Israel Adesanya v Paulo Costa | UFC 253 Full-Fight Replay

BT Sport

3.3 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼1 571

    After months of back and forth, Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa finally settled their beef. An incredible performance by the Stylebender meant he stayed champ and undefeated in the UFC.
    Watch Israel Adesanya v Jan Blachowicz as well as Nunes v Anderson and Yan v Sterling at #UFC259 on March 6 on BT Sport.
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    1. Gileno Aquino

      Essa canela do negão não vai aguentar essas pancadas,

    2. Sheen

      he was drunk guys he was drunk. chill. he wud have won if he wasnt drunk obivosuyl

    3. David Moraes

      Faltou o brasileiro levar a luta mais a sério.

    4. Sociedade Alternativa

      Voltei aqui de novo para rever essa surra...🤭🤣🤫

    5. Jonathan Costa

      Paulo Costa was drunk in the fight 😆

    6. carlitos99

      Man Izzy was operating here.. fought beautifully.. made me remember the best boxing of pacquiao they dance don’t fight

    7. The Enlightened One

      At least he not a sore loser...

    8. K Ray

      IZZY is a Beast! Think he goes undefeated

    9. Shef Shaz

      those legs are trash damn

    10. jhannah rayn

      Costa more on trash talk....

    11. Daniel Green

      Why didnt Paulo try?

    12. ZeMakerpen

      man.. the bruises are showing 12:10

    13. Clenkkz z

      his like cochise the warriors

    14. Arthur Rodrigues

      learning how to fight watching adesanya... what an artist

    15. June

      Bruce is literally having the time of his life 😂 my man is PUMPED! Love to see it

    16. LxxxLV


    17. Usama Fayyaz

      13:09 13:16 14:56 15:03 15:06 15:11

    18. king Queen

      What Cost doing??? Why not Punch him. Black man copies John Jones's style. Bullshit

    19. WotTimeIsIt

      Ok so Izzy is tall at 6'4 but that dude standing behind him at the beginning tho... wtf.

    20. Brad Colby

      Iz simply destroyed PaulA

    21. cr 7

      is costa in pregnancy leave??

    22. josephsmth646

      Israel Gyanosanya.

    23. Junior Santos

      Não me canso de ver essa luta e ouvir os corners apavorados hahahah!

    24. Escanor SDS

      This fight was boring they barely fought

    25. Luciene Firmino

      Esse apresentador do UFC é demais ❤

    26. Martin Millette


    27. billy swonson

      Costa thanks masvidal for getting more embarrassed then him too the point everyone forgot about him

    28. Augustus GRT

      6:43 Izzy messed up so bad here. He left himself way too exposed. He got lucky.

    29. Noodles

      Spam 10 seconds backwards at the beginning of the video

    30. Navas Arnold

      The spinning annoyed the opponent whenever his eyes cleared

    31. TheWallethead

      Watching this back... Costa does look a little drunk to be fair to him.

    32. James Buxton

      Good Lord, I've had steaks that looked less tenderised than that man's legs!

    33. Free Bird

      3:36 shot fired

    34. mustang 04


    35. Sunep Meyur

      Bruce 'even if there's only 3 person clapping I'm screaming my lungs out' Buffer

    36. saada

      Paulo Costa 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    37. Alan Joseph

      Dismantling is what it was. Started picking him apart from the bottom and worked his way up.

    38. Joseph De Guzman

      DAGANG COSTA😂🤣😂🤣😂

    39. Jessica S

      bruce could've made the pandemic infinitely more bearable if he realized his silly drawn out calls only worked (and they do actually work) with a crowd. Like my dude just cut it down if there's no one there to cheer lol I promise there's still hype but without the crowd going nuts at the same time it just sounds obnoxious.

    40. DrNoice

      Imagine losing the fight against a weeb?

    41. DrNoice

      Costa didn't just lose the fight, he also lost his virginity.

    42. Bruno com k

      Paulo vai volta mais forte e determinado do que nunca.

      1. Deive Assis

        Irmão ele pode até voltar melhor mais Se lutar contra Adesanya 10 vezes perde 9

      2. SprinGabriel

        Pode crer 🔥 Team eraser

    43. jamesasher63

      Disappointed to hear Paulo was drinking while pregnant

    44. Don Atchison

      Ha he said he wear his d around his waist cuz he's a black belt 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

    45. Γιάννης Περος

      It iz what it iz 😎🙏

    46. SkateboardT508

      I was on my feet the whole time during this fight so exciting

    47. Khriez Zzz

      That’s what happen when acted smart

    48. xXMrnobodyXx

      Costa with the mcgregor opening

    49. Ali Ibrar

      It was just 🍷 guys!

    50. S P Lit

      😂 😂 That leg is trash. Absolute trash. I remember costa said he will kick adesanya so hard

    51. i77 ma7ic

      Also, Stylebender is the worst nickname I've ever heard

    52. su jinn Gau


    53. Bogz Asonio

      pinatay lang sa LEG KICK ang BUBU,,hahahahahh sa second round same play parin,di Nila na halata na LEG KICK lang SILA PAPATAYIN sa Kalaban,,hahahahahah

    54. Scatpackjohn

      Dude leg turned purple

    55. Adolfo Soliz Conde

      Las peleas de adesanya son aburridas

    56. Ryan Sally

      Protect bruce buffer at all costs

    57. Joshua Nwadike

      We nor feet carry last blood💯💯💪

    58. CrappieHook King

      He should of got dis qualified for that last move, the ref already stopped the fight. And I didn't see how he got knocked out. It looked like a slip/empty gas tank.

