Ma Rainey's Black Bottom | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Chicago, 1927. A recording session. Tensions rise between Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), her ambitious horn player (Chadwick Boseman), and the white management determined to control the legendary “Mother of the Blues.” Based on Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's play.
    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, directed by George C. Wolfe. Starring Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Colman Domingo, Michael Potts, Glynn Turman, Dusan Brown and Taylour Paige. Coming to Netflix December 18.
    Watch Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, In select theaters November and on Netflix December 18:
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    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Tensions rise when the trailblazing Mother of the Blues and her band gather at a Chicago recording studio in 1927. Adapted from August Wilson's play.

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    1. Shalita H

      She looks horrible who thought that was a good look?

    2. ninareklaw

      These people love throwing mud on our reflection. I know this woman had enough sense to wipe her face when she was sweating. They never allow their people to be represented like this. EVER. Its so sad that black people are so desperate to practice their craft that they are willing to be humiliated just to work. They did "Tonto" the same way in that last "Long Ranger" flick. This is so insulting.

    3. Ariella Tomas

      I have no words. I can’t Chadwick put up with so much pain and before he left featured in about 2-4 movies I really miss him it hurts seeing him 😭

    4. Chloé

      Oh Chadwick 😭

    5. Alex Polacchi

      Chadwick Boseman is an outstanding actor, so sad he died from colon cancer.

    6. Daniel Brzak

      It’s gonna be between Boseman and Lindo for Best Actor at the Oscars, here’s hoping Boseman gets the win 👑

    7. Shazbut01

      Wasn't particularly interested in this before watching but Viola Davis looks incredible and seems totally believable. Gonna have to check it out

    8. Gay Camille Grace Sprague

      Wow, wow, wow, she’s unrecognizable ; both she and Chadwick true artists, thank you. Thank you, Chadwick for doing the back-breaking work for us mere mortals but for someone dying, impossible work , but you did it, and expressing your pain and love ‘til the end. 💔🩸

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

        Did it release release in theaters today?

    9. Esteban A

      As someone that lives on the southside of Chicago, I'm super excited for this movie. 🤩

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

        Did it release in theaters today?

    10. Mhd Fajar

      His so thin in this movie

    11. BrownSuga Cinn

      I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Mxyzptlk

      And the Oscar goes to...

    13. Barbara Butler

      💗 💖 💘 💝 💟... 💔

    14. Bywater NYC

      Viola Davis, good lord. Such a monumental talent!

    15. Lima Walling

      "I got my time coming to me" I'm crying like a baby

    16. Brad Lopez

      Voila is probably the leading contender for best actress Oscar & Chadwick for best supporting

      1. kobretti88

        Chadwick Boseman will be running in the Best Actor category, but he could still be nominated for Best Supporting Actor as well for Da 5 Bloods.

    17. Kris Vallejo


    18. jeff canady

      Dear God, thank you for the force in this world you named Viola Davis! Just saying this woman’s name makes my heart full! This is going to be my new favorite movie. Oscars! Grammies! It’s coming!

    19. Lucy Frost

      This is going to be heartbreaking to watch, to be reminded the talent we lost in Chadwick Boseman. I would never have recognized Viola Davis -- an incredible transformation.

    20. dilblo fagbins

      Damn dude got skinny towards the end.

    21. Michael Foley

      Oh. My. LAWD !!!! This looks like E V E R Y T H I N G !!!! Thank you Viola, Chadwick, Denzel and August -- you inspire us.

    22. Elijah Johnson

      I smell a posthumous best supporting actor Oscar.

    23. Mick Funz

      This movie is about a great artist, Ma Rainey. I have all her music on CD. She was a very earthy and "country" blues singer. Just for comparison sake, she recorded from 1923-1929. This is 13 years before Robert Johnson made records (1936-1937). She also recorded with amazing 1920s blues musicians like Blind Blake, Papa Charlie Jackson, Tampa Red. Can't believe a movie about her life is being released in 2020, almost 100 years after her first recordings. I see by the comments that its fame will be based on the actors in the film but I hope watchers will enjoy the music and learn more about black artists in the early music business.

    24. Myles White

      I can't wait to watch this movie. R.I.P. to Chadwick Boseman!!! Here's quotes from this legendary actor. "I'm an artist. Artists don't need permission to work. Regardless of whether I'm acting or not, I write. I write when I'm tired in fact, because I believe your most pure thoughts surface".- Chadwick Boseman "We live in a world where people can ridicule you at the push of the button. They can question you at the push of a button-"Chadwick Boseman 😭🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🙏💯

    25. Shade D

      This trailer is GOLD on its own

    26. jeromy kaluwasha

      Chadwick boseman was a real life hero !

