I Went Back To Delhi University | Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar

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    Hey guys! Welcome to another #SejalVlogs. I have a super fun week working, giving an interview, hanging out with my college friend, going back to college - SRCC, eating Korean food, going on a coffee date and so much more! My mother's channel - Maitri crossed 100k and she received a silver play button which I think is amazing! Also, I made it to Forbes 30 under 30 and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for showing your love and support all the time, it means a lot.
    I hope you like this vlog, I will see you next time. :)

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    See you soon! 🖤

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    1. Sejal Kumar

      felt so nostalgic to go back to north campus and I loved it there! Who’s in college?

      1. Riddhi Joshi

        That’s not a real Forbes 30 under 30 🤣🤣 because there are heaps of you tubers like you and your content is exactly the same like theirs .. mediocre and you hardly have any views nowadays

      2. Shrishti Bothra


      3. siddhi joshi physics physics

        Omg I am missing my college! Miranda ♥️


        Yuss i like it more than maggie ❤️

      5. Arunima Dey



      Top ramen curry, yes yes yes!

    3. Rudrashish Bose

      I loooove curry too, ever since I had my first mouthful 19 years ago as an 8 year old😋😋. Curry is waay waay waaaay better than maggi.

    4. Pratima Yeleti

      Sejal, I love the way you carry yourself in whatever you wear and you never forget your roots and so attached to your family, love that!

    5. Lisa Gandhi

      Which curling iron r u using ????

    6. Zaibun Nisa

      Dear mohak kaha hai ap ka boyfriend

    7. Zaibun Nisa

      So bakvàas

    8. Sakshi Nahta

      That pj is from??

    9. Arya

      link to those sneakers please. ❤️

    10. Kauser Fatima

      I will be going to college currently in 10th 😘❤️

    11. Yashika Rao

      I loveeee to ramen

    12. Aaishanya BTS army

      Do a dance cover on songs😁😉 You are so good😘😘😘😘😘😘 My fav makeup influencer

    13. Anushi Jain

      Top ramen > maggi

    14. Anki and Ishu

      Congratulations Sejal.

    15. Bindu Sivaraman

      Sejal's content is being soooooo weak and boring..no wonder your views are decreasing!! Such a boring vedio

    16. Aastha Pawar


    17. Priyanka vlogs

      What a fresh video you are such a talented girl ❤️

    18. mike johnson

      wow thats a beautiful university


      I am late this time🙆🤦

    20. Raisa Batul

      Bro u should get nose piercing...I am pretty sure it's gonna look lit🔥

    21. RIAA SHAH

      Is Sejal dating bharat

    22. Dr Sahaana

      omg...... I love top ramen too more than magiii.... am so glad I have someone like me

    23. Phillip Quintela

      Give the fans what they wanna see

    24. Shanvi Somani

      I really not appriceiate your nails 🙄 sorry 😐

    25. S Sharma

      Its an happening vlog....Congratulations to ur Mom for her silver button...

    26. Akanksha Singh

      This vlog was so good and beautiful the way you showed little bit of everything and i liked it more because of korean food 😂

    27. kritika tiwari

      Which hair curler u r using sejal?

    28. kritika tiwari

      Which hair curler u r using sejal?

    29. Sukanya Baruah

      I love watching your Videos soo much! Please do Make more such Videosss ❤️❤️ And I love you so much Sejal di!! ❤️

    30. Varshini Ainapur

      I love Top Ramen Curry noodles more than Maggi!!!

    31. Pratibha Chauhan

      You are sucha cutie!


      I also love top ramen more than Maggie 😄

    33. Lovely nkji

      I need translation please 💔🥺...

    34. Ashlesha Chopdekar

      Mera joy singing kar raha haiii🥺🥺🥺wtf so cuteee

    35. Starry Night


      1. Veena

        You are expecting too much from youtube bimbos, they can't open their mouths on any political issue.

    36. Aamina Saleem

      #PawriHoraiHai trend catching on in India too! 😁 Best wishes from Pakistan 🇵🇰😊

    37. Anjali Sinha

      I am really happy for you,sejal...but before investing in smthing,make sure its true n real...coz nwadays its hard to tell the difference...n there is nothing better if its real n not fake

    38. Starry Night


    39. Ajit Ranjan Sahoo

      Love your videos . Fallen into ur love since I have watched ur engineering girls series love ur work ❤️❤️❤️

    40. Nupur T

      The place where it all started! 💕 dude I've been following you since my 9th standard and I've my 12th boards in 2 months! Time flies!❤️

    41. Swarali Patil

      Wow.....that white wall

    42. Sanjeev Chourasia

      It really feels very nice to go back to a life from where u started your journey

    43. Suditi Singh

      i loved the video!!!

    44. Muthu Sweety

      Hii❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u r so cool❤️❤️❤️lots of Love ❤️❤️❤️hugs❤️❤️ I really like u sis❤️❤️the way u carry urself is outstanding 🎉.. keep rocking..sending lots of love from Kerala ❤️

    45. Parul S

      Really loved ur long talk about wanting things because u like them not just because somebody else has them! That shows how much deep you are as a person as opposed to the common notion that fashion bloggers are so showy and artificial. Best wishes to you Sejal.. ❤️❤️❤️

    46. Prutha Rai

      So, u are still obsessed with Korea. 😆 Purple u didi 💜🥰

    47. Parul S

      Hate these ads that cannot be skipped.

