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    MANK. In Select Theaters November and on Netflix on December 4.
    Starring Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Arliss Howard, Tom Pelphrey, Sam Troughton, Ferdinand Kingsley, Tuppence Middleton, Tom Burke, and Charles Dance.
    Directed by David Fincher.
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    MANK | Official Trailer | Netflix
    1930s Hollywood is reevaluated through the eyes of scathing wit and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he races to finish “Citizen Kane.”

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    1. Billy Norris

      I love David Fincher. But this looks boring af.

    2. M. Wayne

      The Great Gary Oldman, Phil Collins daughter, and Tywin Lannister!

    3. Sae888

      No one has seen this movie and you're already giving it Oscars

    4. vonsopas

      Looks neat! David Fincher meets Netflix meets Gary Oldman? Looking forward for this one!

    5. Adventures Ensue

      Just saw it last night in theaters and my GOD this was incredible! For me it's easily his second best since The Social Network.

    6. feixbix

      Saw it on the big screen at my local cinema. Fantastic movie. But before you watch it you have to see citizen Kane and get some information about the background story. Will watch it again on Netflix.

    7. Troy Goodwin

      Netflix is bringing the best straight to home.

    8. edarvizu1


      1. Michael T. Paulo

        i kinda understand you

    9. Ignacho 96

      Is Scorsese the genius from NY?

    10. Evan Faust

      This looks INCREDIBLE. I love that he’s using old-style microphones so the movie even SOUNDS like it was made in that era. Cant wait to see this.

    11. Craig Gordon

      I know I'm early, but I saw this film twice in theatres, and I can safely call this a brilliant masterpiece.

    12. SaNya*Mr

      Thank you all, have a good weekend who read my comment.

    13. Bret Hamilton

      I love Fincher so I’ll see this but good god this gotta be the worst trailer ever.

    14. Baby Irene

      Amanda Seyfried? Really? Amanda Seyfried?

      1. EvilEscape


      2. Visuals For You

        No issue at all. I've heard she's Oscar-worthy in this movie.

    15. Vino

      Who cares today abt this long ago crisis-bla/bla?? Alkie writer insults Hearst. Meh.

    16. reb1138

      I'd rather re-watch Armageddon over Citizen Kane any day

    17. Curtis Newton

      is everything from netflix gonna be so boring ?

    18. RV_STUDIOS

      I have no doubt the movie great, but jesus, this trailer is absolute shit.

    19. A E

      It looks meh

    20. david mckesey

      Rose bud

    21. Random Dude

      Good, Fincher is done with Mank. Now he can get back to work on a season 3 of Mindhunter.

    22. Eef Neleman

      Definitely a must see!

    23. Will G. Forrest

      David fincher tackling citizen Kane, it’s a win

    24. Josh043 P

      Academy jizzes over anything Old Hollywood. Still, its Fincher so I know it'll be great!

    25. avery brooks

      lol this looks like shit

    26. Baran Demir Şimşek

      David Fincher

    27. Kristoffe Brodeur

      Hollywood jerking off to itself and making a spectacle about it's worst side as if it morphs to it's best side. Woe to the rich and famous... no. That being written, Gary Oldman himself is amazing at crafting anything, and this reminds me of an extension of the film "Romeo Is Bleeding" and a bit of the electric but depressing gem "True Romance". His characters have a similar pattern in these three pieces and it's magic.

    28. Seth Byrnes

      Digitally captured black and white looks so flat and shitty, I wish people would just film in colour or switch to actual film and do the work to light it properly.

      1. Seth Byrnes

        I went back and reviewed some more of Roma -there are certainly some scenes where my criticism does not apply, but in others it still looks washed out. Maybe it was a stylistic choice and not a limitation, I am not sure and I didn't work on the film. Regardless, Manks treatment looks awful and I dont know what benefit the black and white does it.

      2. Seth Byrnes

        I want to clarify that what I am talking about is the contrast and treatment from post in these films. The blackpoint is not well adjusted, there is very little contrast between the highs and lows in the digital captures. The people who captured the images clearly knew what they were doing as the composition is amazing, but I think the medium is holding it back from what it might have been.

      3. Seth Byrnes

        @Visuals For You Even it's quality was held back by the medium. The visuals are beautifully composed but the blacks and whites are just not coming up like they might. I'm no Eggers fan but look at the daylight scenes in The Lighthouse for an example of how this stuff COULD look. Dont even watch the movie, just look up stills.

      4. Visuals For You

        What about Roma? That's a beautiful movie.

    29. Ms. Blaileen

      Fincher could direct a breakfast cereal commercial and it would still be absolutely terrifying.

