Let me tell a Kutti Story: The Gabbatoir Breach | Border-Gavaskar Trophy | R Sridhar | E3


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    In today's episode of #KangarooBhoomi, we look back on one of the greatest ever test match wins of Team India that sealed a famous 2-1 series win against Australia. Watch out the insanely fun discussion on how Gabbatoir was breached and how fresh bowlers worked out in India's favour and also the in-depth analysis of the day to day play along with the fielding coach of Team India, R Sridhar.
    36 All out to Mission Melbourne - 1st Episode Here 👉 paprom.info/block/v/oanAa95ouX5mnag.html
    Sayanora Sydney - 2nd Episode Here 👉 paprom.info/block/v/hGWsiNiEn651sJQ.html
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    👉 00:00 - Introduction
    👉 00:36 - Sundar C - Vadivelu banter = Ash - Paine banter?
    👉 01:09 - Mandatory injury woes ahead of the 4th test and mandatory, "WE WILL BAT FIRST, MATE"
    👉 01:40 - Fresh bowlers made the difference for Team India
    👉 02:26 - The Gabbatoir breach
    👉 03:32 - Positive vibes from India made a massive difference
    👉 04:26 - "Australia had the upper hand in terms of preparation."
    👉 05:00 - Washi-Shardul partnership and the BET Ash had with Sridhar
    👉 07:29 - Rishabh Pant factor
    👉 09:45 - Tim Paine, the Kaliyug Karnan
    👉 10:15 - Siraj's 5 wicket-haul
    👉 11:25 - Story of the tour: Nattu
    👉 11:50 - "Rahane wanted to declare to save Nattu from getting injured."
    👉 12:22 - Conclusion
    Title Card Music Credits: KGF Wolf Spirit Theme
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      This is terrific Ashwin! And the first time I am seeing your PAprom Channel. Your behind the scenes with R. Sridhar was hilarious. Loved the story telling on what transpired in Kangaroo Bhoomi. Chance-eh illae! Kalakkiteenga! Both - these 4 episodes and importantly the 4 test series. I feel proud and undeniably happy. Even today, when I followed your 106 vs England in Chennai, I was astounded by the pace at which you batted. Congrats on your century and the 2 5-fers. May all good things come to you, especially Wicket No 400. Kudos to your resilience in Australia and your love for this beautiful game. Take Care.


      i didn't even understood a single word apart from english...yet enjoyed the whole video.

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      The Final Day at the Gabba A Tribute to the Victorious Indian Cricket Team It had rained overnight, but it dawned nice and clear With four days of bowling, the pitch was bruised with fear Crisp the air with tension, the end was drawing near The natives were joyful, a victory in their sight Fearsome were their bowlers, warriors of mighty height Weak seemed their opponents, a sadly sorry plight He dashed from his tin-house, with chappals on his feet Panting up the alley, for cricket on the street Came home hurt and bleeding, jubilant with his feat His father said nothing, his silence said it all His mother was calming, indulgent after all His dreams were triumphant, replaying every ball Fearsome was the attack, varying from high to low Pounding on his body, blow after deadly blow He kept his composure, nursing his time to score Till it was time for lunch, the sledging was the same But when it came to tea, there was this new refrain “We cannot get them out, we could now lose this game!” His mind raced to India, as the bowler walked back A daughter born unseen, nightly calls to keep track A cricket tour marooned, a virus on attack He heard his coach’s voice, an antidote to fear “Focus on the moment, see the ball true and clear” “Treat it on its merits, and fear will disappear” Fearsome was his attack, no matter high or low He pounded on every ball, blow after deadly blow Firm was his composure, building a mighty score And then a final ball, he tackled it with ease Drove it to the boundary, from the edge of his crease To the lap of victory, the end of the series His dad was exultant, his son was standing tall His mother was triumphant, all-knowing after all His dreams were fulfillment, thinking of every ball /sri January 19, 2021

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      What is the easiest way to learn Tamil???

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      Lovely to hear all those back stories about the match, what happened in the hind sight, everything.. Ash: cricket is not a profession cricket is life.. this might be a normal statement by you for your enthusiasm.. this is great according to Indian cricket fans..

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      1. jagannath G

        See his next interview with vikram rathore. It's abt gill only

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    74. sumit turambekar

      Nice to see, you mentioned Siraj performance. Ravi sir forgot to mention his performance in the dressing room speech.

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      The boys can say they breached Gabba, but the men know that years back, someone who strode like a tiger to the middle with India batting first was some 50 odd for three and played a blitzkrieg of 141 to dominate Aus in Aus for the first time in many years and draw the match, what looked like a certain defeat. And for the first time ever Indian batsmen believed they can stand right up to Aussie bowlers in Australia. Not many speak abt that innings, did not even feature in CA's list of top 20 test innings from 2000 to 2020, but that was a turning point for Indian cricket.

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