Loving to be alone | Ep. 51

Jonna Jinton

1.8 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼68

    Hello my loves!
    So in this video I will answer some of your questions regarding the subject of being alone and traveling alone, since that was one of the most common questions on my previous video.
    I also let you follow along during this weekend that I spent in my art studio with my beautiful dog Nanook, and some skiing out in the winter forest, and much more of course!
    I hope you will enjoy it! And THANK YOU so much for watching! ♥
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    1. მარიამი Mariami

      I love you so so much🥰🥰💙💙💙God bless you💖💖💖

    2. MrDentmedo

      The big problem in north Europe is there is no sun in nearly all year

    3. Daisy Gupta

      Where's your husband

    4. Regielyn Cadelina

      I want to live this country..very peaceful and beatiful

    5. Serena Travel

      Keep loving yourself Guys! ❤️ Treat yourself a delicious food, do what makes you happy, explore and travel the world 🌍 Enjoy every single days with your loved ones. Life is indeed beautiful 🥰💕

    6. Sitora Maxammadiyeva

      You are the best women dear l really admire you. I love you♥️

    7. Brittany Williamson

      I love your videos they are so inspiring. I have never taken a trip alone, I hike and I'll go out in the woods by myself but a road trip, I'm too afraid. But then again I live in the country in Ohio, US. I'd only go to another forest lol or lake. I have such anxiety when highway driving. Sweden looks so peaceful 💙

    8. gila1959

      Dear J The problems with bears on USA as in many places in the world that the bears found their way to eat inside cities of ppl the minute they changed their ways with food and got closer to ppl thats why they attack ppl. This might happen with these deers outside your door..take care of yourself ..

    9. Sulistyo Laras

      7:48 hmm.. its not good to say 😂🤣

    10. Sulistyo Laras

      I love so much on your filming technique.. so beautiful and full of magical spirits inside. ❤️🫂🇮🇩

    11. EarthGoddess66

      Amazing footage and matching music. Gives me so much peace to take and the subtleties like the deer footprints that render it so enchanting! Thank you for answering the musical instrument question. Daniel is going to be inundated. Love you JoJi!

    12. Glorious Floor

      Sooo amazing I am so much inspire from u

    13. Himalayan Rider

      Sweden is the happiest country in the world.I admire the the culture and the tradition. In the end I want to say I felt peaceful after watching this Video. Thank you.

    14. CAPPAG Family

      You are living my dream life...💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

    15. MarlboroMechanics

      TE AMO

    16. Margaret MacInnis

      More accordian...every video!!!

    17. Dr. Schnuffelpou

      Now I really wanna know how you prepare for road trips 😊 I also love to be alone, but I'm always afraid that something goes wrong (like hurting myself or getting lost... ) Would really appreciate if you can share some tips ❤️

    18. k p01

      It’s like alone with 3.55 M ppl 😂

    19. Priyanka das


    20. Anna Milo

      She is very unique, that’s for sure, and she is artistic. The end we can just watch her, enjoy, learn something, but to be like her, umm, no. Dont copy her. Be you.

    21. Sherlyn Jaron


    22. Sarah Bastian

      I am so glad that I found your channel. Every time I watch a video of you I get such a strong feeling of hope and comfort. There is just this warmth to your personality and the way you see and tell things gives me hope and peace of mind. So thank you for sharing your life with us❤️

    23. Ziyad Azhar

      i wish to go to ur village one day

    24. marion seely

      Where is your husband?

    25. Kaitlyn Lemons

      Is there a way to buy those paintings?!?! I would in a heartbeat


      You r just superb in your way... Keep it up..wish you have a great time from India 🇮🇳...

    27. claxiguro

      Love when Jonna speaks swedish! it sounds really sweet or she does? I would like to learn it!

    28. sunsea

      cewe ini bisa semuanya woyy keren banget 💌

    29. Crystal Mathes

      I'm confused.. Are you not married any longer!???

    30. Leela Krishan

      I have seen this kind of natural beauty only in movies , one day i will definitely travel to sweden ,and hope i can meet with you also

    31. Ana Adrian

      We must protect her and Nanook at all costs

    32. Boomer. Bomb

      Gosh so beautiful

    33. Misty Montgomery

      Miss your beautiful singing!!!

    34. Audrey-Anne

      I have this absolute need for solitude that my partner does not understand. You are very lucky to have a husband who respects your desire to spend time on your own and go on adventures by yourself. :)

    35. Richard King

      This girl is the #1 role model!

    36. Idoia Powers

      I'm living in the mountains, in Basque Country, free, and I love to explore alone this places. To stay and travel alone are my favorite things to do. Thank you. I love you too. 😊👐

    37. Barraco da Motoserra


    38. Ibrahim Abdi

      just subscribed after finding this channel is more worthy than any channel Ihave subcribed,love you

    39. Simple Life

      Amused by seeing this beautiful video and feeling relax... watching a very new culture and life is a mind blowing experience. Faisal from Pakistan.

    40. Corrinne Adkinson

      God,this is so pure and amazing.🇬🇧

    41. Anh Thư Nguyễn Thanh

      I love you so much

    42. Never ending

      I wonder sometimes, why aren't there any wild animals in places like this?

