LILI's FILM - Introducing the L Family

Lilifilm Official

Lilifilm Official

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    1. lana shin

      oh gosh lisa look so georgeous

    2. Fatma Bozkurt

      Türkiye den selamlar , seni çok seviyorum lisaaaa

    3. Selim Dunyamaliyev

      L love you LISA💛💛

    4. Danna xiomara Pintado curay

      다른 비디오에서 나는 페루 출신입니다 ❤️😍

    5. Danna xiomara Pintado curay

      당신의 고양이는 아름답습니다 😍❤️

    6. Danna xiomara Pintado curay

      안녕하세요 제발 인사 해주세요 ❤️😍

    7. QuynhPhuong Vo

      So cute

    8. Rosie Posie

      Lisa and Her Cats Funny Moments

    9. Rosie Posie

      Lisa and Her Cats Funny Moments

    10. Rosie Posie

      Lisa and Her Cats Funny Moments

    11. guinny gwen

      촉하해용!! 리사 언니 아프로 화이팅 그리고 사랑해요♡♡ from 블링크❣😚

    12. ࢪ࣪ويہ


    13. Fuzail Siddiqui

      Love you lisa

    14. Benedict Pierre-louisbene

      Lisa wow

    15. 조은희


    16. Yayam & Nanie Aranda


    17. Miss Shugyla

      I love you Lisa💜

    18. Naseem Salama

      👇Who loves Lisa

    19. Naseem Salama

      Love you lisaaaaaaa

    20. acissej

      Leo Face : 👁👄👁

    21. Naseem Salama

      But I love Lego cat she is sooooooooooooooooo cute❤❤💘💘💘💘💓💓💞💞💞

    22. Naseem Salama

      I hate lisaaaaa so much

    23. armink bly

      Lilies, I know that you are such great people. Please, Let's make our voices heard for Palestinian 🇵🇸 😭

    24. E M

      Wait I'm confused soo this is Lisa's PAprom channel??

      1. Ming Chuang

        yes. this is Lisa own youtube channel

    25. Carlos Suárez Cervantes

      Así son los gatos rasguñan los muebles orinan en ellos y dejan sus pelos por todas partes ,pero son graciosos y peludos Lisa los adora 😼

    26. Gladys augustine

      I beg for Indonesian subtitles🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    27. Gladys augustine

      I beg for Indonesian subtitles 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    28. Alif Ima

      Hi family L your so cute


      You dance very well lisa Love

    30. cat meaw

      รัก และ คิดถึง

    31. cat meaw


    32. cat meaw


    33. cat meaw

      Angel lisaaaa

    34. cat meaw

      Lisa is the best

    35. cat meaw

      Love lisa

    36. cat meaw

      Beautiful girl

    37. cat meaw

      Pretty girl

    38. Fairus Radaeng


    39. cat meaw

      My idol my queen

    40. cat meaw

      My love my heart

    41. #لنَلن.

      One wishes to become a cat

    42. Manchi CNCOwner

      I want to be that cat 😪❤

    43. Fiorela Davila G

      Love you Lisaa💕

    44. Lily Montero

      Just being Lisa's cat is enough for me😂

    45. Izabella Maria

      Linda dms mds

    46. Izabella Maria


    47. Asha Dubey

      Anneyonghaseo saranghe

    48. Asha Dubey

      Love you im also a animal person

    49. •Runexya•

      Ben lisanın kedilerinden birini oyuncak sanıyordum...Gerçek kediymiş Allahım o ne tatlılıkkkk

    50. jeanna nicolas

      i really want lisa to be on "home alone" so we can see what she does on her days off

    51. Moji Bakery food

      I love ลิซ่า

    52. Leydi Leon


    53. joonnie chan

      Ate os gatos tem mais sortes que eu nunca quis tanto ser um gato

    54. trial_n_errors

      If someone is sad Lisa let them play with Leo❤

    55. BlackpinkxBlinks

      Go to tweeter and tweet this THE REVOLT OF THE BLINKS I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

    56. Simbaaiskyut

      Lego : bites lisa Lisa : fine 3:43 Eats lego

    57. Mieriza mae E. Calixto

      Yall should recreate the predebut videos🙂💕💕💕

    58. Bai Reenaple Sangki

      Congratulations❣️ We love you..

    59. Park Cheayoung

      I love cats

    60. Naszh Luigi Cailipan


    61. JIJI MENON

      imagine getting a heart from lisa

    62. BTS BLIИK

      Just lisa showing her forehead.

    63. lisa's cat

      LEGO is such a trouble maker,lol..

    64. Əli Hüseynov

      L j bp bs love

    65. sarawut singhkhampong


    66. bts  and  black pink


    67. its'me yzang

      Lili w/her cat 🥺❤️

    68. Blabla Bla


    69. Priscila Moreno

      10 de mayo votación en Twitter para que ganen en los billboard blinkss!

    70. Ro Bot Best Kiểm Duyệt

      Viêt Nam 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

    71. Happycan Official

    72. Anushka Verma

      Lisa you are my favorite but please make a video in blackpink please

    73. Paul Angelo Neri

      1:15, 0:35 I love Lisa's 2nd and 3rd youngest cats a lot, they're so cute and they're also look alike.

      1. Paul Angelo Neri

        @Ming Chuang I know

      2. Ming Chuang

        they are father and daughter 2nd is Luca- father 3rd is Lily- daugther

    74. Vito ASMR

      How many international Fans are here? 👇

    75. Sudarut Chaited

      I love Lisa

    76. Sudarut Chaited

      Lisa So cute 😍

    77. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa ❤️

    78. Sudarut Chaited

      Lisa So cute

    79. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa

    80. Joyce Jy

      Good morning Lisa and to your lovely cats.

    81. Joyce Jy

      Pretty cats Mom.

    82. Joyce Jy

      Lilies loves your cats Lisa.

    83. Joyce Jy

      Leo's wink being the thumbnail, the favorite.

    84. Joyce Jy

      I really appreciate your effort Lisa.

    85. Joyce Jy

      I really appreciate your effort Lisa.

    86. Joyce Jy

      Mama cat love her baby cats.

    87. Joyce Jy

      You're so beautiful in white.

    88. Joyce Jy

      I love this video. Your cats are so cute.

    89. Joyce Jy

      Wow Louis so big now.