Husky Throws a Temper Tantrum When Barred From Entering House - 1194110

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    1. Shelley Oxenhorn

      Why can't he go in the house? He's a person - as evidenced by the human like temper tantrum.

    2. Secret Person

      Here from Creepshow Art ✌️

    3. Snooky Dabuli


    4. The Womanatee

      Thanks for the rec, Creepshow Art, this angry boy is too funny.

    5. Bobbin Cosplays

      Huskies are *so dramatic*

    6. Sebry

      Huskies throwing temper tantrums is like labradors wanting food. They throw tantrums over anything and everything. Even a husky has a perfect life, it would probably throw a tantrum over how few tantrums it gets to throw.

    7. Stacy Turner

      I swear, you can hear him say, "Mom, your so mean. I don't like you, anymore. How could you do this to me? I'm telling: Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, EVERYBODY! Just WAIT until they hear how mean you were to me today!" LOL

    8. Margot Y

      Let him in before he falls off the deck! Lol

    9. Being Brandy

      Too funny! Love huskies 🥰 But omg. How has no one fallen off of the roof yet?!

    10. Malia Midnight

      Husky fits are the cure for everything. I swear.

    11. diana johnson

      this is adorable.

    12. UtterTrash

      That's just my dog in the morning when he wants to run with the goats

    13. weaselbees

      “i’ll listen, but i sure as hell won’t do it quietly”

    14. ski mark

      Let him IN !!! cruel person . And put some railing up

      1. Bunnylover 0905

        @ski mark actually that's exactly what happened

      2. Bunnylover 0905

        @ski mark okay and? I bet he was let in right after

      3. ski mark

        @Bunnylover 0905 He wants in, nuff said

      4. Bunnylover 0905

        From the looks of the yard that’s probably what’s gonna happen, theres building supplies and the edge of the porch you can see that its being started and its prepped to have more railing put there, and its not cruel for your dog to listen to what you tell them, and i dont see the dog being hurt so i dont see why the owner is cruel😂

    15. Master Hip Hop Papua

      isn't he that one whose refused to take shower and trow tantrum in the mud. hhahahah

    16. Matt Gutierrez

      The neighbors must love that shit...

    17. SneakyCheeseThief

      I have one question for pretty much every Husky I’ve ever known ... “what are you trying to accomplish here?”

    18. Brandi Donaldson

      His tantrum was so adorable, he deserves to be inside lol

    19. Vic Kingsley

      LOL ! My Shepherds are in TOTAL agreement! Mine are throwing a worse temper !! Lol 😆!

    20. A realtor with a Rescue purpose

      Hooman what do you want from meeeeee!!!! Look I could be a fool I just want to go inside. Lol

    21. Endezeichen Grimm

      Did the neighbours sell their house because of this?

    22. Zayna Smiles

      Huskies throw the biggest tantrums but it's so cute!

    23. k w

      Imagine living next door and having to listen to that all the time?

    24. L Man

      That behavior is play The dog wants to play it's running so you will chase it it crouches waiting for you that's called dog play

    25. Der Rikmeister

      Dog deserves a treat for battling all those ghosts in the backyard.

    26. cjr1881

      That looks like the worst place to live. That shit is from my nitemares.

    27. BizNahEE5150

      He is still a well disaplined and obedient dog inspite of the tantrum

    28. Lil'Michael Taylor

      Oh my God. Why isn't that dog wearing a mask

    29. Thegoodsheep

      Husky be like: Mom! I hate you! You're ruining my life! If I grow up, I'm never ever ever ever ever ever going back to his house agaaaain!

    30. Fin Arfin

      He's not angry because he cant go inside. He's angry cos you you're shooting this 2021!

    31. Angus Mullins

      That’s a heck of a view...where is this?

    32. J Mills

      And the Oscar for best dramatic acting goes to:

    33. julie mead

      Put a fence around your deck, so he doesn't jump off and break a leg or worse!!!

    34. falco830

      Despite his temper tantrum, Cesar would be proud of his obedience

    35. Dot Hatch

      This is the best utube can offer. He is adorable. I wish it had been longer.

    36. _Denton_

      This shouldn’t be in my recommendation yet im 3 years to early

    37. Della Lyn

      Hey lady, I gotta friking fur coat on, and I'm getting hot!

    38. Hailey Palmer

      Why is no one talking about the view...

    39. Angalica Alabaster

      🤣🤣🤣🤣Huskies are so funny

    40. Sky Hiker 9

      Yup! That’s a temper tantrum. 😂🤣😂🤣

    41. Jack Morley

      Everyone's commenting on the unfinished porch and it being dangerous for the dog. But the dog is clearly intelligent and obedient because It didn't go inside, with just an "uhuhuh". That being said, accidents do happen but by that logic, the dog could run at full speed into the window and smash it and get really hurt.

    42. Michael

      Jesus, maybe if you dethatched your lawn once in a decade s/he wouldn't complain so much.

