From the Vault: Yousuf shines with Boxing Day ton

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    Standing in as Pakistan captain, Mohammad Yousuf (then Yousuf Youhana) slammed a rapid century against a Australian quality attack on Boxing Day in 2004, with his 111 coming off only 134 balls and including four sixes

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    1. xebi cheema

      My all time fav player so elegent and simple batting style

    2. Sazid Afsan

      One of best middle order batsman from pakistan cricket history....

    3. sjfoster12

      Never seen Warne DEALT with like this

    4. Tahir Razzaq

      Super knock

    5. Zohaibraja Zohaibraja

      Agr ya Pakistan ki team lagend tha to phr atny berhy lagend k career ko Kyu khtm Kya gya Kya ya only pcb ki team Hy why pcb destroy this great lagend

    6. Shabir Ahmad

      Will b rememberd for long being highly talented & intelligent batsman

    7. Phool Bhatti Surviver

      Actually this was trigger behind it , Christmas day was just now passed 😁

    8. Phool Bhatti Surviver

      Well-done captain legend of the Pakistan yet

    9. Phool Bhatti Surviver

      Warne not able to get Youhana eventually he did very poor ball

    10. Phool Bhatti Surviver

      saly ny gandi ball kr k out kiya wase to out ni huwa

    11. Talagang ki awaaz

      Real mr cricket....look at shots guys

    12. Talagang ki awaaz

      Great temrament,good foot work,always on top,but uder rated and under aprreciated

    13. Nizam Uddin

      Yousuf is my favorite batsman of Pakistan.

    14. বিসিএস সহায়ক

      Great man,,, great cricketer

    15. Waseem Ashraf

      Another Brilliant Upload Keep It Up

    16. Umar Saqib

      Wow great bating by Yousuf 🥰👍👌♥️💚🇵🇰🏏

    17. Farhan Shakir

      One of the cleanest strikers in the game

    18. Malik Shahid

      Top player, top inning, high class 100

    19. ਪਰਮਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ

      26 december 2004 , Tsunami in india that days

    20. Muhammad Hussain

      Dsnish kanirya atni baty karta hai muslim non muslim dakhlo danish yaha yosaf muslim nhi tha aur inzi ki jaga kaptan be tha


      Best classic batsman of Pakistan ever had .

    22. Abdul Kaleem

      Yusuf's cover drives were, are and will be the best cover drives you ever see. He smashed and tore Warne, Mcgrath apart

    23. Zohaibraja Zohaibraja

      Great sixes against great bowler other brain Lara great compitation against Shan worn

    24. Amin Sajid

      Class act

    25. Garry singh Hanspal

      One of the greatest love 💕 from cricket lover

    26. Shahzad Khan

      Standing avasion..... What a legend

    27. mahesh sampath

      Who is the change his religion for team place . Poor man 💩

    28. Ghulam Mujtaba

      Great player m.yousaf

    29. Shariful Islam

      *Mohammad Yousuf you beauty*

    30. Soumyajit Chatterjee

      One of the finest player Pakistan has ever produced. Best wishes from India

      1. Waseem Ashraf


    31. Imarn Ali

      Great legend

    32. Muhammad Rameez Essa

      Yousuf Bhai Kamal Pakistani Crickters Thay Match Winning Player Thay

    33. Sheikh Zain


    34. abdul hadi

      He scored against magrath and warne

    35. Dont Follow

      Play like ODI Against World Best Bowling Side...What A Batting👌

    36. Tarun Rana

      So apart from Sachin, Siddhu , Kambli , Laxman, Sehwag, Dravid,....Yousuf has also given medicine to Warne😊....Big respect for Yousuf, Younis and Inzimam from India....

    37. The Heart Break Kid

      His batting just treat to watch 🙏🏿💚

    38. V For victory

      Who is Yousuf yohanna?😂. Now he is Mohammed Yousuf .

    39. gurbaj sandhu

      but i know him he is great cricketer

    40. gurbaj sandhu

      no turn in the soil

    41. F S K Narowali Khan

      Beautiful stylish batsman of all time

    42. Muhammad Khalil

      Bakri banaya wane ko

    43. CADable

      The most stylish batsman Pakistan ever produced.

    44. Saqib Abbas

      Usuf afridi😂

    45. Saqib Abbas

      What a batsman usuf

    46. Inner Life Photography

      What year is this? Def before 2004

    47. Bilal Qureshi

      Look how easily he's hitting sixes! A complete package a legend! ❤️

    48. Vikas Gulia

      Great player

    49. Hamaad Jatt

      Muhammad Yousuf ♥👍

    50. MD Mohsin

      Is he playing a test match or T20 ?? 🤪🤪🤪 Amazing power hitting against world class ballers , Australians are seeming helpless

    51. Aljeera Talks

      Bollywood n.e.w.s

    52. junaid islam

      Bill lawry amazing comentry I love it

    53. Jahurul Hoq

      Legend cricketer.

