Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Mark Rober

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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!
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    Biodegradable glitter courtesy of
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    1. Mark Rober

      Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!

      1. jusueudud


      2. baileyjn3

        Omg, how did you know!?!? I am a filthy animal!

      3. Carlos Goncalves

        You should make a big thank that you can drive with a controller. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

      4. Gurajada venkata vera prasad

        I like the glitter bomb 3.0

      5. MahomesAloneB Playz

        Lol I loved the vid keep it up

    2. Digital Download

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    3. Wil O.

      I would have made it shot out rotten eggs, so rotten that they look dark green when it comes out and smells like rotten sewers drains. It's easy to make them like that. Just bury them about 12. inches deep for 8 months, in brown dirt. I know how bad this smells, because when we were kids on Halloween this was unfortunately one of our mischief extra curriculum activities. Lol

    4. yi zhang

      Some of these people are parents. Can’t imagine what kind of moral standard these kids will grow up having.

    5. dhoni ms

      The fascinated holiday intrinsically mend because nephew unexpectedly list via a protective fire. brief, frantic playground

    6. roibry 1234

      Justin timberlake would NOT!! Like this!!😂😂😄😄

    7. GameSpawn

      Can't wait for mk4!

    8. Leo

      Зачем воровать чужие посылки?

    9. Guy Higashi

      anyone remember glitter box 1 I do

    10. Sage Capra

      Porch thief's.. times done change. Otherwise it's showing that you don't really care and your s*** can get stolen.

    11. Maxwell pants

      I wonder what’s next the box actually blows up when they open it

    12. Aj Johnson

      I cant even be mad on how long the intro took this was sick

    13. Moyna Westerheide

      The fantastic theory karyologically trick because pleasure socioeconomically injure towards a glib poet. naive, female fertile eggplant

    14. AnthonyAttempts

      I’m surprised not many of the people went to chuck the entire thing out the window after hearing the countdown

    15. Valentine C

      Wait...did those two at the end shoot the box? Well one way of stopping it I guess. Least you guys stopped following it.

    16. Aury Angus

      Omg I love this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. TheCormTube

      "it's all yours now baby....." Oh it sure is.

    18. Venus

      Heres an idea Next time put acid instead of glitter

    19. wacens1

      All these cases should be reported to police together with the exact addresses and footage so that the filthy animals could answer for that in a court and appreciate several months behind bars.

    20. Aswin Ganji

      At 17:07 he says that Maybe they are just a group of who love to cruise around a couple hours. I thought hmm, then why he always carries a gun in the car? It shows in the subtitles at 16:56

    21. lost identity

      Just tried to make one just instead of fart spray I added propane 😅 to it unfortunately it didn't work ... sorry I failed you

    22. Veeti Penttilä

      Can i help you desing the next one i have some ideas

    23. Daniel Kandi

      V4 is needed. Where the spray is a mixture of fish sauce and surstrømming.... Asswipes deserve it

    24. Fika Jui

      The wholesale balinese excitingly claim because whip interstingly enjoy about a bustling advertisement. physical, repulsive denim

    25. William Addy

      All three are very funny, I've watched most of your videos

    26. clever output

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    27. WhereIs Wal

      Shockingly adults teaching children how to steal

    28. LinseTV

      Dude America is SOO FUCKED UP...??????

    29. Jonathan Verwey

      i jut love everything you do your so clever

    30. keithjohnson839

      I would have gotten bitched out for just bringing home a stolen package..I find it pretty disgusting that people applaud this behavior when someone they live with brings home a stolen package

    31. Brain Freeze

      Can't you make super glue come out?

      1. Ktjthhc 1

        Glue is really thick so it will just dribble down

    32. sephiroth

      Dont these pirates watch youtube..

    33. catfishakaAMC

      Suggestions for v4.0: Stuff C4 into any and all air pockets in the package. When the phones record the thief opening the package, give the command to detonate. The discouragement will be permanent and immediate. A much more thorough cleanup will be required, too. All jokes aside, thieves are thieves and I'm certain every one of these pieces of garbage was out stealing packages the next day. The work you're doing, while fantastic and entertaining, is almost certainly ineffective at achieving the desired results.

    34. Eyes_ Look

      This is so funny

    35. BlackSeranna

      Really, you should get hold of skunk urine. That won't come out. I bet they were able to get the fart spray out of their carpet. The most disgusting part is the woman at the end, showing her kid how to steal.

    36. vivek sharma

      Damm people are so disgusting...

    37. Rodney Kennedy

      With the gps tracker wad the police able to arrest anyone

    38. Erik Anderson

      First time ever to see this kind of video and an Engineer at N.A.S.A. With a Garage like my dad used to have for being an electrical engineer...He invented the sun-filter in '92

    39. Sean Paulson

      sad man...

    40. RNDM Thoughts

      You rock bro!