    27. Mark MacIsaac

      Viola Davis....clearly one of the best actor's on the planet today!! Clearly!!.. As for Chadwick Boseman? I have strong Faith...but a loss of such talent and personality to this planet leaves me with just far to many questions on WHY!

    28. Tonya Butler

      CHAAAAAAAAAAAAADWICK!!🗣🗣🗣 *whispers* "we miss you"!!😪😪😥

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

        >>Happy Hogan: Yeah I miss him too.

    29. Beautiful Rosemary

      What is this... Betsy 2.0? I'm confused!

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

        >>Joker: You wouldn’t get it.

    30. Lynette Chapata

      Rest in eternal peace King😢😭🤕💔

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

        >>Han Solo: I know.

    31. NETFLIX трейлер

      Ставь лайк именем начинается буква А

    32. TJ T

      Going to watch today!

    33. Astral Dreamhead

      the tears just keep flowing, He is king. RIP Mr. Boseman

    34. Kenya

      I can't wait to see this movie. The actors are just impeccable. RIP Chadwick Boseman 🙏💙

    35. Jacq C

      cannot wait!

    36. S. F.

      All the film critics (recently went to a screening) are going crazy about Chadwick Boseman's performance on social media and in articles. They are saying that he delivers a very "Sidney Poitier-esque" level of acting, highly epic & legendary and he could actually WIN a posthumous Oscar; the best performance of his career. I'm very excited. However, they're also saying that Chadwick outshines Viola in her own film and she's only in the film about 30% of the time (while Chadwick is 70%), which is very unusual for a titular character in any film. They also are saying that Viola did amazing (on a supporting acting level -- cool but that sucks for her [she deserves better] smh) but that "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" is truly a "Chadwick Boseman picture". VERY INTERESTING! Can't wait to see my two faves this December.

      1. Martin Palmers

        I watched it, my dad is a critic so he got a screener. Theres two stories. 1 is Chadwick Boseman joins her band as a trumpeter. But she thinks hes trying to steal her place so its a battle between them. Reminded me if Whiplash. Anyways Chadwick will sweep the awards season. He has a lot of crying and talking to himself scenes. Viola Davis has a small role so she wont win.

    37. WTF_ENIGMA

      This is said its premiering on netflix and not the cinema.

    38. Christian Knight

      Chadwick Boseman's last movie.

    39. Keith Mathews

      The WORLD will miss you Chadwick - Rest Well You Taught Many

    40. Sunshine

      Was y'all like button black as well?😏

    41. Gunnar Eðvarðsson

      The producers of Respect saw this trailer and were so scared that they pushed their film to next year

    42. lampclockthing

      I loved Chadwick Boseman. He was a literal idol to me and I loved his acting in Black Panther. This is more emotional for me because this movie is going to be released on my birthday, I'm not even kidding. Rest in peace and power Chadwick.

    43. Susan K

      I got the chills just thinking about seeing Chadwick again. Oh no, big tears.

    44. Ife Diran

      This is Oscar material, it will hurt to see it win without Chadwick being there to share in the glory. What a trailer... What a cast. I pray I can watch this without falling apart

    45. sulliesp

      Damn Netflix's gonna have Viola Davis & Gary Oldman(MANK) nominated for both Best Actor & Actress in a Leading Role for sure.

    46. jackson kain kibona

      Looking Amazing♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ jaw dropping performances from one of the world's finest! R.I.P Chadwick boseman,such a raw talent we lost

    47. Kevin Küman

      Both of them better get this Oscar Noms...and better win these... Viola is a QUEEN💕 R.I.P Chadwick 💓

    48. Eduardo Viajero

      This looks like a great movie. But it lacks diversity. love viola.

    49. Desiderio Luna

      I'm still surprised the studios did not explode with the sheer star power of the cast. Damn, viola and chadwick!

    50. Isaac Abunu

      I wish Chadwick can actually watch alongside us.

    51. Hosni Guiling

      Looks like Boseman might get a posthumous Oscar award.

    52. A R

      Give Viola and Chadwick their Oscars now. Thank you.

      1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.


    53. ForPSpeakingClass

      When you knew who the singer was before this trailer

    54. CleanofHearts

      You can feel him pulling from his real life fight to bring everything he had to this role. Lord! This man was powerful!

    55. Amar Muammar

      Viola Davis surely one of the best actress working today

    56. Edwin Mendez

      Who would've thought. I start college and one of my classes is on jazz appreciation. We learn about Ma Rainey and a few months later, I decide to do a project on Ma Rainey. And out of the blue (get it lol) there's a trailer for a movie of her. Who would've thought

    57. Francis Turner


    58. akshar aghav

      Just watching it thing for Chadwick Boseman. but the movie looks wonderful.

    59. A K

      So... Has Viola written her Oscar acceptance Speech already?

