Is Halloween Cancelled? | KNOW IT ALL | Netflix


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    Inspired by Hubie Halloween and the Netflix & Chills playlist, OnlyJayus is back with a deep dive into everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, Halloween, on her podcast Know It All.
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    Is Halloween Cancelled? | KNOW IT ALL | Netflix

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    1. FixStar Number 1

      Beautiful.👍💥Showing pros and cons of an ancient but real custom.👀✔ This is the best of Netflix🤜🤛 Thanks.😲😷👓

    2. Kamy Alexandra

      I can see Netflix didn’t put many movies for Halloween 🥺 I was hoping to have more movies on Netflix

    3. Luke Lohr

      What is this called

    4. J Gee

      everyone Halloween is not canceled

    5. Godly Dellort

      No one can spell in this comment section.

    6. blue fire 2131

      I think Halloween should be canceled because of coronavirus so it doesn't spread but what do I know

    7. Lucas Kruck

      Yo jayus, while your'e there, can you tell them to make umbrella academy season 3 we NEED it

    8. Shin Soo-Hoon

      I might be in the minority that think this Halloween will be more fun this year. I mean sure, my girls at first were sad, they thought that they weren't going to wear costumes or get candy for Halloween but once we explained that it is still happening just without having to leave the house, now they're so excited they have been singing "trick or treat" for weeks now (a bit annoying actually lol). But I'm happy, I mean we have been doing Halloween movie marathons every weekend since mid-september, the girls have their costumes and we are going to dress with them which it's something we didn't use to do, we're spending more time with them since we're working from home and that means we've had a ton of fun decoration the house and baking yummy pumpkin treats. For saturday we have a few "candy stations" planned so they go collect their candy in their bags as they would going from door to door. And to finish the night we are having a cake to celebrate a very happy "unbirthday" Alice in Wonderland style to say goodbye to this years Hallow's Eve. It's different yes, but it's sure not cancelled for our family!

    9. Donald Duck

      I was like: R we gonna celebrate it online or sum?? Giving free candy online.

    10. Y B

      Halloween is such a shit time of year,

    11. Flashy Flash


    12. official deutschland

      you cant stop listening to this mad voice

    13. Bring A Mit Podcast

      Onlyjayus voice-over gets our approval

    14. Crappy Troll

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    15. 다혜가 다해!

      Hi~😃wow so awesome nice 👌 video ❤ my friend💕💕 🖐supporting your job here, hope to see you supporting me back😋👻🍭🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟

    16. SYFY WIRE

      Halloween 4ever 🙌

    17. TheDeafAJ90

      Pretty history Halloween years 🎃 fun grew kids likely say "trick to treat" wants candy lol. Oh Halloween guess can't go kids from corvid-19

    18. GUY VER

      HEY netflix, if you are doing the LEGEND OF ZELDA. Dont screw it up, make it like Ridley scotts LEGEND with scary creatures and practical effects and model it after the jon snow stuff in game of thrones. AND JACK KILMER Val Kimer;s son should PLAY LINK. Dude is the spitting image of the character. CALL HIS AGENT. And Benedict cumberbatch should play GANONDORF.

    19. Plausible Grouch

      Why did I just watch someone's book report?

    20. Cynthia Jones

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    21. Kevin Quezada

      Cool video 👍👋🎃😊

    22. Sky 1

      the game is chess

    23. Angel Rose

      I collect vintage Halloween and my friends call me the Pumpkin Queen.

    24. 9razzler9

      santa clarita diet shouldn't have been cancelled that soon.

    25. 06 FYBAF Rithwik

      Uhhhh......Chess maybe??

    26. Limitless Music Vibes

      Renew IANOWT

    27. Profilbildet

      In my hometown since they dont reccomend going trick or treating they arranged a ghostwalk. Its on a mountain with a castle and and a guide is leading people around, and actors with makeup is placed around to scare them. And This year i am going to be one of the actors! I’m so exited! (It is the day before Halloween)

    28. dragonhowler

      Thank you for saying HAL-O-WEEN and not the atrocious HALL-A-WEEN

    29. Tareeq Rizal

      netflix please add saved by the bell, martin, the waynas brothersand all that please please i need them

    30. Jason Smith

      The game is Chess

    31. Emma Inderjit

      Omg Hubie Halloween is a recommend for me! Adam Sandler=Funny! No need to watch a horror movie!

    32. Alejandro Moore

      Halloween 🎃👻😱👹👺👿👽👾💀 is for kid 👦🙋🙏 and who want Halloween candy 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍬 🍬 🍬 🍬 🍬 🍬.

    33. Alejandro Moore

      I really like Halloween 🎃👻😱👹👺👿👽👾, and I am not Halloween 🎃👻😱👹👺👿👽👾 person?

    34. Alejandro Moore

      Halloween 🎃👻😱 👹👺👿👽👾 is the best Holiday!

    35. Prairie Rider

      Bs, complete and utter bs... WAKE UP.. ffs

    36. HsSW20 C

      Who the heck is Bella from tiktok lol

    37. Zelda Henson

      A game made for kings and queens: Chess.

    38. EME NIMOS


    39. Eddy M

      No Halloween now that sounds scary

    40. Shelby Rickert


    41. Ellie

      Oh shit, did Halloween tweet a racist joke 10 years ago?

    42. Ananjai Arya

      I just came for onlyjayus!!!!😭😭😍

    43. Clavdia8367

      So it is Janus hah

    44. Butterfly Blue

      Halloween is for immatures and kids who want candy.

    45. Taeja Lee


    46. glaiza Pizza


    47. Ertz

      is this the girl who said brown doesn't exist?