    48. Hemlata Sinku133

      Hey sejal😍🔥.I am in Ramjas (1st year). Mujhe v ghumnaaaa hai....North campus 🔥🥺.kab colleges khulenge yaar😩

    49. Kuni Khatua

      Sejal Dii your nails look like gems chocolate 🍫😂

    50. Stuti Farmer

      Such a nostalgia video ❤️ I love it ❤️ 😘 waiting for each and every video Sejal ❤️ lots of love 😘

    51. Khushi Soni

      You literally made me realize to catch up with my frnds either at lunch or for drive 😅❤

      1. Sejal Kumar

        Do it!!

    52. kaalakshepam


    53. Madulika

      I also love top ramen more than maggi.....

    54. Bishal Sonar Vlogs

      Awesome 👌sejal

    55. Priyanka

      I love this type of videos. ( a little suggestion- please mention date and day on the screen, so that we don't get confused about when and where)

    56. Shilpa Singh Rajput

      Awesome Vlog ❤❤

    57. Durva Bhosale

      Heyyyy!!!!! I love top ramen......its so good and spicy ......

    58. Soumya Singh


    59. anjali sharma

      Shyamlal college it is ??

    60. Archie Chhetri

      why do i feel like ur voice has changed lol idk hahahh love you

    61. Imaginative Bibliophile

      Sejal Didi, It must have been a delight for you to visit the Delhi University campus. I am currently in high school and I will begin college in a few years. I am so proud of all your accomplishments. I have been subscribed to your channel since August 2017. I love you

    62. Manu

      been watching you for years , love the growth !❤️

    63. Learnit By Shristi Jain

      I love top ramen curry more than maggi too❤️❤️

    64. Kaveri Garbyal

      Love to see that u r so happy🤩✨🙆🏻‍♀️


      That deep talk alert has all my heart.....its so true.....

    66. shivakshikha khanduja

      😂😂what a co incidence....mine favourite noodles is also top reman curry

    67. Gitanjali Gupta

      The video has sucha happy vibe!!!!!

    68. shivakshikha khanduja

      My name is also manasvi 😂

    69. Neha Singh

      Hi Sejal! Nice video❤️ please tell us where was your night suit from?

    70. sakshi Singh

      even I love top ramen ❤️❤️❤️ 🥲🥲

    71. Ayushi

      You are the best!

    72. Namrata Kalita

      Mishikaaaa hiii

    73. Anindita Das

      This one was really wholesome 🌻💕

    74. Komal Batra

      Where are those cute pj’s from?

    75. Fiza s

      I am also in DU

    76. Reshma V

      Sejals dad is the sweetest!!!

    77. Anuhya G

      Even I loveeeeee top ramen curry flavour🍛💖💖💖

    78. Kunal Kabir

      See you soon 🔥

    79. Jaskirat Josan

      I absolutely love it when u do #SejalVlogs. So chilled out and authentic ❤️

    80. Divyansh Dangwal

      9:03 My name is sharon and I have also have a PAprom channel, you can follow me over there...(PAprom channel name) Jump cut😂

    81. Sundas Zahid

      Pawrrii ho rahi hai😁😁😁

    82. Manasi Vispute

      Hey loved your black jacket ... Where it is from ?😊

    83. Khushi Bararia

      Hey Sejal, Have been following you for a while. Totally love all your videos

    84. teju 1998

      Living this new energy Sejal have a good day!

    85. Modhura Roy

      Bharath is so funny.. panning away to the pav when Sejal is speaking too much about fancy cars n shit. Super cute vlog Sejal!

    86. Mahashri Patel

      I had a smile throughout while watching the whole video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank You Sejal for making an awesome video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH SEJAL❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    87. Mohit Amode


    88. Ros

      Not @ you saying the pawri meme lmao so cute TT

    89. Aditi Rai

      Woah im so happy to see my fav youtubers video as soon as i open youtube ( algorithm really knows me)

    90. Richa Keluskar

      Yeehh hum haaii , ye hamari car hai or hamari powri ho rahii hai❤️😂

      1. Sejal Kumar


    91. Suja Rani

      Yr frnd looks like yashashwini from filtercopy

    92. Sagarika Kishan

      Top Ramen>>>> Maggi 😜

    93. ashwini ashu

      Indians feel proud while speaking in English than mother tongue

    94. Afroza Parvin

      U re such a great inspiration ... amazing content ..love from Kolkata ..love love

    95. riya khyalia

      Yr fashion sense has reached next level ❤️....love it

    96. priya vaish

      I guess she is trying hard to built that old connection with her viewers, but i guess thoda late start kiya hai 😶

      1. Sejal Kumar


    97. T meena

      Imagine ..getting heart from sejal makes 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💃💃

    98. Joe's Happy Space

      I love you girl ❤️

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      Paawri. Ho. Rhi. Hai., 😂💕

    100. Khushi Budhiraja

      Her nails is same as Emma chamberlain!