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    In the first episode of Grand Army, a bombing blocks away sends the high school into lockdown, building pressure that spills over at the "party of the century" that night.
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    Grand Army High School | Episode 1 | Full Episode | Netflix
    Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free and seize the future.

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    1. Joy Shipanga

      The way the 2 black guys got so scared when the white girl said they stole the other girls wallet, shows me how scared black people I’m America are scared of being accused of crimes

    2. wahmen who loves ramen

      Me, a 19 teenager from Bangladesh, wondering if teenagers in the States actually act like in real life...

    3. Rafat Rahain

      Sighh there is no Asian male character in the show. How in the city of NY you dont have one at all

    4. Mia Ortiz

      what was the song playing during the party scene??

    5. Xitlali Mendoza

      what’s the song where the girl and the guy are kissing in the party called 😭

    6. Naraya Starks

      I'm black and im going to say this. black girls in my school treats white girls like this when they arent even doing anything and are racist to them. Like Joey was just trying to help so idk why she talking to joey like that and number two just bc you hire white people to clean for you make you no better than the white people who hire blacks just bc the color of their skin. This is true shit that happens in my school

    7. Pammy Hudson

      I need season two😫😫😫😫

    8. adi wiratama

      anybody know how many episode of this show?

      1. • A Name •


    9. TATZ

      *A moment of silence for those who haven't been able to binge-watch this* 🙇🏾‍♂️

    10. Sandra Moise

      Great show,can’t wait for season two. It’s so real!

    11. ellipsis

      Okay that was good

    12. bighit stan

      I'm not american so does this thing shown in this show really happend in american high school ? Underage s*x , explosion , racism and parties ?

    13. Öykü Özlü

      We need second season pleasee

    14. qoqi

      my dumb self watching this episode over and over again because i love this show and my netflix subscription expired: 👁👄👁

    15. Abhinav P Y

      The level of Chinese influence in Hollywood is crazy... All the best Hollywood, you are officially China's pet now. This is what America has become...

    16. A Zebra

      Ok but I ship Joey with the girl because look at how close they are lmaoooo. Totally shop

    17. Jannai Konadu

      Y‘all I actually thought John was dead 🤣

    18. Sandra Hernandez

      Leila is a weirdo. I thought every episode she was gonna redeem herself but no lmaooo the last episode her character was even worse

    19. bri mari

      im so happy that they actually look like highschoolers

    20. ŠHILOVE Ňoel

      Now this is good 🙌🏾can’t wait for the next episode

    21. S V

      I appreciate this show for putting in an Indian character that isn’t comic relief. I’ve never seen an lgbtq Indian character in western media and I’m really grateful for the rep.

    22. yumika liu

      okay so you cancel the society and anne with an e so you better not cancel this.

    23. Eminian Manuzon

      Tim and Joey look like Jughead and Betty

    24. Sakya Thalagahawatta

      Omg the singing is so relatable

    25. Netflix arabic


    26. di real dark skin baby baby boo

      Who is here because of tiktok? Make this blue

    27. Maha Rauf

      This show is incredible. The opening scene with Joey yanking a used condom out of Grace is actually such a brilliant depiction of the intimacy and untrammelled loyalty of teenage female friendship. Everyone needs to watch this show.

    28. Vlad13

      a new series about how fantastic women are. i know 65% from netflix users are women but plz we need series for man to

    29. Jalil M.

      Is there any is season 2 yall

    30. Linea Goksøyr

      what did she do in the start

    31. games tech

      why is this on youtube

    32. Aline S

      i have netflix why am i watching this here, and why havent why seen this there b4

    33. Sendie Brave

      I was hurt by what happened to Joey, she did not deserve it. She reminded me of my younger self. Wild, happy, and somehow ended up being the bad guy for something she did not mean to happen. I was so happy when she finally went back to dancing, and I hope I moved on from my experience just as she did. The series shows us that, the people we call friends can become our destroyers because they know our weaknesses. It shows that they weren't her friends, because all they talked about is how they want to have their way with her. And that is not what real friends do, not giving you drugs, and hurt you. So, choose your friends wisely😉

    34. Luck poof

      This your next great thing after 13RW

    35. Luck poof

      I swear to god Netflix if you cancel this show too , I'm gonna cancel you. Like you did to Dare me and the society and I'm not okay with this

    36. Anindia Eka P

      i really wonder what Dominique listen at the end of this episode?

