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    I didn't know this day will come so soon when I bought my first car. Each and every reason revealed in this video. It would be the worst day for me as my Bumblebee has become my very good companion in a short period of time. As I said this is the car in which the driving pleasure can be felt. When so ever I take it for a drive the steering wheel and the driver seat have ever leave me till my destination. It give that much comfort and I really enjoyed it.
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    1. Irfan's view

      Edit - I've done promotion for route 66 and got paid for it but How come any place gives a car for free just to sell it? Even, in case if I have got the car for free to promote, how would they allow me to travel to places with it? Wouldn't it increase the KM of the car? Car vechitu video potu sambaarichitanu soldreenga, adhaana ennoda work? As a PApromr, why do we flex? Nadikanuma, naa sambaarikave illanu? Memes were funny, I agree. Even memes I follow made hateful memes on me, that did hurt a bit. Idhayum paathutu, just hate comment podanumnu sela paeru poduveenganu theriyum, but still some people really would care for an explanation. I did what was right, and I stand by it. I seriously will not forget this ride ever! I knew I will sell this one sometime in the future but not this soon. Love BM ❤️ Guys, I see people thinking that I did this for my subscribers. It was not the only reason, I lost my privacy as well. I couldn’t be at a place on time, finish the work on time . Even when we went to Bangalore, we faced this. Anbuthollai was up to the mark 😁. If the car wasn’t this much unique in color, this wouldn’t have happened I guess .

      1. ramana ram

        Poda OLA car fat meera mithun

      2. Kalai Selvan

        Why can't u tray to wrap the car, instead of selling

      3. ahamed 007

        Search a gold we lost a diamond 💎 bro

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      Wrong title written in ENGLISH Thumbnail written in ENGLISH after opening video to get some knowledge or see whats going on Dumb is talking in its own language. Try to add english as well as u wrote on thumbnail and title.


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      You should write this in your own language so we can not understand it At all Dumb Video should be in english. Or else leave youtube


      Laude english me bol to pata chale kisi ko bhi varna bandh kar de channel

    6. #GamePlay

      ipo indha car nalla re sale value pogum la evolo vanguna indha car promotion ku ?

    7. Ruthwik Reddy

      Bro please do in English

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    9. ramana ram

      Ne periya superstar ninapa yellarum cara follow panuragalam life la privacy poiduchuam accident pana try pannuranga dei poda OLa car irfan

    10. kalai k

      எல்லாரையும் முட்டாளாக்க முயற்சிபன்றாப்ள தம்பி..போடா தம்பி .இதெயல்லாம் வேறெங்கயாவதுபோய் சொல்லு ..BMW car வாங்குவாராம் !விப்பாராம்! போடா fraud.

    11. kalai k

      Its all drama.

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      Rjyans anybody here 😍....yarulam paanipori challenge ku apram next video ku waiting.... 👇

    14. balaji balan

      Itha b...u. summa yalla robha kagaa..ive review panna pathi hotel la na pona Sila hotel food kevalam..BMW car vangura munja paru. Rent ku eaduthutu views ah pathu robha oooo.pbdu

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      Next McLaren ok va bro👍🤗

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      Only ..one question..?? to u bro ...for wat the fuck..u put that car buying video to the viewers...??😎😎🤔@irfansview

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      GENUINELY i dont know if u will read this but found ur channel today only but this comment section is disgusting. Pls dont even read them it's a waste of time u know what u are for views or for yourself no one can really know. All these ppl here perusa veetu le Vela illama Vettia irruke elarum podra comment dont read. Ur reality only u will know after this if u buy a Lamborghini in another 5 yrs hats off to u, all ur hardwork only. Good job keep it up!!

    50. priya rao

      Nee la sathiyama Edhuku content panraenu Nalla thinnu thinnu urandaya ayta idhula car Vera Unaku oru awards Vera idhula 2million subscribers Vera sathiyama manushan thana Nee ila Ganda mirugama?

    51. Ravikumar Gopalsamy

      Brother a casual thought.. you have 2 million followers. So please try to be a good example for them. Buying a BMW is not a problem, but by letting it know to all, you are playing a big role in their life too. Try to do something useful to the society and world, your followers will try to do the same and you will earn the real credits. NEVER EVER post a luxury or show off videos.. you are making a big sin without your knowledge is the truth. Try to understand that and make videos.

    52. Ravikumar Gopalsamy

      Bro. Certain cars are meant for rich people. Not even for upper middle class people. BMW is one of those. All the reasons you mentioned to sell the car makes sense but a real rich people would have managed those situations super easily. They have power and money. Just buying our dream car doesn’t mean our dream is achieved. We have to reach the level, make ourself eligible and then buy our dream car. That is when our dream really come true situation. To buy a luxury bungalow, you have to be prepared for the maintaining it as well. Just buying a bungalow does not mean “I achieved my dream”. That’s actually funny. One more real time example, just getting married is not a life achievement. You should know how to live happily till the end of life with your companion. That makes a complete life. Hope you learnt this lesson.

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      Really it's a big feeling .

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      Useless time waste video!!! I know for what you buyed and selled

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      Bro if u have true love on tht car u wouldn't have sold it but still when u lose something u will gain something more bigger❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Nice drama

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      you didn't buy just getting commission in lakhs after selling to a good price is what people think brother

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      Simple bro change the colour and do expose the colour. make videos only inside the car

    75. kadayanallur sangam kadayanallur sangam

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      Don't worry Irfan

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      Don't worry bro. Unga manasuku idhavida best oru car kedaikum.



    86. arun s

      Be happy....I have seen BMW's....when u took this car I was telling myself that you are going to sell it...there is a big reason

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      Car vangi ivlo naal name transfer kuda panama sell panitan🤣🤣 If u guys didn’t believe check his car number in vahan or any RTO apps🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ He didn’t own that car.. If he owns that and didn’t do name transfer then its an offence... 😂😂😂

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      for this you could change the car's colour and add some tint in the windows. why selling ??

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      Miss you bumble bee 😭😭

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      Acting like you are so genuine is what hurting most of the viewers. Most viewers trusted your videos during your growth but you have turned in to a complete advertising asshole when you gained more subscribers. Disgusting 🤮

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        U r right

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      Some fellow said he had buy for 23L but some fellow forgot ceramic coating and it also for attachment it is worth sorry bro

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