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    Every day is a battle, and the students of Grand Army are fighting for their future.
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    Grand Army | Five Students, Five Stories | Netflix
    Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free and seize the future.

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    1. DililyPoof

      All of the characters made bad decisions and were annoying most of the time but I would still like to see a second season, also can we talk about how *SPOILER ALERT* Leslie literally threatened the school by writing that threatening message? Like wtf why did the creators put that? I guess it makes sense she was pretty unhinged the whole show and looked like she was one mean comment away from snapping but seriously that just left me shocked. ALSO was I the only one who found Joey and her whole group of friends (well ex group of friends) annoying? They were so annoying and honestly I skipped most scenes with them I was more focused on Leslie, dominique, and the guy who was unfairly suspended for 60 days (which wtf how tf did that issue not get resolved? We got like a few scenes with him then a few seconds of him in what’s basically jail with his face all beat up and then nothing happens but we get like a whole hours of footage about Joey and her dumb friend’s)

    2. I play softball !

      Unpopular opinion Joey is a close second to the worst character but Leila takes the cake on that one

    3. Harpreet Kaur

      Sid in the series know as PUNJAB Me-is he punjabi or Indian 😅

    4. WindyWen

      I like all the stories except for Leila's, her character is so annoying

      1. WindyWen

        @brianna guerrero every time her animation comes on I have to skip it always triggers me somehow 😐

      2. brianna guerrero

        I hope she gets punished for her actions. Every time I watch her I get so mad bruhhh

    5. ilovebktherula


    6. Caro Cm

      i loved this show, i feel close to most of characters, idk, it's weird but this show meant so much to me...deserves to be on top 10, better than many teenage shows

    7. Deezy

      And the worst part is this show probably isn't even gonna get a new season, no promotion= no people watching and no people watching = no money and no money = not enough money to get the funding for a full new season. It's really sad cause it's probably the best show I've ever watched ( no cap )

    8. Caitlin P

      Am I the only one who wishes the show was about Dom, Sid , and Jayson?

    9. mia_mw_.x

      no one can tell me this show is not just as good as something like euphoria. like even cinematography SLAPPED. like it is so good

    10. Caramel Swirl

      Where’s the interracial relationships at ? I want that big hunk who fell at the party I forgot his name to get with a beautiful black girl ...that’s the only thing missing for me ..I love the Haitian arc but I hope season 2 is even more entertaining season 1 was aight no cigars yet

    11. Earth To Maji

      This show better get a second season or I’m leaving earth

    12. NRG Xx

      where is owen he on the show to

    13. madi moop

      i hope Owen and Jay become friends again or something

    14. xoxobree

      As soon as I heard Cardi B I already knew it was about to be good LOL.

    15. PrimeTime

      I can’t blame George and Luke for what they did in the cab because they were all cross faded and Joey is known for being Joey and she was literally throwing herself to George and Luke the WHOLE cab ride 🤷‍♂️

      1. CCK

        Please don’t blame cross fading for rape

      2. Sheima A

        but she told them to stop. no matter what she was doing before if she didn’t consent then it shouldn’t have happened.

    16. Laila Obeid

      This is soooo fuckin underrated im sad i love it

    17. Sophie Gerhardt

      My favourite show, really

    18. Frank Murphy

      I’m just tryna hurry up & finish bc I know they gone cancel it. I just feel it. Just like they did with Chambers bc they worthless asses didn’t promote it! It’s such a good show and is another show to watch since Euphoria ain’t coming back until 2021 & these dumb mfs cancelled The Society : D

    19. Captain Clone

      When will Netflix management cancel this show? Netflix just cancelled Away, about a trip to Mars. It was an ok story, but the story was left hanging up in the air. They did that with The OA and Altered Carbon, both cool shows, as well as others. It would be like going to a library and checking out a book where the last 5 chapters are missing!! But Netflix middle management wanted immediate results so they could give themselves bonuses!! It's a waste of time to watch any Netflix show because they might not fund a complete story, a 3 act play or a story with a happy ending or any ending. Stupid gits! Time to cancel Netflix!!

      1. Pareidolia

        ​@Captain Clone I'm note quite sure what you're referring to by special effects, but yeah some parts really broke the immersion :) more specifically how they were floating in the main room, but in their quarters they were acting like they were in gravity.

      2. Captain Clone

        @Pareidolia Yeah!! It was a good premise and good acting, but crap special affects.

      3. Pareidolia

        wtf they cancelled Always???? that was an amazing show! :( it was a little slow-paced but the dynamic between space and family was so good. it was a very realistic depiction of being an astronaut.

    20. Kathy Koum

      I loved this showwwwwwww!!!!

    21. Shay C

      This so good Netflix please shove this down everyone's throat. Its not getting enough promo and I've never emotionally and mentally related to a show before (which is saying something cause i watch A LOT of TV) this show just speaks to me and it feels good to finally have representation of all sorts on a show.

