Ishk Par Zor Nahi - Ep 20 - Full Episode - 9th April, 2021

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    Episode 20: Ishki Late At Her Ceremony
    Ishki finally gets the ring and feels upset when she finds out that her engagement ring is made of duplicate gold and not a pure one. On the other hand, Sarla shouts at Sonu for not fulfilling the demands for "Dhol wale". Ahaan is mad when he comes to know that Ishki is late for her own function. While Ishki returns, she realizes that Mayank has only called her for their selfish reasons and not that he cares. To know more, watch the full episode now.
    About Ishk Par Zor Nahi:
    Ahaan Malhotra, a successful businessman, who lives by discipline and family values, crosses paths with Ishqi, a girl who believes that love conquers all. What will happen when fate tries to bring these two opposites together?
    Cast: Param Singh, Akshita Mudgal, Rajat Verma

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 25 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Amina Hassan

      I think param has to make his instagram

    2. Bakho Jokio

      Mian iss drama ko like srf kirtik ki lai deti h And also ahaan and ishqi 👌👌👌



    4. Doc farwa

      asy nech logo se rehsta he nhe rakhan chye jo har bat pe kahe reshta khatem ...

    5. Karma Mentok

      I really hate sarla

    6. Abdul Hadi

      Kartik is right...Boys like Kartik are very rare in this world

    7. Abdul Hadi

      A girl has her own identity... She knows when and where to compromise...and women like Sarla Aunti we should make them realise that they dont need to create a havoc everytime

    8. Mubashara khan

      Ahaan's expressions are lit

    9. beautiful girl

      Kartik thinks positive.

    10. Gita Limbu

      I love kartik character

    11. Gita Limbu

      OMG so sad

    12. Cracks Pack

      male and female is equal and same

    13. SuMaiya Akter02

      Is The Best Show 😀😀 I Love This Show ❤❤

    14. Ragini Ram

      Larkiyon ko nahi bhool na chahiye kyu? Kyu Ki woh campoeter (computer) hai kya?

    15. Anjali Ltb

      I love kartik from beyhadh 2

    16. Ezain Afridi

      Kartik and Ahaan is so cute

    17. heer khan

      Hahaha kartik is so funny bhai at least what the fudge to bol do...😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

    18. Diana Haton

      This serial based on all negative and positive roles.. And i love it❤️

    19. Irajfati Irajfati


    20. Irajfati Irajfati


    21. Irajfati Irajfati


    22. Irajfati Irajfati


    23. Irajfati Irajfati


    24. Afriditi Badhon

      Karthik is the cutest character in this drama..

    25. Anu Bhattarai

      Oh wow😱 comment section is full of kartik's dashing character♥️🔥

    26. Rimsha raees

      Ye drama just me love story ki waja se dekh rhi otherwise is tarha ki fuzol drama kabhi na dekhun

    27. Roger AJ Isaac


    28. Asia Sultan

      Kartik is very right good

      1. Asia Sultan


    29. Chandrika Chandu


    30. Aaditya Yadav

      This shows nicely depicts the current Indian society and problems with culture and traditions.

    31. Ritikraj Sharma

      I like Aahan

    32. Aaradhya Gupta

      I wish who liked my comments their mom dad sis bro lives for 1000 years

    33. Sharmila Khanal

      yeh sarla aunty is😬😬😬

    34. Aahil Prince

      Is drama m yeh batia hy larki walo ko hamesha juk kr rehna chaiya

    35. Priyanka Kumari

      Kartik paved the way💫❤

    36. Cartoons and TV shows

      Kartik is best of all

    37. Ishara Hanoewant

      All love for Kartik!!!!!!!!

    38. Cuud B Cj

      Kartik is a very sweet in this Show 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    39. Ayesha Adnan

      Aahaan you messed up every thing

    40. Pooja Harangi

      Who noticed hickey @ sarla neck? 😶😶

    41. yusra Akhtar

      India k rules KITNE gnde hain

    42. Udit Priyam

      34 :22 ahahn is always wrong and this time so wrong

    43. Zunaira Zunaira

      Mrs sarla 😈😈😈😈

    44. Aiman Attiq


      1. Aiman Attiq


    45. Mona moon

      From Bangladesh ❤️

    46. Laribkiramat Kiramat

      I love Kartika character but Kartika is very best

      1. Sumaiya Akter H 422

        Karthik not kartika🙂

    47. Laribkiramat Kiramat

      Ishqi mother -in- law is very best 😊

    48. Ahmad Feroz

      Kartik is always right

    49. Chaudhary Chanzeb

      Karthik is right

    50. meghna patel

      What the fudge that’s what coming in my mind after hearing all this bullshit about girls and boys hellllllll naaahhhh I am bloody scared get marry now 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    51. Hosnara Farzana

      Bhai....sho batein ki ek partner ho to bilkul Kartik jeisa....just perfect and so lovely🥰😘

    52. F Shahrin

      I love Kartik!!!

