HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 0-1 MAN CITY | Carabao Cup Final 2021

Tottenham Hotspur

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    Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's Carabao Cup Final defeat to Manchester City.
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    1. sarif samudra

      yeah lose is lose who gonna blame jose is already out blame who ? lol

    2. Hertz

      What the F**k...Mask Plz......

    3. JM U

      Lloris out !

    4. Rock girl

      The level gap is soooo big ,exactly 2 years ago it was like a dream I really really really miss you pochettino

    5. Milan Dutta

      Alderweirld deserves a better club. We wasted his career. From eredivise la liga winner to premier league 7th

    6. soiung toiue

      We all knew that city's goal will come anyway. I just felt a bit disappointed couldn't see tanguy this match

    7. Riley Lee

      Man City 21 shots, Tottenham 2 shots... Do better spurs

      1. Rock girl

        Tim spesialis runner-up... Karma pecat Mourinho 😁😁

    8. david gowing

      Laporte should not have been on and Hojbjerg should have chested or headed the ball out from the corner. Frustrating.

    9. Adarsh Nayak

      The lack of anger/disappointment in these comments shows a reason why Tottenham never win anything

      1. soiung toiue

        Idiot Mourinho should have put his fcking Giant Ego aside for 90 min and played Gareth Bale. He would still have his Job and Tot would surely have won a Cup this season.

    10. Bedrock_ Man_2406

      Spurs without mou🤣🤣🤣

    11. mikea hiooi

      We all knew that city's goal will come anyway. I just felt a bit disappointed couldn't see tanguy this match

    12. sokin jon

      What a player mahrez is🔥🔥

    13. Sayan ghosh

      Sissoko a joke now 😂😂😭😭😭

    14. Duan Din

      Always loser club

    15. el hayaty

      Coba pelatihnya morinho pasti bisa juara

      1. mikea hiooi

        Bale for lucas and sissoko for lo celso is just terrible management

    16. hoiy vinosa

      Emotional scenes but Hugo and Toby deserve respect. Brilliant performance from both of them.

      1. sokin jon

        supporting them

    17. long rifle

      Wow they got an auidence for the match.

    18. wnnalis cioov

      before a final. Wtf, mou is A specialist in winning finals and we haven't won a single trophy (not mentioning The audi Cup XD) since my birth :(

    19. Thanh Tú Hồ

      Mason vs Pep look like Vietnam vs France 😄😄😄😄😄

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Mampussss... Respect for Mourinho !!?

    20. Sánchez Boy

      668 dislikes are from the Spurs fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

    21. Generasi Penerus Channel

      Tim spesialis runner-up... Karma pecat Mourinho 😁😁

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Ya mampus sono lu kira pelatih baru hasil bakal lgsg ada !!!

    22. Kyung Kim

      no point watching the game after knowing the score brother man

    23. alida flus

      even Jose isn’t there.

    24. John Price

      Idiot Mourinho should have put his fcking Giant Ego aside for 90 min and played Gareth Bale. He would still have his Job and Tot would surely have won a Cup this season.

    25. frrre 2333

      The best thing is the comeback of the fans 😍😍

    26. 손둘리

      Today mbappe shooting 0 ㅋㅋㅋ

    27. ivan cornelius

      2 shot? HAHAHAHA BLOON

      1. alida flus

        I have been a spurs fan for over 50 years and this must the season of all seasons for biggest mistakes. I shall never live to see them win another trophy

    28. henk vrieling

      Don’t mention the score idiots

    29. qopoy dnon

      Bale for lucas and sissoko for lo celso is just terrible management

    30. John Hunt

      Another cup in the cabinet.... whether it be the league cup or the FA cup I couldn't give a fuck... my team are winning trophies and that is all that matters after 42 years of supporting them

    31. C B

      Spurs sacking the only manager that has beaten Pep Guardiola in a final, days before playing Pep Guardiola in a final is just so fantastically Spursy.

      1. 도시락

        The Only Manager To Beat Pep Guardiola In A Final : Jose Mourinho The Latest Manager To Beat Pep Guardiola In A League Cup(=Carabao Cup) : Jose Mourinho

      2. sparrowhead hawkins

        which final?///

    32. amir ii_4

      Riyad mahrez 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

      1. qopoy dnon

        Manager war has started We need nagilsman urgently.!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Yeti

      its ok foden

    34. Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

      Dreadful appointment if Southgate comes in. Levy has lost the plot if he brings this pragmatic yes man dinosaur in. Levy out now if this is true. Haag is clearly the best manager for the next project. Southgate is a negative defensive pragmatic donkey and nothing like a modern style coach.

