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    Hi Friends,
    On popular demand, I bring to you my LIVING IN CAR FOR 24 Hours Challenge. Also as mentioned check out the link for my amazing Doctor's Choice LEAN PRO meal replacement shake 💪 :
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    Hope you liked the video and if you support my decision, give me a thumbs up in comments 👍😀😊
    Love You All
    #livingincar #24hours #challenge
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    1. Garima's Good Life

      Friends watch behind the scene masti with Simba

      1. Preeti Dubey


      2. Mrigakshi Rawat 25

        Aapka favourite actor kaun hai

      3. Zareen Naaz

        First kiss ❤️

      4. Zareen Naaz

        Pahle kiss ❤️💋😘

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        Nice SHaring 👍🤝 New fd here🔔👍👍

    2. Munna Tamang

      I dont think that u spend time 24 hrs its cheating loo for subscribe and for to be famous

    3. Munna Tamang

      Fake loo shame

    4. Roma Singha

      Mam sorry for asking that are you married


      Hi bi I am zainab how old are you

    6. cute pare

      Nothing very bat

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    8. Priyadarshini Roy

      Can children below 12 drink this?

      1. Priyadarshini Roy

        I mean the lean pro

    9. HelloGoody People

      What a really nonsense yar. People are dying nowdays. And she is literally doing unlogical things to just to make videos.. People are not safe ij house even but she is doing stay in car. Literally so sh8t

    10. sumeena sumeena

      Which video ou hate from you PAprom channel

    11. RANA HASIM

      Garimalam your big fan

    12. santosh kumar

      Hi garima di

    13. Fara Ammad

      We sepote yoy

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    15. Moinuddin Hassan


    16. Zameer Qurashi

      Now do black colour challenge

      1. Zameer Qurashi

        My name is kashaf my Father name is Zameer Qureshi

    17. Shruthi Pattanshetty

      Do black

    18. Lipika Jhadi

      Di please do 24 hours meeting Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma members, guys please hit larger number of like, so Garima di will do this challenge.

    19. Anju Gond

      I like you pet Simba

    20. PUSHPA Gaoutam

      Living like a TMKOC actrees dayaban 😊😊😊😊😊

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    22. Ankit Aryan

      I LOVE YOU 💘💗♥💓💛💖💘💗♥💓💛

    23. kunal'vlog

      Living without your family

    24. Smitasingh Singh

      Your first kiss

    25. Mr Khattak

      Live with out your home

    26. S.M Arts

      Thankyou everyone 150 hogay 200 karvado🔥🎉🎉

    27. parul prajapati

      Please didi 24 hours 🌈 challenge


      copied wanderers hub

    29. Ishani Kumar

      Living on your teras for 24 hours

    30. Ishani Kumar

      Living on your teras for 24 hours

    31. 21.sandhra maria biju 9a

      i will support

    32. Aasma Khan

      Aap pilys hindy may boola karp🌹🌹🌹🌹

    33. Rupalee's Creative World

      My friend:- Who is your favourite youtuber? Me:- Garima's Good Life. Who agrees, 1 like- 20 people.

    34. khmang swadh


    35. Bharat Pandya

      Yes our helth is important from challenge

    36. Bharat Pandya

      Living without phone for 24 hours please please

    37. mrinmayee kukday


    38. Awadesh Kumar

      Apna mobile number bataiye

    39. Ramkumar Saini

      Can u only leave in your room 😜🤗😘🤩

    40. Isha Nagle

      Httt kitne pagl ladki ho car me 😝😝😝😝😂😂😠😠😠😹😹😹😹

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    42. Priyanshu Sarkar


    43. Shaikh Faiz

      Aapane car challenge Mein cheating ki last ma

    44. Shaikh Faiz

      Aap kaise ho

    45. Shaikh Faiz

      24 hour challenge please

    46. Shaikh Faiz

      Please ek challenge

    47. Shaziya Mirza

      Video pasand hai

    48. sunaina kalra

      Nia Kalra

    49. sunaina kalra


    50. Sukhdeep Choudhary

      Garim ap koi bhi challang finish nhi kar ta ho i don't like your challang🥵🥵🥵🥵😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    51. Ajit Verma

      You are so creative nature.