    48. Mini Kim


    49. I swallow children's

      i need anne with an e season 4 :(

    50. roCking BoY CREATION

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life with good health........... 😊👍❤️❤️❤️

    51. MostlyMO




    53. AJ

      What a bunch of sheep. Celebrating a holiday based on big businesses making money and thinking you celebrate because u enjoy it.

    54. Aprilliany Indah Jelita

      WAIT JAYUS??? 😲😲😲

    55. Elif Bozpınar

      Im waiting for stranger things season 4 please comee🥺

    56. fightnight14

      Jayus is such a gem

    57. rozi Wrya


    58. Vivian l.


    59. Gerard Vinet

      Funny , look what they did with Christmas , the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ ??????

    60. Shrek 5

      Bruh is this girl from TikTok

    61. Ulyas Bouali

      Ur series sucks expect dark

    62. Great Gig In the Sky

      So, do you like Halloween or hate it? Cause when " corporate America " got in on the fun you seem to not like it, then it's the Holiday we all have come to love!! So which is it? Sounds like corporate America actually made it better.

    63. Can I just be me?

      I mean I don’t celebrate 🤷🏽‍♂️....

    64. Janes opinions on products and other fun stuff

      Wait I follow her on tiktok

    65. Banana Joe

      🎃Who needs Halloween when you have Netflix!🎃

    66. - Irish girl -Tracey -

      Yeay somebody who knows where Halloween comes from and pronounced Samhain correctly 👍🇮🇪 Oíche Shamhna sona/happy Halloween👻🎃🧹⚰️🦇🕷️. My daughter dressed up as a Cailleach (witch🦹‍♂️) this week in school.

      1. Gibson Niguel

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      5. Emily Fenton

        Your welcome

    67. Goated Gary

      So I just check my recommended and Netflix has a PAprom channel? And jayus is on it??

    68. soggy.wafflzz

      why is this cringe tiktok bitch on netflix

    69. Lila Woods

      I really like Halloween but I've never celebrated it lol (sadly we don't have that tradition in my country)

      1. Frosty Senpai

        Lol same no one comes to my house to ask trick or treat cause no one celebrates it

    70. ClumsyAmbivert

      Jaaaayussss Happy to see she keeps growing It was one of the reasons I had tik tok for a while

    71. Briana miranda

      Yo digo que si lo cancelen es del diablo y es malo

    72. ThrowBacks ThruTime

      🎃🚫 FACTS OF HALLOWEEN: Celebrating Halloween was originally for real life witches and warlocks back then. The carved pumpkins represent an invite to your to the spirits into your home. -- By celebrating Halloween u curse your family by allowing the devil to worship him once a year. Once is one to many. Even though we dont mean no harm it's still wrong to celebrate it. If jesus was here on earth walking think about it. He would probably condemn us all for celebrating it if we did not turn away from it. That has nothing HOLY to do with god or anything to do with honoring him. ---- jesus did not die on the cross for us to celebrate a wicked day that everyone think is so harmless. The devil tricks us and plays with our minds and is the king of identity. This means No Halloween candy, No trick or treating, no celebrating harvest or spooky stuff. If you really love jesus then why not sacrifice not celebrating Halloween for him if he sacrificed his own life for us. Well at the end of the day I sent my messege, said what i had to say so the rest is all on u all beautiful people. Take care 🙏

      1. Sten Black The Son Of Zeus

        Okay mr crazy christian.

    73. Toasty

      Omg jayus 👀👀👀👀👀

    74. S T I G

      I’m still going

    75. Ragavendran

      I'm from India.... India country no holloween day... India's only Diwali... Diwali festival more than like holloween day l'm really ....i' like only America ... world's worst country my country name India .. really

    76. Cuddles *

      *c o o l a s s i n t r o m u s i c*

    77. Coffee Crumble

      im here for ✨isabella✨

    78. ralph wiggum

      The Skeleton dancing was a bit funny..

    79. reese givens

      is this that til tok girls

    80. Yusuke Urameshi

      On my block Season 4?

    81. Allen Trice

      If Halloween is cancel, then isn't it something wrong? If Halloween ain't cancel, then we'll be alright! 👿👻💀🎃

    82. Cristykal Hits

      She has her own show now? You can just google it...

    83. Ta 'Ziyah Butler

      The game is chess

    84. Younes Ten

      There is no Corona Virus in USA 💛😍😍👍👍👍

      1. Gibson Niguel

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      5. Emanuele C.

        Yes sure 😂

    85. DanTheMan

      I literally thought the title was is Netflix Cancelled and I was about to say I hope so

    86. Valqzy

      Yessss jayus

    87. melted eve

      damn this is fresh

    88. Skylar Rose


    89. Lucifer

      The hell is this corporate indoctrination?

    90. Ulysses

      Oh no looks like Halloween had some controversial tweets back from 2011

    91. recetas caseras y más

      Queremos más temporadas de nation z Sabrina y flash y de lucifer en español

    92. J W

      I thought I recognized the narrator's voice. Ugh no thx 😖

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    93. Bot Error

      COVID-19 or treat?

    94. Anamika das

      Hey! I hope everyone watching this may have a lot of success in next year.❤️

      1. Emanuele C.


    95. snoogy boogie

      This just inspired me to carry on with halloween 🎃 and made me come up with a whole Halloween night at home... thnx I’m gonna make it better then any Halloween so far 💀👹🎃🧠


      Your audio sucks!

    97. White Neo

      IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THE PAYMENT ...... it was a waste :(

    98. White Neo