Kohli's FIRST Test Century in England! | Edgbaston 2018 | England Cricket

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    Watch the moment Kohli broke the curse and secured his first Test century on English soil at Edgbaston in 2018!
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    1. Fahis NT

      King 👑


      Power of India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    3. Abhiram P

      this man cooked his oppostion more than choking his team... but still haters go bow bow..

    4. Umadevi Chemudupatu

      Kohli the one man army he doesn't lose his confidence and his favourite shot is cover drive

    5. Progressive Media

      Quiet ly game

    6. Aman Sharan

      5:32 luck of love!

    7. Astrophile

      They Gave Him Grassless Flat Pitch , What Else Did They Expect After Taking Away The Home Advantage From Themselves , More Like If India Starts Making Non-Spinning Wickets For Day 5 .

    8. Arshad

      This is peak kohli but still gave so many chances that were dropped.

    9. nithin cristano

      we need this Kohli back after he got his kid he lost his cool n became gentleman pls Virat get the old aggresion

    10. Samuel Modi

      Over acthing, virat, looking so,,,,poor nw, really poor man nw,

    11. Vish Edit

      The thing that I like about the England crowd is no matter what happens, when the player does well, they appreciate it from their heart

    12. JBL Aakash Gupta

      This 2020-2021 Test series against England The king will be back 😎

    13. happy tripathi

      Noone talking about Anderson bowling to kohli...I mean not a single chance

    14. Prateek Sharma

      modi hai to mumkin hai

    15. N Kumar

      King for a reason❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️

    16. Manjot Singh

      King kohli 💥🐅🐅

    17. SAI RAM 004

      Shame on BCCI for not keeping such memories to our Indian fans in PAprom....!!!

    18. Aman Kumar

      God please.. Help Kohli to overcome his long drought for runs and centuries.. Hope he'll do his best in this ongoing series.

    19. Tanish Agarwal

      No matter what he does people troll him for being the Captain and these are the people who also wait for Kohli Anderson Rivalry. He is the greatest batsman I have ever seen,For me He is the Legend of Legends. Once you troll him for something BROTHER YOU WILL SEE WHAT A KOHLISTORM IS!!!!!!❤️🔥💯

    20. Navindu Induwara

      Whatever the terrific inning jimmy anderson will always create chances

    21. balaji

      1:20 What A Shot 😍😍😍 Virat kohli legend of world cricket

    22. Cricket Hits

      all time favorite player

    23. shashi charith

      I like this shot very much 7:25 of Kohli👌

    24. shashi charith

      Why below score card doesn't show the no. of balls played by the batsmen🤔🤨

    25. Cricket Hunt

      IPL kids will say rohit is better than virat 😂

    26. anil kumar

      it's amazing Kohli

    27. Shyam Patel

      1:44 what an inswinger from kohli Touches the james anderson's right sided body

    28. Amit kumar Apata

      Virat power is out standing fantablus i am inspire to his power

    29. Abhishek M

      When Kohli scoring runs in difficult swinging conditions on the green pitch against the likes of Jimmy, Broad etc, No one complained about the pitch, but when English batsmen struggling on Indian pitches so-called greats started complaining about pitch😂😂I feel pity for you guys🤣🖕🏿

    30. Mř. Póďďã

      Who here after ipl auction? 🤔

    31. Rowdy N Yadav

      We are missing this Kohli in present India Vs England series

    32. Abhishek Tiwari

      Run machine

    33. Zidan Zidan

      Anderson 🔥

    34. Granth Mour

      He came with booes and left with applause.

    35. Anshul Khandal

      Kohli told with his eyes at 6:38👀where the next one is going....

    36. AJ INFO

      Virat Kohli 🔥🔥🔥 One man army

    37. Rakesh Ranjan

      King Kohli

    38. Mr Rana

      many dropped catches. Very lucky Kohli.

    39. NotSoCool

      England's Crowd , they love cricket appreciating the masterclass of Kohli.

      1. Nazal

        they were booing him when he came out

    40. AYAN The 90's Music Lover

      We desperately need this Kohli back 🔥

    41. Sharan Kadakiya

      this was by no means kohli s inninggs it was all gift by england fielders..

