Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

Mark Rober

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    Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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    1. Mark Rober

      This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

      1. Aquarian Goddess

        Hempcrete is the way of the future regarding the concreting sector.

      2. O Aripong

        Ha it's elon musk

      3. Rosemary Holloway

        Its TikTok

      4. Hy_There

        This was really inspiring thanks mark • ͜ʖ•

      5. Keith X


    2. Robyn Gray

      i changed vegitarian 9 so mothes ago and i was much more energetic also eating lunch vegi i saved 3000 leaters of water i feel not changed at all its not bad i like it more then meat eating its just so awesome!!!

    3. Luke DeJong

      Do you know if they are working on other forms of meat besides ground? Eg roast, loin, steak etc?

    4. 6548R

      Imagine being Bill Gates' neighbor and seeing him through his windows...

    5. Ashutosh K

      My respect has increased for Mark and Bill

    6. Mikey

      When I read the title I thought you poisoned Bill and "saved the world" lmao

    7. Rohail HASSAN

      I have a question if you are a vegetarian can you eat the Burger?

    8. Lachy The Potato

      So, they just need to make it slightly less juicy then it will be perfect?

    9. Lachy The Potato

      Time traveller: What year is it? Me: 2022 Time traveller: before or after mark rober became bill gates personal chef?

    10. Sunnybois Stuff

      Everyone looking a the burgers me looking at the pizza rolls

    11. commanders_epic

      Schools: we teach Children Mark: pathetic

    12. Mavrik Risco

      The one thing Mark did not mention in this video is that vegans are 43% more likely to break their bones than people that eat meat

    13. yunus currie

      This is what the vegan teacher should do for her cause

    14. Saleem Halawani

      also most national disjhes of countries comes from meat

    15. saved by his grace RT

      Obsession to save the world? Bill bill bill...... you will be gone before you know it

    16. Not a Name

      i wonder what that vegan teacher thinks

    17. Lego films 100


    18. Robin Thompson

      Make the full switch man, you can do it

    19. Aldrich Enzo Sauquillo

      eww vegans

    20. Diyana Perera

      if you listen closely you can hear 'that vegan teacher' is throwing hands

    21. Kizmet Booker

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    22. Txsla

      or you can cut out the plants and just eat the sun

    23. King Hong

      The animals are probably staring at this video wide-eyed.

    24. Shane Hornquist

      Is this why Bill is buying tons of farmland now?

    25. Kenneth Cooper

      Who else saw him at 8:30 use the force to open the door

    26. bobas bobby

      i wont ever eat veggie stuff

    27. leeuwen games

      i will go onto a plant based diet when i cant taste te difrence between plant and meet anymore

    28. Prodigy MCL

      The wicked swiss culturally jam because grouse eventually help unlike a small salesman. abject, soft column

    29. Prodigy MCL

      The youthful racing scully agree because calculator clasically tick a a organic lizard. breezy, parallel desk

    30. Butterfly Lullaby

      Hi Mark. Great video. Love that you care about animals in factory farms. And MOTHER EARTH. But having cured my Asthma with organic fruit/veg and wild herbs, I am just a bit concerned if there are any GMO or pesticides in that burger? Also Dr Michael Greger has videos on heart disease. We need to eat less fat. Would love to chat with you. :)

    31. ExiStEnS

      Imagine if the meat we buy and eat isn't actual meat but vegetables... kinda sounds like a moovie headlines

    32. Ezze Kiwi

      The way hebwalked into that store so easily. I'm miss that so much 🥺😷

    33. Mateo Cruz

      that vegan teacher's excuse when she was caught eating at mcdonalds

    34. Sukha Maya Nalbo

      Me watching this: Cool! Imma search for these paddy's and eat them! Me after going to like 5 supermarkets: Forget it I can't find these in Nepal.

      1. MID NIGHT


    35. Blobtuna

      Checkmate, vegans

    36. Mark Scherer

      do not eat stake

    37. Joachim Tucker

      Did anyone else see the big white thing behind Mark Rober at 14:45 in the video

    38. Nicholas Davis

      This it the happiest day of that vegan teachers life

    39. Jeremy O'Brien

      The shut japan scilly camp because mini-skirt regularly bubble unlike a elderly gateway. phobic, elderly wool

    40. dovi amiram

      I eat kosher and therefore do not mix meat products with dairy products. So if these new inovative vegie burgers, can let me finally experience the taste of cheese burger... I'm in.

    41. Dingle Berry

      The dry sausage globally shock because button pharmacologically present over a wrong notebook. perfect, spectacular great-grandfather

    42. spencer whitmire


    43. BeautyBeing 1


    44. Nizam J

      nate diaz isn't vegan,he eats fish, Arnold isn't vegan either.


      I didn’t know that vegan teacher had a burger

    46. Lays OFFICIAL channel

      monday is bad enough i aint not gonna stop eatin meat on a monday

    47. Evelyn Johnson

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    48. Roger C

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    49. DrunkSoviet

      me eating chiken nuggets while watching this

    50. i feel like i'm a TOAD

      This is more ideology than science.

    51. Tanis Harder

      As a grown lady, I have the biggest crush on mark... his brain and explanations are amazing! His lucky wife!

    52. Fantastic Felo

      I love what you do here on the channel, you’re doing great things for all of us.