    37. BrockWrestling2020

      Please add a second season, with more salt...

    38. Sweety SA

      BLOOD & WATER from South Africa is better. This here has too much traffic

    39. Lucie Pedrono

      Music at 47:00 please ?

      1. Juno Editz

        Jai Paul - btstu but I think they might’ve used drake instrumental to dreams money can buy either one tho 😅

    40. Diana V

      Only watched one episode but when I say I haven't seen anything more disgusting I'm serious. It's highly cringe with "woke, patriarchy, and unnecessary bodily disgusting things".

    41. liz fuerte


    42. Jeahanna Jones

      One of the most lit 🔥 shit I’ve ever watched like wtf 😳

    43. Flyboy Danzo

      i hope the non black people singing Bodak Yellow in the start didn't use the N word

      1. Juno Editz

        They didn’t ion think, it didn’t look at it at least

    44. Nanda Molale

      Atleast i can say i watched somethin real good that basically describes Teenagers......

    45. Blackpink Heart Jennie


    46. Luís Felipe Sousa Gomes

      Temporada 2?

    47. lxuis

      Guys what is the song at the end ?

      1. lxuis

        At 45:08

    48. Leah selkie

      This show was so good I binged it all in 2 days and I rarely watch teen dramas but this one felt really engrossing and real

    49. Obrian_Gaming

      netflix will there be a episode 2 sense u post episode 1.

    50. Whalium

      it's crazy that NY gets bombed and everyone resumes business as usual

    51. Whalium

      whoa! there's a bunch of chinese mean girls! unexpected!

    52. Petty Minds

      I love this show. Where can I see more free episodes

    53. Lilthlee wallace

      These "kids" is a representation of our future and I'm scared shittless

    54. NoCulture

      Trash woke garbage

    55. Rory Gilmartin

      In this world far right extremist are tearing the cities apart. Nice twist!

    56. DestinNine

      oook fine, I wanna watch the whole season now

    57. ScarletXxXRose

      Netflix should have a comment section like youtube does. Would make watching series more enjoyable

    58. Jessy Love

      Full episode ...hmm fishy Netflix

    59. Nicole Lovely

      Here I am, only 2 minutes in.... Anytime I watch a show especially a lengthy one, I always have some food to eat....... I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this lmao!😂

    60. Zoelives InBerlin

      You better not cancel this one Netflix

    61. AWizardMummyandMartian

      I went to school down the street from there

    62. Chi Chi

      0:25 I’m feeling this jam

    63. Esther Wacuka

      The guy in the green and white jacket legit acted degrassi!!!!

    64. Kady GB

      I’m glad I stumbled onto this. Great show!

    65. Cece V

      I got so hype when I heard Dom speak Haitian creole for the first time.

    66. Ryan macharika

      Netflix finally trying to catch up to HBO with some serious shows

      1. Ryan macharika

        On second thought it’s actually kinda dumb😂 No offense to anyone

    67. Johnny Bread

      Anyone know what’s the name of the song playing in the background @44:17 ?

    68. NeikedFarmer

      Wait I've only watched the first episode, but how does everyone hate Leila? From how I see it she's the victim, or in a way, she's just trying to fit in by doing wrong decisions.

      1. Giovanna Bosisio

        Watch the rest of it and you'll get it

      2. Luck poof

        Just wait

      3. moths get chest hair

        Oh just you wait. She's a complete weirdo omg

    69. 20somethingsWorld

      They did that kid so wrong

    70. 20somethingsWorld

      This is how the other highschool shows should have been made.

