Failing at Fall Guys with Rider OP, GamerFleet and Tanmay Bhat

Suhani Shah

108 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼14

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    1. Vilas Dabhekar

      9:00 suhani is laughing like Denver 😂

    2. Harsh Saini

      Wtf! I got notification now🙄🙄

    3. Lekha Mehta

      Hi ma'am

    4. Pratik Kumar

      What a wonderful stream 🙂

    5. Kenneth Sean Paul

      1:30:05 she is a hacker cheak the crown

    6. Tushar Nath

      19:07 Savage Suhani 22:02 Suhani Again 29:26 again 32:06 Listen again 32:51 badduaa!! 35:47 No Fans were harmed 47:07 Haa bhai Kismat 49:39 Haa bhai Haa 58:30 Suhani Going Out of control

      1. Shivam Goel NXAJ

        @Tushar Nath aare yeh baat launde fir toh deserve karte ho

      2. Tushar Nath

        @Shivam Goel NXAJ Mufat me ye sab karte hai bhai.. Kam dhanda nahi haina kuch, apun Engineer hai

      3. Shivam Goel NXAJ

        @Tushar Nath karo karo 🤣🤣kitna kama lete ho yeh sab se😂

      4. Tushar Nath

        @Shivam Goel NXAJ haa bhai haa

      5. Shivam Goel NXAJ

        Bhai yahi kaam karte ho kya🤣

    7. 4k Gaming Pakistan

      Next upcoming popular channel of india is suhani shah

    8. Teen Predator- ARHAM

      27:30 and 58:31 are apparently the cutest moment in the entire stream💕😇👑

    9. AK 47 MAG.

      38:09 it is looking like fleet is telling something in tanmay’s ears...

    10. Dhiraj Arora

      Fun fact Gamer live stream gets over 200 k views but they didn't trending and Suhani gets below 100 k views they will trending in top 20

    11. Aneesa Parveen

      krish gawali mind reading please please please please

    12. Kuldeep Bajwa

      Talk about kisan andolan

    13. Marwadi Gamerz

      How is your boyfriend

    14. Wwe Fans


    15. KickassSillyboy

      42:20 Mira road shoutout

    16. GG Gaming

      The number of games susha lose 👇

      1. Serpent YT


    17. Harwal Gaming

      Happy for suhani that its trending.... But just a question that if this stream on gamerfleet's channel has more views, likes and comments then why isn't that trending?? 🤔🤔

    18. Mayank Raj

      Did you studied in Hogwarts ?


      Hi Suhani aunty

    20. Harshita Jaggi

      What a fun stream 💘😂

    21. Hem Shah

      Trending...... Let's go ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. It's me MONA

      trending ❤❤🔥 funniest stream 😂

    23. HARSH RAJ

      KR$NA❤️ Suhaani..........

      1. Ajay Kumar

        Kitne saal ka hai??

    24. Riddhi Vasishta

      This video is #20 on trending! Amazing!

      1. flute fusion

        For gaming

    25. Kanav Asija

      #20 trending despite all the issues ❤💙

    26. Mannat

      Aap unacademy pe teacher ho?

    27. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani can u see my chat

    28. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Can u see my chat

    29. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani

    30. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani

    31. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani

    32. Kavin beast Gamerz


    33. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani sha

    34. Kavin beast Gamerz

      Hi suhani

    35. Samir Surve

      Susha op in the chat

    36. abduld bro

      Please follow me on Instagram please Abduls mincraft

    37. DON GAMING 1234

      Didi aapke smile gazab lgte h 😂

    38. Krishna Bhakti TV

      Here you watch Krishna geeta👈

    39. Jaarvis

      22:56 suhani is like tanmay and I are ready. . . samay cried in the corner 😂🤣

    40. 48 Hrushikesh Karve

      Play with triggered insaan

    41. priti Gada

      I request to you to go to the link the player is fab so plese support him

    42. Mahesh RS

      32:00 for suhanis cute question.

    43. Nilay Arya

      Suhani is true fall guy, She keeps falling for no reason. 😂🤣

    44. Nilay Arya

      Lovely stream, maja aa gya itne dino bad fall guys ka first round dekh kr ♥️❤️♥️❤️

    45. Mandip singh

      #20 on trending 🤘🏻

    46. Nasir Hussain


    47. Harry Potter fans

      Make a video with triggered insan

      1. Khushi Nagpure


    48. Pranav Kumar

      I just want to say three things Great SUSHA Beautiful SUSHA Pro SUSHA

    49. Jeetu jaan king

      Those beautiful eyes that are reading this post right now, God fulfill every dream of those 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    50. abhishek more

      #22 trending

    51. Cute Girl

      Love you suhani di 💙

    52. # Praveen

      You are op sis


        She is aunty

    53. Harshit


      1. _Blossom19_

        Like this until it's on the top



    55. Abhijeet Anand

      Funfact: In this video Suhani got roasted only 😂😂😂

    56. ᗯᗩᑎIᗩ ᑌᗰᗩIᖇ

      Samnay mera phone hay Yay main hoon And yahan video dekhi ja rhi hay

    57. Haggu Ji


    58. Neelam Kumari

      Big fan

    59. Hardik Tiwari

      While watching stream I was like Ye Mai Hu Ye Mera Phone Hai Aur Idhar Fall Guys Ka First Round Ho Rha Hai😂😂

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      Hey , i m Sachi

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