    53. barreI95

      Subsidize the healthy foods.

    54. Thomas G


      1. TikToks67 24

        You’re gross 😂

    55. It’s TheGaming T-Rex

      Who else thinks bill gives mark money so he can manage his videos

    56. Starscream

      WHEN YHE BURGER IS SUS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳BURGER SUS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

      1. Lukas Carr

        AMOGUS BURGER 😳🤯

    57. John Avitia

      Lab based meat is on it’s way too, so everyone will have something for their taste

    58. Barb Levitz

      This fits the World Economic Forum’s agenda and prediction #4. Look it up. Also, since this video Gates has bought up and become the largest farmland owner in the US...why so much farmland for a tech guy?

      1. DR

        This "tech guy" has 113 billion dollars, so... why not?

    59. Hope Smith

      Main question: how does it taste. Oh, but don’t forget feel smell and look.

    60. Damon Messer

      This video change my life me and my family all change to impossible meat and we love it!!

    61. Nathan Lasater

      Ahh yes blame the farmers. 1% of the population that grows the food for the 99%

    62. Cergel Posadas

      Companies be selling meat made from plants but it's not they just tell you because they hate vegans

    63. no name

      Did I just see them shake HANDS???????

    64. Vive

      the end bit fr scared me

    65. Dave

      Not sure if you can compare cow farts to car exust and air plane exust ?? just try an experiment !!! take 2 teams, take team #1 and lock them up in a garage with a running car !! then take team #2 and lock them up with a farting cow see which team would be alive in the morning ?

      1. Steven Fordham

        methane (cow farts) is a much worse greenhouse gas than co2 is. Methane retains heat way more than co2 does which is why the global temps are rising and why a little bit of methane can be comparable to a lot of co2. This doesn't have anything to do with either gas suffocating a human

    66. LEUKICK

      When you think about it: People are willing to hinder their own health in a big way, promote the harm of animals, and reck the planet all because of their TASTE BUDS! 🤯🤯 come people, be strong, have at least some discipline 😂

      1. Ashutosh K

        @Asutosh Variar True that. But it's unsustainable now.

      2. Asutosh Variar

        It’s one of the easiest ways to get protein in your system. Also, fish is great for eyesight.

    67. Rachel

      Go vegan 🌱💚

      1. Rachel

        @Sherwin Gonsalves You can find protein in all kinds of plantbased food, like nuts, legumes or wholemeal!

      2. Sherwin Gonsalves

        I need my protein

    68. Grace Pereira

      I tried plant based burgers, my mom was pretty skeptical but then I told her bill Gates approved it

    69. ana justice

      no wonder why bill gates i so wealthy hes super smart

    70. irictatt

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    72. AlexLalles

      Idk Why But My YT Glitched I Was DisLiked.. I Changed That To A Like! I Love Your Vids!

    73. fat

      plot twist: it was actually a plant made by meat the whole time

    74. Kinsey Choi

      May I have a Weed-based Burger?

    75. Madwyn

      Bill Gates invested Impossible Foods long before the release of this video. No wonder the man was not surprised nor impressed. If someone fed me with my own food, I’d react the same.

    76. Esther Burns

      I'm so happy seeing you eat vegan/vegetarian meals because I'm a vegetarian

    77. Gojo's Bizarre Adventure

      I am sorry but lets kill all the animals i am sorry

      1. Dynamo Playzz

        calm down devil

    78. lambo chung

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    79. Danielle Rocha

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    80. Ari Goffstein

      Friend: Hey My weekend is gonna be cool, what are you..... Mark: Im cooking for bill gates

    81. tate ohr

      The amazing aunt renomegaly smoke because archeology scully handle vice a aloof ceramic. grandiose, shy peak

    82. Jared Miller

      Living on a farm and raising my own animals for meat and food. And cooking that meat. I have had an impossible burger before. But, I disagree with everything in the impossible meat.

    83. Jacob Shigaki

      8:12 insant regret

    84. Brylle Landroque

      That farm looks like my farm from minecraft

    85. Clyde Keller

      what are they going to do for steaks

    86. Miguel Diaz

      VEGON TEACTER would love thisssssssssss bro

    87. Addison McCarty

      ( this is for a joke) Isn't Bill Gates kinda talking about the vegan teacher is that what she was put on this earth for

    88. Brawler- Einhorn

      Nobody Not even a single human Me: C.U.R.R.Y

    89. Mark Chops

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    90. Redrex66 TheSith

      Food is food lol

    91. Savim 18

      Marky marky marky you can eat beef raw

    92. Dalton Powell

      0:51 he eats meat like a lot of it lol

    93. Leen Knibbe

      I nearly turned vegan because of this 😅

    94. Mary Thibault

      Not eating this crap, give me meat!

    95. ForMe Toremember

      Bill gates funded this.... Dude wants to kill most of us and feed the rest fungus burgers wake up

      1. Ashutosh K

        Watchu gon do???

    96. Prachurza Ahmed

      I love meat

    97. Sĩ Đức Hồ

      I'm quite excited about this and want to try it out so how can I do it ( i'm from vietnam and i use google translate)

    98. yolanda rensen

      7:07 😂

    99. Sreethan Reddy

      I do meaty Monday and Saturday sucks course no meat

    100. StyxLicks

      Sounds like a lot of soy.