    43. Martha Korb

      You are cruel to your dog died man

    44. RN Kim

      many many SAY their dogs throwing a tantrum but this one actually is growing a pretty impressive one

    45. Jocelyn Jones

      That dog is so cute.

    46. Cypher 1101

      I had that exact reaction when forced to play outside as a kid

    47. Reily Chaco

      Bf when he gets hangry

    48. Michael Law

      Is this the same dog that freaked out after it was being hosed by water?

    49. Sathya Sudhakar

      Lol, this is like a naughty boy who is not let in the house by mom.

    50. awhislyle

      Owner: Haha my dog throwing a tantrum is hilarious, lets keep this going Neighbor: FML

    51. Vonvon PhayEl


    52. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      The kind of neighbor you hate to have if you work nights and they act stupid for a video. But if you do the same to them with your dog all night then there's a problem.

    53. Diana Szilagyi

      You need to put a railing up...😩

    54. laatl67

      Well obviously that woman saying stay outside is a witch...js. 😊

    55. Toot Lee

      Dog: The house is yours?! Well, the backyard is mine! MIINNEEE!!!

    56. MrDabe66

      Who’s a good boy...

    57. Morgan Morgan

      I don’t think your hand rails are up to code👌

    58. Jeffrey Sims

      Hate to be your neighbor

    59. Arelath The White Wolf

      Feel like my husky would do the same if we had a big yard like day

    60. Jay Smith

      looks cute all that pent up energy, those poor dogs need to run 20 miles a day. working dogs. not city dogs.

    61. Chey Che

      That is not going to bother the neighbors at all.

    62. Apple D

      It's hot though. Poor dog. :(

    63. Mish E

      I really hope that railing gets put up real, real soon.

    64. Kay

      Is this in canada? Van island perhaps?

    65. mrfester42

      Look at it this way. Be glad he doesn't speak or he'd be cursing at you left and right.

    66. reno flames


    67. LonghornsLegend

      Zoomies will fix anything

    68. Endah L. Puri

      The cutest temper tantrum I have ever seen.

    69. Big Mike Johnson

      Doggie OSHA needs to talk to you.

    70. TheMic58

      Poor baby he really wants to go home

    71. cloudface von ruckus

      That doggo's ancestors looking down like "we used to hunt down deer and deal with bears in snowy forests n shit and you freak out over not being allowed in?!" 😅

    72. Landy Bob

      FYI you need some guard rails

    73. akaBrucee

      I love how he throws a tantrum, stops all of a sudden and then continues 😂😂😂

    74. Bobby Possumcods

      Huskies suffer from the heat. She thinks it's funny. Bad owner. She probably thinks a little dog suffering is ok for her to post a video.

    75. Francisco Garcia

      Well trained companion you have there.

    76. Dina Bahtra

      This is the cutest tantrum I've ever seen....

    77. james seven6

      Gee can I live next door to that shit please...

    78. Terry JP

      Neighbor from Hell

    79. redmanish

      I want to acknowledge the cute dog but I gotta ask: what kind of no construction code hellscape do they live in lmao?

    80. Jackson Jeanne

      It's like watching a 2 yr old pitch a fit except the dog is putting more energy into running around, whereas kids like to discover how loud they can scream.

    81. Mike

      Poor neighbors didn't sign up for that.

    82. Brian M

      Wouldn't it be great to be the neighbor to that place 😑

    83. Razors Occam

      Get some bannisters you cavewoman

    84. 5TA1KR

      Neighbors are already googling how to mix rat poison into dog's food

    85. Scrotus Potus

      The neighbors be like: is that a sea doggo?

    86. Robotrik1

      That dog could have knocked you off that construction site . No rails . No brains .

    87. Rob D

      That was a tantrum for the ages

    88. Gregory Chappell's HOT in all this fur...i want/need A/C !!

    89. Tracy Rain

      I didn't really listen to that...I'm waiting on the op-ed so I can read the full argument! 🤣😂

    90. BigotGaming

      remove random crits

    91. Russell Pottenger

      I’d be more worried about the lack of handrailing than the freaking dog.

    92. y5243

      Great yard for running and playing but maybe a few chew toys, or even another pup [if possible] to play with would help him better enjoy his time outdoors?!

    93. Abel Cheng

      0:09 That doesn't sound like a dog...

    94. Keith Rebarber

      This lady is very mean. Why are you leaving your dog in the hot sun? Why won't you let him in? This lady is very mean.

    95. runee spahr


    96. Saynab Ogechukwukama

      Your neighbors: "I think theyre abusing their dog"

    97. Talia Mayo

      the sound he makes at 0:09 is KILLING ME

    98. Annie Ma

      Hi future people when this blows up

    99. Magical Minty

      I love huskys. They have the most personality of any breed I know. I have a husky/lab mix, I just wish I lived somewhere colder so I wouldn't have to constantly trim my dogs coat just so he doesn't get heat sickness.

    100. Kyle

      I feel bad for your neighbors