    52. Mewaram Gupta

      Aapki shadi ho gai h aapke agar nhi to kya aap akele rahte ho

    53. Ananya Gupta

      I support your decision

    54. pramod vishwakarma

      Living in car very interesting

    55. Md Nasiruddin

      Plz do living like ( daya Ben) for 24 hours

    56. Mrigakshi Rawat 25

      Aapka favourite actor kaun hai

    57. Mrigakshi Rawat 25

      Five country ke name bataiye

    58. Mrigakshi Rawat 25

      Five country ke name bataiye

    59. Sanskruti

      When u talk about ur first kiss I can't control my laugh...🤣🤣

    60. kirti g

      It's ok Di

    61. Puspa Devi

      Ab janm kab Hui please aap aapko please dikhao jo mila ham bahut bahut aapka naam kya hai aap ko janti hun aapse aap shadishuda ho ja 24 ghante ki

    62. Jayati Malve

      🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 on 🚗 car

    63. Shadab Islam Qurasi



      Living in tent for 24 hours please

    65. Ajwad Kazee

      Aap kahi bhi jateho shoot pe ex.... toa aap simba ko kaha chor Kate hoa❓

    66. Hukam Singh kamboj

      Be like Daya ben for 24 hours

    67. Ajwad Kazee

      Living like a daya ben 24 hours challenge



    69. Swara Shinde

      Garima please 1challange from me that challange is whole day not to take your phone only you


      Do using blue colour for 24 hours

    71. Swara Shinde

      Hi garami

    72. Khushi

      Beautiful didi ❤️❤️


      You have done cheating in this challenge you have to sleep in the car only!😡👎👿

    74. sandeep

      18 मिनट का वीडियोस को 24 घंटे में बदल दिया।।। हम क्या गाँव से आये है क्या😊😊 आजकल अगर यूट्यूब चैनल चल जाये तो लाखों की कमाई होती है monthly जैसे ये mam करती है

    75. Nishtha

      Where is simba

    76. Poonam Chauhan

      Di ap bahut acche video banati ho

    77. Shikha Gupta

      How many years old are you

    78. Hoshiyar Singh


    79. Jay Rajput

      And I am your fan garima di😘

    80. Jay Rajput

      I love you're all videos garima di 😀😘 And I support your division because health is our first priority 😀

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      Cat ka nana kon

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    83. deepak bhagat

      Hello I Love you

    84. deepak bhagat


    85. Sunita Sunita Singh

      Aap Hamesha Aadha hi challenge karte ho pura kabhi bhi main aapki Ek bhi video Mein Nahin Dekha Hai onley food challenge ismein dikhayen ok that's all for the finish challenge but aap ko main yah Bata sakti hoon aap pura challenge karo health health Main To aap Khao protein X bahut Achcha hai and Doctor ki aapane breakfast Mein Kahe vah Ka Baap Tarah the health ke liye achha hai to vah Khao Naam Kya Main To Bhul hi Gaye Aapke video Dekhe aapane bhi video Banai thi aapane

    86. Mayank Aggarwal

      Mam please do challenge Angry for 24 hours

    87. Kids atbest

      You can’t live without simba ?

    88. Sayan Roy

      Di can you do living 24 hours in kitchen please di please 🙏🙏🙏🙂🙂

    89. Rajesh Rajput

      Your favorite childhood pictures

    90. Anand Agarwal

      I support your decision

    91. Apex Fact

      Nice SHaring 👍🤝 New fd here🔔👍

    92. Shilpa Bhuta

      I love the video

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    94. Rinku Chopra

      Garima didi why ?? don't u try for living in your room for 24 hours... 🤔

    95. domslush

      Tumhe simba important nhi hai

    96. Fun With Chaitu

      Nice challenge Didi👍👍👍

    97. Pratishtha Gawai

      Where is simba

    98. Vrinda arora


    99. Arif Khan

      living in my car

    100. Arif Khan

      in this video