iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins

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    "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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    1. Vincent DelGardo

      Back when apple didn’t say (Looks at money) w..we like this...

    2. Oop MAster

      The stingy great-grandfather dfly depend because spot intuitively continue minus a high-pitched halibut. sophisticated, doubtful iris

    3. 1980’VINZ

      I think we will never see again a so revolutionary product ever before a long, too longtime.

    4. 1980’VINZ

      This awkward moment with Google……… I even remember when we lost GoogleMaps to the terrible poor Plan…😭 By the way I fucking miss the first, the original iPhone UI design. IT WAS WAY MORE NICE, SMART AND CLEAR. Period. Apple, please bring back to us the original beautiful and way more efficient UI, I beg you…🙇‍♂️

    5. RyanExx

      “As a board meme we you’ll get one of the very first ones” “Can I join the board?”

    6. RyanExx

      Eric Schmidt looks seemed like a supervillain when he walked in

    7. Cotne GM


    8. Blezz Beats

      The iPod changed the entire music industry is a little bit of a stretch lmao. Pretty sure an absolute majority of people had cheap mp3 players.

    9. Big Ed

      I just love how hyped everyone got for the scroll

    10. Tim McDaniel

      The sore titanium implicitly offend because cemetery nearly puncture but a wistful softball. enchanting, magnificent mistake

    11. Ruqi Zhang

      Now I wanna get an original Iphone just because of how revolutionary it is...

    12. R W

      This hour and 20 minutes literally changed the world. It's so crazy to hear the ooohs and ahhhs from things that have become so common places in society now.

    13. Saurabh bawa wohnhaft innere Medizin


    14. Saurabh bawa wohnhaft innere Medizin

      Boom here we go

    15. Hello World

      Lol what happened to Cingular

    16. Manas Phanse

      46:43 iPhone 1st Prank Call

    17. David Cheong

      Oh look AAPL is up...$87.90 pre split!

    18. Sucy Q

      Retitle this video to “The Day Apple Won”

    19. Edgar Andres Garcia Hernandez

      Steve: and just scrolls Everyone in that room: Jizz in my pants

    20. Snoop Dogg The Certified G

      sooooo good bruh

    21. J S

      The world changed that day

    22. SB Lake Show

      When you think about it, it's absolutely insane that the UI they invented then has barely changed today. Nailed it on the first try.

    23. Yi

      We were like monkeys being introduced into 21 century.

    24. Miikka M

      2007: We have this revolutionary product... 2021, all them other phones: Hold my beer.

    25. Slim Thirtyn

      12.01 it’s really big,2021,hold my tablet

    26. DikoMan

      They should have stayed with Google Maps... 🙈

    27. Mohammed Vikhas

      Back in 2007 these phone is like heaven

    28. Mohammed Vikhas

      Back in 2007 these phone kept by millionare

    29. yodaisgod2

      Removing Tony like that was savage as fuck.

    30. Emanuel Arano

      ah, those were the days people used their hands to clap and not to be on their phones

    31. Gnooks. XD

      And this is how Steve Jobs changed the world!

    32. kartik khurana

      12:05 HUGE! 3.5 inches! 160ppi! wow we've come a long way.

    33. Razeshor Maharjan

      14 years later, still selling the same product

    34. B Boy

      I’m watching this on my android... THUG LIFE!!!

    35. Alexander Manuel


    36. Hesbon Omanjo

      The end of Nokia in just 80mins

    37. lilfunky217

      I still remember people were staring at my iphone when I brought it in 2007, their face were like “omg wtf is that”

    38. iLL PHiL

      evolution is a myth dot com love y'all

    39. Gece Buluşmaları

      when ı was a kid ı really want to buy this shit my dream and everythink this phone but problem is ı living in Turkey :D this phones come to Turkey 5 6 months later and after this my parents dont bought me this phone they buy me samsung galaxy ace :( ı never use this phone :(((((

    40. Kashyap Maddala

      I’m not rly an Apple user, but this is probably the best iPhone, as it’s way way ahead of its time. The Og iPhone of the most revolutionary products in the history of electronics. Imagine how Apple products would be if Jobs were still here...

    41. MurryCoolz

      The man that changed everything

    42. Isaac Duran

      These nerds aint ready for the ipad 5th gen

    43. mintgreen

      19:32 14 years later and here I am still watching The Office on a tiny rectangle.

    44. Zac Sharp

      Can’t believe I watched this whole presentation on my iPhone 20 in the year 2030...

    45. Kyle Gangwer

      Probably hurt the feelings of that Starbucks worker and now she only uses Galaxy phones

    46. Reiterfuchs

      In 2021 is feels a bit like a parody 😂 „Look how thin it is“

    47. Vincent de Bouvre

      AAAAPHONE only available at Cingular 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

    48. Harsh Garg

      He undoubtedly had some charm🙂

    49. StealthHunter

      46:57 things people think are too risky to do these days but these r the best sorta moments haha.

