I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER


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    Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
    also real personality reveal here
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    1. Davie504

      thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏

      1. Samuel Chng

      2. Antonio Ardito

        Sei un grande

      3. Pedro Xavier

        god 504

      4. fateh zaki

        Stay funky bro

      5. Erick Wilcox

        You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

    2. mother flerken

      Love you ಥ‿ಥ❤️

    3. Benr.y

      Do you ever listen to Mexican corridos? They literally slap the guitars hard as heck.


      this...hits home...

    5. lasors gopewpew

      Love you davie

    6. Christian Vaughn

      Davie!! I love your content, you're an amazing bassist and I've been hopping from video to video all over here and there on PAprom. This is the first one I have liked for some reason (not epic) I'll change that from here on out. I hope you keep doing everything you love to do and you give me hope to continue doing what I enjoy.

    7. Yeremia Manek


    8. Fire Queen78

      I love your passion your music, humour, your commitment to the music community - in what can be a really hostile environment online, your dedication is impressive and your sheer talent, heart and honesty is, I think the reason why so many people love you. In a world of dull fakes your authenticity shines very bright. Music, unlike people never lies. Never abandons us, and keeps us pushing on. You are and always will be epico 😘

    9. syahreza arifin



      subscribed to your channel.

    11. Adam Serna

      "Behind every hate comment, there is a very sad person" truer words have never been spoken

    12. Mario Vescio

      Hey Davie 504! Saluti dell’Australia! 🇦🇺 ho sempre apprezzato il tuo sarcasmo e soprattutto il tuo Bass Playing. Lascia perdere il COVID e per favore continua a farmi ridere and Keep Slapping!!! Mario ;)

      1. Moliblacks

        Ciao saluti dall’Italia

    13. Agni Mohammad

      Man, you always make me smile with your videos...keep it up Bro...

    14. strugglerm P

      Hmmmm no omg in the end

    15. Chris

      Just play more bass like the impossible Deadmau5 baseline. You are very talented. Play more insane bass

    16. The Sour

      based icon 🙏

    17. Aidan Guyett

      Davie I want to talk you. For starters my dad plays bass as well so when I watch you it’s like watching my dad play. Thanks for bringing apart of him to me. My dad isn’t dead he’s just hours away and I haven’t seen him in months

    18. TheFuzzyEnderGuy

      What language do you speak with your girlfriend?

    19. HiFiMonki

      It’s ok to feel the way you are about not getting as many views as you hope. Putting work into something and not getting recognition for it stings no matter what you’re doing. And that you feel bad about complaining about it despite being in the fortunate position you are in shows how humble you really are. And yeah there are people with very sad lives that have nothing better to do with there time than bitch about something online. Sad world we live in. I don’t watch PAprom as much as I used to since it’s generally getting pretty boring. But your videos are one of the few i watch every time. Keep going dude. There are lots of us out there who love the stuff you are doing. Ignore the losers.

    20. David De La Garza

      Doing I meant doing not sound

    21. David De La Garza

      Keep sound what you are doing and never give up.👍 I know you won’t but you are the first PApromr where you actually made be laugh, bop my head, and help me out of really tough times. I just wanted to thank you for that.

    22. Spenny Bones

      Your videos have guided me through some of the darker days as of late, and I have even more respect for you now that you've shared a very intimate part of your life with us. Thank you for daring to be brave and honest. You will always have my support. Keep on slappin' and stay funky.

    23. Kristjan Komel

      Bravo, ogni tanto mi piace guardare i tuoi video, specialmente i challenge, pero mi piace di piu la chitarra ;) Un saluto da Slovenia (a pochi metri dal Italia)

    24. nelsonta00

      Davie504: "I was actually becoming what I was making fun of" Me: "Wait, now you realize you became a giant meme?" You're doing fine Davie504. The most important thing is to not end up hating your passion.

    25. jorno jobbana

      first time? lmao u forgot ur qna back in the days?

    26. Zachary Wurzbach

      Love you brother

      1. Arch Dornan


    27. X048J


    28. thatoneguy

      Why are you me

    29. Michael

      Was in my recommendations!!! I like dis. Keep up the good work bro

    30. Elec Nagaoka

      Still though you slap hard. Keep it up.

    31. Elec Nagaoka

      I thought you meant speak in Italian not emotions 🤣🤣🤣

    32. Andrés Blandón

      silvester stalone being honest

    33. nulfater

      I’ve been subbed to you for several years and all the sudden I stopped receiving vid in my timeline

    34. Mike Caruso

      Davie you’re the man! From a fellow bass player, I can only hope to be even half as good as you!