      1. 301_Fikry Muhammad Reza A

        She really should and start memorizing em🤣. Not just oscar tho, globes, sag and bafta as well

    60. TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791

      Plz just gone head and give Mrs.Viola Davis and Mr.Chadwick(R.i.P) their Oscar! They is seriously in my top 5 list of best actress and actors period.

    61. Mary Kagiri

      Can’t wait!

    62. Shadavion Grant

      Oscar nominations for both Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis!!!

    63. Louis

      I wonder if that’s Viola singing

    64. Taylor Folasewa

      This is the one Denzel's Produced 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

    65. A. Caramfil

      Oscar for Viola, please! 💥

    66. Anne Ethe

      He had lost a lot of weight in this movie. The illness was already telling on him

    67. Marcus James

      Finally she is getting the attention that she Deserves!

    68. aruna

      you know it’d be rude for the academy to not give chadwick the oscar for best actor

    69. Roz Britton

      I always wanted to see this play.

    70. LitmusPaper


    71. Dual/Entity Films

      Viola Davis (Best Actress) and Chadwick Boseman (Best Supporting Actor)

    72. Giofanni Rahman Dhuha

      The last dance for Chadwick Boseman. Enjoy him while we can.

    73. Rose

      Why can’t they just make a black centered show or movie where black people are you know... just living a normal life in current times.

      1. Devin Wright

        No that's to boring

    74. Rashed Ahadi

      Had me on the first 3 seconds

    75. The Joker

      Looks good, but since you promote child porn, refuse to remove it, and hide behind women empowerment to push your pedo filth. I openly encourage anyone reading this who hasn't canceled their Netflix to cancel, buy a quality VPN for less than a Netflix subscription costs anyways and PIRATE NETFLIX'S SHIT 🏴‍☠️🦜. Anything good they come out with that you personally want to see, without paying them a dime; till they remove the soft core child pornography from their servers, open season. Use this Netflix to find out when new things are coming out, or do nothing and in turn stand along side the Pedo's. Your choice

      1. shavp

        So you have an image of the Joker as your thumbnail and you promote stealing yet you want get on a soap box and preach to the rest of the world about what is moral and right Here is some advide maybe you should think your own moral failings before telling anybody else what they should be doing

    76. L T

      i can't wait to see this

    77. Jared P

      I hope Netflix hasn't washed out the queer aspect of Ma Rainey. She was what they used to call a "bulldagger," in "Prove It On Me Blues" she clearly says she likes women over men. She was an important force in LGBTQ history, especially pre-dating the sexual liberation movement of the latter 20th century.

    78. Papa Trizbo

      This looks good!!!

    79. Kumkum Kumari


    80. Joaoedits

      Uau. This, The Mank, The Trial of the Chicago 7 are real Oscar contenders for Netflix

    81. Miss Jaszmine

      Wowww. Have to see this!!!

    82. Kacema70

      Those rude big mamas...I love it.

    83. Lorraine C

      This looks incredible! Best Actress and Best Actor to Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman. Just from these clips alone I know they deserve it

    84. Juan Pablo Gómora

      Oh yeah, finally another Oscar for Viola

    85. terraingirl

      I’m so excited to see this

    86. iago07

      The greatest actress alive co-leading a film with the greatest talent cut short too soon... Netflix knew what they were doing. I can’t see Viola being passed up for Lead Actress. She is captivating!

    87. Alex Beckenstein

      Oh chadwick

    88. Terry Flowers


    89. Wisarut Sainglek

      Please tell me the name of the song at 1:28

      1. Wisarut Sainglek

        @301_Fikry Muhammad Reza A thank you.

      2. 301_Fikry Muhammad Reza A

        Deep moaning blues by Ma rainey

    90. Sirisha Sangineni

      It's hard to leave him It's impossible to forget him

    91. Damien Steele

      I smell oscar nomination for Chadwick boseman

    92. Yam Moto

      Now this movie has some sexy music.

    93. JBSoDope87


    94. blaqpirate

      I saw this stage play years ago!

    95. A. Ñeko

      I pray I have an ounce of the same work ethic as Chadwick Boseman. To deal with colon cancer whilst acting in all these films is incredible. Hope he wins a posthumous Oscar for this role.

    96. Fix Films Ltd

      This trailer is fantastic! The film looks like another Netflix winner - full of soul, heart and beautiful music.

    97. AvengersInfinityWarFanatic // BlazeDaMovieReviewer

      If they don't put a tribute to Chadwick Boseman at the end, *we riot.*

    98. Shamay36

      😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I can't wait

    99. Johnny Lee Jackson

      I wish they could make these movies from a perspective that didn't include white folks. Whenever white folks are in any black historical films there is always fallacy and a white supremacists narrative in it. It gets old and is corny.

    100. keenen

      i don't even recognize Viola. she disappears in this character. can't wait to see this.