    35. Dani Mutaqin

      Mampussss... Respect for Mourinho !!?

    36. Aan Lee

      Ya mampus sono lu kira pelatih baru hasil bakal lgsg ada !!!


      Tốt đá kém quá

    38. Hamza Saeed

      Fuck son

    39. Whitterzz 21


    40. ify Nna


    41. Paul Haylock

      I have been a spurs fan for over 50 years and this must the season of all seasons for biggest mistakes. I shall never live to see them win another trophy

    42. Espanyol Argu

      Spurs and rcb both are bottlers

    43. Wan Fikri

      next season..try to bring Nuno Santi as Manager.. just my opinion. buy coady and sais..mybe adama..

    44. nattapat chin

      Spur : more top players and top finish players but they not success trophy. City : Same more top players and same top fishing players they will be get 3 trophy.

    45. 샌이


    46. tim boussardon

      Jésus can change your life bro ♥️✝️

    47. Ekrem Onay

      Manager war has started We need nagilsman urgently.!!!!!!!!!!

    48. Achmad Ardiansyah

      Sissoko again, you know after champions final. And this final again

    49. Kel Kel

      Jose Mourinho is still a very Professional International Football Coach. He is a strict football mentor to want to see his football players play well. Follow his instruction well or get dressing for indiscipline. Love him or hate him for he is what he is. Fergurson of Manchester United former coach is also one of the no nonsense football coach. Failing to obey his teaching, get dressing as well. Love him or hate him for he want all his players to play well. Without them, football matches are never interesting for all.

    50. mike bambur

      Thanks God Mourinho wasn’t there.It would be City 5 Tottenham 0.

    51. Juxt_Aposition /99

      so refreshing to see fans back at the grounds

    52. Lalan Sharma


    53. mohd afiq

      When owner of the club run the show not let the manager run the show then you take the consequences.. Kinda sad to see spurs lose what to do, DL own the club

    54. Rajib Nazak

      City is nothing w/o de bruyne

    55. Tekno Manyak

      I hope Tottenham win a trophy next time.

    56. atman abbassi

      Can you just imagine that Mahrez was fasting for more than 16 hours without drinking or eating anything and was chooses the best player of the match out the rest 21 players who were not fasting. He just did a great job 👏

    57. Mr Shadow

      Bro sonny I felt for him

    58. Yussy Santoso

      Jose is only special when he can perform his original character. To see him so calm at TTH, maybe 🤔 they put some terms , but its not him at all. His specialty is gone when u press someone’s style into something that he wasn’t. During his time at Chelsea and Real, it was truly Jose characters, along with that he was brought many haters and lovers. Just the way he is. Please back to your original mister. Don’t let football changed you.

    59. Yussy Santoso

      Stupid decision, by the owner who understand business, but not football, selling player on his peak performance, he willing tth don’t have trophy to create sensation probably ... and looking for selling his best player.... Kane to get more profit LOL And now days player also doesn’t have right attitude, mostly they don’t play for win, they willing to play attack attack just to please their desire to attack, rather than to do their best to be champion and win. They Doesn’t deserve to be called professional player. Puke 🤢 on news football drama these days, its merely like sinetron “dorama” rather than sports in 19s and 20 s

    60. Abhishek Sharma

      Title contenders my a** How does it feel getting f***ed by entire Manchester in less than a month 😂😁 👹GGMU

    61. Tucunaré da Silva


    62. Benjamin Andriamiandrisoa

      Hey Spurs, remind us again when you won 1-6 against ManUtd :D :D :D


      The special one could have delivered this trophy.

    64. pbtambunan

      Kane and Son should find Football Club that really wants to be champion. Totenham under Levy and the current board will not give them anything. Look what they did. Look at other big football clubs, they never made a "great" decision like that 6 days before any finals. While Kane and Son are on top performance and age, they must leave Totenham. As players, you need to show something to tell to your grandchildren that you have won something......

    65. derek gilmore

      what highlights?