    53. Zimmy Qureshi

      Fizul drama episode

    54. Sachin Sachin

      Sarla bhays nahi achi lagti hata do ese

    55. Fashion Career

      Hahaha kartik ky jokes🤣😂😁

    56. adeela Kanwal

      Kartik soo innocent larkiyo ki kitne side leta hai

    57. 8.Anagha Reji Paul XA8

      thank god i am not born into such a family where they discriminate girls like this.....

    58. noor fatima

      Kya third class issues py itna time lga rhy hain, had hai

    59. Kasmiri Doll

      Ishqiiiiiiii or ahan best couple

    60. Kasmiri Doll

      Ishqiiiiiiii fav❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞

    61. kim kritae

      Kartik is too good.... I love her character.....

    62. Arif sagar Bashovi

      Kartik is best

    63. Hussain Khan

      I love Ishaan

    64. 「Gสmer」 GamerSchemer

      ahaan is best

    65. Alihamzaharal Alihamzaharal

      Kartik is amazing

    66. Sisir Haque

      I love kartik.she looks very cute

    67. Vidhya Kurve

      What the fudge yha TV par 25 episode chal rha aur yhaa abhi 20,21 u tube wale idher dekho zoom karke dekho😂

    68. Syeda Sani

      Kartik is the best💕💕💕 Best character in this serial💕💕....

    69. Princess Princess

      Karthik is really understanding

    70. M Ali

      Itnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa braaaaa laccher😏ishqi kooo

    71. Sadiasiraj Bhatti

      Love from pakistan ♥️♥️

    72. Hajar Awan

      Bht ajeeb acting hai Ishiqi ki.. Ek tou bolti itna ajeeb hai 🙄 koi aur actress honi chaiye thi yahan Ahaan k sath.

    73. Hajar Awan

      Kartik n Raj 🔥🔥🔥

    74. R.Sayedul Karim

      Kartik is a good human being

    75. Tayyab Rehman

      So funny drama and very funny drama

    76. Rehana Khan

      Kartik your so so so so cute

    77. Asfia Ali

      Can someone shut mrs. Sarla mouth. I like ishi mother in law more sonu mother in law.

    78. Arpana Chand


    79. Marlina Agustina

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    80. Xaaska Sergio ramos

      I really like kartik 😍😍more than anyone else

    81. Kashif Khan

      Right kartik is right

    82. Sangita p Humagai

      I love this show. Param looks like pawandeep. I like both boys and akshita is cute

    83. waseem ansari waseem ansari

      Kitna bakwas krte h ye mooti

    84. M A

      Will you please make it available in USA please I really want to watch it. Other episodes after this episode I am not able to see any of them.

    85. Mohuya akter Giya

      Muje toh dekhna hai kartik ki bibi kaisa hoga

    86. Rubelahmed Ahmed

      Bmvdgn dhaka

    87. Rubelahmed Ahmed

      View University Engineering Dhaka

    88. Iqra khan

      I love karthik 😘karthik is so cute😊😊😊😊

    89. Pokhreli kanchhi

      Kartik is right he is support iski...sometime have to problem someone.

    90. Humna Sajjad

      Raj and kartik only two person are good in this serial

    91. laurine lorianne

      I just like kartik🥰🥰😅🤩🤩

    92. Atharv Sen

      Overacting ki dukan

    93. laurine lorianne

      Kartik always tell the truth but they don't even understand him little bit 🙄

      1. Shafrin Thorat


      2. Nancy Nabhya

        Ikr BRUH-

    94. B TV


    95. Ali Awan

      Kartik is alright

    96. Esso Lhamo

      Don’t like this serial at all. Specially the director couldn’t found better actress then her???

    97. possible possible

      Susral nahi jahanm he bana dia hai in logo na to

    98. hanifa hani Hani


    99. Mukhtar Gujar

      Kartik is always right 😍😍💖

    100. Maarina Rooprajh

      Waiting for episode 21!!!