FINAL SCIENCE CLASS- How to Survive a 5 Mile Fall with No Parachute

Mark Rober

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    We'll be doing dangerous things like smashing a bunch of glass with rockets and talking about the farthest man made object and I'll explain why this is my last one. See you there and don't be tardy or it's a detention.

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    1. Mark Rober

      Thanks everyone for coming to my classes! Be good. Stay curious. Take care of your physical and mental health and I''ll see you around on the internet! Oh, and as always, please consider subscribing :)

      1. Pogasus

        I love you Mark, but am I the only person wondering if Mark is drunk or high in this? Like, absolutely shmammered? Are you okay, buddy? I actually can't watch this episode because of it, despite realllllly wanting to learn about this. :/

      2. hcabrera28

        You are an awesome educator Mark, thanks for doing what you do. I envy the kids that get to go through high school science with someone as passionate about it as you clearly are.

      3. Silas Heimos

        So correct me if I’m wrong because you’re a lot smarter than me, wouldn’t the reason the astronaut goes the opposite direction of the hammer be because of the conservation of momentum not energy? And could be both I’m just asking

      4. Yokarra

        How is it that the train didn’t slow down in the background of the jumper when it went slo-mo?😐

      5. Veka lae

        Mark Rober Hi

    2. Samridh Tuladhar

      This is cool and all, but try catching destin's ball from the supersonic baseball cannon 😝😝😝 This will also teach us, on how will you catch something that fast without tearing through the catching material, extra points for having the most compact device! 😁

    3. Nick E

      You could be teaching us how to sqish a bug and it will still be interesting

    4. Taliesin Liston-smith

      It wouldn’t be a physics lesson without the experiment not working and then having to show a video 😅. All jokes aside though i love your stuff and have been watching it since I was a kid and am still equally fascinated about it today thanks Mark!

    5. Steven Rogers Fine Art

      How to survive a five mile fall without a parachute. Start from six miles :P

    6. syndrome1965

      Ok, I'm pretty sure, as in fairly confident, that, the farthest object that we can see in/thru space, is NOT 11 Million miles away, but, rather, 13 or so Billion LIGHTYEARS away. Or at least, that's what they've told us...

    7. Дмитро Самиляк

      Thank you, Mark, for your videos, it`s very interesting and funny... Thanks for your mind and thinking! You are very cool scientist that studying me!!!

    8. Zak Gage


    9. Sunflower Seeds and friends

      We need more science classes!

    10. LoveMCU

      15:24 How a rover engineer fixes a broken rover

    11. Allen G

      “Things have stabilized a little bit with this whole crazy coronavirus thing” - May 2020 :(

    12. Pogasus

      I love you Mark, but am I the only person wondering if Mark is drunk or high in this? Like, absolutely shmammered? Are you okay, buddy? I actually can't watch this episode because of it, despite realllllly wanting to learn about this. :/

    13. dam1an sxcks

      Bro who else wishes mark was their science teacher i would literally freak out if I found out mark was my science teacher

    14. Jabba

      Greetings from more the 10 months into the future: Corona won't leave soon. Please go on to transfer your knowledge

    15. Bob in the West

      I was expecting/hoping to learn some kind of "hack" that might help you if you UNEXPECTEDLY found yourself falling 5 miles with no parachute. The solution given, kind of requires that the "event" be preplanned. It was cool, no doubt... but, really no help in an emergency, lol.

    16. 4747aaron

      Not sure I would want to survive a fall from 5 miles, quality of life and all that, but fun video.

    17. Ti Kay

      why you said mile not feet?

    18. Frank Page

      I'm sorta disappointed. I was expecting him to jump with no parachute from 5 miles and survive.

    19. geoff761

      Almost 3 minutes of B.S. before he begins the explanation. You like hearing yourself?

    20. Dan O'Donnell

      Weird wrench

    21. Rob Bender

      I think 13 million miles is incorrect distance for voyager , if it's moving 11 miles a sec, it goes just shy of 1 million miles a day (11x60x60x24) so voyager could have left earth 2 weeks ago

    22. Kevin O'Connor

      Its a hammer, not a wrench.

    23. Rubicon Outdoors

      There should be weights on your chest you could through for an emergency.

    24. Kelly Pagano

      I assume you meant to say 13 billion miles, not million.

    25. mrdre963

      There’s a a family somewhere in this earth just having breakfast and a hammer just falls through the roof into their kitchen.

    26. Corey Perez

      Nasa engineer called a "Hammer" a "Wrench"... Mars Climate Orbiter level failure... :) Thanks for the chuckles Mark!

    27. G W

      Easy. Just before you're about to hit the ground, just jump up.