    22. Gabriel

      Ninguém:a Netflix: BORA COLOCAR O CASTRIN

    23. Queen of Stories

      “Fun Facts”: You Can’t Breathe While Smiling. Joking , Just Wanted To Make You Smile :)))💓

    24. Laufield

      Why did Netflix removed American Horror Story season 8? But season 9 coming on November 13. Why removed season 8? Stupid Netflix!

    25. Nam Hoàng

      thị trường việt nam cần gói dịch vụ 70 - 140k . dùng cho cá nhân điện thoại di động .

    26. Landslide

      Bring back THE SOCIETY

    27. Nathalie B

      Do you know know this feeling after watching something so real and brilliant you just need some minutes staring at the wall, processing... That's what this show did to me! Who ever reads this comment, please watch this show, spread it, tell all your friends about it. This can really make an impact in so many people's lives, so we have to make sure it will continue! Netflix please listen!

    28. Amanda Odawa

      whe is sn 2 coming out

    29. Eric James

      this show was surprisingly fire. better be a season two after that cliff hanger

    30. Elle

      Dang, I needed this show for a number of reasons, partly it’s the college applications at the moment

    31. Jose Moran

      I wonder what’s gonna happen in prom cuz booo!!

      1. Jose Moran

        @bis. on no but like when everything is settled

      2. bis. on

        there's no prom, cuz covid sucks


      Why there always a gay story


        @the wig that flew to mars because well two reasons notice how the entertainment business show more support to the gay community then the black and when there is a black story it a black woman and why is she always dating a white dude it like they can’t find a black woman to actually dated a black man other is because most of the time when there actually is a black dude or woman for some reason there gay and bro I can’t relate to that because I wasn’t raise that way matter fax 90 percent of the black community wasn’t raised that way🤔🤔

      2. the wig that flew to mars

        Why not


      First of all the white girl didn’t get raped so I’m glad they gat off

    34. Rap M

      The only Interesting stories are Joey's and the black guys

    35. Ashtin Walker

      The show's actually pretty good it's more realistic than Euphoria but not as edgy as 13 Reasons Why.

    36. Ashtin Walker

      They promoting a show after it aired they must really want that Euphoria money.

    37. Elias Pérez

      saiki k

    38. Toxic Sugxr

      I cant wait 🙀

    39. Alex Watts

      Shame that all the POC writers left due to abuse and discrimination from the creator. People deserve to have their voices heard.

      1. Grass Berry

        @What Lol @TJ yup so basically all the writers of colour felt they weren't being herd, they were being treated horribly and the production was a racist mess:/

      2. TJ


      3. What Lol

        Wait what happened can u explain more

    40. Ingoagogo

      I watched the show and it feels like they took skins uk and got rid of all the child actors and put them in college situations

    41. shumishu

      Please please please y’all watch this show I’m tryna get my season two

    42. Kenny Nelson

      i feel like joey has too much screen time

      1. I play softball !

        Same and she’s really annoying

      2. janice


    43. Gideons

      The way people are begging this show to not get cancelled is a 50/50 tbh

    44. OTJ Keem

      Love this show!

    45. laiyahh

      i love it, i hope for a season 2.

    46. LoveThomas

      I'd be willing to watch it if some of y'all actually told me what it's about.

      1. Hassan S

        @Alexandra Halasi yeh it’s rlly good

      2. bis. on

        i really think u should watch without knowing anything of the plot, because u will be surprised

      3. Alexandra Halasi

        it’s about 5 teenagers and what is happening around them in school and in their personal life. It’s a fcking good series, promis u won’t regret to watch it!!! need a s2!!

    47. strawberry yogurt


    48. Ashley

      I really need this to get a second season!!!

    49. King_Tyi _The_Flyy

      I actually enjoyed the show

    50. K w

      I loved it! I was surprised it wasn't in the trending section or being advertised more. I hope we get a second season

      1. I play softball !

        It’s all over TikTok

    51. Bianca Carrillo


    52. Bianca Carrillo


    53. megs loves louis

      Netflix you better promote this show nicely and DO NOT CANCEL IT, I'LL RIOT!!

      1. Elle

        I freakin swear

    54. megs loves louis

      I'm happy sid got his happy ending, nothing makes me more happy than two gay couples ending up together

    55. evaniel lisboa

      where is the lgbtq characters

      1. Elle

        I’m glad that there’s a bi person on there. I don’t know why, but there’s more people than just gay

      2. Elle

        Just watch it

      3. strawberry yogurt

        watch the show lmao

      4. Claude Dargan

        There are several on the show

    56. Matheus Grandini

      I loved this show, don't cancel okay Netflix? Pleaseee

    57. Jeff machander

      highly recommended

    58. Ryan _

      Is if just me or is that black kid look like Kodak black but younger and non tattoo

      1. Elle

        I was like “why do I feel like he missin some tattoos?”

      2. Elle

        YOU SAW THAT TOO?! I was looking at the picture in the beginning and was wondering why Jayson look so family

    59. Francisco Netto


    60. Danasia j

      Looks good. I will watch it at some point. I have so many shows that I need to catch up on first.

