Fuji XT3 Full Tutorial Training Video

Michael The Maven

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    Yes, a free Fuji XT4 Course is coming! Just waiting for the camera to arrive. In the mean time, you will find the majority of the information presented here is directly applicable.
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    There is a lot of information here. It might be easier to do a screen search to find your specific question:

    00:00 - Intro
    4:39 - External Buttons
    11:20 - Shooting Modes
    12:40 - Program Mode Set Up
    12:53- Aperture Priority Set Up
    13:34- Manual Mode Set Up
    13:52 - Shutter Priority Set Up
    14:41 - Bulb Mode
    15:03 - Mode Display
    15:30 - Exposure Control
    15:42 - Live View Set Up
    17:15 - Exposure Compensation
    25:31 - Performance Boost
    26:50 - Why Touch Screen Not Working?
    27:34 - Screen Info
    28:35 - Touchscreen Controls
    30:25 - Swipe Controls
    31:45 - Focusing - How When Where
    32:53 - Focusing Modes - AF - S
    34:07 - Focusing Squares / Clusters
    35:26 - AF - C
    36:20 - Manual Focus
    37:55 - Zone Focusing Square
    38:10 - Wide / Tracking Focusing Square
    39:03 - All Focusing Square
    39:36 - Back Button Focusing
    42:32 - Swipe Controls
    43:00 - Face Detection Settings
    43:51 - Eye Detections
    44:44 - Quality & Video Crop
    45:36 - AF+MF
    46:22 - MF Assist
    46:44 - Peaking Assist
    47:38 - Digital Split Image
    48:34 - Digital Microprism
    49:05 - Focus Check
    50:55 - Video Focusing
    54:10 - AF-C Custom Settings
    56:10 - White Balance
    1:01:55 - White Balance Shift
    1:02:16 - Custom White Balance
    1:04:22 - Touchscreen Features
    1:05:11 - Eye AF Sensor
    1:05:33 - Metering modes - Spot & Multi
    1:09:42 - Drive Modes
    1:10:28 - Panorama
    1:10:57 - Bracketing Mode
    1:13:58 - Continuous FPS High Settings
    1:15:20 - Continuous FPS Low
    1:15:32 - Single Shot
    1:15:38 - Multiple Exposure Mode
    1:16:11- Advanced Filter
    1:16:40 - Timer
    1:16:54 - Sports Finder Mode
    1:17:22 - Electronic Shutter Mode
    1:18:07 - Preshot Electronic Shutter
    1:18:36 - Interval Timer / Intervalometer
    1:19:24 - Pixel Mapping
    1:20:00 - Menu Navigation
    1:21:38 - User Settings
    1:21:54 - Format Memory Card
    1:22:01 - Set Time & Date
    1:22:12 - Language
    1:22:18 - My Menu Settings
    1:23:24 - Sensor Cleaning
    1:23:34 - Sounds / Beep / Audio Set up
    1:24:21 - Button Customization
    1:24:34 - Memory Card Set Up
    1:25:51 - Image Quality
    1:29:40 - Dynamic Range
    1:30:18 - Lens Modulation Optimizer
    1:30:30 - Flash
    1:31:28 - Movie Settings
    1:37:07 - Long GOP
    1:39:01 - F-Log
    1:41:05 - Start / Stop Video Recording
    1:41:38 - Audio Levels
    1:42:05 - Front Command Customization
    1:44:40 - Custom Display Settings
    1:44:45 - Quick Menu
    1:49:30 - WiFi & App
    1:55:35 - Beginning Lenses

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


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      43:06 - I can't set this up.

    3. Tyler Alexis

      Incredible video. I've been excitedly waiting the arrival of my xt3 and now I'm even more excited. Thanks for all the help!

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      Wow this is so informative and I feel so uneducated now! I thought I knew so much and have so much to learn not only because I never had a Fuji and I'm new to it but even before I sold my Canon 5D MK IV I didn't get the most out of my camera as I should've. I wish I had educated myself sooner! Do you have a breakdown like this for the 5D mk iv?

      1. Michael The Maven

        Yes- Canon 5D4 Crash Course

    9. Alejo Segovia

      Waooo excellent tutorial, thank you, thank you very much for sharing, I recently purchased a fuji xt3, with the 18-55 kit lens ... and I am learning again, it has cost me a bit to interact with the new camera, I am especially concerned about the sharpness I still can't do it with the kit lens ... I'm emigrating from Nikon D750 and it really hasn't been easy at all to change equipment, I love the new tools, the versatility, the weight, the compactness, the easy to carry and in. It is special to go unnoticed with the new equipment, among the many things that I love about this equipment is how easy it is to work with the different menu options, and its interrelation with the rear screen, here I have taken many tips, to configure, for Of course you have to put them into practice ... Thank God there is PAprom and excellent tutorial videos like yours, again grateful, I also thank the translation services since otherwise I would still be lost with graduation and cont role of the xt3 .... Receive a fraternal hug from Venezuela ....

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      1. Michael The Maven

        Aperture Priority Mode - AFC Focusing

    30. Erick White

      You lost me a bit on the WB, will have to revisit that explanation but it reminds me of explaining current flow in electrical circuits. Technically the electrons are moving from the negative to the positive but electricity travels positive to negative.

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        It’s already published!

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        It’s quite buggy

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      Great video to watch and learn. Thanks so much for posting this. But there is a question I would like to ask, I could not figure out how to set my XT3 to display the whole Face/Eye detection menu to appear on the LCD to scroll up and down to select the choice like you did (in the minute 44:05) by assigned the function to Fn1 button, please show me how. Thanks.


      I can’t believe this is free video camera channel 👍

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      My face detect function button only turns it off or on, it doesn't allow me to access the settings like eye mode etc. And it's not in the Fn buttons menu so I can't add it.

      1. Divine Fools Club

        I found it, it's in the Q menu but for some reason only accessible there.

    48. Divine Fools Club

      How do you wifi transfer to PC? I can set it up with all the right software and settings but don't know how to get it to actually transfer. The wireless comm button doesn't work.

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      1. Michael The Maven

        Firmware update changed this. It’s no longer available this way for some reason

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        Oscar Liang thank you so much Oscar! I really appreciate your support!

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      Hi Andrew, could you explain how to customize different AF mode under different C, from C1 to C 4 for instance? I am not able to save AF mode under different C, as if it is changed, AF mode all changed to the same mode under different C , not very smart, maybe I am wrong:) Alec

      1. Michael The Maven

        BC farm realtor 温哥华农地买卖 No I’m talking about the auto focus mode switch on the front of the camera

      2. BC farm realtor 温哥华农地买卖

        Metering mode is controlled by rotating dial, however AF mode are controlled by menu buttons, they looks very similar with four similar mode, dear Andrew, how these two functions differentiate from each other?

      3. BC farm realtor 温哥华农地买卖

        Michael The Maven you are talking about metering mode, I guess, :)

      4. Michael The Maven

        Your auto focus modes are controlled by the rotating dial in the front of the camera that says “MCS”- And therefore there is no reason to customize them elsewhere

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