    59. sky mush

      i think bruce buffer went to hard when he was announcing the fight for that tiny crowd

    60. Yogi Minnick

      Sportsman ship level 0 Break dancing level 100 Running circles level 100 Bruce bufer LEVEL!!!!!!l !!☠!!☠!!☠!!☠!!☠!!

    61. ESBFerFer

      what’s wrong with izzy’s right peck

    62. Zack Lavoie

      Bruce went off

    63. Ayoub Abidi

      Boh this sport is nothing glory is real fight GLORY KING BOXING! This guys the are too sleep! Fight in the streets is better of them

    64. Taalai Akimbaev

      Блять надо английский учить

    65. Olu Adichie

      Ashy knees Izzy is dangerous

    66. Deadline

      As soon as costa pulled up with those cup marks on his legs, Israel knew his weak spot

    67. FilipeMoto

      Paulo costa arrugante desde o princípio e levou muita purrada

    68. Vision ?

      13:26 man was moving sus

    69. Richard Labao

      Wlng kwentang laban

    70. Protyush Deb

      The guy w a bad leg doesn't throw one punch?

    71. Jonathan Carlos de Freitas

      Running running running, wtf adesanya only running

    72. Marcello 0 23

      Perdeu Merecidamente Foi Querer Fazer Graça Na Frente Do Adversário. Isso E Coisa De Moleque Mostrar Lingua, Botar As Mãos Pra Traz, Fazer Gracinha. Isso E Palhaçada. Lutador Profissional Luta Com Respeito Ao Seu Adversário E Luta Sério. Simples Claro E Concreto.👊🏽✌🏽

    73. Chowtime DOJO

      The commentators are not very observant of the marks on Costa leg before the fight even started. From massage treatment where they heat the glass cup with a flame and suction cup the skin. It left marks on his leg. Sure Israel kicked him there and they looked a little red. But the one commentator is like look at each individual bruise on Costa leg from these kicks. Lower shin upper shin ETC. Pay attention fight commentators!!

    74. JhonnyDarkBR Gamer

      Todos os lutadores tem instinto, sempre vai no ponto mas fraco do adversário

    75. JhonnyDarkBR Gamer

      Vou dar meu comentário, quem e jiu-jiteiro???? Me corrija. Pq ele não lutou no chão, não usou o jiu-jitsu??????????? Pq ele e um empregado e empregado faz o que o patrão manda. Isso e um palco para fazer a alegria de alguns.

    76. Scott Who?

      Jan beat him only cause he didn’t let Izzy set the pace. The timing. Jan pressured. It was a great performance. Even Izzy still looked good he just lost.

      1. Paul Ellis

        Jan's stand up is underrated, he covered up really well not taking too much and looked so strong, I feel he would beat Izzy easier a second time taking him down earlier.

    77. Saiu Na Gringa

      14:53 Adesanya making naruto running

    78. ayá kid

      to get caught with a body kick in the middle of show boating just shows how stupid Costa was in this fight 7:34

    79. syakirr28 28

      Costa no iQ hmmm nothing but respect

    80. Berdscherpin

      "I wrap my d*ck around my waist and its a blackbelt"

    81. pow hana

      So lame without an audience

    82. bean bag

      God that buffer is really annoying lol 😂

    83. Big Iso

      israel was so humble😂😂 but he let it out😂

    84. A K

      *yaaaaawwnnn* this was soooo booooring

    85. Mariffu

      izzy got whips for legs

    86. maranata siadari

      Costa sombong😂😂

    87. benjamin franklin

      this wasn't even Costa fighting style, Izzy made him hesitant to do anything😂

    88. 420 cb


    89. Raptor Genius

      Adesanya & Coats 2

    90. Shomall Kun

      Mannn no matter how many times its not enough

    91. Alexandre costa

      Paulo borracha amarelo, se ele repeti a mesma luta que fez com romero ele tinha amassado o Dalsyn

    92. Ivan Barcenes

      We have to see usman vs adesanya, they both don’t have any real challengers in their divisions. No friends in this game

    93. xBootyMuncher69 x

      Hit em with a 4 piece combo and seconds later asked for seconds sheesh nice

    94. taylor allardice

      Costa 🤡

    95. A. N

      14:42 why is nobody talking about this😭

    96. Reginaldo Andrade dos santos

      Sou Reginaldo Rafael desse a Parada nocaraee

    97. Liam James

      Legendary display of shithousery as soon as the fight was stopped

    98. Reginaldo Andrade dos santos

      Boa tarde Paulo Costa sou seu fã

    99. ViníciusBh

      A soberba precede a ruína!

    100. A P

      I’m not a fan of adesanya. But I can appreciate the beautiful display of striking he possesses.