    28. Doug V

      There is a verified case of a jet breaking up at thirty one thousand feet I think it was, over the Andes mountains. The tail section of the aircraft with a stewardess strapped to her seat landed on the snow covered downward slope of at just the right angle and slid to the bottom. The stew walked away, shaken but not stirred!

    29. Doug V

      The Voyagers have hit interstellar space at this point. ( out past all the planets) They're probably more like 13 BILLION miles away not million. Jus sayin.

    30. Lloyd V.

      Ummm ....if you accomplish your goal of becoming a HS physics teacher my profession is doomed.....🥸

    31. Theron Trickshots

      Dude. Please collab with That's Amazing!

    32. shawnerz98

      Don't forget, we sent aliens a record with music, nude selfies, and directions on how to get to our planet.

    33. mikestmp

      This is just a random thought, but if you threw a hammer in outer space would you move backward or simply spin in place?

    34. Silver Scythe

      So, If I were to fall from a plane, what should I aim for? I doubt metal hanger roofs are a consistent way to survive. Is there anything out there that is common enough and reliable enough to aim for every time and have a decent chance of survival?

    35. AnteConfig

      um... try and find a mountain and roll down? be superman idk all these clues lead me back to parachutes

    36. AnteConfig

      ion engines don't shoot out electrons, they shoot out charged particles. These particles are atoms with a net positive (or negative) charge. Atoms that have lost (or gained) electrons are called ions.

    37. Slashburn69

      If no one has mentioned them yet, the cut outs in asphalt for traffic lights are electromagnetic induction coils. which we all know computers use electricity and voltage signals are the easiest way for a computer to logically dictate what lights need to be changed to.

    38. AntiSociety100

      a neighbour girl fell of an artificial skislope and dropped about 80 meters. Survived without big issues, a very tiny bit limb and obviously cant do high level sports but still.. Remarkable.

    39. dazzling3237

      Pass out and go limp before you hit the ground. I just saved you 33 minutes.

    40. Staten Island Euro Tech

      Besides coating ur underwear with a brown substance.

    41. AD Man

      I’m listening to this in science class

    42. 86niisan8686

      dont hit anything that doesnt move with you or keep falling

    43. BhargavGamez

      I’m a 10 year old kid watching your vids and your expecting me to understand this. I just like your experiments 🔬

    44. khanh ngo

      Place your left hand on your left ear and your right hand on your right hip Land feet first that way they can easily unscrew you out of the ground

    45. Steve White

      Easy. Find a 4.5 mile tall tree with soft branches

    46. what is this?

      That's billion with a "b". Voyager 1 is 14.1 Billion miles away.

    47. Ben 'Top Alchemist' Franklin

      How to survive a 5 mi..... SPLAT!!..... RIP

    48. Nicholas Nugen

      It would be great for ME to be driving around with a steel truck nowadays. No more fender benders for me at least. Would suck if I got into a higher speed collision though...

    49. Chris George

      The abject lamb covalently excuse because editor utrastructurally jump given a legal police. overwrought, delicious racing

    50. STU66699

      Holes in sign post to break if vehicle hits. Little doors for checking temp in trailer. Lug nuts device to ensure that nuts have not loosen with walk around inspection. And barrels to save lives if car hits the barricade head on. Great videos Mark, huge fan.

    51. Billy Zorker

      The false familiar famous stove acromegaly back because chill bodily flow save a miniature slope. unaccountable, plastic blade



    53. Brandon Ledford

      I want to see a shotgun being shot... On the moon!!

    54. chucknutbraker

      does this guy know the meaning of editing?

    55. chucknutbraker

      he looks like hes got corona

    56. scott barlow

      When skydivers hit the ground at a high rate of speed they bounce. Someone once told me that the first time you hit you will break many bones. Therefore the second time you hit your major organs will have no protection from your skeletal structure. So when you hit the first time ........HOLD ON! (grab grass) :)

    57. Hung Lo

      A bungee?

    58. Arya Akhare

      always wished if i get a physics teacher like this

    59. Dͩrͬ. Z

      Mark, perhaps its been pointed out before, but I just wanted to clarify that force (Ft) is _inversely_ (not directly) proportional to time (Tf) ≈ Ft 1/Tf!

      1. Oscar J

        he said that

    60. JAB Adventures

      Wouldn't a mars rover be the furthest man made object from Earth? Seeing as how Mars at its closest approach to Earth is still 38.6 million miles away..

      1. what is this?

        He meant "billion" instead of "million" when he was talking about voyager. Not sure why he didn't bother fixing that.

