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    It's the holiday makeover show we need right now! And, as Mr. Christmas says, it's time to go Christmas balls to the wall. Mr. Christmas is more than just an interior designer... he spreads holiday joy and transforms everyday homes into holiday spectacles. For Mr. Christmas, the holiday season is about celebrating love, life, family and friends through tradition. Watch as he works around the clock to deliver jaw-dropping holiday home makeovers for the most wonderful time of the year.
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    Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Interior designer Benjamin “Mr. Christmas” Bradley works with a trusty team of "elves” to help families transform their homes for the holidays.

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    1. Belleringss

      I rlly love this show!!! And I rlly rlly rlly want it more episodes!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee 🥺🥺🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖

    2. David Gerard

      I was really excited for this until I realized it's an endless series of elementary craft time. Great for a parade of pedestrian taste that chronically displays under-executed recycled ideas. Which exec is this guy side piecing to get this low budget sleigh wreck on the air. Can we at least get hair and makeup on set...? SLOPPY AND SO BORING.

    3. susie09

      love the show! i was pleasantly surprised! highly recommend this show!

    4. Netflick

      Sex Education fans might want to visit my channel 👌

    5. Yung Savage

      I'm sorry but Rosy is beautiful.

    6. curtwild86

      that's like the tackiest christmas ever...

    7. African Girl

      I'm not a holiday person lol

    8. Tiana Roberge


    9. 25-VIIIB-Nupurna Kohli

      Please bring the society back we don’t know what happens next it was such a good show everyone loved it

    10. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder that netflix endorses pedophilia

    11. Lily bri

      Jesus is coming soon Repent Say this prayer from the depth of your heart "Lord Jesus, I come before you as a sinner...Forgive me my sins and put your spirit in me, I invite you into my life...come and be my captain I renounce sin and evil this day and forever in the name of Jesus. Amen"

    12. Z

      why are you raising prices again??!! another $2 you guys just did that not long ago... goodbye Netflix...

    13. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Very good

    14. King Smokez


    15. Diana Jemison

      It's all the same, traditional, traditional aaanndd traditional. Where's, my fave, kitchy? Victorian, farmhouse, etc.?

    16. roCking BoY CREATION

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life 😊👍❤️❤️❤️

    17. roCking BoY CREATION

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life 😊👍❤️❤️❤️

    18. Nathalya Sanchez

      Wow , me , gusta , eso ,

    19. Penny Lane

      A lot of ppl are not doing Christmas this year. 🙄😪

    20. love, aaron.

      not netflix being the new hallmark

    21. Emma Oxenham

      Yeah I would never go that far for Xmas Xmas has lost its true meaning. Now it’s a competition on how much decorations one can add to the house and the amount of presents Not easy for non rich people

      1. XL B


    22. Mr Fix

      This reminds me of the DVD extra of Christmas with the Cranks

    23. Bella Anne


    24. GotoThe Moon

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    25. Diablo YTB

      Subsidy for the channel

    26. Sayan Majumder

      Christmas is coming 😄😄😄

    27. matt & LDN

      Wait ? So when was this filmed? Last Christmas?

      1. Aiden Schweigert

        It was filmed last year yes I was there so I know

    28. Ginger Rogers

      Feel like I don't need to watch this now as we've seen the whole remit in 2.10 mins 🎄

    29. Buk Lyngdoh

      wow amazing...

    30. Adam Lamonica

      hoping this show will give me some cool new decorating ideas

    31. Santiago Vieyra Bernasconi

      I traffic blue Christmas powder, tastes like strawberry

    32. RustyHood

      Finally a reality show that totally represents my soul

    33. Lily Child

      why are there comments on bitcoin and investing?

