Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given | Official Trailer | Netflix Standup Comedy Special 2020


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    Kevin Hart like you've never seen him before. Zero Fucks Given. Launching Nov 17 from Kevin's living room. And only on Netflix.
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    Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given | Official Trailer | Netflix Standup Comedy Special 2020
    Kevin Hart serves up laughs and brick oven pizza from the comfort of his home, and dishes on male group chats, sex after 40 and life with COVID-19.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Astro_331

      The best part of this special was the song in the intro and credits and I can’t even find it 😂

    2. BMF'90 • ЯĐ

      The montage was better than the UNfunny show AGAIN

    3. BMF'90 • ЯĐ

      Fake audience applaus tho.

    4. Se7en

      I barely laughed at this. His jokes are predictable. I can compare this to his "Laugh at my pain" standup where I laughed from the beginning till the end of the show. That was brilliant compared to this. I give this 3/10.

    5. Ticia o

      I didn’t make it pass the first 10 minutes sorry..

    6. Jorie Jacobi

      My boyfriend and I watched this together after a particularly blaghhhh day of quarantine and we were laughing hysterically, it’s so good. GO WATCH!!

    7. UberTech

      He made me laugh in his minor roles like 40 year old Virgin and Scary Movie. Everything else, no...

    8. michael Acheampong

      Not funny at all

    9. Rusaan Z

      I have always liked Kevin Hart, but this is awful. it's basically just him talking for an hour about how he is better than you. More important than you. He is baffled that his kids school would have the audacity to ask him to volunteer. He's to high of a celebrity for that. He actually said "they don't understand the level of my celebrity" he has become the perfect poster child for the elite class that most Americans hate. I lost most of my respect for Hart when he (a comedian) apologized for a joke. But this killed the last bit of respect I had for him. I think I laughed at this hour and 9 minute comedy special maybe twice. 2 out of 10, would not recommend

    10. Luka Bazooka

      What is the song for the intro of the actual show?

    11. Civic Fanboys

      I don’t know’ why people hating on this. Netflix special you’ll are just mean.

    12. Blackscarf Saberman

      The special was trash.

    13. Dustin Holness

      This was Wack ....give me another Katt Williams special

    14. David Hardcore

      Netflix - Puts cuties on Netflix Netflix - Zero Fucks Given

    15. Tofiq Veliyev

      It was funny show

    16. Kena Debela

      I didn't laugh not one time until the last part about when he was at the hospital

      1. Trigga Troll

        Facts, I didn't laugh once. Cory Holcomb is waaay funnier.

    17. Summary Judgment

      In my opinion, Kevin Hart fell off years ago, BUT, if you needed proof that his recycled jokes are no longer funny, this comedy special will serve that purpose.

      1. Don Miller

        It was hard to watch

    18. Mauri Santiago

      It wasn’t funny whatsoever man

    19. Rico Baca


    20. hjääääälp

      Anybody knows the outro song ?

    21. Sebastian Fairchild

      Speaking for all the hoods around America Kev, that shit was wack lil man. Str8 up.

    22. Derrick Harris

      I’m sorry but this shit was wack!!

    23. Daniel tkv

      What is that first rap song called ??


      Kevin Hart: What is there too talk about? 2020: Am I not a joke to you?..... 🤔🤣

    25. Thomas Bailey

      People are sick paying attention to a foul mouthed not so funny fool onstage knowing he is raising kids and kissing them with that very same foul mouth.

    26. Joe USA

      Too bad I can't watch stuff with morons in masks. It's just pathetic to see people live that way.

    27. M J

      the first few minutes are a *bit* boring, but after that i laughed so hard lmao 😂

      1. Bo BHB45

        Hella funny!!!

    28. Tin

      20 mins in and I dont know if I'm gonna finish it. It ain't funny

    29. Jay D

      Wow this was not funny I'm not hating I'm a Kevin hart fan but was so disappointed🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽. Lost interest start playing on my phone🤦🏽‍♂️💯

    30. Stephen Tierney

      Just watched it on Netflix, what's the intro music?

    31. Veronica Williams

      I laughed from the start to the end and that is a rarity nowadays....I swear do not try to eat or drink something while watching like I did....I spit out my drink twice. I did not see this coming....HE WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! YOU WILL LITERALLY ROFLMAO....I PROMISE YOU WILL LOL SEVERAL TIMES FRFR...

    32. Joseph Wil

      These hustlers making 2020 and all the BS that happened this year manageable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣keeping the entertainment going, keep stuff alive

    33. veronica Portillo

      Thank You Kevin for keep good faith and keeping Humor in the world in such a hard place in the world. I loved this was so funny and made my day. Have a blessed day! Walk by Faith

    34. Jordan Verbeek

      Me: 0:52 Friends: Can you tell me about Tenet?

    35. Jordan Verbeek

      Friends: How have you been this week? Me: 0:52

    36. Yves Peckstadt

      I like Kevin Hart but this one was seriously not funny at all. I chuckled here and there but laughing I did not. I also suspect he picked this title purely because of what Chappelle did with his last show. The difference is that Chappelle was actually (very) funny and really couldn't care any less about what he was joking about or who he would offend. Here though you have Hart clearly caring, mostly about what people think of him. He is even apologizing before he makes some jokes.