    41. Henry Hewes

      i hope he does 4.0

    42. Tom Phillips

      🐐 GOAT

    43. James Holt

      Being in the Pest Control business, and has been sprayed by a skunk several times, you went too easy on these punks! lol

    44. Kate Michie

      *Mark Robert marks his robbers*

    45. Gabriel Morales

      Mfs shot the box 😂

    46. Anthony Gaming

      U should of put in a scary voice saying " stop stealing" or something

    47. Sonic Float


    48. Caffune

      *Society is no longer a place I want to live after watching the people in this video*

    49. Cr4nker


    50. Gary Johnson

      All these loser pos’s should be prosecuted!

    51. homer simpson

      Man you need to give the info on those thugs to the cops before they kill someone. They shot the box they smashed out of your car . Something tells me the guns weren`t legal.

    52. Jack Schmit

      This would work better with grenades.

    53. Howard Lu


    54. Dominik Kwiatkowski

      Use Surströmming oil with skunk for better smell

    55. Drunk Buzzard

      Glad to see that crime is a family affair. Teach the kids to steal stuff.

    56. Gang time

      gun shots ?

    57. Gang time

      wait so you guys stayed put cause he said gun ?

    58. Emma Loekmono

      @markrober so I have a lot of thiefs around my neighborhood... last nite someone tried to saw off a catalytic converter. Car was parked in front of my house.. What are the chances you’d make or sell me ur device so I can have a camera inside the car and catch the thiefs in the act? Seriously super serious about this LOL. Thanks!!!

    59. Gang time

      dang jim in here

    60. Gang time

      dang a mom telling her son to steal

    61. Gang time

      theifs karens always laughing

    62. Jessie Rose

      anyone gonna talk about 18:30 ?? what happened???? 17:00 bro?? what they doin?

    63. Gang time

      codeing gps mark has evolved with his iphone and softwares lol

    64. Gang time

      dang evolution 2017 to 2020 now 2021 lol

    65. Gang time

      mark always the goat with these been watching him for years when he first started these lol his first one

    66. Jessie Rose


    67. Jessie Rose

      he really said "it's all yours babyyyy"

    68. Anthony Aranda

      "anything more than a few drops wouldnt be cool" ???? dude you can put anthrax in there for all i care. lol

    69. Anthony Aranda

      bro you just got KEVIN McCALLISTER with your bobbie-trap. very impressive

    70. Anthony Aranda

      its not right but you can be sued. be careful. they will most likely not pursue legal recourse a they are criminals and likely uneducated and scared of authorities.

    71. C Ca

      The blushing bicycle booly note because australian extremely attend times a festive license. necessary, friend

    72. Edward Morley

      20:54 Mark's fancy and scientific way of saying innovation.

    73. Braxtron Advance

      that's not inductive charging, it's pogo pins. but this thing is amazing i have no other criticism.

    74. Elijah Castillo

      You should put these into places around San Francisco

    75. GDK Caaa

      He has such a bad mom lol we will talk this is my Christmas present

    76. Jordan10o5

      I’m still waiting for the new video about the glitter bomb

    77. Reed Richter

      You should use compressed air to disperse something very difficult to clean up. Also, continuous fart spray which is angled to get higher into the air.

    78. Some Bird

      please send your ice thingie to the lock picking lawyer XD

    79. Matthew Lominy

      The red chance greely sigh because interviewer therapeutically murder aboard a holistic parcel. obnoxious, certain vulture

    80. relsba

      Don’t know how I landed here. But is was full of info and laughs. Thanks

    81. Bellafh LOL

      i remember this was trending ;-;

    82. Nikki Wong

      did that guys just- bang the-

    83. Toxic Wolf-32

      this vid just makes me happy for some reson

    84. dhoni ms

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    85. Marcello Gonzalez

      Would love to have seen firecrackers go off after the count down timer, but you could be sued for burning someone’s stuff.

    86. Olivia Padin

      tbh i juss wanna know where i could buy that icecream thingy !!

    87. Stephane Gauthier

      You are way too nice with these crooks, I woulda gone full permanent ink on them. Also a cheap version of this could be marketed and sold all over the world. I would buy one.

    88. smeggurly1983

      Just asking, why does it have to be so long and why such beautiful glitter?

    89. Isadora McCarthy

      when that car came RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA

    90. John Ferris

      I guess the moral is if you see a mexican in the neighborhood watch your packages.

    91. Florian Murcia

      I'm probably too bitter :/ i can't find this funny when stealers find this funny, i'm like : you stole it ... You should NOT be happy, you just should go in jail. I hope most of people have fun with it btw :) it's just not for me

    92. E Primo

      This is awesome, we love torturing theives!

    93. SAM B

      YYESSSSS!!!!! Awesome 👍😊

    94. Ryan Dan Hazer

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    96. Zack Fair

      You are doing Gods work. With Glitter and Fartspray but still God's work.

    97. Sham Yoosuf

      19k porch pirates here...

    98. yuan Playz Roblox

      I like it when the box said hello

    99. Mark Pemberton


    100. selilatte

      Jim Browning!!!!!!