    54. Mansoor Ali


    55. Danish Daniyal

      What a player u beauty 🇵🇰👍 Hit started super timer

    56. Muhammad Sibtain


    57. Asif Khan

      being an Indian huge fan of mohammed yusuf 🇮🇳🇵🇰

    58. Mohammad Wasim

      Well done yousaf bhai ❤️❤️❤️❤️Pakistan zindaabad 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    59. wajahat qazi

      Most elegant, stylish and talented Batsman of his era.

    60. Ehsas Khan

      Making Warne look ordinary.

    61. Ameer Alam

      Please upload full match highlights

    62. Asim Maan

      He made century on 117 balls and garbage misbah azhar ali are not like his feets

    63. maroo saji

      Greatest batsman and hero.of pakistan..

    64. Asim Maan


    65. nabeel awan

      So simple and so elegant

    66. Hanif Khan

      When virat kholi came these commentators give the example of Muhammad Yousef

    67. Vikas Singh

      *Mohammad Yousuf scored the most number of runs in Tests in 2006*

    68. Farhan Qureshi

      Not many players can hit sixes of spinners from the crease

    69. Amal Rai

      He was very good looking without the weird beard....

    70. faraaz khan

      Great balance and beautiful timing when playing his strokes. Reminds me of Gordon greenidge with that backlift. Timing, power and elegance. Played in all conditions and had great technical ability. Mohammed yousuf is arguably Pakistan greatest test batsman and should of got 10 thousand test runs.

    71. Hammad Shuaib

      Rarely have we seen Warne being hit around like that and that too in Australia.

    72. Modelian stars

      Hundred on 116 deliviries at that time was,like hundred on 60 balls now a day

    73. Modelian stars

      He is hitting warne like his student

    74. Modelian stars

      Look how classic he was but pcb politics waste him

    75. Muhammad Aamir

      Whenever Warne bowled a flighted delivery, he hit him for a six. Did not let him attack. A quality most batsman lack these days.

    76. Zarrar Khan

      His talent and class didn't get the recognition and appreciation it deserved Very few batsman have class and elegance at same time and Yousaf had both.

    77. Mohsin Jadoon

      smashing Warne down the ground. classy yusaf. 100 from 117balls at MCG against Warner and Mcgrath

    78. Zubair Kanna


    79. ALL THINGS

      Old days cricket was bestttttt

    80. Eastern Boy

      100 on 117 balls. Wow. My favorite pakistani batsman.

    81. Hum Aik Hain

      One thing Impressed me about him very lazy style for hitting a six I don’t know how he made sixes 🤣🤣🤣 Legend no doubt

    82. abcdxyz1100

      High bat lift... Perfect timing... Result a straight six... Treat to watch

    83. sam daniel

      One of the best player in pakistan cricket time

    84. Dan CV

      My god what a stylish batsman he was. I still get goosebumps watching Yousuf's videos.

    85. UMAIR AWAN

      Greatest batsman of Pakistan Cricket 💔

    86. All About Canada

      Look at the crowd, don’t see that anymore

    87. 9thgem

      Most stylish Right handed batsman pakistan ever produced


      Great innings to watch, M.Yousaf smashed Warne beautifully all over...

    89. ismail mohd

      Great player of Pakistan he wil b remember forever,but these talent killed by pakistani politics

    90. Om Pattnaik

      Criteria for being in Pak side-you need to be a buslim

    91. Pakistan Natural Beauty

      What a great player

    92. Mahfouz Akon

      Golden age of Cricket

    93. karthik chand

      Completely dominated

    94. M4st3rm1nd

      Poor guy Yousuf Youhana was forced to convert to Islam. Otherwise he could not become captain of Pakistan cricket team.

    95. Veer Rao

      Legend Yousaf

    96. ayaaz bhat

      How could PCB not allow him to complete 10000 ODI runs! He scored 9720 at 41+ avg! He even deserved to play 110_120 tests and complete 10k runs in tests Also. Such A Class Act ❣

    97. aman shah

      He hit all the sixes with so ease. Pure class

    98. Knowledge Discovery

      our hero 💞🇵🇰

    99. Sports Hub

      103 on 117 wow in a test against Australia in Australia ... Well knock ...

    100. adeem ahmad Bhatti

      what an amazing player Muhammad Yousuf you are a lagend........