    35. oneth dasanayake

      Davie you're da best!!!

    36. KQTony

      It takes a lot of courage to share personal stuff. You got me tearing up.

    37. Josiah Nichols

      So many lies davie, how could you do this? I’ve spent so many likes so that you can have power, electricity, and a place to live... disappointing

    38. Fabio Brum

      lot of cut sounds unnatural.

    39. TZ Chen

      The unadvised pencil commercially buzz because horn outstandingly smell above a nosy europe. spiffy, alcoholic lip

    40. ChillQuillz

      Ayo this man is really cool Good job🙏

    41. introvertdreamers

      i stopped watching davie for a few months, come back and it looks like davie has not slept in months

      1. Arch Dornan

        same lol

    42. James Kelly

      Loved this, Davie. Wonderful video. I think you are incredibly talent- a virtuoso musician and a funny human. Lots of love from Colorado

    43. Scaresthecrow

      Davie, your personality, humor and bass skillz are what i find the best part of your videos. As long as you have those in your videos i will always keep coming back to watch

    44. Ian Keene

      Greatest video on youtube, your content makes me laugh even when im sad or bored or worried, your covers are great and your humor always makes me laugh

    45. King Roosta

      Honestly. If you're having trouble coming up with more ideas, you could just do more videos like this.i don't really watch a lot of your videos, but I have seen a few, and the opportunity to get to know you better through a video like this really piqued my interest. I think a lot of people would love more videos like this. The opportunity to get to know the man behind the character is very interesting.

    46. Nicky Nunchucks

      Davie, you are one of my inspirations to become a better bass guitarist. Thank you for all the videos! You have entertained and brought a smiles to so many people. Whenever I am down, your videos always cheer me up. Thank you for all that you do

    47. Skylar Knapp

      I’ll try to think of some stuff I’d like to see. I mostly just thought you had funny meme like stuff and could play the shit out of some bass. If anything, maybe play other instruments? I remember you played ukulele well. Other than that, why not record music? Or do you play bass in any bands already? I enjoy your content Dave. Even if you stopped now - thanks for all the stuff you’ve previously made for me to enjoy. It’s been a pleasure.

    48. Watch_Gaming

      This was really heart warming Davie I want you to know we all have your back and that it is unfair for people to hate on you when there is nothing to hate about. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

    49. Arthur HANCOCK

      I really thought he was bout to start speaking with an American accent

    50. Louey

      This is probably my first and last comment on PAprom, but I just wanted to thank you for opening up. It was very touching and brought a tear to my eye. You are a gentle soul, a talented musician and a good man. You talking feels like I've known you for a long time. You've just got one of those gentle voices that reassures us all that it is all going to be okay. Keep up all the good work, I hope our paths cross at some point in my life. Thank you Davie.

    51. giammihendrix

      Eroe come il Rocco nazionale

    52. Ethan Haendler

      i was watching this while tripin after my infusion and i cried because i thought you were leaving or dying i cant remember lmao XD. p.s. you vids have never been better. i will watch you till the very end any beond.

    53. Dario P.

      STRONZA MAN! (something like that)

    54. Todd Perkins

      You know, you're all right, man.

    55. Sajed Rezaei

      i would recomend to post videos only in 1-2 weeks

    56. MrMacabre

      How does this guy have 9m subs??? Jesus christ🤣

      1. MiningSquid’s Bad Content

        N word

    57. Josh Tee

      That was a great video and to be honest, I haven't watched your videos in a little while but I have nothing but love for what you're doing. I would love to see you play live maybe with some random street performers. And if you managed to even get a chance to jam with some professional artists even better.

    58. daniel D.R.

      Davie... 504 Subscribers... 908

    59. Jack Staley

      Play a movie score

    60. Mike B

      Even when he's not playing his character, he still changes size every few seconds. He's so brave, able to deal with a disability like that and still make videos for us.

    61. Jack Staley


    62. Hagen Henke

      The h in "honest" is not pronounced at all.

    63. Daniel Nielsen

      I really love this side of you :) Keep it up, and smile :) Much support from Norway

    64. Catlyn Chrismer

      ok. i cried.

    65. James Hill

      Keep your chin up mate we all got your back

    66. Pedro Viana

      I think you should get a team... Fresh ideas... good luck

    67. Ryan Martin

      This guy gives me Sacha Baron Cohen vibes

    68. Moonchild

      0:55 "what I do in my videos is an act" This is a Davie504 video. This is all an act. He does slap people and he does say OMG every 5 seconds in real life.