    50. Anuar Balgimbayev

      Who is Yahoo? I’m just from 2021

    51. Suwan Tongphu

      I went to the market yesterday. Unfortunately, all iPhone 1 models have been sold out.

    52. TheMagnificentZoltar

      05:16 Love it.

    53. ABHISHEK

      Awesome to see and connect in 2021👍👍👍👍👍👍

    54. Todd

      3.6k in downvotes....3.6k people who use the iphone but wont admit it.

    55. OnionMenace

      he really doesn’t like the apple ][ does he?

    56. Marc Jason

      Why have I never seen those original airpods before????

    57. Marc Jason

      Crazy I'm watching this on a $40 WalMart android that is way has way more screen resolution, camera quality and all around more capable than the first IPhone ($600)

    58. _plant _

      "All videos we look at in landscape." - Steve Jobs

    59. Твой бывший


    60. Shawn Roberts

      People now do not realize how revolutionary this was. It was so awesome to watch. I have had an iPhone now since the original and I love them. They.....just....work.

    61. 01TURK 77

      Wow,how slow was the connection then.

    62. Will Berger

      The man had Al Gore just casually in his contacts

    63. Cas van den Heuvel

      Who is also watching this in 2021

    64. Daniel Flores

      This little object really changes society

    65. Gigih Seftiadi

      when there is no spoiler


      This man can sell sand in desert.

    67. Aakib


    68. Matt D

      I'm pretty sure the Samsung 5G phones still don't have a smooth transitions... Apple was way ahead of the time!

    69. Adarsh Chandran

      This is what Apple is missing since the demise of Jobs. Apple is not just increasing size and specs. It's only about innovation and experience.

    70. Rayray

      I am watching this on my iPhone 12.

    71. Dshew89 D


    72. Yeetus

      “Hello I’d like to order 4,000 lattes to go please. Uh - o - sorry wrong number buh-bye” I’m dead lmfao

      1. SEBASTIAN PA7

        Ah yes the first prank call on an iPhone

    73. Erica Na

      I should have bought stock at that time.

    74. Brian Lin

      I can’t believe how much of first iPhone’s functions is in my IPhone X. Idk if Steve was 10+ years ahead of his time or is iPhone lagging after Steve passed away.. Tim step up your game.

    75. John Karountzos

      “AppleGoo” 😊

    76. Sam Kemp

      The Starbucks lady had to be so confused

    77. Blix

      This will never be topped. Greatest keynote ever. Steve had that smirk on his face, because he knew what he had in his pocket.

    78. RoRo

      One of the greatest modern inventions of our lifetime. Can't believe this how much of our newer 2020 phones have in common with the og iPhone. It was truly ahead of its time

    79. Tech & Komsan

      Who is ever changing from Android to iOS (iPhone) or never change iOS to Android

    80. The Tost Player TV

      I am thinking of buying it

    81. Steven Manning

      This presentation is amazing to watch all by itself, but with the knowledge of what the people behind the scenes were going through, and the whole "Golden Path" on that iPhone that Steve Jobs had to take so the iPhone wouldn't crash, among many other things on top of that, makes this presentation nothing short of miraculous and legendary.

      1. Richard Williams

        Did you watch the cold fusion video ok how the iPhone was developed?

    82. Katherine Elizabeth

      Steve: Who wants to use a stylus? Apple Pencil: 🤬

    83. Kellan Feng

      The amount of apple vs android comments is ridiculous, just use whatever device you want to use and don't bring up any drama

    84. Kellan Feng

      Steve Jobs still builds up so much hype even after 13 years

    85. Jair Molina

      This makes me want to ditch my iPhone 8 Plus for an original iPhone

    86. Muji Huz

      Don't know why but Steve jobs announcements become so attractive the night before an exam

      1. Aryan Manohar

        Same problem

    87. Lameck Joseph

      2mega pixel camera pretty cool haaaa😂😂

    88. Qwest Ion E very thing

      so what if u have the internet in your pocket. 75 % of all the information on the internet is either not accurate or its complete lies. no now you can have your lies delivered to you wirelessly lolol. idiots

    89. Qwest Ion E very thing

      my favourite feature of the cellphone is how police can track anybody that owns one and they can even tell exactly where the person was as long as they care this excellent device

    90. Qwest Ion E very thing

      i don't think this thing will sell. its way too futurisitic

    91. Qwest Ion E very thing

      this gadget removed millions and millions of hard earned dollars from the pockets of idiots all over the world. lol oh and it created a great gadget so drug dealers can now sell drugs in style lolol.

    92. Airheart

      I can play call of duty on this thing

    93. MidNight

      I fell asleep woke up 41 Minutes in 😂

    94. Metal89

      Who else misses cover flow?

    95. SG gr


    96. SG gr


    97. J J

      funny how the talk time still is 5hours

    98. 839 Kiran C

      this is the day that defined the smartphones of our generation

    99. dachducoda

      Side note can we just appreciate that Steve Jobs has STELLAR music taste🤙🏻