    43. Unfathomable S

      At 5:49 they can shoot Frozen movie over there😉

    44. Greg

      What a wonderful energy this woman has. Magnificent

    45. arjun KUMAR

      Say momy namaste from india 😊

    46. Ryan Wiley

      What song are you playing on the accordion?

    47. just Miy’s luck

      are you still married?

    48. Gina Triana

      I'm new to your channel...Thank you for your kind and beautiful authenticity! I'm now binge watching to catch up😁

    49. Nisrina Qurratu'Ain

      this is lifeee🥺❤❣

    50. Ashley maher


    51. Wednesday Addams

      I love your video! Going into an adventure on your own it’s the best! Sometimes going to these places you feel more free and not having a steady schedule with others. You can simply be spontaneous and live every moment and experience it yourself. That’s how life should be. As much as the US or other countries has so much chaos going on. We don’t let that chaos forbid us from living.

    52. xnx xnx

      You inspire me, and so therapeutic to watch you

    53. Che Vlog

      you have an amazing way of life💖💖

    54. Edyta Woźniak


    55. Angeluz Jugno

      She is the live version of elsa

    56. Jst wow


    57. Sharad Shah

      Lovely ❤️❤️ from #Nepal

    58. SHIv vlogs

      Gerald what happened??

    59. Shabeena Pasha

      I always wanted to live the life like you are living. Be alone to be happy own, be happy to be alone.

    60. Huma Khan

      Hey. Why r u alone? Where is your husband/partner?

    61. atheist Engineer

      Plz ask ur husband to made a crown 👑 for u! And make custome for wearing the crown! ✌️

    62. Franklin Loo

      Thank you for this beautiful video 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    63. Jonna May Ganit

      I really love watching your videos ❤️😃 It reminds me of movie series Game of thrones😅🤗Thankyou also for sharing some trivia abt sweden. Where not just watching but also getting some information🤗😀

    64. Tasnim

      3.26-3.34 beauty of snow ❄️

    65. Common Tator

      Your videos are making me consider moving to Sweden

    66. serge brussey


    67. Priti Roy


    68. Life is beautiful

      I think you are the luckiest lady in this earth

    69. Nicole Ferrer

      i wanna be alone, I would love to be there forever and get away from the stress, pressures from my families.

    70. Hannah King

      Ahhhhh Nanook watching you play and being so supportive is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I’m giggling away here hehe! Love you Jonna and Nanook! Xxxxx

    71. silvia liu

      This is a girl full of security psychologically

    72. Super SaiJean

      Hermoso todo

    73. Simonexxo

      Your videos always bring me so much joy. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏 ✨ and seeing you just take in life so magically. I adore your essence ♥️

    74. Sybille Elsner

      Love to you!!!!!!

    75. Joseph De Leon

      Why are you alone? Whereis your hubby?

    76. Jeanpaul Silve

      we should be 4 billions on hearth for living this life style

    77. Maria Eduarda Pacheco

      Kisses from Brazil!!!!

    78. Tomris Tekgurler


    79. sandra masandukaite

      I always get inspired even after one of your video, it's like therapy for me!!

    80. paul Byrne

      Can i buy prints on the website to Ireland?

      1. paul Byrne

        @My swedish life watched the forst few videos today. So clean. But a hard life as well. I love goteborg fyi

      2. My swedish life

        You sure can, free shipping as well :)

    81. victor Takuo

      why we dont have views like that ?/ i need that =( . Greetings from Perú

    82. Archie Kabooom

      I’m inspired to leave the city ( Melbourne) and go country now after watching this.

    83. Nandita

      You live in such a beautiful village. I would love to visit your village. Love 💕 it and u

    84. bonjalyn fernandez

      GOALS ..

    85. Asfia akter Tonni

      Wow 😘🥰😍😳. Today our life is so mechanical and very far from nature 😟 . But you are very lucky though sometimes you have to struggle with nature.

    86. Sheena Radha krishnan

      Did you heard of corona

    87. Abalos Dominique

      This how exactly I want to live my life, this is indeed beyond awesome

    88. LegendMicke

      Hej! såg videon med dig och Jonas under bar himmel och måste säga att du känns verkligen som lyckligt väsen och en annan blev så till ro av videon och satt och skrattade tsm med er. Kärlek!

    89. Joh

      What I understand of dogs when they put their paws on us, they want to stop us with what we are doing 😅 like our dog when I do his bath and directing the water hose to him.

    90. Santosh kumar

      She reminds me of Phoebe from Friends .

    91. GerrysPlace

      I like this vid.. Great to live like this at your age...You can't live like this in your seventies.

    92. Jeffrey Holden

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    93. Sabrina Mirjah

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    94. JoHn Muñozzz'

      thank you so..so much for share this kind of videos..i really enjoy it...thanks a lot.

    95. spirit Love

      I live in the united states and it's getting to the point just driving in it car on the freeway it's a risk of getting shot. It breaks my heart that people can't just be happy enough to want to be nice.

      1. Corrinne Adkinson

        Exactly.And the more people have,the more unhappy they are.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    96. OneShotWizard

      I would like more daiva playing.

    97. Chrizzel Rose Sarroza

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    98. Chrizzel Rose Sarroza

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