    34. Brett Ashley

      I like the idea of this show but a lot of the decor looks extremely tacky. Most people don’t need professional help to throw a bunch of stuff up from Target & Walmart. Take it up a few notches please

    35. josh v

      U know someone rich asf in the family when they have a nice Louis Vuitton purse worth 10Gs @6:00

    36. Asif sultan mehar

      Like this video

    37. Arima Jha

      Imagine taking it all down

      1. Mutant Mutant

        Why not leave it up all year😂😂🎄🎄💎💎☃️⛄️🌨❄️

    38. Arima Jha

      Everyone gangsta till the he shows the total bill

      1. Mutant Mutant

        Hopefully he pays 😂😂😂🤣

      2. LittleThingsYouCanDo


    39. Pro Sniper13

      we need a second season of paranormal asap

    40. Amy Nicole


    41. Valerie Quino

      seeing everyone living your dream, hurts

    42. Emily Loves London

      My inner love of Christmas is screaming YESSSS!!! I can’t wait to watch it lol! Guilty pleasure for sure! ❤️

    43. Allen Trice

      Indeed about this and that Christmas movie or something like TV! What's up with that? 🎄🎄🎄🎄

    44. Kathy Stevens

      This should be great to watch..

    45. Mateo Banda

      At the beginning, couldn't tell if this is an actual Christmas show or a parody of a Christmas show.

      1. David Gerard

        Yeah. It's super pedestrian. Like some sort of ultra hokey craft time where literally nothing actually looks good in the end and everything is half-assed.

      2. Mateo Banda

        @bagman817 😂🤔

      3. bagman817

        why not both?

    46. gmuqt2001

      That Christmas Themed bedroom better be sensual and sexy as hell.😍😌😌

    47. 06 FYBAF Rithwik

      Never been so early.

    48. Wilsander Sebastian


    49. SICKx Gaming

      Nice .....😂

    50. Emmanuela Nazaire

      Jesus loves y'all and He is coming soon! Repent! Christmas is all about Him!

    51. Simialogue

      Netflix does not have the class to wait at least until Thanksgiving before ruining my sweet mid November.


      Studio execs : So, How many Christmas themed movies and TV shows do u want? The people over at Netflix : YES.

      1. love, aaron.

        they’re the new hallmark

      2. Dizi Editleri

        ı have good videos . please look

    53. mariokart MADMAN


      1. Emma Oxenham

        Agree it’s way too much

      2. Tony Stark

        I mean, why not ?

    54. iKutie

      Christmas 💕

    55. The Liza

      I really want to do TV series.

    56. Brick Studio TV

      Many people will agree that the best Christmas is spent with family.

      1. Mutant Mutant

        My school teacher was born on Christmas Day so me and my friends just joke around and call him JESUS. But having a birthday in December sucks as everyone forgets

      2. Mac R

        Very true. not this year thou 😩😩😩

      3. Ronald Idk

        Yes and its ur birthday and they all forgot

      4. juanxcrybby

        Kids be like nah is the presents

      5. Adrian Codico

        You're correct.

    57. Raphael Brooklyn718

      God bless you all This holidays coming up ❤

    58. DiamondPugs

      Can I get a sub?

    59. kevvcop

      Looks shite.

    60. nikifabriviki llanos

      Me ayudarian con unq suscripcion en mi cana plis y si pueden darle like quiero llegar a los 100 sub antes de q termine el año plis me ayudan los quiero dios los bendiga

    61. JIVSOO

      I am so excetied for Christmas YES

    62. kenh tong hop

      nice video

    63. Wallace Alencar

      We want the fate: the winx saga trailer!!



    65. FREDDY


    66. Green Colonel


      1. XL B


      2. Green Colonel

        @yumkilet 1234 bruh...

      3. yumkilet 1234


      4. Green Colonel

        @UCQymA83olgcTs-phNlYWiMQ bruh...

      5. Green Colonel


    67. Sahasra .M

      I wish they would do that to my house

      1. Grenks

        Lets keep dreaming in the infinite dread of sadness

      2. Mutant Mutant

        Me to however not right now because of COVID

      3. JIVSOO


      4. Dizi Editleri

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    68. Sahasra .M

      Hi! I'm the first one to comment

      1. XL B

        Noice! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

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        Ok baby

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