      1. Josh Williams

        He out of touch. Too much $ went to his head

    37. SpartanG

      I gave it a shot but this dude isn't even that funny anymore, it's almost like the over the hill superstar trying to hold onto their fame. Name one classic that we'll be watching 10 years from now?

    38. Kristján Juris

      how do you download the show on netflix? there is no download icon.

    39. Mrs. Israelite Pride

      Just watched it. So, why is it number 3 of Netflix again? Seriously, NOT Funny

    40. Trigga Troll

      I think you forgot how to tell jokes, there was no jokes in the first 10 minutes before I turned it off. Just because he put emphasis and talk funny does not make what his saying funny. I like Kevin Hart first three specials. Everything else is just him talking....

    41. Skyismify

      I hope more comedians or entertainers in general would just get back to what it was supposed to be about. He said a lot of things I agreed with about cancel culture and the way politics is injected into everything we see now.

    42. R.O.B. M

      Garbadge 🗑 I couldn't even watch five minutes. I don't even think thd crowd was really laughing. It's sounded like they were playing back recorded laughter

    43. Paul Des

      Looks boring

    44. harsh vardhan

      Title: No fucks given. Appropriate title: No fucks given ... but one!

    45. Louiso Cko

      They don’t talk real shits any more...they only talk what left mobs are fine with

    46. Missile Customs

      On some real, it was one hour of average jokes. All hype :)

    47. J C

      He shoulda called it zero jokes given

      1. DonnyZofChaos

        This was funnier than anything in the special

    48. VxKorbz01

      Does anyone know the song that plays at the beginning of the show

      1. Jv nor

        Lmk dude I’m looking for that song

    49. Medicineman Psilosophy

      Pretty sure we all busted at least one side, lol Spanks bud!

    50. John Philips

      Am I the only one that doesn't think this dude is funny? Zzz overacts and tells dad jokes..

    51. Dan Dan

      Wasn’t funny

    52. Kayvon Motamed

      I feel like he's trying to be Bernie Mac, here

      1. Jay D

        He could never be Bernie not making that stand up I love Kevin hart but it sucked🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽💯

    53. Renspard Bailey


    54. Dane Whaley

      The Walmart joke was the funniest... greeter slides in... welcome to Walmart, you here to get you some stuff? Because we are rolling back prices on stuff!!!

      1. Bo BHB45

        The bop was the funniest to me. And 8th

    55. Robert Greene

      You cansee the hardwork in his face I swear dude looks like his stressing hard work!

      1. Willon Vale

        Thats what marriage do to you lmao

    56. Hamza Omar

      Intro Song name?

    57. ALL4BEAUTY

      He is just not Dave Chappelle like he's trying to hard

      1. Stephanie Reece

        Didn't think he was trying to be like Dave Chappelle but ok

    58. Made For Ear

      Came here for the fireplace

    59. BigMisterApple

      Audience isnt diverse enough.

    60. You

      Worst trailer ever like wtf?

    61. William Duhimbaze

      I lasted 20 minutes... his stand ups are just not funny anymore. After let me explain its gone downhill.

    62. jill scottman

      Seein his wife messed my mood up...😒😒😒I only respect torrei...f’in disrespectful and disgusting

    63. iheart Sebastian

      Bruh kevin really wanna be like Dave chappelle so bad.

      1. Josh Williams

        jill scottman ?????

      2. iheart Sebastian

        @jill scottman nah Dave is the goat.🔥 You've clearly haven't seen his work.

      3. jill scottman

        Dave is wack now too But people respect him too much to say it

    64. Jackie B

      Absolutely dope & soo needed with all that’s going on right now! He is still killing it & doing his thing!! Much love for this!

    65. 4L JaCk

      Why is this shit not on Netflix 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Love90

        It is 🤦🏽‍♀️

    66. Art Mo

      Kevin aint been funny since "seriously funny" and that was 10 years ago......he's just a sitcom comic. set up, punch line, then que the laugh track because someone in the audience aren’t actually laughing

    67. Jagbo

      can someone tell me the name of the song that was in the credits for this standup

      1. Hamza Omar

        I need to know too pls

    68. XGoldy The Great

      they should call this shit Zero Jokes Given....

    69. Juan Correa

      For a special called zero fucks given he gave a lot of fucks.

    70. Kaizaro123

      I really hope he foes back to being the Kevin of his first specials, he was fantastic back then.

      1. Lina Ako

        His ex wife used to co-write his stuff I think before they divorced

    71. robbbyyy25

      Kevin hart is a great person, but i just saw this and wow, its pretty bad. His comedy is getting less funny over time...i used to be a huge fan, matter fact I own all his comedy special dvd's, but wow. heavily disappointed.

