kashinath

      This looks like black panther*iron fist

    60. Aman Porwal

      What is on 9.3.2021? 🤔🤔 Ok that's september 3. I thought march 9.😂😂

    61. 虞健


    62. clouds joo

      This movie better break box office records, I cannot wait

    63. Aman ak yoga


    64. Mavericks Pelicans

      Jimmy Woo should play this role

    65. Roshni Choudhary

      You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated." -

    66. Omar Onn

      I've been wondering what happened to Janet's elder brother in Kim's Convenience and why I can't see any new episodes. It turns out that he's a kung fu warrior now. It looks good. I'd love to see the movie when it is out.

    67. Danish Marazi

      I would love to see fight scene between shang-chi and black widow

    68. सदाबहार हिंदी गाने

      Lawda chaina movie

    69. King Jamal

      One of the best marvel trailers hands down 💯 this got me so hype

      1. Salman Khan

        @seynpurrp this trailer wasn't garbage

      2. King Jamal

        @seynpurrp I get that your entitled to your own opinion, but garbage? Really?

      3. Marvel studios

        @seynpurrpit's good

      4. seynpurrp

        what? XD this trailer was garbage, but the movie will definitely be good

      5. General_ Ganteng

        I agree👍👍


      Marvel are really good when it comes to screen play, trailer and also their movies are colourful

    71. Josh Cook

      Looks shite

    72. natasha angelica

      Thought tht i'm familiar with that voice.. Okay it's jackson wang singing at the background

    73. Medea kanaan

      1:34 its the guy in spider-man homecoming who says "you're the spiderman from youtube"!!!!!!

    74. Command3r Cody Brickfilms

      Cant wait

    75. Ron Eric Nathaniel Sarmiento

      I love the way Marvel Studios combine Chinese & American culture.

    76. Super Memer

      Lady : Who are you Shang chi : Let me do the cool pose first hahahaha

    77. Shane Mcgonigal

      Its a shame i wouldnt mind to watch this however im not supporting Disney so ill have to miss out

    78. IamShiva

      This going to be lit😭

    79. DongLongQua

      Did anyone see Cap's shield @0:53? On the left Shang Chi.

    80. Letho Peane

      I think purely on what I've seen towards the end of this trailer with the bus Akwafina would be great in a remake of Speed. Jusy saying

    81. Drake Dee

      I don’t know if ‘yall noticed but the way those rings glow; they glow the same as that Kimoyo bead that stabilized Agent Ross’ spine when he got shot in Black Panther. 🔥💯

    82. Limngoun Hong

      Every asian movie is the best!!!!!

    83. pizza parker

      "who are you?" Shang chi: *proceeds pulling out his belt*

    84. Kashyap Patel

      Can we all appreciate that the background music sounds really good.

    85. wιngenιх

      Whats your super power again S-c : i can do cool pose

    86. ahmiii97

      Mcu meets kung fu panda

    87. Advait Shiwalkar

      The film releases on 9:3:21 I see it will release in multiverse

    88. Manav Manket

      0:53oh my God the Cap's shield is in the left side of the screen

    89. Bayastan Chorobekov

      Что этот кыргыз делает в фильме от Марвэл?

    90. Kevin Tracey

      This looks awful! Why on Earth didn’t they go for the visual style of the superb Paul Gulacy comics from the seventies and give it a dark menacing Bruce Lee vibe. Oh well, another MCU product I can happily ignore.

      1. 18 943 Zavi m kuotsu

        You're not taking about race are you....?

    91. Anshu

      Marvel is not capable of releasing black widow I everyday wake up and search on all pirated sites for black widow movie and what I got nothing 🔥

    92. Tithanhobit

      "God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt

    93. David Labbe

      Is this a Nobody remake?


      Yes awkwafina...i love her

    95. sohail ahmed


    96. Samarth Reddy

      The hope the action choreography is great, otherwise it's a pass from me.

    97. Amal


    98. Ackerman

      Why not iko ?

    99. Aaran Jackson

      Ccp propaganda No other races or religions. 10 rings will be something Chinese military intelligence has told Xinnie the Pooh about most definitely ten rings is pre flood magic.

    100. Uyanga Battulga

      Hollywood really tries to appeal to china. There are literally more than 40 countries out there in Asia, yet they can't stop representing china as a whole Asia. 🤦🤦🤦

      1. Uyanga Battulga

        @Utkarsh Patil 🤦🤦🤦 bye

      2. Utkarsh Patil

        @Uyanga Battulga shut up

      3. Uyanga Battulga

        @Utkarsh Patil you first understand what i am saying okay? Read pls

      4. Utkarsh Patil

        Are you dumb Shang chi is in china