    61. Maxwell Edison

      The noxious insect phylogenitically peep because kitten lamentably level after a adjoining lunge. juicy, busy baboon

    62. YeshuaAgapao

      This video needs decombing

    63. BuildYourCNC

      Mark Rober is my science hero.

    64. Jack Ryan

      I fell out of a tall tree when I was a kid. "Time" aka 'branches' prevented mass injury. :)

    65. Alexis

      Your video makes no sense

    66. Alexis

      I was expecting you jumping and showing us. Instead of talking nonsense

    67. NROS2012

      Try 13 BILLION MILES, not million. For the distance of voyager

    68. christkidjl

      So there is a suit that has sold fabric webbing in between the arms and legs, I have seen a man fly like Super Man across the sky in one of theses suits.... So my best guess would be to use that suit.

    69. philip mcnelis

      why is the mallet now a wrench?

    70. Q Anon

      That’s a hammer

    71. Blah Dedah

      Sooo... how to survive falling from a plane....? Slow down time. Got it.

      1. Jason Thomas

        You act like that's hard.

    72. Joel Ortiz

      carl sagan? mark with all the order needed in physics, mathematics and engineering you do surely u believe in intelligent design.

    73. Rocky Bebb

      I am 29 years old and this is the first time I ever was able to understand any letter that was ever in an equation.

    74. IT IZME

      If you drift away from the space station that is in orbit, because of no tether, you won't fall to the ground. You'll burn up in the atmosphere first

    75. Dennis Møller

      come on man... you have like 16 Million subscribers, and no slow mo vids ?

    76. Dennis Møller

      it's like when you driving fast in a plain road, you will have a hard time stopping the car. But when you driving fast up a hill, you can almost stop instantly by a lite break.

    77. Kurt Sumthinorother

      I suppose a very steep hillside may be the best bet if you were ever really in the situation.

    78. Travis Pendell

      Growing up one of my random thoughts were similar. That is you were falling and landed on some crazy vertical slide you could just slide out of it as the transition from vertical to horizontal would allow the decent. Love the videos, can't believe I didn't see these lessons till now.

    79. Mike C

      I live in Australia. I would move to a shittier USA school just so he can be my physics teacher

      1. Ryan Mathews

        What’s the last cool thing Australia did in space?

    80. Joshua Bridges

      Simple mistake but Voyager is 13+ Billion miles away, not Million. It is, today, over 14 billion miles away. It travels almost a million miles a day

    81. Cringy 17

      The momentum and impuls is our 1st topic for matric exam, im struggling with the work😂😂😂its hard, because we work with cars bumping each other or bullets coming out of guns

    82. Daniel M

      Mark, I don't think Rockets are literally throwing hammers out the back end.

      1. Faris

        Why not? Do you have a different way of explaining the same thing? I'd love to listen, thanks though

    83. Mullvaden83

      Why didnt I have a teacher like you in school? XD

    84. Gregory K. Zamora

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    87. Eddie L

      Ok...after 18 minutes... in physics terms it’s nil.

    88. David Aylott

      New cartridge LOL this is classic.

    89. David Aylott

      Co2 cartridge classic

    90. zamaszysty

      What the heck is going on with the quality of the video?

    91. Genghis Khan

      Jazhouldateach yourbuddythishemay have been alive

    92. christopher worth

      i'm sure you meant 13 Billion miles away. Great Vid!

    93. SnowBlade

      There is a question can we use the technique which Thor uses when travelling, by using centripetal force maybe

    94. Wale Aliz

      What's the speed when the human body cant handle the deceleration ?

    95. Steve White

      How to tell the difference between a wench and a hammer

    96. rusty shackleford

      89k likes for making a nail hit break some glasses xd

    97. Will Laraby

      From memory *The holes are to allow the sign to shear off if you hit it with your car. *Not sure about the doors *The nuts... I would think it's to allow the driver to be sure none of the lugs are loose? *I heard the scales thing as well, but I've seen videos that, if I recall, your car creates a disturbance in the magnetic field generated by a coil buried in the pavement. *I think it was a how it's made video, they had glass microbeads in the paint used on the signs. Obviously, the more reflective the material used the better the end result. Something about the bead consolidating light from multiple angles. *Water barrels. Again for car crashes. They decelerate your vehicle much like an air bag. The barrel bursts on impact and absorb some of the force of the impact. I've not heard of them being filled with sand though.

    98. Connor Tefft

      Did my man really just call a hammer a wrench 😐

    99. Ahmed Masud

      Just a correction Voyager is 13 well now actually 14 billion miles away not million just a factor of three there.

    100. CSeanHummel

      This. Was. Great! Thank you!