    61. Darnel Mitchell

      This show was too good and too real for Netflix

    62. Calimero mit Sombrero

      love love love it

    63. Sebastien Desauguste

      Thank you for representing the Haitian family story in the show, I love it🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹💥💥💥

      1. Elle

        It was nice to learn some Creole, I was happy to understand some due to French classes

    64. Samuel

      I love that this show has someone with trichotillomania

    65. Chris Mwangi

      It's absolutely nice but they'll cancel it either way.

    66. C. Webb

      Soooo good! Kind of like 13 Reasons Why. I hope there’s a season 2!

    67. Monique Alecia

      This show stressed me out, only somewhat likeable people were Joey (sometimes) and Jayson. Everyone else was horrible especially Leyla.

      1. Simple Stefanny

        Leyla oh my god did She hit her head as a baby....Sad Character to play

      2. Elle

        Tbh, I love Jayson, but he slightly just slightly got on my nerves. Still a good kid tho

      3. Elle

        You don’t like Domo? Porquoi, she basically got part of your name. Was she too much for you? Too boring? Leila was a trip tho

      4. Tchiduk Fortes

        Dom it's the best...

      5. strawberry yogurt

        what about dom tho

    68. Britney Johnson

      Why isn’t this show trending

      1. Earth To Maji

        It’s trending #7 in America

      2. Yo Sai

        @KillEmCarlos same thing happen to on my block when it first came out I was the first one to watch it and weeks and months later everybody started liking it

      3. KillEmCarlos

        It will be in a couple weeks. People eat this type of shit up. Or if it gets a second season it'll blow up.

      4. Elle

        @Jose C. Rueda Wack...gee I wonder why

      5. Jose C. Rueda

        Netflix does not promote it

    69. RAHUL RAJ

      What if all 5 were gay all along !!!! NANI

    70. HD Trailer

      Netflix is the best movie trailer highlight I actually created my own channel called N Jesse

    71. Dig Rom

      This is an AMAZING SHOW. Plz watch it. Lets get it into top 10!

      1. Elle


      2. Bianca Carrillo


    72. Melania Trump

      the nambla logo says netflix for some reason

    73. Siol Turquesa


    74. Mr Spooderman

      Hey Netflix can you make a series about Hawk from Cobra Kai


      This was good

    76. Rem

      🧡 Bien Netflix 🧡 Uwu

    77. Ninja X Gaming

      I make pubg montages... Check once if its good than like nd subscribe 🙃.

    78. Ninja X Gaming

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    79. Ninja X Gaming

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    80. Ninja X Gaming

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    81. Ninja X Gaming

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    82. Ninja X Gaming

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    83. Ninja X Gaming

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    84. Ninja X Gaming

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    85. Ninja X Gaming

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    86. Ninja X Gaming

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    87. Ninja X Gaming

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    88. RedisNotaFlavor

      Nobody else find it weird this show hasn't caught fire like the Outer Banks and 13 reasons? I mean, it's Degrassi meets Euphoria. what else could you want? it's a surprisingly good show. Weird.

      1. Grass Berry

        I started watching it but then I found out about all the POC writers quitting cuz of racism and that was a big yikes for me

      2. Letticia Delgado


      3. Dudebro13454 Bro

        @I just smoked a Pizza liar

      4. Chile Anyways


      5. I just smoked a Pizza

        @Dudebro13454 Bro yes sir I watched everyone it’s a very cringe worthy show

    89. Eric Meira

      👏 👏

    90. barsa

      I hope there will be a 2nd season.

    91. Yisrael Bronstein


    92. DevilTC

      Dafuq is this $hite?

    93. Pankaj Bindhani

      Is it available in Netflix ?

      1. Elle

        @Cerise lol

      2. Cerise

        You're on the Netflix channel asking if this show is available on Netflix...

      3. Talisa Harris

        Its a Netflix show

    94. Prince Singh chandel

      Netflix: let's skip old one and add new ones hurray! It's new year already

    95. Hemansh Mehta

      Never thought I'd see the day when after 12 minutes of uploading,Netflix got only 600 views......DAMN

    96. UserInterface00

      Anyone notice Netflix dropping new trailers every 2hrs? So much content to keep us busy until PlayStation 5 releases 😂😂😂

    97. OhMads 

      I just started watching this show yesterday

      1. Bianca Carrillo

        ITS SO GOOD

    98. Russ Lion

      the better renew this i want to see if tim will tell the police he lied

      1. jiggy

        @Anaya R tim was the only one that cared about her and she was over there doin him dirty making out wit his boys in front of his face and then when shit hit the fan now tim the bad guy

      2. Strawberry - Melon

        @Maul everyone cares bruh tf

      3. Anaya R

        He better 😶🔪

      4. Shay C

        @Elle omg me too, I would've died right then and there if that had happened 😭

      5. Elle

        I got scared for a moment, thinking he might od

    99. Danny Perez

      Loved this show !!!!!😆 It was my sex education 2 in a way

    100. Russ Lion

      please watch this show y’all so we can get a second season it deserves it

      1. Paris Korin

        @Bianca Carrillo SAME I MEED A SEASON 2

      2. Elle

        I needa spread the word through zoom

      3. tati.

        @Bianca Carrillo YES

      4. Bianca Carrillo