    69. Jukebox Fandango

      I hate you Davie. Sincerely, a very sad person

    70. imglidinhere

      I will admit I'm not a huge fan of the super meme-y videos you tend to put out, but literally every single youtuber does that. I mean, it's impossible to stray away from that as it's so heavily intertwined in internet culture that ultimately, you will indulge a little in it somewhere during your journey. This was such a good video. For me, it put a clearly human face behind what most might see as a persona or just a facet of who you actually are. The amount of work that goes into being a PApromr is kind-of crazy. So many of the biggest channels I follow, LinusTechTips, TheDooo (I know, heresy), Jared Dines, etc, all seem to have moments where all the stressors finally catch up and just need a break. I don't think I could begin to speak for anyone else, but... I always say "life comes first" and if you need to take a break or three to keep yourself sane, please do so. Your contributions thus far for the community are incalculable and amazing. I can only hope to be around for more of what you come up with and that you're happy doing what you enjoy. :)

    71. Valentine Taylor

      4:50 Spanish speaking PApromrs might have a good foreign country viewership tho...

    72. SeaBass07

      Your the best man, keep up the good work, everyone who disliked this video needs to work on there base slappin skills, cause they keep hitting the wrong string.

    73. Vasko Scholz

      Maybe this question was already posed, but if so i didn't read ist yet, cause this is my first time here in the commentary... Question: you are such a great bass-player. Do you work AS a Studio musiciain? Or in one vor Mord Bands? Greetz Vasko

    74. Jens Hilzensauer

      It takes a lot of courage to show this level of vulnerability.

    75. Alec Master

      The guitar thing way funny

    76. Augusto Nogueras


    77. Payam Rad

      Love you my man. Who cares if losers dump their hate?

    78. Sombrero

      I don't think you realize how many people you inspire every day, never forget what you have achieved here....you are still so young, not even half way through the marathon, now is not the time to beat yourself up over lowering the pace for a minute...

    79. TZ Chen

      The deeply canoe generally milk because purchase prominently ignore sans a straight jogging. evanescent, pastoral television

    80. Lívia Moraes

      it i like this for the writers. You a having a "writer's block". If you insist in it what you like, it will pass some day. Don't give you and don't feel pressured.

      1. Lívia Moraes

        Try covering kpop songs... might work. Cover songs out of you musical taste

    81. Lívia Moraes

      Sponsor him. He is REALLY loyal to brands

    82. Jonah Carpenter

      Davie, you're great. You're videos are great. You always make me smile.

    83. Yannis Piette

      Really cool insight, good luck =)

    84. Musical Hamsa

      I never knew davie was so wholesome *sniff sniff*

    85. YoonJi SJ

      We Should be the one to say thank you for making us laughing in this pandemic.. :) Keep it up !!!

    86. Dtmm122 TETR


    87. Gabe the Goat

      Seeing Davie laugh is a hidden gem.

    88. Zero Commentary Gameplays

      he doesnt slap people on the stree..? UNSUBSCRIBED

    89. Lander Aiyan Pangantijon

      Thanks for the advice bro davie, just keep it up 🙂

    90. Thomas Flood

      Wow nice man you are human lol... Love from Ireland davie 504

    91. Jaden Huang

      memes intensifies*

      1. Jaden Huang

        fr there r still memes in the comments bruhh

    92. Tomasz Kalus

      4:07 *Arctic Monkeys intensifies*

    93. S TV

      1.6K dislikes, 478K Likes. 1.6K people. I love you, you need love. Hugs. 478K people. Help me give love to the 1.6K . They need love.

    94. OrbitalMuffin

      Damn it’s been that long? I’ve been here since 6.7mil... something like that

    95. Filthy Mcrotten

      are you eastern european or french?

    96. Captain Donut

      new challenger has entered the battle. Fami

    97. Stitch

      I’ve heard a similar comment from other PApromrs concerning the difference in numbers of views and number of subscribers. You have a substantial core of avid viewers. Be happy with that, because you are making a lot of people happy. Me included. Stay funky, bro.

    98. Βασίλης Όμικρον

      nice video man. greetings and much respect from greece.

    99. Insanity15

      Hey, Davie! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a great day. I'm so glad that you're making all your viewers so enthusiastic about bass playing and that you are so passionate about it. You're great and keep up the good work! Cheers!


      Davie is really cool bro.