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    Let the cast of Hubie Halloween get you in the Halloween mood!
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    happy halloween | hubie halloween | netflix
    Hubie's not the most popular guy in Salem, Mass., but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy-cat sets out to keep his town safe.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Samarjeet Sawant

      At least make the real actors dance.

    2. Adrian Valadez 2.0

      Netflix idea: hubies Xmas

    3. Lietra Fitzsimons

      Hubie Halloween is the best Halloween movie ever

    4. Carlos IPN

      This is much better than the real movie

    5. Derek R

      🎃🦇HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!🦇🎃

    6. Hugh Tahoob

      What if adult Ernie was in this from Billy Madison but nobody noticed lol

    7. *APS *

      They really said April fools Halloween addition-

    8. Oscar Rosales

      this is actually hilarious

    9. Rodrigo Games


    10. Brooke Byrd

      Best holloween movie Adam Sandler did 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    11. Jacob Dutton


    12. HolidayMeowscles

      This looks like hubie would make this for a shcool or something idk

    13. tina

      am i the only one that alr watched it and just wanted to see if netflix rlly put the movie on here lmao

    14. micaela

      wtf ?????

    15. Blobby Beastz

      Who else thinks that paying for netflix is a scam If we can just have this lol

    16. Flashy Flash


    17. Najib Noor


    18. Gaming with Jarif


    19. Catalina Ordóñez

      Happy halloween, happy holloween, is my jam now lol 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️😂

    20. Mentally Unstable

      was this meant to become the next meme or was this a surreal dream i had on october 31st at 3:01 am

    21. anička Grešáková

      Maybe it would be less weird if it was just 3 minutes long.

    22. 卑微辣子鸡


    23. Khanimambo Bar

      Free Netflix in coronavirus times

    24. NateDawg 1709

      Who else thought this was gonna be the fluid realize it was the skeletons dancing for a whole hour hour😂😑

    25. finny_boy13

      .... nice?

    26. Landslide

      Renew THE SOCIETY

    27. Mario Wolf

      Well Adam said if he will not even get nominee to Oscars after the Gem movie he will play in his worst movie but damn I love his movies and this one as well =) Its just this childhood climate that makes You feel into movie and forget everything around You :)

    28. Ruben Matthewson

      What the heck is that is so funny😅😅😅😅

    29. Malcolm Hollis

      I hated this movie so much and if I hear that song one more goddamn time I will literally murder somebody

    30. Zainab Siddiqui

      ravi and alexaaaaa

    31. Zainab Siddiqui

      what is the point of this -

    32. plvyboyconnor

      lol Netflix really trolled us

    33. Angel

      I have soap for your eyes 🧼

    34. Shahbano Malik

      They really trick us in thinking that they uploaded the whole movie on Netflix

    35. babycakes

      Skeletons are getting it though

    36. 717Gaming

      I hate you guys 😡🖕🏽🤣

    37. Соня Кот

      Что происходит, я ничего не понимаю 🗿🗿🗿


      59:59 All the Disney Channel people

    39. Tanpreet Sarna

      I was waiting for this movie for soo long but when i watched it i was like is this some kinda joke huh😂 No hate tho Actors did amazing

    40. Lucia Mangena

      But why is this better than the actual movie..

    41. E. Simon

      What the fux is dis ?!

    42. Natsuki Katsuki

      Mdr Netflix qui envoie ça jpp 😂😂

    43. EJ

      trying to be adult swim eh

    44. S Dennis Nyanzi

      Netflix can't do something as plainnn.

    45. ali mn


    46. Super Instinct

      I just thought it was the full movie😑😑😑Netflix really tricked me!!!!!

    47. SnowiestEwe

      NO WAY they ACTUALLY did It!!!!!!!!

    48. SKY FF


    49. ricepudding 101

      Not going to lie,this is a great promotional strategy. I actually want to go check out the movie now.

    50. obedy more

      WTF! 😕

    51. J Adelaide

      I love that all the Disney stars were in it and it was dedicated to Cameron 🥰

    52. AivvayList

      i feel sad for the guy who made this video

    53. ultra rocky

      Season 4 ozark please realse

    54. Invisible Lady

      This is better than the actual film, i watched that and instantly regretted it, what a absolute pile of shit.

    55. showmetalkless

      Yea good one Netflix you definitely trick me this time. I swear it this the last time

    56. showmetalkless

      Oh men I thought this was the new Netflix horror movie. I click so fast wtf

    57. Molly Arnold PYP6B International School of Helsingborg

      Hi us anime stans dont wanna pat for a show so can you please put my hero academia

    58. Inversionary

      This, I'll watch. The movie? No

    59. ScottyCrayon

      The sandman needs to stick to stand up.

