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    Presenting 'Fakira', a brand-new single by Amit Mishra. This song is a beautiful hindi adaptation of a song from the hit Punjabi Movie, 'Qismat'. Originally written by Jaani and composed by B Praak.
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    Audio Credits:
    Singer: Amit Mishra
    Lyrics: Shekhar Astitwa
    Composer: B Praak
    Music: Arabinda Neog
    Music Produced and Designed by: Arabinda Neog
    Acoustic, Nylon Guitar, Strokes: Shomu Seal
    Sarengi: Sandeep Mishra
    Recorded @ Contrail by Nijei Nijok
    Recorded @ Neo by Pranjal Borah
    Music Supervisor: Anurag Saikia
    Mixed and Mastered by: Pankaj Borah
    Video Credits:
    Cast: Shivin Narang & Tejasswi Prakash
    Director: Sidhaant Sachdev
    Chief AD: Ayu Agnihotri
    Editor: Sheikh Parvez
    DOP: Sajal K Soni
    Assistant Director: Reem Siddiqui, Prathamesh Kadam
    Director's Assistant: Siddharth Pankaj Gauba
    DI: Ravi K Parishar
    Line Production : Sidhaant Sachdev Productions
    Shivin Narang's Stylist: Shriyanka
    Tejasswi Prakash's Stylist: Anjali Biyani
    Tejasswi Prakash's Hair: Nidhi Shah
    Original Audio Credits:
    Song Credits:
    Singer: Gurnam Bhullar
    Lyrics: Jaani
    Music: B Praak
    Film - Qismat
    Download / Stream on:
    Gaana - bit.ly/3cFhoqP
    iTunes - apple.co/3oI9zDf
    Apple Music - apple.co/36XsC6z
    Wynk - wynk.in/u/abRTY8Iud
    JioSaavn - bit.ly/3pQESNp
    Hungama - bit.ly/2LlJn3E
    Spotify - spoti.fi/3tqtcDq
    PAprom Music - bit.ly/3pNa1RW
    Resso Music - m.resso.app/ZSodMArf/
    Amazon Music - amzn.to/3rjmZHp
    BoomPlay - bit.ly/2MTJtQa
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    1. mahiendra

      Lyrics and music are best But Picturisation is worst

    2. Aafreen Khan

      Very nice song

    3. death Laxa yt

      Beautyfull song

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    5. Shaikh Afiya

      Wow this song was very amazing 😍🔥

    6. Shivin Narang fan girl

      My shivin

    7. Shivin Narang fan girl

      My love shivin love you

    8. Music lover

      Nice, but Punjabi version ko beat ni kr skte

    9. Gurbinder singh

      Isn't it copy of fakira song by gurnaam bhullar same lyrics same music,

    10. narisha tomar


    11. Adishree Sharma

      Who is for tunisha

    12. jindermalhi

      Plzz eak bar original fakira suna who batter a eas se and jo mante hai thoko like

    13. vasuma magar

      Shivin ❣️❣️❣️ Teju

    14. jigyasa Saxena


    15. Pritesh Parde

      Always remember love

    16. Pritesh Parde

      I like this song & true love song😍

    17. Krishi Maheshwari

      Lyrics, voice and their chemistry 😍❤🔥

    18. Danyal Khan

      Lakh lanat hai bhar itna acha song tha punjabi

    19. ARYA PATEL

      AMEZING 👌

    20. ARYA PATEL


    21. Shagufta khan


    22. Sanyukta Roy

      Who is here 😉after the Sidneet❤️ Song 😍 in the Channel - Geetflix Records

    23. N10 Gaming

      It's copied from fakira song of gurnam bhullar......

    24. Neha dosanjh

      This is copied song Punjabi song ka ek ek lyric ki copy ki hai just check out Punjabi movie qismat ka fakira song

    25. ManSa TR

      Really like dis jodiiiiii

    26. Neha Mourya


    27. Basant Agarwal

      20 million views done....🤗🤗 Congratulations my lovely train and the whole team ❤❤❤

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    29. Basant Agarwal

      This is best MV of #tevin... Guys go to tejaswi prakash channel and see it's Behind the scenes vlog.... And subscribe also....