    71. 20somethingsWorld

      This is how the other highschool shows on Netflix should have done it. 13 reasons why who?

    72. joan chiroodza

      life tough students sexually educated and r doing drugz

    73. charley alicorn

      will there be another season?

    74. Magnolia Victoria Hernandez Delgado

      My review.... kinda: This is Netflix's best teen show YET, its actual struggles that normal teens have to face: race, racisim, sexisim, fake activism, r@pe and it being blamed on the victim, sexuality and homophobia. The actors actually looking like teens and not "Perfect" (Riverdale could never), makes it refreshing and relateable, and the way its filmed makes you feel like you trasnition between the characters lifes and their problems, overall the show feels organic but still powerful. (and by perfect i mean societys definition of perfect because actors like the ones on the show wouldn't have been on the media even like 3 years ago, but personally I would worship the ground each and everyone of them walks on because the diversity is just *Chef's kiss*)

    75. Μαρία Λειβαρδη

      I want season 2 😍😍😍😍😍

    76. 1dopequeen

      Just found out all the racism that went on behind the scenes on this show and that netflix did absolutely nothing so I wont watch any further. I'm out

      1. 1dopequeen

        Okay so a lot of the writers quit due to stuff behind the scenes. As you can see there is like a storyline around each of the main characters. A black girl as per usual has the whole poverty trope. A black writer on the show wanted to go in a different direction than the typical black girl struggling financially and they said no. A black writer on the show was reported hr simply for cutting her hair. Amongst other bs

      2. Chelsea xoxo

        Please can you explain?

      3. Chelsea xoxo

        Wait.. what racism? This is my first seeing this like what??

    77. 1dopequeen

      Lol no lie when I was in high school me and friends used to rap girls lockeroom too. I swear it was just like this. I went to predominantly white school me and the other black girls would be replying whatever hot song was out

    78. Hailie Bechey

      Sometimes I wish I could smack the shit out of people who don't take the lockdown drills seriously.

    79. Chelsea Phipps

      since when did Netflix upload full episodes to youtube???

    80. Tweety

      18:59 I can't believe he did that smh

    81. Meraki Young

      God I loved it.!!!

    82. Lovely Flower

      I really can’t wait for blood and water season 2 ; watched the first episode on PAprom too.

      1. Gabrielle Montgomery


    83. Rikey Galon

      Thank You Netflix🙏🏻for this💖Love from Philippines 🇵🇭💖

    84. hana peer

      bestt showw...netlix you better not cancel it

    85. Daniellè Castillo


    86. Naki

      You know Netflix going cut this series after giving 2 or 3 seasons.

      1. Sexy-Rexy

        3 seasons of its hella good

    87. Tati’s Music Chat’s

      I must say I don’t watch TV a lot but ... this was very interesting.

    88. No Name

      My man changed sponge Bob to brawhalla 😂

    89. No Name

      Who is that guy, like I want to know his name

      1. No Name

        @Donovan Hewitt at 19:28 that boy if you pause it

      2. Donovan Hewitt


    90. Emma C

      20:06 Don't mind me just need this timestamp

      1. Luck poof

        I feel you

    91. Im Hier und jetzt

      does anyone know the name of the podcast dom is listening to?

    92. Artemis

      Dom is my fave and I want the best for her!

    93. Haruka _

      Legit this show is good pls watch it

    94. Tears

      Wait- what is this? Netflix on PAprom??

    95. Rosanna Wong

      Wow tqlk about loyalty!!

      1. Lg Lg


    96. Jim Bell

      This series is just a left wing propaganda

    97. JetstreamXi

      Always happy to hear jai paul music in anything

    98. patricia perez

      i need u season 2 plissssss

    99. Symone Alvares

      Why is this on PAprom tho?

      1. diamonds ray

        They do this with a lot of shows. Putting the first episode to advertise

      2. Foshio1 *

        Yeah Netflix thinks thsi is gonna be the next 13 reason or euphoria

      3. XL B

        To advertise it!

    100. Afota Anderson

      A show I can relate to