    60. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy M S

      Haa nice 😂 movie bro🔥

    61. Dushyanth Kandiah

      Put vampire diaries back

    62. ALR 10

      Put Ben 10 back with new seasons

    63. Ed Asgast

      At least this is better than the original movie lit

    64. dayvison Sf

    65. C•H•E•V

      My dumb butthole thought they posted the movie on PAprom

    66. JCar4life ManCity4Life

      This is better than the actual movie lol

    67. UserInterface00

      NGL, I legit thought Netflix uploaded the whole movie when I saw that 1hr+ timer on the video LMFAOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣

    68. RanaEpica

      For the people that don’t have netflix, I just want to let you know that this is exactly how most Netflix series and movies look like

      1. Tommy Criton

        Says that yet the Netflix series I saw has death murder decay bloodshed and all those beautiful cuss words and gore

    69. Kyle


    70. Steve Anthony Bressler

      Guys the dark crystal age of the resistance is the best series for me and I want the season 2 has the ending (and I wish that those who have died like [Mira, Tavra, Pan-Maudra Mayrin, Maudra Fara, sanctuary tree and Ordon] come back to life in the final episode [I certainly want deet to take away the darkness by saving her] but I want the skeksis to have a little whiter skin that means they are one of the good ones with the mystical or urrus along with their urskeks just because Rian put the pise of the crystal to the crystal of truth. But Skekmal and Skekso do not have the skin a little whiter they are still in the dark) I hope it comes true or dream I do not want it to be a failure. Postscript: thank you Netflix it was the best series that I had never been after all 😊 big fan

      1. Tommy Criton

        You do know it's on hold right now right because of our pandemic

    71. Musa Mahmood

      Who else found this movie boring?

    72. Evan Hardin

      Netflix really thinks they can walk away from this.

      1. Ashley Kiyo


    73. Rocky

      I needed this.....

    74. s g

      I'm so glad I got Amazon prime instead !!

    75. Katie Robknobs

      i want to die

    76. D Jayyy

      Omg my favorite part was when the skeletons started dancing😂😂😂💀

    77. Michael Peric

      You’re wrong for this

    78. UnusualMoods

      umm.... ok netflix

    79. Rekane 97

      Better than the actual movie lol Hubie sucked! Could only watch about 20 minutes was so stupid!

    80. Ben Coleman

      Clicked to see if it was the full movie (not that I would watch that garbage, but out of curiosity)

    81. Rachel Ross

      Do you want some soup?

    82. Harley Quinn

      Netflix, you lost subscribers and failed to reach your new subscribers goal this quarter because you kept Cuties and cancelled The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance after only 1 season. I cancelled my subscription to you for this reason. Remove Cuties and bring back Age of Resistance and your subscriptions numbers would return to what you wanted.

      1. Tommy Criton

        Here we go again dude seriously all the shows that were canceled are on hold for fucks sake were in a pandemic where people are dying left and right not to mention cuties was made in 2016 and has been in america on Sundance channel not to mention the creator of the movie has joined with the BLM moment

    83. Joshua 69

      Why did I watch all of this thinking something else would happen

    84. jules yllw

      Wtf is this supposed to be

    85. NMEofdaST8

      This fawks

    86. Zazen

      Honestly this was better than whatever I expected

    87. Jeremey Allen

      'Black lives matter' is a devious linguistic trick; a verbal trojan horse that subverts compassion for Marxist ideology. It is predicated on myth: 'Hands up, don't shoot', and ultimately reverses its own stated intent (protecting black lives) by defunding/abolishing the police. Evil is sweeping across America because of indoctrination in our schools, a complicit media and the collapse of reason. You can sometimes change minds, but the entire BLM narrative is predicated on statistical falsehoods and a deeply corrupt narrative. How do you engage rationally in a mass hallucination? You can't.

      1. Tommy Criton

        True not to mention the BLM are kinda showing us how corrupt and racist the police are

      2. Nikolas Kroslak

        man we just want the police to be less violent its not that deep

    88. Tehreem Kazmi

      Bruh what is this

    89. Tara Morgan

      They did us dirty😒😒

    90. Fern

      Great movie! The acting was outstanding, specially when the skeletons dance for the whole hour 😹

    91. 47nine


    92. Cheese

      Reminds of spy kids 3 lmao

    93. David Stevanovic

      I just got Rick rolled but it's Halloween so it's skeletons :/

    94. Freakazoid

      I enjoyed Hubie Halloween, But please don't let Karan Brar play a bully again, it's impossible to see him as anyone other than a nice dude.

    95. Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin

      Just found our Halloween music to play for the trick or treaters!!!

    96. African Girl

      so is this a new Netflix movie?? that's coming out

    97. Анна Батулина

      Okay almost in the very end there is a move from Dynamite by BTS lol

    98. African Girl

      lol. Hahaha really Netflix

    99. Kate Macdonald


    100. 1721lee

      What in the halloween 🎃 hell did I just click on 🤣🤣🤣