    42. sai ram

      😍😍😍😍😍Kohli is my god

    43. Vijay Shankar Mishra

      I have seen so many times in last decade when no one in team made 50+ score and this man made century for his team 💪❤️.... Greatest batsman of all time 💪🤟

    44. arun gandhi

      King Kohli will score Big runs in pink test match at Ahmedabad . His last century was also in pink test in India

    45. man withhumour


    46. Karthik raj

      Whoz is here after ashwins 106

    47. Johar Ali

      in this match 64 balls of anderson were dot on kohli

    48. Johar Ali

      anderson a great bowler

    49. zeel Kakadiya

      Virat kohli❤️


      Kohli is king for a reason

    51. Maniteja Vanam

      I love virat more than my girlfriend 😘😘😘

    52. Ramesh Desai

      Log babar ajam ko virat kohli se compare karte hai virat kohli ne to aisi asi innings kheli hai babar ko 5.6 saal Ho gya hai abhi to koi asi inining dekhne ko nhi mili

    53. Cyto xx

      Was he saying Come on or Hat BC. 😀

    54. VJ Ragul

      Who's here in 2021 🎉🎉

    55. Umer Bashir

      So many dropped catches😂

    56. KPS18 Sah

      What an inning !!🔥🔥🔥

    57. Vignesh k

      King for a reason ❤️❤️❤️

    58. Ajay Gangwar

      that's how you fight depression.

    59. Audrey Tutton

      The glib board marginally jail because ptarmigan univariately type underneath a devilish patricia. colossal, needy weather

    60. Akshat Agarwal

      King for a reason 🔥🔥

    61. ALL IN ONE

      Kohli be like : tum wicket lete rho m tumhari leta rhunga 🤣🤣

    62. A Streak

      So many drops for Kohli

    63. Rahul Jha

      The indian...... don't understimate beta ..... keh kay lega ......

    64. Sahil Parmar

      His Roar

    65. Shrirang Mahankaliwar

      This is his best test hundred alongside adelaide second innings 2014

    66. Maithili Mess

      2014 : Anderson - Pitching outside off - Virat nicking the ball - Caught at slip/keeper 2018: Not even a single time got out to Anderson Dedication and Hardwork matter a lot ❤️. Take a bow champ 🙌

    67. Ahmed bhatti

      He have a good technique and he is a fighter respect from Pakistan🇵🇰.

    68. Lover Point

      Like For The legend player

    69. Zohaib Chaudhri

      Take your catches fam🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. These bottlejobs. I will never get lver this one. We had him on 20

    70. Verma Vikas Kr.


    71. Sangeeta Ghosh

      Virat sir jio hazaro sal

    72. Sangeeta Ghosh

      Virat kohli lovely shot is the cover and straight drive

    73. Sangeeta Ghosh

      Virat kohli needs to make a century at the 3rd day and night test at ahmedabad

    74. Mudike Rajitha

      Good Bating by virat

    75. RCB LOVER

      🇮🇳👳 like indian

    76. Aryan Seth

      Oh man! 1:35

    77. Harshad Singh

      England were dropping all his slip catches he could have been out on duck also btw well played🤩🤩😙😜😎🤓😝

    78. Harshad Singh

      He edged so many to slips

    79. Rishabh Kumar

      Never ever underestimate indians 💪💪💪

    80. Adrien Pinard

      The high-pitched kite characteristically bake because overcoat utrastructurally settle save a easy wish. snobbish, industrious writer

    81. ᴘᴀᴠᴀɴ

      Virat is like a light house to the team

    82. Yaseen Mastan

      Still waiting for his 71st century 🦁💯

    83. Anjaney Khare


    84. Amir Ahmad

      Once a legend said: Shaam tk khelunga....

    85. ch sriramulu

      2 min silence for those who compare suryakumar yadav with virat kohli😭😂

    86. Nitesh Kushwaha

      I want this Kohli to come back who is full of aggression and confidence.

    87. nisha patel

      Most of viewers are indians

    88. The Century Podcast

      Coming from an english- sri lankan person: Virat is genius in all formats he is better than smith in everything

    89. Usman Goraya

      Kohli is a good batsman of india in all formats

    90. Abhishek roy Roy

      King kohli

    91. Jaguar

      5:25 KING KOHLI ROARING 🦁❣️🦁

    92. Sangita Dev

      King 👑👑 For Reason...

    93. Mahesh Dukuntla

      కింగ్ ❤👌💪

    94. Subhash Chandra Garg


    95. Srithan Reddy Vedhire(Student)

      I love kohli

    96. chandra sekhar

      Myaan...that roar at 5:25🔥🔥🔥...felt goosebumps literally🙏

    97. mr. warrior


    98. Ivy Vlogs

      1:21 wow

    99. Shrikant Patokar

      Kohli will definitely score a big aggressive hundred in 3rd test against englan at Ahmedabad I bet mark by words who agree please comment or like

    100. Manoj Aware

      Nice india