    30. MaximusDecimusMeridius

      May this be the movie of the year... But.... Im not gonna forgive you netflix for what you did to mindhunter... I was craving for a season3!!! Bring back MH

    31. David Cole

      I am amazed how many movies and shows Netflix has released. They have been a life Saver when it comes to Entertainment these past 8 months. All the other Streaming Services are putting a show or movie out a month. You guys are dropping stuff weekly.. Great Job..

    32. Fabio Bressan

      Looks like a Guy Maddin movie

    33. Mareczeq

      Ok, but... where is the season 3 of Mindhunter?

    34. Ryan Erwin

      did David Fincher make a Tim Burton movie?

    35. Mark Rensiew

      Now David PLEASE get back to Mindhunters!

    36. Hingeless Creation

      Woah... this is gonna be good.

    37. Brian Busch

      Just saw mank and it’s easily my favorite movie of 2020 and my favorite fincher movie since the social network

    38. dijsugdrtggi3684

      gary oldman, is an old man

    39. Janrey Gordon

      Im smelling Oscar nominations

    40. Johnyong Hwang

      Reznov has hit an all time low

    41. Pain

      David Fincher made a deal with Netflix to be producing content oof

    42. urmintrude

      Looks unbearable tbh.

    43. John Kim

      INTEL run Hollywood now seems only capable of vomiting forth rehashes of its own - -done to death - franchise slum self. Step around. Step - -around.

      1. Rosencrantz


    44. Sushanth Ramesh


    45. Phill Tolkien

      Clicked on this, thought it said Manc. Thought it d be a retrospective on Noel and Liam, Ian brown and Frank Sidebottom. Whoops. Aw right R kid, mad fer it.

    46. Karna Pratap Singh

      Citizen Kane or more like Citizen Lame

    47. moviemaker60fps

      After I see it I will tell you i it is accurate or not

      1. XL B

        @moviemaker60fps Ok

      2. moviemaker60fps

        @XL B have not seen it yet

      3. XL B

        What do you think?

    48. Alfie

      He made a film about the youngest billionaire in the world and the inventor of Facebook. He made a film about the most infamous and unbelievably violent serial killer in history. Now he’s making a film about the screenwriter of Citizen Cane. What could be next for David Fincher?

    49. Mark Arnott

      Looks good something different from the mainstream Meteors hitting earth x 3 movies out

    50. thEannoyingE

      Written in 1994 by his father Jack, just think of it was made back then, it could have been on real black and white film, not color digital converted in post.

      1. Visuals For You

        The movie actually was shot in black and white with the Red Monstrochrome. A color version doesn't exist of this movie. It could have still been shot on black and white film and movies still use it today (just last year we got The Lighthouse), but Fincher is never going back to film from what I can see. He would have been forced to use it in 90's, so you're right.

    51. malm west

      fincher season approaching ladies and gentleman

    52. Dr. Bruce Banner

      perfecto, mas mierda llega a netshit!

      1. Jorge Javier Gomez

        Callese el oscico pinché fake

    53. Sapan Acharya

      people don't know how huge this is

    54. Daniel Valles

      Hell yeah, new Fincher stuuuuuff!

    55. Bisou Wedding - Foto e Video

      Ok ok, but please come back to shoot the 3 season of Mind Hunter

    56. Bill Johnson

      Good or bad, if it's Fincher you know it's going to be smart and a trip.

    57. Ricardo Martinez

      Stop supporting Netflix. They never took down Cuties!

    58. Marcel Pierri

      Looks great!!

    59. Cadet 004

      Who the fu*k would watch this!

      1. Noho 2000

        I'll be there.

      2. Visuals For You


      3. kobretti88

        Cinephiles, the fans of Citizen Kane, Orson Welles and the golden age of Hollywood.

    60. Loui Throttler

      They cancelled Mindhunter for this shit?

    61. Stoned Collective

      no gays or blacks? boooo Netflix time to start picketing

      1. Benjamin Barrera

        Watch the movie and find out!

    62. Илья Личман

      I'm feeling Zorg vibes)

    63. deathswoon23

      Charles Dance and David Fincher reunited!

    64. Jorge Javier Gomez

      And the Oscar goes to

    65. Jak Mockery

      I’m hoping Charles Dance is excellent enough to be nominated for Best Supporting. It’s time the Academy recognised his excellent skill. This movie looks like a treat.

    66. Ramón Jurado Borrero

      lol referencing one of the worst screenwriters ever.

    67. filton0

      Where is Tuppence Middleton on the titles at 2:30?!

    68. baddabing

      I put it to you that your average American is not aware of the meaning of "mank" as it used in the UK and/or Oz, NZ, etc. Most probably Mr. Fincher does. Gary Oldman definitely does.

    69. Tino Trivino

      I only say.... Rose... Bud...

    70. Amy Liu

      i'm a simple woman. i see david fincher. i watch it.

      1. Noho 2000

        The simple life is the best life.