    72. Carter Taylor

      Does anybody know the song that is played in the intro and also in the credits of this special? I couldn't find it anywhere

      1. Nathan Verros

        If you figure it out, let me know too

      2. skill2704

        Same here. Come on guys!!! Give us a hint at least

      3. Erich Herzfeld


    73. Seungjae Harn

      why isn't this available worldwide???????? can't seem to watch it in South Korea

    74. Kimberly

      My king 🤴 was very funny and brilliant I love this so very much I love him always and definitely thankful for him being strong And over come the accident and even the Coco virus 🦠 okay I wish him very much well 💜♎️😇🌎

    75. Ikram Hussain

      I really don’t get why he gets slated for his standup. Started the show and enjoyed it. I was and will always be a fan of Kevin Hart’s work.

    76. Jitendra Chalke

      Except for jokes about COVID everything is awesome... sorry KH.... not the time for jokes on COVID... you have all the possible care but there folks who can't afford or can't sustain.... COVID jokes after few years once pandemic is over, may be OK....

    77. Vimal Bz

      mm mmm...aha.. pineapples

    78. Georges Dorelus

      It wasn’t poorly edited, Kevin just isn’t funny..

    79. Travis Rogers

      His joke about him boxing was super funny back in 2007 when Rodney Carrington told it on Live at the Majestic. Joke stealer. Lost all respect

    80. Nemo

      I watched the special. This trailer is poorly cut, special is worth watching!

    81. LaVerite124

      Man what do y’all want Kevin to do? 😂

    82. Abraham Simba

      u can just guess right through all his jokes are gonna be based around his family, like hes other stand ups, zero creativity

      1. LaVerite124

        I’m watching it and it’s funny with relating to the kids stuff but I appreciate your response. What else should he talk about tho? He came at the people in the beginning and talked about how fame isn’t all that. If he goes non PC then he will be judged.

    83. G H

      Watched it but Audio n video not sync correctly threw me off.. anyone else

    84. 9razzler9

      will he finally be funny in this?

    85. Kris

      Nothing special. He is better in movies.

    86. Joe LaRocca

      IF only he were funny.

    87. Matti Brox

      He is like the not-funny cousin of Dave Chapelle.

    88. Inert82

      Probably the least funny and least original stuff on netflix this year.

    89. The Haves and the Have Nots Review

      This trailer doesn't really do the comedy special justice. I watched it around 5 A.M. yesterday morning, and I got a couple of solid laughs out of it. Believe me, I was going into it with low expectations because "What Now?" and "Irresponsible" were major letdowns in my opinion. Was it better than his last two specials? Yes. Does it hold up with his first four? No. Seriously Funny, Let Me Explain, I'm A Grown Little Man and Laugh at My Pain were a string of hits. Seriously, if he had quit the stand up specials after "Let Me Explain" he would've walked away from the game like a champ similar to Eddie Murphy who decided to focus more on movies. Now, excuse me while I go get some B.O.P. 🍕

      1. Trigga Troll

        It was trash. No jokes..

      2. Trigga Troll

        There was no jokes.

      3. hdbgbdgfhvvdghg

        @Nemo it was ass . It was childish humor

      4. Nemo

        What now was excellent man what you talking about??

      5. Jasean Lyle

        What now was hilarious


      We didn’t like this one kev... still love you tho😂😂

    91. Dennis Salvatier

      I don’t get why people think this guy is funny.

      1. VxKorbz01

        I don’t get why you felt like you had to comment this, if you don’t like him then leave 😂

      2. vulzy

        he was but now idk now

    92. Tina F

      I think the ‘vid’ made him funnier...he lost his touch for me the last few years, but THIS made me laugh out loud...a few times! I’d even watch it again. He’s a cocky narcissist, but it is what it is...he ain’t affecting I laugh.

    93. gold school

      This trailer is a joke

    94. Erick Iraola

      What’s the name of the song at the end of the show?

      1. Adrian Barcia

        Bro I’ve been searching for it like crazy lmao can’t find it

    95. Peter Sabev

      im quite sure they are all actors and they inserted a cheap laugh track, the show is shit

    96. cshawnte2000

      Just watched it, I like Kevin. But I didn't laugh once. Stick to movies Bro. Still love you ❤️

    97. Jason Young

      Second stinker in a row for Kevin. I'm thinking his time is over.

    98. Johnny Fox

      I lasted 10 minutes before I cut it off. Very disappointing

      1. MX Jordan

        @lightgorm it was horrible

      2. VxKorbz01

        Like he said he talks about how his life is and what HE does wether you can relate or not it’s his show they are his jokes and if he wants to talk about the funny stuff that happens in his day let him, there’s no need to say oh it’s disappointing oh that some stuff you can’t relate to, if you watched it you watched if you didn’t you didn’t there’s no reason what so ever to come to the trailer video and start talking all this shit

      3. Cliff Smith

        I made it through the entire video, but I didn't laugh that much until the last 20 minutes or so. Many unrelatable first-world problems (private school? Really?) are presented here that some people probably aren't in the mood for now. Shrugs

      4. Christian Gray

        Lol everyone said that so far😂😂

      5. lightgorm

        its not that bad cmon

    99. Derrick Bailey

      The concept was cool but he most definitely lost his touch I just couldn’t get into this one.

    100. Gavin Barnes

      Its not on Netflix for some reason?