    66. KOVALSKY


    67. Lee Zhao Hui

      respect lo celso,what a brilliant shot

    68. Gốm-sứ Nhật-Bản 314


    69. Emmanuel Udobong

      Mourinho won't have lost this game

      1. Micah Mokua

        @J M so what it means Tottenham would automatically win there was still a chance they could win it so to city

      2. J M

        @Micah Mokua Mourinho beat city twice last year. He's also the only manager to ever beat Pep in a final. Ryan Mason has never even managed before lol

      3. Emmanuel Udobong

        @Micah Mokua you've forgotten Mourinho and finals

      4. Micah Mokua

        Last time I checked he lost 3-0 to man city at least Ryan mason only lost by one

    70. Turner Manc

      This commentator nearly shit his pants with excitement every time spurs even took a throw in. Look at his reaction to Citys goal. He is totally deflated. 3:08 "oh and theres the goal"

    71. Phippsy771

      daniel levy hould invest in a water bottle company, o wait

      1. Micah Mokua


    72. Seconds To Nos

      😂😂I know arsenal is frustrating sometimes but Spurs is worse 😂 the sheer hope kills me 😂😂

    73. TC

      Jurgen Klinsman will be Tottenham new coach.

      1. Micah Mokua

        He signed with Bayern

    74. Ochiaka Marcel

      Whoever that sacked morinho 6 days to the final is the greatest fool of all Time...............

    75. I-DON P-I

      José would've won this final.

      1. J M

        @Micah Mokua a 29 year old with brain damage and no experience is better than Mourinho, the only manager to ever beat Pep in a final. Yeah right, Delusional

      2. Micah Mokua

        Last time I checked mourinho lost to city 3 to zero Ryan mason is an improvement lmao

    76. 김아무개


    77. Usman Ibrahim

      Is that tooth hot spot lost after sacking Jose? no wonder but that cup still belongs to Jose its just been stolen to city by levy decision

    78. Rachit 21

      You sacked a manager who led you to 32 wins all season. turned kane and son to the most dangerous duo since rooney and ronaldo.led you to a cup final.you sacked him to prove a point againt ryan fvcking mason? Enjoy the runner up medal,losers. Jose moruinho. He always wins🐐. And i am a spurs fan

    79. mubarak ayub

      If it was mourinho it wd win

    80. J M

      Poch is watching this and thinking "thank god I left that dead end club"

    81. BuyuktopAhmet7234

      난 여태까지 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ이 뭔지도 몰랐는데 ;; 알고나니깐 개지리네;;

    82. Hj küf c CIF

      블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 채널 들어가섴ㅋㅋ봐라 ㄹㅇ 여캠수위 지리더라

    83. İbrahim Yeter

      와 ... 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 실화냨ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 개쩌네 ;;

    84. Batuhan Çelik

      아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나만 알고 싶었는데 죽인다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ

    85. Ah met

      블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 믿고 갔는데 진짜던데 ?

    86. Her Telden

      감사합니다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ ㄷㄷㄷ검색해서 보셈 ㄹㅇ 수위 싼다

    87. harun şanver

      근데 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 나만 알고 싶었는데 진짜 ..너무하네 ;;


      와 ;; 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 들어가서 방송 보니깐 ㄹㅇ 혀내밀어주더라

    89. WMIRHAN

      블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ구글에 쳐서 보면 걍 무료임 ;; 어플도 있네


      이쁜여자들 왤캐 많냐 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ에 다벗고 노네

    91. enes Macit city

      와 진짜 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ가 오지긴 하는가보네 사람들 개많이 보잖아;;;


      구글에 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ검색해서 보셈 ㄹㅇ 무료에 지림

    93. oyun kralı efe

      무료에다가 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 진짜 혜자네 여기 개꿀이다!!!!

    94. Sörvayvır

      와 진짜 인생 인방 찾았다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 여기 진짜 이쁜여자많네

    95. Garaj studyo

      블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 진짜 ㅇㅈ 여기는 수위 극강이네 무료에다가

    96. Review CÔNG NGHỆ . Zing

      Goodbye Tottenham. A team lacks energy. You would't have a Cup without Morinho. A mid - range team in the Premier League. 😞😞😞

    97. Soham Mohapatra

      This is the 14 th year without a silverware, will the wait ever end?😭

    98. Hoa Kim

      Cecetxry Xetxet

    99. Anand Ravi

      You deserve this after what you did to JM. You shall never win any cup. Just lose everything

    100. Grab The Goal

      Happy to see the crowd back in stadium