    71. Ali Rezaee

      Gary Oldman's drunk acting is exactly the same as his character Richard Crosby from Friends

    72. Santa Muerte

      Polish Lad:)

    73. Tom Smith

      Looks like a winner!

    74. Nick

      This Mank fellow seems like my spirit animal. Looking forward to this and I now wanna do some research on him.

    75. d t

      first impression.... im not sure if i like it or not second impression....'s david fincher, ill probably see that twice in cinema.

    76. J Mason

      This is why we aren’t getting a mindhunter season 3? Great.

      1. kinofdog

        I don’t think it’s so much that as much as Mindhunter being too expensive to produce given it’s viewership. Apparently that’s why season 3 won’t be happening, so I guess knowing that Fincher decided to return to movies.

      2. kobretti88

        @J Mason Filmmakers should be allowed to tell stories they want to tell and not allow the audience to tell them what film, or tv show they should make.

      3. J Mason

        kobretti88 great but how many people asked for this compared to the amount of mindhunter fans?

      4. kobretti88

        This has been a passion project for Fincher since the 90s. His father wrote the screenplay.

    77. Stephen Hayden

      Awesome, it's RKO-281 from Mank's POV.

    78. Cody

      I see no diversity whatsoever, looks like it won't qualify for an Oscar.

      1. Benjamin Barrera

        Watch the movie, you may be surprised!

      2. Visuals For You

        It's not as black and white as "all white cast = doesn't qualify." It could still easily qualify if you look at the full body of rules. It doesn't matter whether it does or doesn't though, because the new rules are being applied at the 2024 Oscars.

    79. Cody

      So basically Gary Oldman spends the entire movie in bed. We've seen this film so many times before. This is pure awards bait. Real people, story about business in Hollywood, period film, gag

    80. Jay King

      The lighting looks amazing.

    81. amy li

      I love David Fincher and I am a fan since Zodiac But Mank look like a typical Oscar Boring Movie that comes out Most every year right before few months of Oscar season or very close around the Oscar time.

      1. amy li

        @Martin Palmers Okay sure, thanks

      2. Martin Palmers

        No no no its not. I requested a screener for it and got it 2 days ago. Watched it yesterday since it has a 42 hour timer to it and its amazing. Watch Citizen Kane first tho. Amanda Seyfried will win the oscar, im sure of it.

    82. Dallas Johnson

      Dance was the best actor in GoT.

    83. Angry Fat Boi

      William Randolf Hearst almost successfully buried the movie "Citizen Kane", as its was forgotten immediately after a solitary Academy Award. After 15 Years, It's reputation was initially revived by the French Critics and in the Later Decades it's Legacy solidified as " The Greatest Film Ever Made ".

    84. Ramos El Apache

      Back when the world was all white! Boycott if you have half a brain and a soul Please Boycott! It’s not an all white world I’m tired of one sided film and Programming!!!

      1. Benjamin Barrera

        Watch the movie, it's possible the cast is more diverse than the trailer would indicate.

    85. ella ritter

      honestly, i've only seen one trailer and already can't wait for december to roll around!

    86. Jon Creed

      1930s Hollywood in Black & White...yes, Oscar Bait Movie

      1. Visuals For You

        Doesn't mean it'll be a bad movie.

    87. Adyfilk

      This is not looking a David Fincher film, but still looking very interesting. This might be Gary Oldman's second Oscar as well as Fincher's first.

    88. Alex Bonafonte

      This looks slick. What a cast

    89. satishkumar sajjan

      Tywin Lannister again .. Back to the power

    90. Captain Maximum

      Its been too long without a new Fincher. Six years, right?

      1. Evan Saraceni


    91. ERIK OLSON

      An Academy Award picture, just in the nick of time.

    92. Nam Shet

      Trailer kinda looks I dont know... a little fake?

    93. Digga H.

      Mindhunter is hard to get the attention from audiences, how about Mank? It think it’s harder.

      1. Visuals For You

        Awards should help at least.

    94. Meena Chadha

      This is a very ed woods feel

    95. legion

      David Fincher is the best living director -- fite me!

    96. Be Mysterious

      The trailer looks damn boring.. but if David Fincher is directing it.. means it is technically brilliant..

    97. John Dennehy

      It's Fincher, so I'm going to watch it regardless; but, this trailer didn't do much for me if I'm honest.

    98. FreeUyghurs

      Yeah, I'm gonna need you to give the film, director and actors an academy award already.

    99. peace love

      Thumbs down being black n white.

      1. Rilumai

        ...why? Black and white cinematography looks absolutely gorgeous. To be fair, I prefer film, but this still looks amazing.

    100. Dj Patterson

      This looks pretty sad ngl. But fr if it's david Fincher, it's perfection. I just hope it's worth me not getting mindunter season 3 any time soon 😭 Edit: just learned season 3 isn't happening.... literally depressed.