    30. Mohit Singh Singh

      It's osm Song Really nd lyrics is too good ....

    31. sk gaming #

      Superb chemistry ❤️ nice song👍

    32. Sahil Qureshi


    33. lucky bansal

      I remember qismat song fakira❤️

    34. Anmol Mujahid

      Nice jodi

    35. Paritosh Sardar


    36. TroLL GAminG

      Punjabi version is better than this❤️

    37. Sukhu mahto Sukhu mahto

      I like this song

    38. little girl

      I love this music

    39. Dewi Sartika

      Film apa ne

    40. Fearless Monster

      After hearing it on insta❤️

    41. Narbada Pradhan

      So cute Jodi ❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

    42. abdo talal

      I love Shivin Narang and Tejasswi Prakash Fakira and sunn zara

    43. status queen

      Nice song

    44. aisha binte siddique

      Congress for 20 million

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      I miss Rudra and Maya behad 2 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    50. Srishti Aggarwal

      Daily listening to it 🎶🎶

    51. harry OP

      Congrats bollywood Ruined one more punjabi legend song 👏👏👏👏

    52. Abantika Dey

      Waiting for their next upcoming song hope that we all will get soon to see❣

    53. Eknoor singh

      1st good hindi remake of pujabi song But original still better.

      1. Sikha Aggarwal

        This song is in qismat movie and that was best

    54. ajay Kalyankar


    55. Jhanvi Prajapati

      Both are cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 nice couple🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    57. Arman Shaikh

      All tha time I come here for niec ❤️💯

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      The previous one was better than this.....but you are looking so cute shivin🥀

    59. Kazi Injamamul Islam

      How beautiful romantic song it is. Who like this song?

    60. Malik Qanita

      Wow make more songs just like this....... ft. shivin narang and tejjaswi prakash...... 😘this song fakira..... I want to listen this song again and again..... 😍😍😍😍😍 Thank God tejjaswi uploaded the bts of this song due to that I came to listen such a wondrous song else I would have missed it.....

    61. Kamal Singh


    62. Gurdeep Singh

      voice is so beautiful but original fakira song is much better then then ( Gurnam Bhullar ,Jaani ) song paprom.info/block/v/h5ydjciR0W-U3mU.html

    63. itx_ ŔUMI


    64. Vikas Raj

      I love this song

    65. Srishti Aggarwal

      Soo cute chemistry btw Shivin and Tejasswi

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      تجنننن 👌🏻😍واحلا ممثلين

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    68. Neha Mourya

      Shivin 💋💋💋

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    70. Neha Mourya


    71. Neha Mourya


    72. Neha Mourya


    73. Neha Mourya


    74. Neha Mourya


    75. Neha Mourya


    76. Neha Rawat

      Lovelliiii song😍😍😍

    77. Rani Sharma

      Fakira Punjabi song best and original..

    78. Sk Giasuddin

      Wanderful song......

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      Awesome song ❤❤❤❤❤

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      This is my first feeling

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    85. anilagrawal80

      I like both of u Teja n shivin

    86. inderjeet Singh

      Smith Your voice amazing

    87. My passion

      Sun le kabhi to do ghari tu dil ke jazbaat mere shivin please I love you so much meri cute si jaan 😘

    88. Sadhna Singh

      This is best song 👌👌👌

    89. Jia Hassan

      This song gives the feel of "hum mar jaaein gey" ❤ Oo fakiraaaaa!!!!

      1. Neha dosanjh

        Ye Punjabi song ki copy hai sare lyrics copied h

      2. Pinki Kumari

        Chal be

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      I want to see Tevin in a movie or in any show😍😍

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      Voice+Song= Superhit

    94. anish salmani



      copied from gurnam bhullar fakira big shame 🤦🤦🤦🤦

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    99. Shrien Ali


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